The BBC just love little Marxist appeaser Desmond Tutu and I see they have generously provided him with a soap-box from which he can advance the usual left-wing narrative. It allows him to attack the Reagan regime, praise Obama, and all wrapped in his pious Anglican cloak. Once you can be trusted to say the right things, the BBC can be very generous with the platforms they provide. Of course if you OPPOSE their narrative, sorry but we’ll be in contact.

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16 Responses to TUTU IN ANOTHER SPIN

  1. Cockney says:

    Have you asked if you can do a “viewpoint” on the website David? It would be interesting to see their response 🙂


  2. Millie Tant says:

    So the UK is damned because it doesn’t have a black “redeemer”. What a load of self-regarding self-indulgent bilge from the self-promoting, publicity-loving black bish.

    Typical BBC love-in, you know they are in ecstasy at this seemingly interminable rambling screed, cos he’s black and cos he’s only too happy to oblige them by scourging those awful whities, the Americans and Brits.


  3. David A says:

    There is an interesting YouTube video comparing the ideas of Reagan and Obama at the following link:


  4. frankos stringfellow says:

    refreshing to see that there is an even distribution of foolishness and naivety from young to old.
    Also note that bigotry against white people is now acceptable.
    As usual the idealistic fool will be shown to be wrong (nice to see the ANC topgun shelping themselves to RSA’s wealth whilst the once strong economy nosedives)


  5. Jason says:

    I notice the comments posted so far on that article are all of the “Hail King Obama” variety. I wonder if diversity will prevail, or the BBC will limit the comments to those which avoid offending the Archbishop?


  6. frankos stringfellow says:

    i put a rather oppositional comment on –just for a sense of balance don’t you know


  7. Preposteroso says:

    The tragedy of Tutu’s life is that he was not born to beam with popping eyes in Roman times and therefore had no hand in the assassination of Julius Ceaser. This could at least have given Shakespeare opportunity to pen for us the immortal line “Et tu, Tutu?”


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    It’s nice to see somebody the BBC respects reminding people that they need to remember that their anger at the US government shouldn’t make them hate the US people.

    However, the rest of this reads like medley of entries in the BBC’s Obama Diary.


  9. Cassandra says:

    Frankos Stringfellow,

    Poor old SA going the route of Zimbabwe, same old mistakes and same old conclusion!
    Whites who built the place being edited out of the picture, the gansters moving in spouting black power while looting everything they can get their hands on, the forces are being destroyed by over promoting officers way above their actual capabilities solely on the basis of skin colour(racism the BBC never see).
    White owned farms are on the list to be stolen and then given to party insiders who strip them of everything valuable then leave them to rot away, infrastructure being left to disintigrate, law and order down the drain with corruption rife and relying on the same promotion on skin colour, yes its a tragedy alright, a prosperous nation eaten away by ignorance and greed in the tradition of African tribal politics.
    The BBC rely on rambling fools like Tutu and his PC chums only to give a picture of the situation, its a bloody slow motion car crash just like Zimbabwe.


  10. Grant says:

    Preposteroso 4:56
    I guess the BBC would report Tutu’s lecture as “Too true, Tutu “.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Anti-stimulus protest staged at Colorado . Capitol

    “The crowd that assembled for the rally was an eclectic one. There were party operatives and moms with children in tow. There were anti-illegal-immigration activists and self-described libertarians. One man was asking crowd members if they wanted to be interviewed for a “renewable-energy comedy show.” Another man stood in the middle of the crowd after the rally shouting things such as: “And by the way, Obama, where’s your birth certificate?”

    Barb Neville of Littleton brought her pet pig, a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig named Nathan, to the rally.

    “He’s against pork,” she laughed. “He says ‘no’ pork.”


  12. billy says:

    I notice Tutu wants Obama to ‘apologise’ for America’s action in removing a cruel dictator in Iraq but also expects America to help remove cruel dictators in Africa.

    Is he supposed to be intelligent?


  13. Andy says:

    It would be interesting to have a list of contributors to BBC Viewpoint, and the organisations they represent.

    What’s the betting representatives from the Institute of Directors or the CBI will be conspicuous by their absence? 🙂


  14. Tom says:

    Andy | 20.02.09 – 1:38 am

    It would be interesting to have a list of contributors to BBC Viewpoint, and the organisations they represent.

    I think you have hit upon an irrefutable case for BBC bias.

    Here’s a scratch list of the ones that came up on my search engine. Which one stands out for you?

    Liam Donaldson • NuLab stooge and health fascist

    This one’s a twofer • ecowhackery and Islam combined:

    Fazlun Khalid • Islamic take on global warming (Fazlun Khalid is the founder of the Islamic Foundation for Ecology)

    Carolyn Miller of the medical aid agency Merlin

    Ziauddin Sardar • New Statesman Muslim affairs writer

    Kimberly McClain DaCosta is Associate Professor of African and African American Studies and Social Studies at Harvard

    Jonathan Clarke, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs looks back at the rise and fall of the neo-cons, who encouraged George Bush to invade Iraq

    Kenneth Roth – the Executive Director of the campaign group Human Rights Watch

    Fyodor Lukyanov, editor of a Moscow foreign affairs journal, believes Russia has good reason to object to US anti-missile sites

    US academic and veteran anti-war campaigner Noam Chomsky says the Bush administration is wrong

    Outgoing German environment minister Jurgen Trittin explains why he is committed to seeing atomic energy phased out in Germany

    Why I wear the veil – Shaista Aziz, a Muslim and a journalist, decided to wear the hijab, the Muslim traditional head cover, after the attacks of September 11

    What the West can learn from Islam – Hamza Yusuf Hanson is an American convert to Islam

    Jamie Stiehm asks whether John McCain’s impulsive character could make him seem too “volatile”

    Peter Wehner argues that voters should not elect Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States.

    Social commentator Nancy Giles on the excitement of election night and what it means for African-Americans.


  15. Bulls**t Detective says:

    The cheek they have, inviting Tutu to provide comment. David Vance is happy to air his views on BBC programmes though.

    Of course if you OPPOSE their narrative, sorry but we’ll be in contact. (Unless your David Vance)


  16. Andy says:


    Many thanks for the list – highly instructive!

    Bullshit Detective:

    Have you read Tom’s list? Surely you can see that the list Tom has provided is clear evidence of liberal bias?