I see the health fascists in the SNP are trying to stop alcohol being priced “too cheaply” – whatever that means. This kind of Nanny Statism is beloved of the BBC since it embodies the central meme that the State always knows best.

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  1. martin says:

    Yes and of course it’s the drink of the polls that is the one being targeted.

    A nice fine wine or Champers so loved by beeboids after a good rent boy or drug taking session won’t be affected.

    Poor Prolls. McBogey probably thinks if they’ve got time to go down the pub and have a beer they are not working hard enough.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps they did, but the BBC’s article on this is in fact very good and shows several sides to the argument.

    Might be politically something not liked, but not sure how this one can be related to BBC bias.


  3. Martin says:

    Anon: Because the BBC LOVE big Government telling the prolls what to do all the time.

    Perhaps if the Police enforced existing laws we wouldn’t have this problem?

    For example, why do I see video showing yobs vomiting in the streets on a Friday and Saturday nights after falling out of pubs and clubs?

    Why are these pubs and clubs not shut down? Why don’t the Police simply round everyone up and stick them 20 to a Police cell for the night? I can assure you spending the night with 20 people vomiting and shitting on the cell floor won’t be something any of them will want to do again.

    Stick them in front of the judge the following day and either make them cough up £500 or they go to jail for 30 days.

    The Government doesn’t do it because it need the tax revenue.

    So everyone is being punished for the behaviour of a few.

    This silly law if it comes in will simply be gotten around.


  4. Anonymous says:

    “Anon: Because the BBC LOVE big Government telling the prolls what to do all the time.”

    Thing is though, in this article they didn’t. They gave a range of other views from retailers, Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems, retail…

    I just can’t see this as a bad article. The rest of what you say – that may well be so, but what has it got to do with the BBC? That’s a political position, one I have some agreement with, but nothing to do with BBC bias.


  5. David Vance says:


    I think you may find the BBC 10 NEWS coverage was rather more–dare I say it..biased? It was watching that rather than reading the link article that moved me to write the post.


  6. Anonymous says:


    OK – that I haven’t seen so can’t (and won’t) comment on it. Will look out for it to appear on iplayer. Thanks for the clarification.


  7. Libertarian says:


    Harriet Harman isolated after pledge on Sir Fred Goodwin pension



    Harman cut adrift over Goodwin pension comments



    Brown plays down Harman’s threat to cut Fred Goodwin’s pension


    Government News Channel

    Brown targets Sir Fred’s pension



  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I can’t wait for the first BBC report on Scottish bootleggers selling cheap booze out the back of vans.


  9. Miv Tucker says:

    i think now’s the time to be setting up an off-licence chain just below the border – the natives’ll be flooding south, no doubt to the chagrin and detriment of local Scottish businesses.

    The SNP and its chums can legislate all they like, but the one thing they can never repeal is the Law of Unintended Consequences.


  10. Gus Haynes says:


    youre so full of [email protected] ‘drink of the prolls’??? yes, they really should target all the chavs and yobs getting drunk on….champagne? or a 50 year old wine?

    idiot. they are targeting cider and beer (proll drinks in your terms) because it is drinks like these that the chavs drink. the people who get pissed and then brick cars don’t get hammered on a fine wine do they??? they drink cheap cider – which is exactly the target of this.

    martin, your stupidity knows no bounds.


  11. Martin says:

    Gus Haynes: Utter crap. No beeboids like you drink a fine wine after filling your arm up on Heroin or a couple of lines of coke.

    Most of the problem comes from clubs and pubs selling cheap booze. So why are these clubs and pubs not shut down? Why don’t judges refuse to renew their licences?

    Why should someone who wants to buy a few beers from the off licence to drink watching TV have to pay MORE just because our Council estates have become breeding grounds for inbred Labour voting scum?

    At least it was nice of YOU to confirm our suspicion that you are indeed a Champagne Socialist.

    But tell me Gus baby what goes best with a good Champagne for you, coke or a rent boy?


  12. Jon says:

    Libertarian | 02.03.09 – 11:18 pm |

    Sir Fred is a man – need I say more.

    “Baby P council chief forced to wait five years before getting her £1.5m pension”


  13. Martin says:

    David Preiser (USA): You are so spot on. I was going to post on just how long it would be before we got the drugs gangs selling cheap hooch on the streets or mugging some little old ladies on their way home for a bottle of Sherry.

    No doubt the Guardian newspaper will be offering jobs for 50K a year for alcohol denial co-ordinators.


