31 Responses to QUESTION TIME LIVE!

  1. Guppy says:

    I’ve enhanced and corrected Salma Yaqoob’s Wikipedia entry.


  2. Dick the Prick says:

    I’ve drained two weeks supply of mogadon and am all set to be err… entertained.


  3. Saul says:

    In case anyone hasn’t seen this already – Salma Yacoob wrote an article entitled “The Islamic Republic of Great Britain” http://www.divshare.com/download/1168362-52f


  4. joe says:

    Thanks for that everyone. It’s the first time I’ve actually enjoyed QT, having it torn to bits in real time.


  5. joe says:

    I like loyalists. HoHoHo


  6. joe says:

    Get more if you’re mick mc marxist giniss eh!!


  7. joe says:

    Funny how DV is no longer invited onto the BBC. Bias ? lol


  8. Dick the Prick says:

    You’re scum UDA guy, we BRITS should get out of Ireland completely and leave you scroungers to yourselves.
    Irish wankerz


  9. Dick the Prick says:

    we’ve appeased you bigots for too long, time to kick you out of the union and then you’ll be sorry, when the catholics come to kick yer headz in.


  10. Millie Tant says:

    Why do we pay all our money to that shithole in Ireland, its outrageous


  11. Ulster Bigot says:

    Get me my medication nurse. I’m a catlic, gerry admans him da mam. savor of da word gimme beerd.


  12. Millie Tant says:

    at least Gerry A is doing us Brits a favour, to get us out of that scroungers paradise


  13. Cynical says:

    Whilst idly watching the usual boring Question Time, I heard Kelvin MacKenzie let slip that “there were a lot of teachers in tonight”. I wondered why; then it dawned on me that the BBC had been running a news story all day about the amount of school truancy nowadays.

    (CLICK!!! I know I’m naïve and slow, and that you all figured this out before me.)

    The teachers must have been invited in by the BBC at least a few days before, people can’t just drop what they are doing and pop along to a BBC venue with no notice, not even teachers! The next step for the BBC is to make use of all the teachers in the audience and to ensure that they ask (or invite them to ask) a question on the topic of truancy and the news story that the BBC has been running all day.

    Talk about News Management and the chairman often saying that the panel have no prior notice about their questions.

    Mois cynical!!!


  14. Jason says:

    Sorry for the OT post.

    I note that the BBC is reporting more woes for Obama – his FIFTH nominee has resigned, this time Republican Judd Gregg, Obama’s token “reach across the isle” nomination who was supposed to be his poster boy for a new era in non-partisan pragmatism. Alas, the man just had too much integrity to be part of an administration whose stimulus plan is set to be the largest transfer of wealth from private to public in American history.

    Credit to the BBC, they manage to get through the article without sneering – but couldn’t resist ending this dismal (for them) news without including a sweetener tag to cheer us all up:

    “On Thursday the president made his latest pitch for the bill as he toured a Caterpillar plant in East Peoria, Illinois.

    He said Caterpillar, which has announced more than 20,000 layoffs, would be able to rehire some employees after the stimulus plan is passed, the Associated Press reported.”

    Oh joy! Obama to the rescue. All of those jobs saved! What a shame it’s absolute bollocks:

    “It appears that Caterpillar won’t be hiring back any of those 22,000 laid-off workers because of the President’s $789 stimulus package, despite the fact that President Obama alluded to words by the company’s executive just earlier today touting the measure.”

    Anyone care to speculate over the possibility of the Beeb issuing a correction or update of any kind?



  15. john says:

    Didn’t see Question Time last night. Was at business school with Justine Greening. How did she do last night?


  16. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Kelvin Mackenzie was a big disappointment. First question up on the Dutch MP and he start dissing “extremists” – meaning the Dutch MP, not mulim mass murderers. Then another professional Muslim in a headscarf (“cold in the studio tonight love?”) wades in. I gave up.


  17. JohnA says:


    As wellas the porkfest bill, Judd Gregg’s announced reason for quitting Obama’s cabinet was the White House aim to take over the US Census from the Dept of Commerce where it has always belonged.

    Managing / manipulating the Census will give Obama all manner of ways to steer “social” ie socialist funding to selected areas. Just an adjunct to all the ACORN stuff. Obama the community dis-organiser, the utterly partisan post-partisan wunderkind.


  18. laughing at gordon says:

    All a bit average from the serious politicians (Byrne and Greening) last night, I thought. They didn’t really grab me and of the others no-one really impressed – Salma Yaqoob had a few moments of half-wittery, Kelvin Mackenzie was off-form and Monty Don was the worst kind of hand-wringing, ‘something-must-be-done’ irrelevance, absolutely clueless on every issue. He was one of the most pointless QT panel members I’ve ever seen and made Will Young look like William Hague.


