Did you catch this item on Today just after 7.30am discussing the issue of polygamy and Islam? The topic was, correctly in my view, raised by Baroness Warsi, and her view is that in the UK one man should be legally married to one woman. Naturally dark ages Islam finds such concepts difficult but in this lengthy broadcast item by Zubeida Malik, the clear impression given was the mainstream Islam, and all good Imams, oppose polygamy and it is not the way of the Religion of Peace. Total and absolute nonsense. The BBC is prepared to turn truth on its head in order not to offend tender Islamic sensibilities and in this regard, for once, I applaud Warsi for saying that which the BBC dhimmis find untenable — namely that BRITISH law should operate in this United Kingdom, not the tenets of Sharia.

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  1. Andy says:


    Agreed – credit where it’s due. The item is one of the B-BBC’s top stories on its website today, with Baroness Warsi’s views dominant in the article.


    They can’t be wrong all the time! 🙂


  2. GaryO says:

    I heard this piece and it appeared to me that the presenter (and therefore the bbc) was at pains not to dis Sharia. Zubeida Malik distinctly gave me the impression that there is nothing wrong with Sharia, it’s the men who take advantage of this law that bring the whole islamic system of polygamy into disrepute! There was even a muslim woman rolled out who actually approved of polygamy, saying that it could have a positive influence on the marriage!

    BTW, I thought there was already a tacit approval in British law of Islamic polygamy. I thought you could even claim state benefits for multiple wives as long as the marriage took place in an Islamic country! What about that case in Scotland where a muslim guy was let off for speeding because he was travelling to see his other wife?

    PS. This is not just an islamic issue. There are some weirdoes in the US that have applied their own twist on Christianity and are openly polygamous.


  3. Anonymous says:

    The Enemies Within Update:

    “Some Muslim schools ‘make children despise the West’: Ban on cricket and Harry Potter”


  4. libertus says:

    Obviously the imam couldn’t condemn polygamy since it was so central to the life of his much-married prophet and is so widespread in Arab countries today. But it is commonly argued by Islamic apologists (and in pro-Islam textbooks used in British schools) that the condition of ‘equal treatment’ make polygamy practically infeasible. Which is a total crock of course. Muslim men will buy as many wives as they can afford.
    ‘Baroness’ Warsi, the failed Tory candidate, is herself a divorced mother and she knows whereof she speaks. I hope she will use her good sense and intelligence to break definitively with Islam, even though this would endanger her life in dhimmi Britain.


  5. Andy says:

    The Enemies Within Update 2:

    “Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary calls for people who get drunk to be flogged”


    Just when my faith in human nature was being restored…


  6. Grant says:

    Let’s hope Baroness Warsi gets some support from leading Labour muslim politicians.


  7. Grant says:

    Anon 9:20
    There is a similar report in today’s Telegraph. I can’t see my cricket-crazy, monogamous, Pakistani friends taking much notice of it !


  8. Dick the Prick says:

    I liked the bit about the fact that the women are just used as baby factories and live off benefits – result.


  9. libertus says:

    The real question of polygamy in the UK will turn on whether women in polygamous ‘marriages’ qualify for benefits and pensions.
    I think there is some evidence of gov’t complicity here, but the BBC should investigate …


  10. George R says:

    Any immigrants practicing polygamy should be deported; any such UK citizens should be charged, tried, and imprisoned.

    The UK (and the E.U.) play the dhimmi towards Islamic polygamy:

    ‘Dhimmiwatch’ (2 months ago):

    “U.K.: Model’s death puts spotlight on Islamic polygamy in Britain”


    “What safeguards are in place — are there any? — to keep Islamic clerics in Britain and the state-approved sharia courts from being complicit in the abuses that result from polygamous marriage? Those abuses can range from the failure to inform one wife that there are others, to the settlement of resulting divorces, to fraud committed against the state for welfare benefits (though the state currently recognizes polygamous unions if the wedding took place legally in another country). Or would demanding transparency, accountability, and generally legal and ethical behavior be ‘Islamophobic?'”


    The Archdhimmi of Canterbury is a disgrace in his acceptance of aspects of Sharia law; he should be dismissed now:
    ‘Telegraph’ blog –

    Damian Thompson:

    “Rowan Williams is right to say the public supports him over Sharia. (The Saudi Arabian public, that is.)”



  11. David Vance says:

    George R,

    Exactly so.