  14. Jon says:

    “..they are targeting cider and beer ”

    Drinks usually consumed by the working classes, not only louts. Not much of a socialist are you Gus.


  15. Garden Trash says:

    Wait until all those Jocks come pouring over the border at happy hour.


  16. Jon says:

    No smoking in bars – expensive beer – its as if the supporters of the working classes want to cut off every avenue of relaxation for the poor buggers. Don’t think they will be happy when the plebs invade their wine bars.


  17. Garden Trash says:

    “yes, they really should target all the chavs and yobs getting drunk on….champagne? or a 50 year old wine? ”

    I totally agree,the bars in the House of Commons should be closed.


  18. Gus Haynes says:

    oh martin martin, thanks for avoiding my points once again. every time you do that you reveal to the board just what a lack of knowledge you have. still, your ignorance makes up for knowledge, so that’ll do i suppose.


  19. Gus Haynes says:

    and martin, you mention rent boys an awful lot? why is that?


  20. Ellacar says:

    Gus – I just think Martin wanted to introduce something into his post that you might recognise (not being a cider and beer drinking chav like) so hey if rent boys do it for you – go for it!!

    You don’t sound a very nice person, which convinces me you must work for the BBC. But – hey what do I know; I went to public school and I loathe the BBC.


  21. richardB says:

    Its the easiest solution.

    Honesty would require that the govt said:

    1. These young scots are in the main drinking themselves into fights and A&E because theyve got bugger all else to do -their lack of opportunity and prospects and the obscene loss of potential demonstrates that govt policy in the country is a failure

    2. We don’t want to keep spending the money these people cost the NHS

    3. SO we’ll blame you because you all drink too much – all of you – so we’ll make it mopre expensive and collect a bit more tax


  22. Backwoodsman says:

    @ David Preiser,
    David, Predictably the high cost of alcohol in Scandanavia is rolled out as a justification.
    Some time back I was on a Stena diving vessel that returned to Gotenborg for routine dry docks.
    We would bimble into the dock side bars, where we would see the Swedish guys huddled in a group outside the gents, drinking themselves silly on homemade schnaps. Then they would buy one beer, nurse it for a while and repeat stage one !


  23. Battersea says:

    I’ve noticed that Heston Blumenthal, chef to the luvvies, is having some free PR at the moment on BBC Breakfast. His restaurant has recently been the subject of a health scare. According to Heston, one of the causes could be an ‘airborne virus’ from a customer?


  24. Battersea says:

    God, this is pathetic. Bill Turnbull is really concerned as to when the restaurant is reopening. What a sham. Isn’t it a disgrace, with the dire economic situation we are in, that BBC staff are already thinking of spending OUR money at such an expensive restaurant?


  25. Libertarian says:

    Open Thread Near The Top Please Open Thread Near The Top Please Open Thread Near The Top Please!

    The BBC also failed to mention the cancelled demo, although you can guarantee that, had the attendance been as billed, it would have been all over the news and the website.




  26. bigjockcanoe says:

    Martin the main stv news at six last night ran with the same story that itv went with at six thirty,both reports stated that under the new pricing law a bottle of table wine would rise by an average of £1.08 and that a bottle of alchopops would not be affected.Also said and i found this the most shocking that BUCKFAST,the real menace to Scotland would not be affected because it was relativly expensive anyway.
    David you already can by illegal vodka from ice-cream vans in Scotland,it,s been happening for years.
    all the very best.


  27. Jeff Todd says:

    I like the idea of all the offies opening just across the border to catch trade – just like casinos built on the state line in America.


  28. hippiepooter says:

    I read the article, I could see any overt bias in it, if any. I think it undermines the case against BBC bias to feature reports on proposals that the Contributer doesn’t like when they are not reported in a biased manner.

    I note your post David Vance | Homepage | 02.03.09 – 11:07 pm | , but you left the Contribution as it was. If the article isn’t biased, why link it?


  29. hippiepooter says:

    Oops! *couldn’t


  30. Faux Cul says:

    Oh really BBC bias?

    The main plank of the SNP propsal is that off-licences should only sell drink (bevvy, electric soup, fire water) to those over 21 at week-ends.

    18+ year olds will still be able to go down the pub where their refreshments can be observed and the licencee will be responsible therof.

    The other stuff about taxing all drink on alcohol content is just an attempt to open the debate up and highlight some pricing anomalies that allow these neds to get tanked up at finger lick’n good prices.

    Differential taxing North and South of Hardrian’s Wall, forget it.

