I happened to tune in to the BBC’s “Any Answers” a little earlier today. It was fascinating to hear caller after caller demonise the UK banking sector, demanding an end to bonus culture and the possible arrest and prosecution of senior bankers. There was also a call to stop the payment of bonus payments in the private sector. (No mention of the huge bonus payments the BBC have been awarding themselves for years now, oddly enough) It appears that the banks have been solely responsible for our current economic predicaments. Then the telephone hordes got stuck into Carol Thatcher with virtually 100% support for the brave BBC decision to get rid of her for the use of the word “golliwog” in a private conversation. Little short of her public execution would have satisfied some of these moonbats. It’s remarkable how so many of the people who get through the switchboard are so overwhelmingly supportive of the BBC, isn’t it?

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  1. Cassandra says:

    The BBC are experts in the loaded audience and highly selected guests!

    The BBC world ‘intelligence squared’ debate entitled is the UN in terminal paralysis? is a perfect example of a hand picked set of speakers and a highly filtered audience.
    Was a person of the right wing invited to comment? er no! Lots of socialists of course and the audience could have come straight from a labour party conference, the BBC are habitual fakers and they do it more and more, they work out the questions and answers they want to air and the agenda they want to flog, they then hand pick the guests and audience to reinfore the message that they want to convey!
    I have a great forum for the BBC talking heads to debate, ‘is the BBC a dishonest leftist propaganda mouthpiece?’


  2. martin says:

    Not really. Most of the callers are beeboids. On Radio 5 the other week they were talking about the decision by the BBC and Sky not to show the Gaza appeal. Some leftie caller was on and when told that ‘Sky have decided not to run the appeal’ he came back with “We are much better than Sky and shouldn’t be pandering to Israel, WE…and he kept saying WE yet was never identified as a beeboid on air.

    I don’t know anyone else who would use the term ‘We’ in reference to the BBC except someone who works for them?

    I’ve long suspected that a lot of the BBC callers are beeboids who ring in with fake names and jobs.

    After all the BBC has form for faking things.


  3. Dick the Prick says:

    Dear David

    I think this blog is great and I think your research and erudition on the troubles in NI set you apart from the pack as an excellent commentator and a wise observer of nuance.

    However, if you continue to act like a masochistic chav then I’m gonna reckon that’s what you be. What the hell on earth made you tune into that? Were you tidying up and wanted mood music?

    Any questions is alright – it is. It’s a top show – no way to improve it so that makes it good. Any Answers? Are you out of your freakin’ mind?


  4. Dick the Prick says:

    What’s the bet that Nicky Campbell’s Big Question this week is ‘What colour, creed, religion, gender and age are you and why should I give a toss?

    Nah, ‘is gollywog racist?’



  5. David Vance says:


    In my defence (!) the boiler had sprung a leak and I wanted background noise whilst attempting vaingloriously to fix it! That said I am fool to myself – most of the callers are as Martin says – plus freaks.


  6. Dick the Prick says:

    I knew it!


  7. subrosa says:

    I listen to it too today. (I was doing my nails Dick and couldn’t press any buttons to change channels).

    It’s my opinion that the BBC has a list of the ‘phone me anytime and I’ll give you my support’ brigade.

    Any questions was just as bad with nearly everyone wanting Carol Thatcher hung, drawn and quartered. John Sergeant surprised me. He didn’t think Clarkson’s remark was racist but he did Carol’s. Strange that. If I’d called Margaret Thatcher a fat Englishwoman I’m sure many would be up in arms.


  8. Dick the Prick says:

    I think it helps to wonder where Atlas is wrong? I don’t particularly buy a global religion shit but his attentivess to the ‘follow the money creed’ is fair enough.

    It doesn’t matter what other countries think – I can’t remember being rude but every twat else does.


  9. mikewineliberal says:

    David – if it’s older than seven years, get a new one. Vailant or Worcester bosch.


  10. Millie Tant says:

    Don’t be daft. I wouldn’t get a new boiler if it was seven years old. Mine is twice that.


  11. Jon says:

    Millie Tant | 07.02.09 – 6:13 pm |

    Seems like you are falling for, what I see as, mikewines reason for posting, and that is to try and steer people away from the topic.