  12. Dr Michael Jones says:

    I thought Malik’s report typified the Beeboid response to all issues Islamist. The main thrust was not whether polygamy was antithetical to British and western values – which it is – but whether the “real” Islamic approach – you know, the equal rights of wives, protection of rights, blah blah blah – could be accommodated within UK Law.

    Typical sly, bigoted reportage from the grasping, lying, cheating masters of the game.


  13. JohnA says:

    It was a disgraceful “report”. Presumably the reporter is Muslim.

    Why should this illegality among a small fraction of the population be reported on by a member of that fraction ? Are the BBC scared to set a non-Muslim on the case ?

    Of course later on we had Thought for the Day presented by another Muslim, seemed rather vacillating about Geert Wilders, conflating everything into “hate speech”. If Muslims are about 3% of the population, shouldn’t their slot come round just every 5 weeks or so ? Seems to me they pop up far more frequently. And usually talk about political matters rather than faith matters.


  14. oh bugger says:

    I agree with Dr MJ, I thought the approach of the item was: If we can only change the way in which polygamy is practiced and re-evaluate it in the light of equality and feminism then it can be absorbed into a new and expanded idea of Western culture.

    Sly BBC at its best I thought. Here is an article outlining the centrallity of monogamy in Western Civ for anyone still unclear about why polygamy would be so destabilising.
    A similar case BTW can be made against cousin marriage.


  15. Pete says:

    What do ‘scholars’ say on gay marriage?


  16. Sue says:

    Second wife: “People always ask if the husband has to buy exactly the same item for both wives – I say no, my husband buys me books, whereas his first wife would prefer a nice dress!”

    Catty Bitch.

    The second installment: Manzoor Moghal pleads for polygamy: “In the case where the wife can’t provide children, it would prevent the stealing of children, and in the case where the man’s sexual appetite is greater, it would prevent him using prostitutes…. in the case where the wife disobeyed him it would prevent him cutting her head off”

    I lied he didn’t say the last bit. Sorry I digress slightly from BBC bias.


  17. George R says:

    The British Labour government does not enforce the law on Muslim bigamists, on the contrary:

    ‘Daily Mail’, (2007)-

    “Polygamous husbands can claim cash for their harems”


    Labour has engineered the Islamization of Britain through its stealth policy of mass immigration of Muslims, and the tacit acceptance of aspects of Shariah law here. For this alone, Labour will be remembered at the next election.


  18. pounce says:

    The bBC, Mullah time and Polygamy

    But some women say that if practiced according to the strict guidelines of Islam, polygamy can be a positive experience and the answer to many women’s needs.

    Doha, a 47-year-old who has been in a polygamous marriage for 15 years, was divorced with four children when she met her husband and agreed to be his second wife. Both wives know each other, but have separate houses and lives.

    Her husband spends alternative nights with each of his wives, and is equal in his financial support – although he does not buy exactly the same luxuries for each wife.

    “Maybe I would prefer to have books and my sister wife, my co-wife, would prefer to have a dress bought for her,” says Doha.

    “The really positive point is that I know I have time for myself. I know that if I want to work or study, to have friends come around or to visit people to go away on holiday that I can do that, I have that time in my life.”


    The bBC, Mullah time and Polygamy


  19. Greencoat says:

    ‘Baroness’ Warsi is a piece of window-dressing to distract us from the Islamization process.

    A similar principle to the fattened-up Jews the Nazis used to show the Red Cross.


  20. PeterN says:

    Sue | 20.02.09 – 11:14 am:
    “In the case where the wife can’t provide children, it would prevent the stealing of children, and in the case where the man’s sexual appetite is greater, it would prevent him using prostitutes.”

    JohnA | 20.02.09 – 10:45 am :
    If Muslims are about 3% of the population, shouldn’t their slot come round just every 5 weeks or so ? Seems to me they pop up far more frequently. And usually talk about political matters rather than faith matters

    Sue – I heard this too! What was totally outrageous was that it went COMPLETELY UNCHALLENGED. ..and if the wife’s sexual appitite was greater??….. oh yes there’s always female circumcision one is led to suppose.

    JohnA – absolutely spot on re TFTD.

    Are the BBC hellbent on pushing people into the arms of the BNP? or is it a case of the law of unintended consequences as a result of an overindulgent recognition of perceived sensibilities of one religious following.
    Beware! there is also the law of bringing about by your actions a reaction that produces the very thing you fear most. (Trolls – I’m trying to be kind here)


  21. steve E. says:

    Music, Chess and Other Sins

    Has the Beeb made any mention of this report today?

