The Global Sexism Scam

Aunty Big brother is concerned that you should be concerned about global sexual equality in this time of World Economic Crisis which the dear leader Brown is not responsible for and grappling with . The fact that the concept would barely be understood by half the world is unimportant (they haven’t even noticed the WEC poor dears!). You and your emotional condition are the targets. Let’s only talk “global female unemployment”. Yes, that would be meaningful. To make the report especially meaningful, let’s leave this little detail to the end:

“The ILO is predicting a global rise in unemployment this year of up to 51 million people – 22 million, it believes, will be women.”

You may think this undercuts the report- oh no, you’d be wrong. It’s all about “raising awareness”, after all.

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28 Responses to The Global Sexism Scam

  1. “The ILO is predicting a global rise in unemployment this year of up to 51 million people – 22 million, it believes, will be women.”

    Which means that the majority of job losses will affect men. THAT’S UNFAIR, should say the BBC.


  2. Robert says:

    BBC always likes to fill us in on what’s happening in the moslem world. So what about the global rise in unemployment among women in the Taleban-controlled areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan? Saudi Arabia? Somalia? Algeria? I’d hate to think that the ‘downturn that started in the USA’ was hampering the sisters’ job opportunities


  3. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Isn’t “raising awareness” a wonderful abstract objective for a campaigning organisation?. They can’t actually DO anything about it, and neither can anyone else. Instead they churn out a press release about a paper one of its employees has been paid to write, calling it a “study” or a “major report” which they send unsolicited to a number of important people,which fall like pizza delivery leaflets on these peoples doormats. Next to no-one reads it but everyone involved thinks they have done something useful because “awareness” has been “raised”. Whose awareness and why does awareness matter and how do they know? Total bollox, but the media can be guaranteed to recycle it, as they have pages to fill.


  4. martin says:

    The BBC is always obsessed with this feminism crap. I suspect the BBC are probablylooking to brown nose (oh god what a vile thought) Hattie Hatemenperson.


  5. George R says:


    Yes, the BBC will run this selective Harperson-type propaganda without reference to the gross sexual inequalities of Islam and of Islamic countries.

    ‘New English Review’

    “No sisterhood in Islam” (Mary Jackson)

    Hugh Fitzgerald:

    “Societies suffused with Islam seek their own level”


  6. JohnA says:


    Before seeing your comment my hackles were already rising at mention of the phrase “raising awareness”.

    The amount of our maney spent on raising-awareness tosh is huge, to little clear purpose. I once worked on a raising awareness project for the Dept of Industry. Total cost about £30 million to tell people stuff they already knew – namely that microelectronics were important, would have a wide impact. I was authorising payments to external consultants of about a million a month.


  7. pete says:

    Sexism and racism are tacked on to lots of BBC output. The staff obviously have quotas and clumsily meet them.

    The funniest example of this was on drama/documentary series about great Victorian enterprises a couple of years ago. When no women could really be involved in a tale we heard the views of the likes of Mrs Isambard Kingdom Brunel, dressed in BBC standard issue Victorian costume, holding forth on some irrelevance like how Isambard was tired when he came home from work at the end of the day.


  8. weirdvis says:

    I wonder what the BBC take is on certain aspects of Sharia law being incorporated into British law? Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Sharia discriminate against women?

    Being female myself I’d like to know how some “wimmin” in this country are more equal than others. For instance how can a government that has female ministers (all of them a disgrace to womanhood as well as the UK if you ask me) can serve a government that allows Sharia to take root here?

    Enquiring minds would really like an answer to this conondrum.


  9. Robert says:

    Raising awareneness: newspeak for “disseminating propaganda”, “furthering our agenda”, “brainwashing you unwashed scum”


  10. martin says:

    weirdvis: Easy. Because the Liebour party (and hence the BBC) want the votes of the 4 million Muslims living in the UK.

    So long as they get the votes of the men, the women will just do as they are told and don’t forget many Muslims appear to be using the postal voting system (which I detest) and so Muslim women won’t even get to make their own choice. Their husbands (slave master to you and me) will fill it in for them.

