Anyone catch the BBC coverage of the news that our Dear Leader is off to see Obama in ten days time? Weren’t they bigging it up for our Gordon? I’ve been criticised for saying this elsewhere but it seems to me that this meeting is one that matters much much more to Brown than to Obama. It strikes me that Prudence has all the significance of a worm to the US President, window-dressing at best. But I suppose it helps Gordon move the news agenda away from leadership plots so the BBC sycophancy does serve some purpose! Your views?

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  1. Dave S says:

    Perhaps Brown will plead with Obama to give GM even more money so that Vauxhall remains in being. It looks to me as if GM is closing foreign plants under orders to keep the jobs in the US.
    I doubt Obama will give him the time of day.
    He is a lame duck PM and Obama knows it.


  2. David Vance says:

    He’s a quack for sure!


  3. martin says:

    Yes and I posted on this in the general thread. The BBC is having an orgasm. Just look at the front page of the BBC news website.

    Oh and notice the headline for the BBC story about the investigation into the Tory donor Lord Ashcroft.

    Notice that when a Labour supporter or politician is accused of something (Spliff, Hain for 2) the BBC always run the headline “I did nothing wrong”

    But for a Tory it’s always implied they’ve done something wrong with the headline, Caroline Spelman being a classic and I’ve posted those links many times.

    The BBC claim that like two over excited hormonally charged teenagers Broon and Obama are ‘as one’ on the economic policies needed.

    Except in the USA I see Obama cutting taxes, hmmm perhaps someone might show me where the fat one eyed one is cutting our taxes?


  4. Tom says:


    The bias wasn’t just in the general “bigging it up for Gordon” though that was sickening enough.

    But they also invited an outside commentator, Lance Price, to take a gratuitous swipe at David Cameron, saying the Obama/Brown partnership would leave Cameron “isolated”.

    There was no need to inviet an external commentator to editorialise in this way on a news broadcast. But if they felt they had to, then they also had an obligation to have a Conservative on too. But, of course, they passed on that one.


  5. David Vance says:


    Yes, saw Lance Price. Double bias.


  6. Dick the Prick says:

    Grayling’s gonna be coffee table talk on Andy ‘even’ Marr’s show tmrw.

    To be fair – the spin is disgraceful, but we are fighting a war on 2 fronts with the Yanks so…


  7. Lady of the Lake says:

    I don’t think a large proportion of the population will care who Brown meets – he’s dead meat.

    As for Grayling and Lord Ashcroft, what is, ‘as yet unproved accusatons of ‘they would say that kind’, to a country coming down around our ears, our freedoms being taken, and our country a free for all for every Tom, Dick and Harry who cares to cross our borders.

    All promoting this will do is add more fuel to the ‘plague on all your houses’ view; and more votes to the BNP.

    BBC, foot, shoots, comes to mind!!


  8. pmjk says:

    Dont worry Brown will come back with something probably 50 Gitmo residents who have british connections something like pictures of them in Man United shirts etc! Did you see the bit mainly in the N. Ireland section but also on Radio about the pension protests in Republic of Ireland, apart from the usual pro public servant bias shown by this inclusion they interviewed Gerry Adams and included a speech he has made to the sinn fein meeting which happened to be occuring at the same time! Irony upon irony he was calling for trials for the bankers/gangsters!Last election in the Republic the sinn fein vote went down coulnt they get a mainstream opposition member for a quote? It is like they went to a member of UKIP or the BNP for a quote on Binyam Mohammed which of course they didnt.


  9. Jonathan says:

    Spot one – Everytime the Beeb mentioned the Jacqui Smith story last week they allowed the Home Sec. to put her defence – in person. Do the Tories get the same privilege – err No!

    Moreover, every BBC commentator from Robinson downwards kept repeating the mantra – it looks like Jacqui hasn’t broken any rules or wait for the results of the enquiry before you judge. Do the Conservatives get the benefit – err No!

    Then there’s the timing of this announcement – the decision to investigate was made on January 30th. So why announce it three weeks later on a saturday night?

    Answer – It’s just in time to catch the Sunday papers + the subject of Tory sleaze will be all over the BBC’s political shows tomorrow.

    The whole think stinks to high heaven. Now lets wait for the Tory party to be cleared (and it will be – because Labour’s got its own foreign donors – something else the BBC doesn’t mention) and see how much coverage the BBC give that.