    Click to access MusicChessandOtherSins17Feb09.pdf

    (Hat tip: Harry’s Place)


  22. Grant says:

    PeterN 12:44
    I look forward to a fearless investigative report by the BBC into the practice of FGM in the UK !


  23. Rob Santiago says:

    Warsi was pushing the usual muslim taqiyya – she won’t say unequivocally that she’s opposed to polygamy, she merely says that it’s against UK law so muslims shouldn’t do be in polygamous marriages at the moment.

    More remarkable was the almost complete absence of callers allowed on air in opposition to muslim polygamy – I can’t have been the only person trying to get on air to give the opposite point of view.

    The tenor of the entire topic was “we have to give the pro-polygamy muslims a voice”, so we ended up hearing only the usual anti-western, anti-UK, anti-secular, anti-christian, anti-semitic, anti-hindu, anti-indigenous population muslim line.

    This is de facto publicly-funded islamic propaganda, paid for by a poll-tax on a nation in which muslim supremacism and terrorism is making muslims a increasingly unwanted minority. The BBC gives a voice to the enemy within, rather than to the non-muslim majority in Britain.

    The BBC’s twisted definition of “balance” means “giving a voice to barbarism”.


  24. Muslim Wars says:

    I know someone who looks like Bin Laden who has gone to Pakistan with the intention of marrying ‘a 15 year old virgin’ and bringing her back here to live in the marital home and give him more sons. He already has 5 kids with his legal wife and is no spring chicken.


  25. Anon says:

    Vote BNP to stop this Muslim invasion of western values then?

    Hard-line religions like Islam and the Mossad Zionist Jews require hard-line measures. Some of you need to wake up this fact.

    The Lib-Lab-Con trick are friends of Islam and the Zionist Jews. Go educate yourself on “Friends of Israel”.

    The BNP will also bring the BBC right down to Earth where they belong.

    *Cue the ‘intellectual’ idiots who scream ‘racist’ or ‘racist party’*


  26. Muslim Wars says:

    I once heard some muslim on TV saying that Islam allows polygamy to prevent the man would from committing adultery, which would be against his religion.

    If a non-muslim in this country announced that he was starting a new religion which allowed him to marry 9 year old girls, he would be jailed if he put his religion into practice.

    I always wondered how old the virgins in paradise are. For example, can they choose all 72 to be 9 year olds, if that’s what takes their fancy? There is a precedent.

    Or, if you are a 9 year old suicide bomber boy, and you find the thought of 72 adult naked women in their 20s in a big circle around you intimidating, can you choose 72 playstation games instead?


  27. David Vance says:


    Very interesting points.


  28. George R says:

    And what anti-British, pro-Islamic material is a future generation of British children now being propagandised with, and blandly reported by the BBC here?:

    “‘Bombers’ school pack withdrawn”


    The BBC report illustrates the alarming ignorance and dhimmitude of this Labour government is sponsoring this pro-Islamic jihad role-playing in the Halifax area of Yorkshire.

    Labour’s delegation of understanding Islamic jihad to Muslim propagandists of our children is unforgiveable.It is no good Labour apologising after the event. Labour cannot be trusted with the Islamified education of British children.

    The BBC gives much space (but with no critical comment) to the Muslim author to justufy his Islamic actions.

    There is no comment allowed by the BBC from the majority non-Muslim/ Christian parents of Yorkshire on this. BBC bias and dhimmitude on Islam is the dangerous norm.


    “Epic Fail: British Government apologizes for endorsing lesson plans calling for students to think like 7/7 bombers”


    “Hey, now, mass-murderers have feelings too. But it doesn’t mean young students should be encouraged to empathize or identify with them. At best, it’s creepy, and in horrendously poor taste. At worst, it could validate the supposed grievances of the 7/7 bombers in the eyes of students, thus inviting a more passive response to the jihad against Britain in its various forms, and reinforce and reward the feelings of Muslim students who might see themselves following in the bombers’ footsteps.”

    And then there are these Muslim schools:
    “Some Muslim schools ‘make children despise the West’: Ban on cricket and Harry Potter”


  29. Grimer says:

    I worked with a young Somalian. He was proudly telling the office that his father had recently returned to Somalia to take ‘another wife’. He claimed to have 28 brothers and sisters.

    When I challenged him on this, he got a bit evasive – ‘don’t worry, my father is rich. He can afford it’.