    Note that most of the corruption around postal voting has taken place in Liebour areas and Muslim strongholds.


  11. pete says:

    Why does the BBC never ask us whether we want our awareness of certain issues raisng?

    I’m nowhere near as fixated as the BBC is about sexism, racism, disability, middle east matters or global warming and I don’t know anyone who is.

    So where does the BBC get the idea that we want it to harp on about such things all the time?

    The BBC has got to be the most self-indulgent organisation in the country. Even the crankier parts of academia and the town hall staffs don’t really come close.

    The BBC is financed with our cash. It should give us what we want not parade its hobby horses endlessly before us.


  12. Gus Haynes says:

    martin, Muslims are unlikely to vote Labour anymore, its more likely to be Lib Dem if they vote at all.

    You’re out of touch if you think Muslims as a bloc support Labour.


  13. martin says:

    Gus Haynes: So explain why people like Jack Straw who has a huge Muslim population in Blackburn got returned at the last election if the muzzie’s didn’t vote Liebour?

    Muzzlie’s vote Liebour because they see them as the ones who best protest their barbaric religion Gus baby.


  14. martin says:

    Oh dear the BBC is spouting crap again. On the 6PM news they just read out a Liebour claim about ‘creating’ 400,000 jobs for the so called Green exocnoy over the next 8 years. The BBC then adds in the claim (a lie of course) that this will help lift he economy out of recession.

    Firstly, the Government NEVER creates real jobs, the private sector does.

    400,000 jobs doing what? More councils employing light bulb co-ordinators on 40K a year perhaps?

    The BBC the BBC tells another blatant lie by claiming that the Toyota ‘Pious’ is an envoronmentally friendly car.

    No it is not. It has a fuel economy that can be exceeded by any small diesel engined car and many of the materials used in the batteries have to be shipped halfway round the world.

    How is that eco friendly?

    Oh and not to mention the problem disposing of the batteries afterwards.

    This is typical of the disgusting way the BBC simply spouts Liebour bollocks as news.

    Why was there no opposition view? Exactly where are these 400,000 jobs going to come from?

    Utter utter crap.


  15. martin says:

    I see the BBC 6PM news just reported that the Mayor of Stoke has been arrested.

    They didn’t mention his political allegiance. So we can assume it must be Liebour


  16. Gus Haynes says:

    martin that was in 2005 right? and jack straw has a safe seat anyway I think, so attributing his success to the Muslims is a bit much . I used to work in polling; trust me, come the next election, Muslims are most likely to vote Lib Dem. As a group, they do not make up much of the population, so the Muslim vote is unlikely to be significant across constituencies. The 4 million figure you quote may or may not be correct I don’t know – but they are not concentrated enough in certain areas to have such an impact on a particular seat. Baby.


  17. JohnA says:

    “Not concenrated enough in particular areas to have such an impact on a particular seat”

    What tripe.

    How about the East End – Bethnal Green and Bow (George Gilligan) or Tower Hamlets for example.


  18. Gus Haynes says:

    is that along constituency lines? and whats that, 2 examples out of 659 constituencies?


  19. martin says:

    Gus Haynes: There was a whistle blower some time back who noted that on immigration and asylum when a family comes to the UK only the head of household was counted.

    The Government also doesn’t count other family members that come over nor when a 14 year old Muslim girl is sent off to Pakistan to marry a Goat herder and then he comes back to the UK with his family as well.

    I think 4 million is an underestimate, but Gus the Government can’t give an accurate figure either. Their official figure of 2 million is very clearly well below the real level. I don’t even include illegal immigration which is god knows what.

    This BBC report appears to state the opposite to what you say Gus. Please tell me it’s a pile of shit. I’d love that!

    Loss of traditional supporters?

    So should Labour worry it is alienating communities which have traditionally supported it at the ballot box?

    Maybe not, says Shahid Malik, member of the party’s National Executive Committee and a member of the Burnley Muslim community.

