If this was a Republican Presidency, the BBC would be ALL over any mistakes but of course we live in era of The One and so critical faculties are ameliorated. Yet ANOTHER Obama nominee withdraws – this time Judd Gregg. I noticed the BBC chose to present this more in terms of the GOP Senator not being prepared to embrace Obama “reach out.” i.e Blame Judd, Not Obama.

In actual fact, what this really demonstrates is very poor judgement by Obama as he sets a new Presidential record for failed nominees. However the BBC always tries to help their man in the White House and as B-BBC reader Jason picks up, it finishes this report with another unsubstantiated claim from Obama that his magic “stimulus” (transgenerational theft) will save thousands of Caterpillar jobs. Turns out this is pure rubbish, but the BBC leave that out. As we go through the early days of the Obama Presidency, BBC attempts to spin in favour of The One look more and more desperate.

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