    My enquiries into whether or not he should be treating Britain’s laws with contempt were beyond his intellect.


  30. Grant says:

    Muslim Wars 1:38
    With apologies to the person who posted this here some time ago, but there has been a misunderstanding in the Koran, it is not “72 virgins”, it is a “72-year old virgin”.


  31. martin says:

    I thought Muslim men could already claim benefits for 4 wives?



  32. Jonathan says:

    BBC headline – “Anti-gay preachers banned from UK ”

    The only positive that I could see from the banning of Geert Wilders was the possibility that the Government might have been using Mr. Wilders as a Trojan horse e.g. allow the Muslim community to call for and applaud the ban and then use the same legislation to ban / remove a truck load of Islamic preachers of hate.

    So when I saw the above headline, my hopes soared. But silly me • guess whose been banned • not your average Iman (nearly all of whom rave about the ills of homosexuality • didn’t Dispatches on channel 4 show a preacher from a mainstream mosque call for all homosexuals to be thrown off a cliff or something…?) Anyway I digress, no according to the BBC; Jacqui has banned “A father and daughter from a US [Christian] church which preaches hatred of homosexuals.”

    Now I have no time for homophobia or The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) whom I never previously heard of. Especially once I learnt (thanks to the Beeb) that members of the said church have picketed the funerals of aid victims. Hardly your average compassionate Christian – but have these two individuals ever engaged in acts of violence or actively encouraged acts of homophobic violence? The BBC article does not tell us; nor does the article explain why these individuals should be banned, while Islamic homophobia can continue to be preached unabated… Again no tough questioning of this obvious inconsistency in the Home Office’s position. so one querstion – why not?



  33. Ratass Shagged says:

    I notice Mikewhineliberal is unusually absent from this thread. I wonder why that is?


  34. Muslim Wars says:

    In mentioning the 72 virgins, (or the 72 year old virgin as Grant mentions), I am following Boris Johnson’s advice from a few years ago. I wonder if Boris Johnson still gives the same advice, in the light of his recent programmes on the BBC regarding the crusades. He was very respectful in the programmes, apart from when speaking to some fair-skinned Spanish whom he referred to as ‘racist and xenophobic’ for their negative attitudes to the muslim contribution to their culture.

    Below is an extractfrom his book (2006 edition) ‘Have I got Views For You’ p149 follows:
    —-quote from book below–
    ‘Militant Islam has been shielded from proper discussion by cowardice, political correctness and a racist assumtion that we should priviledge the beliefs of a minority, even when they appear to be mediaeval. It is time the discussion was opened up not just to reason, but to reason’s greatest ally, humour. Instead of banning the discussion of the 72 virgins of paradise, the alleged need of the suicide bomber, would it not be much more efficient to make fun of this ludicrous claim?
    —–end quote from book

    I wonder what female suicide bombers get? Obviously thay cannot get as much as the men get.

    To be able to lift the veil up 72 times?
    To get a rest from reading the Koran for 72 days?


  35. Jonathan says:

    Re: Muslim Wars

    Well according to Islamic teachings. A woman’s testimony in court is worth 2/5ths of a man. So I suppose logic would dictate that a female suicide bomber should get 28.8 virgins 🙂


  36. Grant says:

    Muslim Wars 4:28
    The Pat Condell joke is that the 72 virgins’ dead male relatives will be there to defend their honour.


  37. Grant says:

    Jonathan 4:10
    Thanks for that link. It really beggars belief !


  38. jeffD says:

    On bbc news website…..

    ‘Italy’s government has rushed through a decree to crack down on sexual violence and illegal immigration after a spate of rapes blamed on foreigners. ‘

    Surely the word ‘blamed’ should be swapped for ‘committed’?


  39. JohnA says:

    Shami Chakrabati has just been interviewed by Eddie Mair about the Home Office ban on the Phelps family/Westboro church. She thought she would have been a bit slower to ban them. Even though on any view they are absolute nutters, totally repulsive, especially their antics at servicemen’s funerals which look calculated to generate violent reactions.

    Mair failed to ask her about the Wilders case – although he mentioned it in his lead-in. Why was that ?

    Has anyone heard her views about the Wilders case ? Hell, we hear her views on just about everything else. Why wasn’t the BBC chasing her for comments on all their news outlets ?

    Does she support the Wilders ban – has she said so, it would be news for Liberty to be opposing entry, it would have caused a lot of criticism of Liberty and her.