    BTW anybody catch the Mirror hatchet job on Chris Grayling – I bet the BBC try to link the story to JS. One big difference however – Grayling has been claiming for a flat in London – not his main family home in his consituency. So basically its nothing like JS at all – but that won’t stop the BBC spinning like a top.


  10. David says:

    Mirror digging up dirt on Chris Grayling. Apparently he has been spending his second home allowance on *gasp*, a second home. And the people the Mirror have found say he’s rarely seen, and that his post box is full. Of course his post box is full, the House is in recess. Just watch the BBC make a meal out of this one, while failing to point out that one G. Brown claimed around £100,000 of the same allowance while living in No.11.


  11. Gosh says:

    I read the criticisms elsewhere DV, but although Brown is a worm he will be the first European leader into the Oval office. I think that is because Obama’s ideology is similar to Browns. This global support for a stimilus could be right out of Browns mouth…


  12. Anonymous says:

    Brown will be getting his tongue up Obama’s arse by offering yet more young British soldiers to be slaughtered in Afghanistan because the French and Germans have more sense.

    As I have pointed out before just compare how the BBC spun the Peter Hain story and the fatty Spliff one.

    Large headlines saying they’ve done nothing wrong yet with the Tories there is no such luck.

    If the Tories don’t see this by now they really do deserve to be ground over by the BBC.

    As soon as the Tories win the next election they need to move against the BBC.

    Announcing that the TV tax is to be scrapped and the BBC to be self funding will really piss the beeboids off.


  13. Jon says:

    “Pentagon review finds Gitmo in compliance with Geneva Convention ”

    I wonder if that will be mentioned by the BBC when the 2 “great” leaders meet.


  14. archduke says:

    “I think that is because Obama’s ideology is similar to Browns.
    Gosh | 22.02.09 – 12:08 am | # ”

    not entirely sure about that.

    brown comes from the traditional socialist left – obama is more a child of the 60s radical left. two entirely different animals.

    its like comparing Stalin (Brown) to an Israeli Kibbutz or a Californian Hippy Commune (Obama)

    Obama is a collectivist – i dont doubt that – but he doesnt come across as a Stalinist.


  15. Martin says:

    Is the fat one eyed one meeting Osama really the top story?

    You just know the BBC are going to ‘big this up’ for weeks now.


  16. archduke says:

    oh dear.. aussieland is having its “diana” moment right now. (sky news..)

    well, they do have a New Labour party in power, so that explains it.

    seems a bit over the top to be honest. arent aussies normally a kind of grin-and-bear-it-and-just-get-on-with-stuff kind of people?


  17. Jon says:

    Something else for Brown and Obama to discuss

    “British Muslims are providing the Taliban with electronic devices to detonate roadside bombs in Afghanistan.”

    And maybe they will get around to this

    “CIA warns Barack Obama that British terrorists are the biggest threat to the US”


  18. archduke says:

    “You just know the BBC are going to ‘big this up’ for weeks now.
    Martin | 22.02.09 – 1:10 am |”

    of course they are. like the way a popular girl always refuses dates, when she accepts a date from YOU , you get the jitters and get all excited…

    thats the BBC with this Brown/Obama thing.

    (clever move on Obama’s part by the way – keep them waiting. makes HIM appear to be more powerful..)


  19. Jon says:

    archduke | 22.02.09 – 1:14 am |

    The days of the “butch” sheep shearing Australian is gone – welcome to Neighbours.


  20. archduke says:

    Jon | 22.02.09 – 1:15 am |

    which ties into Obama’s rumoured anti-Britishness.

    Well, its more extrapolated from his writings about his grandfather in Kenya – being tortured by the British during the Mau Mau rebellion.

    such stuff runs DEEP in any family, as you can well imagine.

    my reasoned guess is that you are going to see a lot more focus on Africa under Obama – carrying on from Bush’s unrecognised sterling work there… and with regards to Britain, he will be aloof , if not arrogant in a kind of “i’ve got the bigger weapons” way..


  21. Doug says:

    Well I think there should be a counter complaint about Lakshmi Mittal, an Indian national (not even British unlike Ashcroft (though technically Commonwealth citizens are allowed to donate), who gave £4,125,000 to the Labour party. Don’t forget Ronnie Cohen (Egyptian), Mahmoud Khayami (French) and Swaraj Paul (Indian – Also the god-damn deputy speaker of the House of Lords – a foreigner for Christ sake).

