Accidentally switched on Nicky Campbell’s “Big Question” on BBC1 and was impressed to see a Sharia Judge in the audience as the topic of “Are Men’s sins worse than women’s” was discussed. It’s remarkable how the multiculti uber alles motif runs right through the rancid BBC even on a Sunday morning. This programme is an absolute freak-show.

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  1. martin says:

    Nothing new. The vile pint sized scotsman attracts the Muslim freaks. Since he took over the weekday phone in again on Radio 5 the number of ranting bushy beared loons (Hassan, Mohammed, Asif etc.) has flourished.


  2. Anonymous says:

    But did you see the transexual commentator, the gay muslim man, and the lesbian couple who all got their say on the show? I think virtually ever social group was covered.


  3. David Vance says:

    Maybe not white heterosexual marrieds? But then again the BBC does not care for them.


  4. Jack Bauer says:

    Isn’t it truly pathetic that the 58 years old Nicholas Campbell still calls himself Nicky. What a girly-tart.


  5. A Nanny Moose says:

    it was the raving islamofascist, Anjem Choudhary (al-Muhajiroun)… and, to be fair, he was there because the first ‘big question’ of the day was …”Is Islam an intolerant religion?”

    thankfully, Douglas Murray was on defending civilized values, as per usual.


  6. A Nanny Moose says:

    btw.. above linked prog should be available to watch in a short while.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Jack Bauer: Campbell is the worst of the beeboid leftist liberals.

    We all know that limp wristed beeboids are not funny, but Campbell continually interrupts his guests or butts in when someone else is talking to try to crack some unfunny joke.

    If people ignore him (which happens a lot) he interrupts again and again repeating his unfunny quip or joke until he is acknowledged.

    He really is the worst of the worst at the BBC and the one I’d sack first.

    He’s also the one spinning blatant lies that the Tories were in favour of the de-regulation of the City and that it wasn’t the fault of Gordon fat boy.

    AS we know the Tories opposed all the changes the snot meister did back in 97, but Campbell just spouts this crap anyway.

    Oh and he’s proud he’s got family link to the IRA. Says it all really.


  8. Martin says:

    That’s me above.


  9. Bulls**t Detective says:

    Is it cause I is a Muslim?

    You really aren’t fond of them are you David? This site used to be about bias, now it’s just a soapbox for you to impart your prejudices.


  10. Jack Bauer says:

    it’s just a soapbox for you to impart your prejudices.
    Bulls**t Detective | 22.02.09 – 2:23 pm | #

    Doesn’t everyone and all websites, and the media in general all “impart their prejudices.”

    For instance, the BBC is the world’s biggest Politically Correct (sic) soapbox which is highly prejudiced against those who don’t share it’s worldview of a “soft tyranny,” where like minded leftists get to decide what is or is not “acceptable.”


  11. disillusioned_german says:

    It’s not David’s fault that Al Beeb want us all to convert to islam, Captain Bulls**t!


  12. A Nanny Moose says:

    perhaps we should be telling the BBC that *the debate is over* with regard to their Big Question.

    of course Islam is f**king intolerant.

    which flat-earther would argue against this conclusion?


  13. will says:

    Isn’t it truly pathetic that the 58 years old Nicholas Campbell still calls himself Nicky. What a girly-tart.
    Jack Bauer | Homepage | 22.02.09 – 1:00 pm |

    All correct bar your arithmetic, Jack. Campbell born in April 1961 (per Wiki) making him almost 48.


  14. Jack Bauer says:

    will – thanks. i had no idea how old “Old Nicky” was. Except it was way past calling yerself by that diminutive. Someone stuck on 18 in every way.


  15. Jon says:

    Bulls**t Detective:
    “Is it cause I is a Muslim?”

    The problem is that the BBC are on about muslims 24/7 – there is not a day that goes by, where they want muslims opinions on this or that – well I am sick to the back teeth of people like you and the BBC ramming there views down my throat – I And when I object, I get smart arses like you calling me islamophobic or racist. Well if you like this kind of crap then you pay for it and don’t insult everyone who doesn’t.


