David Dimbleby, Tony McNulty, Michael Heseltine, Sarah Teather, Piers Morgan and Tim CampbellQUESTION TIME ALERT.

It’s coming again tomorrow night! Yes, it’s going to be Question Time and what a troupe we have for you to consider! Tarzan – the man who stabbed Thatcher on the back – is on. A BBC favourite. Then there’s the forces sweetheart, Tony McNulty. Adding even more feminine charm there’s Glib-Dem lovely Sarah Teather. Next up is the demure Piers Morgan. Finally, there is “Apprentice” former winnerTim Campbell. Who says the BBC is dumbing down. Impossible. Anyway, hope you’ll be able to tune in and join in OUR conversation!

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  1. Marky Mark says:

    Bruiser’s on it?! I’ll be watching to see him. Lovely man.


  2. Marky Mark says:

    Piers Morgan and the apprentice bloke?? No one else wanted to come on this week. Will Young must be busy.


  3. Geoff says:

    I thought there was supposed to be a Conservative on these things?


  4. David Vance says:

    When oh when will Leona Lewis be on? That’s what I want to know.


  5. Jon says:

    My God – I won’t be watching it again. I just cannot believe the people they put on this programme. And the disgraced “forces sweetheart” Piers Morgan.


  6. Geoff says:

    “In July 2007 Campbell became a Social Enterprise Ambassador as part of a British Government initiative that aims to apply modern business solutions to social and environmental problems. The programme is led by the Social Enterprise Coalition and supported by the Office of the Third Sector, a Government department responsible for charities, co-operatives, voluntary and community groups”

    Probably not a Tory then.


  7. Jon says:

    “For a man who despises our forces enough to knowingly put them in mortal danger to affect such concern, takes hypocrisy to new levels and he’s from an industry that sets the standard in such things. People still carry wounds that Morgan caused, and they will carry them until they die.”


  8. Jon says:

    Here is Sarah Teather with some of her friends.


  9. David Vance says:


    Teather is a charmer but you should brace yourself and join us – we are more than fit for them.


  10. Jon says:

    Geoff | 18.02.09 – 9:48 pm |

    Quite right – there is not even a hint of balance there. The BBC just don’t even try.


  11. Jon says:

    David Vance | Homepage | 18.02.09 – 10:01 pm |

    Sorry David – I just haven’t got the stomach for it.


  12. Bill Quango MP says:

    Sadly I can’t make your live feed but I can do the predictions now.

    Tarzan.. will get off a good shot about Jacqsy’s expenses. Then get muddled on Quantitative Easing and only make half an impression.

    Bellwether Tether will go for we shouldn’t be deporting terrorists on a promissory note. Won’t go down well. Her mum will clap for her though. She’ll do better on the Alfie Patten “won’t somebody think of the children” question.

    Piers Moron will do some awful bankers bonus must be curbed, common man shtick.Will get a laugh anyway..

    McNumpty -will “I just don’t accept that” at least 3 times. Will be just glad to go home. May come a little unstuck on Digby Jones’ not fit for purpose Job Centre Plus documentary if anyone saw it. But he will have Gordon’s tractor stats for 2009/10 {another record harvest!} to bore us with.

    Apprentice man. May get lucky with a government Apprentice scheme question, but has probably worked out a good stock Jade Goody life/death/repented sinner to saint media brief.

    Let me know how it goes.


  13. Grant says:

    But, it is a first for QT !
    The score :-

    Left 6 ( including Dimblebore )
    Right 0

    ( assuming Campbell is a socialist )


  14. David says:

    They always get Hezza on when the Tories are riding high in the polls. That way they can get their planted questions in about Europe and make the party look split. That’s also why Morgan is there.


  15. martin says:

    5 1/2 leftists V 1/2 a Tory. Good balance.

    I bet we have the usual bunch of Gus and MWL spotty students in the audience as well.

    No to deporting that bushy bearded arsehole no doubt. I wonder how many of the audience would actually have him living next door to them though?


  16. Grant says:

    Jon 10:00
    Love the photo, but what is George Galloway doing to Sarah Teather, is it legal and should it be published on B-BBC ?
    Either way, neither of them seems to be enjoying it much.