    Labour just love to bring out Ashcroft. He’s taken them on before and won. It’s so funny how Labour claimed that Ashcroft would lower the standards of the Lords after everything we know now about cash for peerages, cash for laws and the way New Labour have stacked the Lords with light weights.

    Just reviewed previous BBC articles about Ashcroft and the bias language they use to describe him is appalling (’99 Aschroft donation ‘is foreign’ – ooh clever use of the quote). The BBC has a long running vendetta against Ashcroft. It’s always interesting how the BBC omits the fact that Ashcroft set up and funds the Crimestoppers charity which actually makes a noticeable contribution to law and order.


  22. Jon says:

    “British Terrorists” – I never thought I would see the day when this phrase was used – it should be “Islamic Terrorists from Britain” that is a better description and leaves the reader in no doubt that Britishness has got nothing to do with it.


  23. archduke says:

    Jon | 22.02.09 – 1:16 am |

    all a nice distraction from the utterly stupid “green” policies which caused so many deaths.

    normally aussies clear about 50 to 100 metres around their house in bush country. they werent allowed to do that in the villages that burned down, because of conservation policies.

    google maps streetview of kinglake, pre fire


    note the trees.


  24. archduke says:

    Jon | 22.02.09 – 1:22 am

    sadly, that is what the CIA and American intelligence views them as – they view them as “British” , because of the insane policy of throwing money at Islamic radicals in the hope that they wont blow us up. Which of course utterly failed when 7/7 happened – and then Labour just threw even MORE money at Islamic nutjobs in the wake of it.

    French intelligence has known about this British policy for well over a decade. I would not be surprised if the CIA also knows about this appeasement policy.


  25. Jon says:

    archduke | 22.02.09 – 1:25 am |

    Yes indeed – I read about that the other day – criminal!!!


  26. archduke says:

    Jon | 22.02.09 – 1:30 am

    read elsewhere that aussies are bloody angry about it.

    memorial service is a new labour style coverup sop.. its bollocks.


  27. archduke says:

    sky news – jade has a “faith healer” , who briefly appeared in the sky news bulletin.

    so there we have it. we’ve degenerated to a society that depends on witch doctors and shamens.

    anyone see that film “Idiocracy”? methinks we’ll hit that scenario way way before the 25th century.


  28. Jon says:

    ‘I was told by the Greenies that I mustn’t touch this twig or that stick because a mouse might want to live under it,’ he said. ‘Well to hell with the mice. People are dead – and so’s the mouse.’


  29. archduke says:

    Jon | 22.02.09 – 1:56 am

    mother nature does have a tendency to implement the “law of unintended consequences”

    shocking story.


  30. archduke says:

    Jon | 22.02.09 – 1:56 am

    by the way – i had a good look around kinglake on google streetview and i could not believe the sheer amount of houses that were built out of WOOD…

    i do hope Google decides to keep that pre-fire imagery up – its solid evidence of how insane the planning policies were.


  31. Jon says:

    archduke | 22.02.09 – 2:09 am |

    Sounds party political to me – is that not illegal?


  32. Hurf Durf says:

    Barry and Gordy – a match made in heaven. I can hear the Italian violins playing already as one man who’s already taken his country to the economic brink is about to skip through the meadow of love and socialist brotherhood with a man who’s about to. It will bring tears to the eyes of hardened soldiers. It will be a moment for the ages.


  33. Twizzle says:

    ‘The BBC claim that like two over excited hormonally charged teenagers Broon and Obama are ‘as one’ on the economic policies needed.’


    And the real problem is they’re BOTH wrong.

    Frightening, isn’t it.


  34. Golur says:

    Brown has bought his audience – there is no doubting this – by committing further UK Forces to Afghanistan. Expect the announcement to be ‘bigged up’ probably during the meeting. But the decision was made to get a meeting in the first place. My contempt for this ‘man’ – which I thought could go no lower – has reached a new nadir.


  35. Anonymous says:

    “British Terrorists” – I never thought I would see the day when this phrase was used – it should be “Islamic Terrorists from Britain” that is a better description and leaves the reader in no doubt that Britishness has got nothing to do with it.
    Jon | 22.02.09 – 1:22 am | #
    I disagree, These people are the logical endpoint of the enforcement of that very British version of the liberal/left totem, ‘multicuturalism’.