  16. Jason says:

    Jack Bauer | Homepage | 22.02.09 – 1:00 pm | #

    I seem to remember a newspaper article back in the 90’s in which his self-obsession was exposed by colleagues. One source said that even when his wife was diagnosed with cancer, he seemed more interested in how his hair looked. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. The man is an egotistical prat with a greatly inflated sense of his own importance. One gets the feeling he’s spent a lot of time using two mirrors to examine himself from every angle.


  17. Bulls**t Detective says:

    Jon, this site and David Vance is ‘on about muslims 24/7’, don’t think David Vance is biased in favour of them.


  18. Tom says:

    .. and was impressed to see a Sharia Judge in the audience …

    Blimey, even the Archbeardie of Cantuar (for cant is what he largely speaks) knows that we haven’t got Sharia courts yet. So the BBC have been gulled into inviting on a pretend Sharia judge. How very Gilbert & Sullivan.


  19. David Vance says:

    I am biased against paying for BBC institutionalised dhimmitude. Clear?


  20. Jon says:

    David Vance | Homepage | 22.02.09 – 6:51 pm |

    I second that – does that foul sounding “detective” know what sharia is – does he really think that the BBC should be sanitising this medieval feudal system?

    “The politically correct BBC has recently tried to “explain” sharia to the British public in simplistic terms, ignoring the discriminatory and anti-democratic nature of Britain’s existing Sharia Courts.

    There are now at least 10 “sharia courts” in Britain, which issue rulings on domestic partnerships and other family-related issues. Former Al Muhajiroun member Anjem Choudary argues that there can be no compromise on sharia principles. He said: “Some element of family law or social and economic law will not work. It has to be adopted wholesale. It will not happen tomorrow but it is inevitable because sharia is superior and better for mankind.”

    And the BBC are given us the line “don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with sharia law” – they won’t question it – They don’t tell the poor plebs who pay for the BBC, that the intention by the MCB and others is to bring this twisted justice system in wholesale. Well I for one do not see why I should fund the BBC propaganda.

    This site is about BBC bias – and it is the BBC who are constantly asking muslims what they think ad nauseum, that is why it is featured here “Detective”.


  21. keith says:

    Watching BBC World yesterday, there was a piece on the terrible driving skills in Egypt and the resultant horrific mortality rate. The piece further discussed the steps taken to improve matters in the face of corruption in the police force and other steps to modernise the traffic police. The BBC then approached a third party for their views on the traffic problem. An expert on such things, you may ask. Oh no. The natural person for the BBC to seek out on such matters was apparently a representative of the illegal Muslim Brotherhood. Who else?


  22. Jon says:

    BBC bias for Sharia Law and Islam.


  23. Jason says:

    The natural person for the BBC to seek out on such matters was apparently a representative of the illegal Muslim Brotherhood. Who else?
    keith | 22.02.09 – 11:36 pm | #

    Who’s next on their speed-dial?


  24. Anonymous says:

    Not a mention on BBC news ?

    The Islamic slaughter of Piotr Stanczak

    “The man was just a surveyor for a Polish geophysics institute who ended up being taken hostage by Taliban Islamic fundamentalists , you know, those Muslims that follow word for word what the prophet of Islam commanded his followers. The media will spin it as an act by “extremists” operating outside Islamic norms, but in reality, they will find nothing un-Islamic at all about the horrid act.”

    Equally disgusting is Daily Mail’s labeling of the terrorist Mohammedan slaughterers as “militants”.


  25. Robert says:

    Anonymous: the Times reported that weeks ago, and I asked exactly the same question then! Unfortunately, it doesn’t meet the BBC’s agenda to show the “human side of the Taliban” (as Lies Doucet puts it)


  26. George R says:

    ‘Political Islam’:

    “A Short Overview of Sharia Law”


  27. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I think this thread is evidence that the BBC is taking entirely the wrong approach to Social Cohesion.

    If they starting doing even a minimum of programming geared towards getting Muslims in Britain to accept the locals, and drop the idea that everyone is out to get Islam, I would bet that would satisfy just about everyone here. No need to condemn Islam and insult them. Just talk about them being tolerant for a change. British values and all that.


  28. David Preiser (USA) says:

    So are there two mMartins or what?