    “If you had asked three weeks ago how [Labour-voting Muslims] regard Labour then we may have had a different picture,” said Mr Malik.

    “It was looking very bleak but it now seems that people are breathing a sigh of relief.

    Fact is Muslims know that Liebour is their best bet to get Sharia law and more of their customs adopted into English law.

    The Government even ran from trying to outlaw forced/arranged marriages, it doesn’t follow up when 14 year old Muslim girls suddenly go off to Pakistan and don’t return until married and of course Muslim men can claim benefits for 4 wives.

    Why would Muslims want to rock the boat Gus? Better to keep Liebour in power.


  20. Gus Haynes says:

    martin the date if that article is Thursday, 24 April, 2003. irrelevant.


  21. Gus Haynes says:

    sorry, date OF that article is Thursday, 24 April, 2003


  22. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    The vast difference between the population on the ground and the population in official statistics really came home to me when I was drawn recently for jury service, at London’s Central Criminal Court. The area for waiting potential jurors held around 500 people, all drawn at random from the Electoral Register. A pure random sample of Londoners. I have never seen anything like it. I recognised an accurate sample – all the right proportions of men and women, young, middle aged and old, manual, unskilled and office and professionals. Except the proportion of the 500 from ethnic minorities was miniscule – I dare say not more than a dozen. Unrecognisable from the daily experience on the streets of London. Unbelievable.

    What this suggests is that an awfully large number of the third world in London have never found their way onto the electoral register. So whoever is hoping for immigration to supply Labour voters needs a reality check. Of course they know how many illegals are here – they just can’t admit they know. “Search me, I haven’t a clue” said Tony Blair for the same reason. It’s better not to know.


  23. Brummie Dave says:

    I see the BBC 6PM news just reported that the Mayor of Stoke has been arrested.

    They didn’t mention his political allegiance. So we can assume it must be Liebour

    ITV Teletext mentions that he is Labour, but BBC Ceefax does not.
    Quelle surprise !!


  24. Gus Haynes says:

    no-one rushing to jump on martin for providing a rubbish link ? if that had been me, there would have been an uproar.


  25. JohnA says:

    Methinks you are an attention-seeker, Gus. And a waste of time.


  26. George R says:


    ‘New Harman row as she claims women suffer most in recession’

    [Opening extract]:

    “Harriet Harman was caught up in a row today over whether women will suffer most in the recession.
    The Equality Minister claimed in the Commons yesterday that women were worrying more than men about the economic crisis.
    “But her views were undermined today by figures from the Office for National Statistics and a Cambridge University study.
    “The ONS claimed the economic downturn ‘impacted less’ on working women than on men. It stressed that estimates showed fewer women than men had lost their job.
    “The redundancy rate for women was 6.6 in 1,000 employees in the three months to December, compared with 13.6 for men.”


  27. Gus Haynes says:

    I’m not an attention seeker Jon, just pointing out the double standards is all. I’m glad we’ve at least had these debates – my advice to the moderators here; dont stifle debates nor try to halt them, they benefit everyone. halt the bad language and insults, and dont let people use the easy ‘you oppose this or that so youre a jihadi line’ as this is a weak ploy, a dressed up character assassination.

    My advice to those who disagree with me; try seeing things from the opposite view you usually take, just for a moment. It gives an interesting insight when you consider things from another point of view. some comments here from various posters have made me consider things from a different point of view, and I have often attempted to see things the way many people here do. it doesn’t hurt to consider our own values and beliefs for a few moments – it’s good for the mind. lecture over.


  28. caveman says:

    The BBC/goverment are always telling us off because there aren’t enough female builders and firemen etc, meanwhile they give endless air time to a certain medieval religious group that thinks women should be in black bags and stoned to death if they are raped.

    In a correctly functioning democracy the MPs would sort out the BBC. But in our democracy the vast majority MPs are a complete disgrace. The UK voters have behaved in a stupid and disgraceful way, voting for treacherous MPs.

    If every MP in the next government were a Conservative, we would still have a pathetic wet left wing treacherous government led by someone who is a fan of the BBC.