  12. 1327 says:

    This evening while in the kitchen I ended up listening to Evan Davies Radio 4 show “The Bottom Line” billed as a discussion between business people about the Obama bail out plan. I listened in amazement that Evan appeared to have found 3 business people who not only could see no fault in the bail out but were more enthusiastic about it than Evan. When Evan described Obama’s plan to stop private sector bonus payments as “tweaking” one of the guests shot back that he was to negative and this was more like “partnering” !

    The beeb have built themselves an incredible echo chamber.


  13. Beness says:

    I recognised one of the callers on any answers. He used to go by the name of Ted on talksport. He is a moonbat out and out leftie.I think he was John on any answers.

    Theres another who rings Talksport regular. Usualy in the night and goes by the name of Tommy(taxi driver). Full of hate for all things western but, he phones the BBC as Steve.Can’t miss him if you listen to talksport from 1am-6am.


  14. GCooper says:

    I think Beness has the diagnosis about right – there is a coterie of perpetual callers-in to these programmes, much the same as there is a dedicated pack of letter writers to newspapers and, dare I suggest it, Blog commenters.

    Moreover, Any/Question Answers, like almost all R4 programmes, is really only tolerable if you are to the Left of centre, so the preponderance of Leftists clicking to attention when phone-in time comes around isn’t to be wondered at.

    Most people will have switched their radios an hour before.


  15. Jon says:

    Apart from a few BBCers – who is going to listen and ring up Any Answers? – the people who agree with the left wing bias of the BBC. Who else is going to listen to an hour of leftist delusion? For most life is too short.


  16. Jon says:

    GCooper | 07.02.09 – 10:17 pm |

    Sorry GCooper – I seemed to have echoed your post.


  17. GCooper says:

    Jon – Great minds…


  18. Zevilyn says:

    Its very clear that the banks are headed by talentless, mentally deficient retards.

    Not a penny of taxpayers money should go into these bonuses.

    If a banker needs money to give him “incentive” he’s clearly a talentless hack. These pigs have no incentive to do a good job because they get tons of money whether they succeed or fail, and that’s why they are all so bloody useless.

    The whole idea of bonuses is anti-free market and stinks of corporatism. We’d be better off filling the City full of chimpanzees as at least they are reasonably intelligent.

    The problem is British banks; they are all crap and should all be closed down. The banks are a burden on the UK economy and are killing our manufacturing and retail sectors, burying people in debt, and stealing from hard-working British people.

    I recommend selling all our banks to the Germans, French, and Spanish, who all have vastly superior banks to ours.


  19. 1327 says:

    Zevilyn are you getting your info from the BBC ? I have had personal dealings with a Spanish bank who managed to eat up £150 in bank charges in 6 months and used to like to ring me in the UK on my mobile to tell me – then charged me for the call. After that experience I came to think of British banks to be OK on the whole.

    Also don’t forget that the first victims of the credit crunch were some German banks. But that knowledge seems to have gone down the memory hole.


  20. Millie Tant says:


    Seems like you are falling for, what I see as, mikewines reason for posting, and that is to try and steer people away from the topic.
    Jon | 07.02.09 – 8:13 pm |


    I think you may be right, Jon.


  21. mikewineliberal says:

    I think you may be right, Jon.
    Millie Tant | 08.02.09 – 12:07 pm

    Damn you pesky kids, you’ve uncovered my evil plan.

    That’s good advice btw.


  22. Billy Hippo says:

    If you own your own little corner shop, take what you want from the till and wreck the business, it’s okay, it’s yours. That is not stealing.

    But when there is a feeding frenzy on the tills of the banks by the top management, that is stealing.

    ’14 million bank robbery at London airport – the biggest ever robbery’ No it isn’t. 12 billion in bonuses in one year – now that is what I call a proper ‘bank job’ which makes the armed robbers look like they took some spare change that fell on the floor.

    One tactic of the top management – hand your credit card debts over to a nasty scummy debt collector/wheelclamper type of outfit and then pretend its nothing to do with them.


  23. caveman says:

    Apart from a few BBCers… Who else is going to listen to an hour of leftist delusion? For most life is too short.
    Jon | 07.02.09 – 10:45 pm |

    Yes, but sometimes the BBC has a captive audience of car drivers who do not want music. And to be fair, they do let the odd point from the other side get through occassionally. 100% bias has not been thought advisable for this programme.

    Imagine how successful a Fox Radio type station would be!