    The end result will be that local licencing authorities will get the ability to target open air drinking hot spots and also stop the tanking up outside on cheap bevvy before going into dances etc where it is dearer and more controlled. Local Authority = local responsibility = local acoountability.

    Sensible solution I would have thought and I hate the BBC so much that I don’t pay their licence fee. t is easy, just try it.

    no BBC bias here


  31. Garden Trash says:

    Prohibition – A good business opportunity.


  32. Ben says:

    Interesting blog about the same BBC article by The Devil’s Kitchen


  33. Jon says:

    Ben | 03.03.09 – 1:07 pm |

    Nice link – but no suprise , the use of junk science and statitics put out by pressure groups (usually funded by the tax payer) are never questioned by the BBC, just taken as fact.


  34. Grimer says:

    The BBC News programme stated dodgy statistics as ‘fact’. They showed a graph of drinking levels since 1900. This reduced during the First World War and has slowly crept back up to current levels – the BBC muppet described current this as ‘the current dangerous levels of drinking’.

    That simply isn’t true. The graph showed average alcohol consumption per adult, per annum. As an average, that level of drinking isn’t dangerous. The problem is that some people drink too much. The vast majority of people don’t drink too much, but they may binge drink.

    I’m not sure the BBC are actually trying to tow the Labour line this time. I think they’re just shit at maths.


  35. GCooper says:

    Grimer writes: “I’m not sure the BBC are actually trying to tow the Labour line this time. I think they’re just shit at maths”

    That’s part of it. The rest is accounted for by the BBC’s credulity when faced with a campaign from a pressure group. The one thing BBC hacks seem incapable of doing is digging behind the lies told be people who want to force their beliefs on the rest of us.

    Of course, if the pressure group just happens to be promoting a line in accord with the prevailing neo-puritanism of the Left, then so much the better!


  36. Punish the Monkey says:

    maybe nanny really does know best? how else should we trust? big business ? hardly – theyve shown recently how incompetent they are. I would be in favour of smaller regional government if it worked, but right now, maybe nanny does know best.


  37. Derek W. Buxton says:

    How much revenue do these “independant” pressure groups get from OUR government? Most if not all are fake charities. Leave our pleasures alone, the elderly need all the help we can get.



  38. Mark says:

    Supermarket bosses in Carlisle must be licking their lips !


  39. British Power says:

    next thing is they ‘ll be telling us not to sell alcohol in moslem areas! I used to work near edgeware road in London (anyone whose been there will be nodding about now) and there were restaurants , mcdonalds, subway and the like, that only sold halal meat for fear of offending the mohammedans. in our bloody country!


  40. Garden Trash says:

    “maybe nanny really does know best?”

    You have only to look at the parasitical incompetent wankers running the country to know that is bollocks.


  41. Gus Haynes says:

    How can you allow British power to write such crap here? people like him shouldn’t have freedom of speech. racist bastard. it ain’t your country mate.


  42. martin says:

    Gus Haynes: Just piss off.


  43. RR says:

    I’m absolutely appalled and affronted that animals are being slaughtered in an utterly barbaric way just to accommodate the sensibilities of a bunch of Mohammedans.


  44. GCooper says:

    Gus Haynes writes: “…people like him shouldn’t have freedom of speech”

    Ah, the true voice of the Left!

    Kissing cousins with the Nazis really, aren’t they?


  45. Gus Haynes says:

    martin, are you a young lad? 16? 17? you sound like one, poor disillusioned kid off a sink estate who blames any non white faces for his troubles? let me guess – youre 18? almost?


  46. Gus Haynes says:

    GCooper, ah so you love freedom of speech now do you? care to tell me whether you let radical preachers preach here or not?


  47. Garden Trash says:

    “Kissing cousins with the Nazis really, aren’t they?
    GCooper | 03.03.09 – 5:11 pm | # ”

    Oh,they go further than tongues down throats.This is full bareback.


  48. martin says:

    Gus Haynes: You’re a typical leftie who comes mincing onto this website then when people express views you don’t like you DEMAND they be banned. We’ve seen leftie losers like you come and go. They always spit their dummy out eventually.

    If you don’t like what people say here. TOUGH.


  49. martin says:

    Mcsnot really is getting his nose up Obama’s arse.


  50. Gus Haynes says:

    so martin, you support ‘British Power’s racism do you? you’re a tyical ‘rightie’ who sees the world in right and wrong, nothing in between. its okay to live our lives in fear and mistrust according to your rulebook.