  17. jimbob says:

    teather has nowehere to go but increasing dhimmitude.

    come the next election her seat will be almagated with brent south to form brent central. she will be highly likely to lose to labour but there is an 11% muslim vote which no doubt can be delivered in true bulk postal vote style.

    talk about turkeys voting for christmas.

    disgusting to think that she is sucking up to medievlaist who do not even believe women should leave the home alone let alone become an MP.


  18. Jon says:

    jimbob | 18.02.09 – 10:27 pm |

    Its impossible to fathom the leftist mind set.


  19. martin says:

    jimbob/Jon: Have you seen that arsehole Lauren Booth on Press (Musim) TV?

    She’s always dressed up like a Muslim woman these days.

    Has she converted?

    What makes me laugh is as you guys point out if Muslims had their way women would be at home getting a good beating every day and dressed up like a Guinness bottle.


  20. Jon says:

    Has she converted?

    I shouldn’t think – just a useful idiot.


  21. Grimer says:

    When RecessMonkey reported the problem, it has been 18 months. She must have been through a few rabbits since then (I can’t imagine anybody ‘taking one for the team).

    Oh for an audience member to ask her if it’s now been 47 months…


  22. Grimer says:

    (almost a whole parliamentary term!)


  23. gordon-bennett says:

    This comment from Guido’s blog is to the point:

    “Sarah teather may be a dog ,however, her head is just the right height to balance a pint on whilst the men around her discuss serious matters.”



  24. martin says:

    Grimer: There isn’t enough beer in the world.


  25. Dick the Prick says:

    Dumbing down – thought for the day was about Jade Goody! Can she not just sod off and die?


  26. Dick the Prick says:

    Won’t be able to make it tonight David – draw the line at Piers Moron.

    OT – Rd4 – Twitter’s gonna kill ya. Good grief.


  27. martin says:

    Isn’t that Pig Moron? The man that tried to get British soldiers killed in Iraq.


  28. James says:

    @ Jimbob @ others re: Sarah Teather. Yes, her seat is being amalgamated but have you come across the MP for the other seat? She is possibly worse than La Teather…

    Her name is Dawn Butler and she’s considered a first class creep, even by the standards of the PLP.

    She recently gained notoriety for “faking” a letter of praise from Obama.

    Clearly grammar was never her strong point.


  29. Grant says:

    James 10:27
    If she faked the letter, that is surely a story for the BBC to follow up ?


  30. caveman says:

    Regarding the BBC and the way religion has trumped muslim women’s rights:

    It used to be ‘I do not agree with you but I defend your right to say it.’

    Now it seems to be:

    ‘I do not agree with you, but I respect your religion so much that I defend your right to persecute gays and wrap your women in black bags’


  31. Jonathan says:

    Grant: She didn’t fake the letter. Apparently, the Obama campaign team agreed that her staff could draw up a letter [Hence the H of C notepaper and the spelling mistakes] for the Messiah to sign.

    Of course, it would be entirely inappropriate of me to suggest that Obama only agreed to the request because she was black. After all, I’m sure that in their 30 second meeting, candidate Obama genuinely discovered and came to appreciate her many [hidden] qualities.

    Naturally, the BBC didn’t bother to ask how & why Obama felt able to endorse this MP • despite knowing practically nothing about her, except the colour of her skin. But I’m sure there is an innocent explanation – somewhere!


  32. Gosh says:

    Yes count me in this evening thanks.

    From that lot, it ought to be interesting.


  33. frankos says:

    A giant tsunami washing over the BBC studio tonight would be most welcome!!


  34. dogface says:

    McNumpty putting himself about a lot these days. Positioning for leadership? Or just drawing the flak for the Great Snottler?


  35. James says:

    re the Teather/Butler amalgamation – apparently the two of them have been like ferrets in a sack since it was announced that their two seats would become one.

    Apparently they have resorted to all the usual ferret-like behaviour – wikipedia edit wars and bitchy emails seem to be the flavour of the day.

    I suspect that they will be trying to outdo each other in dhimmitude in the run-up to the next election. Teather has a lot of work to do to get a share of the 12.6% muslim vote in the area. I suspect that Butler has a large chunk of the 26% black vote in the bag…I wonder who Ken will come out for?