  19. mailman says:

    I got a call from the BBC yesterday…was hoping it was an invite on to QT but it wasnt (much was the pity).

    But I did say to the producer I was talking to that should they ever need someone of interest, Im their man! 🙂



  20. Twizzle says:

    I fear Obama more than I fear Bush. At least Bush was well-known to be stupid and you took what he said with a pinch of salt (make that a bucket load!).

    Here we have Blair Mark Two! He has never run a whelk stall let alone the most important country on the planet.

    He surrounds homself with the self same people (Summers, Clinton, Geitner, Bernanke, et al) who served under the Clinton/Bush administrations. These are the people who have run the US (and most of the globe) into the poor house and yet they are also the ‘visionary’s’ that will get us out.

    Mmmm! If anyone thinks Obama is anything other than a smooth operator without a clue, I’m afraid you’re going to be sadly disappointed.


  21. caveman says:

    For anyone who missed the programme, here is a summary:

    – Even more teachers than usual. I think at one point one actually said ‘we must all listen to the kids’, although I may be imagining it.

    – Most outrageous comment of the evening, judging by the reaction of the audience:
    Kelvin McKenzie: ‘Some kids are revolting’.
    Some of those teachers in the audience should realise it is their job to train the revolting ones how to be not revolting, rather than pandering to them and ‘listening to them’, in a manner which was portrayed in those ridiculous TV adverts for teachers. (I wonder why half the teachers drop out after two years teaching? • can it be anything to do with ‘revolting kids’?)

    Biggest surprise of the evening • one of the panellists doubting the ‘facts’ we are told about global warming (K. McKenzie)

    Biggest disappointment • No sympathy for G Widers from the panel or the audience • Dimbleby, remarkably, ending up seeming the least opposed to him in the end, by virtue of being neutral.

    Best comment of the evening goes to: 11:19 Hard Headed Hero regarding 10,000 parents prosecuted for kids truanting and one jailed every fortnight (?I think):

    ‘All of a sudden there are plenty of prison places for dodgy parents. None for burglars though’

    Saddest moment:
    The follow on programme when Portillo called Wilders a bigot. How the mighty have fallen.


  22. katherine says:

    Was not at all impressed with Justine Greening.If this is the mark of a future Tory government heaven help us.


  23. Billy Hippo says:

    I did not realise Justine Greening was a Tory at first as I missed the intro. Later when it said ‘shadow something’ on the screen I realised my mistake.


  24. martin says:

    Sorry but I just got bored with the whole thing last night. QT is washed up. The audience is a joke. As i commented at the start last night it was full of social workers, teachers, public sector losers, students and Liebour party activists. None of these idiots ever have anything useful to say.

    The guests are morons for the most part. I want to hear some debate but people are shit scared of saying anything that might offend.

    Get Clarkson on there for gods sake or Littlejohn (remember his put down of Toynbee?)

    It’s a joke of a show.


  25. martin says:

    The only decent people they’ve had in the audience was the woman that Dimblebore got a strop on with the mic man when she made total sense and the bird in the audience one week with the biggest set of tits I’ve ever seen on QT apart from Galloway and Prescott.


  26. martin says:

    Since they’ve had a total tosspot on like Will Young, can I suggest Lucy Pinder (A Tory page 3 girl)

    She might not have anything useful to say (then again neither did Greening last night) but boy just take a look.



  27. caveman says:

    martin – yes, there is no proper debate on TV.
    We need FoxNews in Britain. Surely there is one rich person who wants to do something for his country?


  28. David Vance says:

    Fox is LONG overdue here in socialistland.


  29. mailman says:

    Im surprised Al Beeb hasnt been running the story of the Fox producer who got done for kiddie porn?

    But yes, Fox (or something similar to it) is well over due in this country.

    Actually, wouldnt it be great if Al Beeb got off its arse and hosted a news show with right leaning journalists?



  30. emil says:

    Sadly Greening was absolutely hopeless, and it became very clear that loony tune Monty was only invited on the panel to answer the planted question about climate change. So arsonists set fire to the Australian bush and we still get complete fuquits trying to concoct a link to climate change.


  31. Mailman says:

    Someone was rabbiting on about global warming ™ and how the aussie fires are proof of it. Of course it never crossed their mind that australia in the summer is a hot, dry, stinking tinder box just waiting to go wumf with the right motivation!