  36. Twizzle says:


    I notice the BBC have no mention whatsoever of Milibanana’s shady property dealings.

    Well, what a surprise.


  37. Dick the Prick says:

    Archduke – whoa there cobber. I hardly think having a memorial service for 200 Aussies who are generally as fantastic as can be, who just got on with normal stuff and died in a 60 kph fire with embers up to 15 miles in front (changed with wind – shiiiit – we’re dead) can be compared to Diana.

    Whaddya expect buddy?

    Old Holborn has said he feels sorry for the tumor surrounded by Jade Goody – fair point, well made. I wanna put her in the next James Bond film – more realistic gsw.


  38. Ratass Shagged says:

    “Old Holborn has said he feels sorry for the tumor surrounded by Jade Goody – fair point, well made. I wanna put her in the next James Bond film – more realistic gsw.”

    Jade Goody, raaaaaacist pin-up girl courtesy of the hysterical MSM. Working class to boot so an ideal hate figure. I feel no more pity for her illness than any complete stranger I haven’t met in a hospital I’ve never been too, but at least I have the presence of mind not to hate her purely because I’ve been told too.


  39. martin says:

    I see the fat one eyed one wants a return to traditional banking, no more 100% (and presumably 125% mortgages).

    Funny thing is just who allowed these no deposit mortgages to exist in the first place?


  40. JohnA says:

    and mortgages at 5 or 6 times income, obviously ridiculous.

    Brown’s entire “success” was based on an unsustainable credit boom. With Brown raking in unheard-of amounts of Stamp Duty plus inheritance tax as property prices escalated over-fast.

    If the income is adequate, the income multipleis moderate (eg2.5 up to 3 times income)and the valuation of the property is conservative, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with 100% mortgages.

    So what Brown is proposing is likely to damage any nascent buying from first-time owners. It is probably nugatory anyway at present – the building societies are not lending at 100%. Just when they feel ready to do so, as things start to unwind – bloody Brown will be kyboshing it.


  41. vicky says:

    Old Holborn has said he feels sorry for the tumor surrounded by Jade Goody
    Dick the Prick | 22.02.09 – 9:30 am |

    what a disgusting thing to say about anyone,is this the same old holborn who was shitting himself after someone posted his home address on a blog?
    if thats the way he talks about other people i can understand why he gets threats.


  42. will says:

    BBC News channel is showing looped, split screen silent highlights of the weekend Euro meeting, it featured Brown as focus of super warm treatment by Sarko & Merkel (back slapping, hugs etc.). Brown even reacts in a human fashion.

    What a guy! Truly the world’s saviour!


  43. Ratass Shagged says:

    Agreed vicky, it also shows what a brainwashed, hypocritical twat Old Holborn is if he’s making sick jokes about Jade Goody purely because the MSM have crucified her as a racist.

    So Old Holborn is just a McCarthyist at heart. Hopefully he will die of a painful cancer very soon.

    Joke, Old Holborn. Joke! Funny, eh?


  44. Millie Tant says:

    Old Holborn has said he feels sorry for the tumor surrounded by Jade Goody
    Dick the Prick | 22.02.09 – 9:30 am |

    what a disgusting thing to say about anyone,is this the same old holborn who was shitting himself after someone posted his home address on a blog?
    if thats the way he talks about other people i can understand why he gets threats.
    vicky | 22.02.09 – 3:08 pm | #

    I agree. I have no idea who he is but that is an extremely nasty thing to say.


  45. d says:

    Where do all the loony lefties come from? I will be voting BNP for no other reason than to kick all the self righteous lecturing BBC/government lefties right up the arse – we have had enough of them 10 times over!


  46. disillusioned_german says:

    Brown was everywhere today. I must say he minds me of the Red Dwarf episodes with Ace Rimmer in it:


  47. Gus Haynes says:


    yeah the 100% mortgages were his fault, but at least he’s finally doing the right thing. You can’t fault the plan, problem is it’s the only thing he seems to have a plan for – government spending is the real issue here, and if it doesn’t work, it spectacularly fails. that’s gordons real gamble.


  48. archduke says:

    Dick the Prick | 22.02.09 – 9:30 am

    ok fair enough. i just thought the aussie thing was a bit mawkish.