    Or did she oppose the ban on Wilders but not wish to let on, mayb3e for fear of upsetting the left ?

    What is Liberty for if not to stand up for free speech ?

    My assumption is that she chickened out. Which makes her a totaly hypocrite in my book.

    The BBC will give her an undeserved stage every time she pronounces on an issue – but won’t go chasing her when she should be commenting on a major issue about freedom of speech but has deliberately stayed silent.


  40. David S says:

    72 virgins eh’, anything about their gender…from Family Guy:


  41. Bastard says:

    There are two sides to every story. Westboro Baptist church is not a monster. I think the Phelps clan are lovely righteous folks doing their best to turn sinners from their hell bound path.

    Do you want truth or do you want bigoted hubris?

    Watch Phelps video

    If you want truth, you must admit Westboro church is in the right here. If you want lies, go ahead and call them hate-mongers.


  42. Anonymous says:

    YouTube Video:

    Islamic Rage Boy Addresses Muslim TV Exec’s Recent Wife-Beheading


  43. Glenn Aylett says:

    I used to like the BBC and didn’t believe it was particularly biased either way, but recent events have shown that there is a distinct leftist bias identified by this article. More recently a BBC reporter covering the strike over immigrant labour at the Total refinery referred to the strikers as ” xenophobes” when in reality they were local men trying to stop companies giving their jobs to immigrants. How would the BBC react if its staff were replaced by staff from Italy and Portugal, wonder if they would be so liberal then.
    Also the Carol Thatcher sacking sums up how biased the BBC has become as this is after all the daughter of a BBC hate figure from the 80s and they were just waiting for the slightest excuse to sack her. However, personal comments about her mother on QI passed without comment from the BBC hierarchy as you would expect. Time this publicly funded and often useless broadcaster was taken to task.


  44. Grant says:

    Anon 7:50
    Thanks for that link, it is an absolute cracker !!!!
    Can’t wait till they show it on the BBC.


  45. Grant says:

    Glenn Aylett 8:21
    Well said. I think a lot, but not all, of the posters here would agree with you.


  46. mikewineliberal says:

    Ratass Shagged | 20.02.09 – 4:27 pm

    Are you stalking me? I was being hassled by Jonathan to respond to an arcane point about GNP and discussing religion with NotaSheep on another thread. We were talking about obscure Christian terrorist groups. We were about to do a body count.

    A comment on all of this? Clearly by giving Warsi a platform, the BBC were doing the opposite of suppressing an issue of embarrassment to some muslims; thereby reducing to rubble the b-bbc view that it is pro-islam.


    JohnA | 20.02.09 – 6:34 pm

    I only half heard that piece. I thought she was talking about Wilders, and was very mealy mouthed in her response. Was she talking about Phelps then? I too would like to hear what she has to say on Wilders. David Davis too.

    I am something of a free speech fundamentalist, but Phelps should be kept out of the country. His vile creed is akin to shouting “fire”. Another religious nutter.


  47. Millie Tant says:

    I thought Muslim men could already claim benefits for 4 wives?

    http://www.express.co.uk/posts/v…s-say- Ministers
    martin | 20.02.09 – 4:09 pm |


    Yes; that article is a year old!


  48. GBS says:

    As someone who would say that the concept of marriage has nothing to do with (a) the govt, or (b) religion, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with being “married” (in a civil contract sense) to more than one person.

    What *IS* wrong is the use of obvious force being applied in a Muslim polgamous realtionship – but then we know women’s equality with men (as individuals) in Sharia law is anathema.

    The issue of force in a relationship is the key issue here; that a couple agrees (voluntarily) to engage in a “marriage” to more than one person is something for them alone to agree (or disagree on). It has nothing to do with you me or anyone else.


  49. Bob, son of Bob says:

    Anon 7:50 – agree with others – funny video re that muslim who beheaded his wife. Here is an extract:

    “…I do have a problem with Mr. Hassan. An, oversight of inexcusable proportions.

    “See, Muzzammil Hassan owns a TV station! He severed the whore’s head In the TV Station. Can someone tell me why we have no video of this beheading?


  50. Bastard says:

    There’s everything wrong with polygamy. It enforces a “big-man” mentality where the head honcho can dispose of women’s bodies as he pleases. It enforces a permanent shortage of wives leaving a mass of men who will never marry to fight over the spoils, or go to war to look for booty and rape opportunities. All at the behest of the head honcho.

    Polygamy is Babylonic depravity. Apologists for it are disgusting deviants.