  36. Marky Mark says:


    if mcnulty became PM, I would hang myself there and then. Gordon is bad enough, but bruiser….


  37. Twizzle says:

    Can’t believe anyone watches QT any more.

    Last time I watched, I wondered where they bus the audience in from. Really, where do they find anyone who would not throw their shoes at the ZaNu Labour party member, let alone applaud their comments. I might throw something a little more dangerous myself but that’s why my wife bound me to dining table when it was in our area!

    It’s simply unbelievable.


  38. Parsnipboy says:

    My question would be: why is Labour doing so awful in the polls, and why has’nt the BBC reported it, unlike nearly all the other broadcasters ??


  39. caveman says:

    Last time I watched, I wondered where they bus the audience in from.

    There are actually three buses:
    One tours the local comprehensive schools picking up teachers, a second goes to the local teacher training college, and the third one goes to the local university.


  40. Gus Haynes says:

    The audience isn’t just left wingers, yes they make some (most?) but certainly not all. Theres a good deal of right wingers on it too.


  41. Billy Hippo says:

    I think the right-wing representation
    that Gus is referring to are the three bus drivers, who prefer to wait inside rather than in their buses


  42. Grant says:

    Billy 3.06
    Nice one !
    But I think a lot of the audience applaud at the depth of feeling with which the opinion expressed, the degree of eloquence, the length of contribution ( so long as not muddled ), the sound of the person’s voice etc.
    I have often noticed the same people applauding two opposing contributions equally vigorously.


  43. frankos stringfellow says:

    I just wonder where Radio 4 get the audience from for any programme with Marcus “self loathing cos I’m middle class”” Brigstock.
    In a real representative audience surely he would have been punched very hard at least once?
    I would love to offer my services


  44. Grant says:

    Just while it is in my mind, and I have asked this before, why isn’t QT broadcast live ?


  45. Martin says:

    Gus Haynes: Been glue sniffing again? Did you not see the QT the other week when the sole sensible person (not a leftist) was having her say and Bimblebore got angry with the sound man and ordered him to remove the microphone?

    Compare that to the bushy bearded or scarf wearing Muslim tosspots who spout hatred every week from the centre front row (why are Muslims never shoved at the back?) and NEVER have the microphone taken from them?

    I’ve NEVER see Bimblebore lose it like he did the other week.


  46. frankos stringfellow says:

    I’ve NEVER see Bimblebore lose it like he did the other week.

    he does occasionally when people mistake him for his equally boring brother


  47. PacificRising says:

    Gus Haynes said…
    The audience isn’t just left wingers, yes they make some (most?) but certainly not all. Theres a good deal of right wingers on it too.

    Have you ever seen a majority of right wingers on the panel (or in the audience even)?
    Heaven forbid.


  48. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Grant, James, and Jonathan, RE: Dawn Butler,

    The BBC helped promote her letter. They cropped it so nobody could tell it was printed on House of Commons stationery, and even left that little inconvenient fact out of the article. The sub-editor brought up the accusations of fakery, but only by printing Butler’s defense, without mentioning what specifically elicited the accusations. I’m sure there was no question at the BBC that the brilliant, Harvard-educated, genius President Obamessiah would approve of such pathetic, middle school level writing. I’m sure it’s exactly that kind of poor phrasing and lack of punctuation that will help black people advance in the Commons. It’s more than “cheesy”, dear, it’s poorly done. Why, it’s almost as if George Bush wrote this, right BBC? Oh, but that would be mean, and we don’t want to be a party-pooper, right, BBC? So best just play it straight, and go along with the gag, and help out a Labour MP.

    Alternatively, the Beeboids responsible for this were so blinded by Obamessiah worship that they didn’t even notice what they were doing. It’s bias either way.


  49. martin says:

    Grant: Would you really want to watch that crap live?


  50. Gus Haynes says:

    No i’ve never seen a majoirty of right wingers, thats true, but that would be biased wouldnt it?

    My point is this, its usually a good enough balance. I’m not left nor right, and i usually find it a good balance.