No one really cares

that the new Prime Minister of Iceland is a lesbian. What I care about is the BBC’s incessant need to have a news agenda and to pursue it. We can see the agenda at work in this report from the omission of a key fact which the Guardian (as so often) doesn’t miss out.

The key fact is that Ms Sigurdardotti spent a lengthy time married to a banker (male) and has two grown up sons to show for it.

Guardian readers, no doubt, can be trusted with these facts which suggest rather bisexuality, or confusion, or even bitter ex-banker’s wife syndrome (there’s a nice little revenge motif in this saga which Icelanders might just be appreciating :-). Nuanced Guardian readers can cope elastically with all the real and tough twists and turns of adult life, unquestionably. Not so BBConline readers, apparently. Maybe their re-education process is still incomplete.

I don’t pretend to understand the liberal mindset, but I know that it’s much more impressive to think of people with innate characteristics, distinct from other people, which make them homosexual. It’s the difference between the exotic and the banal. Choices are banal, and we all make them. Ms Sigurdardotti made hers twice in two directions, but we’re only informed about the one which makes her the paragon the BBC are intent on making her:

“It’s not only a victory for lesbians, it’s a victory for women, actually make that a victory for all!”

(the last line from the BBC’s “Gay milestone” commentary)

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  1. deegee says:

    There are 192 (depends on who’s counting) countries in the world. Most are lucky to be the subject one BBC story a year.

    Iceland should think itself privileged that the BBC has devoted one story even if about the PM’s sexual preferences. It is unlikely to be the subject of another, soon.


  2. Dick the Prick says:

    Dunno Ed – if Iceland have a Prime Minister with balls I don’t care if she’s got more than 2 pairs of shoes – good luck to her.

    I’d go short on Gordon Brown shares – people are taking stock and government’s just another player.

    I try and avoid bbc news except newsnight and me local 6.30 – tea time jobby headlines.

    They didn’t have an election tho – that was a bit slick. Oldest parliament in the world. It’s all very well talking about corrupt lords – £600k – don’t get out of bed for that.

    How’s about an illegal war, which, to be fair – is perhaps the most prudent of all decisions made by Labour. Now it’s done.


  3. Ed says:

    Actually Deegee, Iceland is treated to two- in one day.

    Dick- she looks a nice lady, and as you say probably is the best man for the job. I just wish people didn’t always have to represent some -ism, as they always seem to do with the Beeb.


  4. Ratass Shagged says:

    Haloscan isn’t showing any comments AGAIN until I make a pointless posting like this.


  5. GCooper says:

    That last line is one of the most patrinising things I have ever read.


  6. Ratass Shagged says:

    Huh??? Now Haloscan is only showing 2 comments posted, when I just saw 4 not 5 minutes ago.


  7. Ratass Shagged says:

    Oh they’re back now. Does Haloscan hate Firefox or is this happening to anyone else?


  8. Sam Duncan says:

    “It’s not only a victory for lesbians,”

    No, it’s a victory for one of them. Since she’s a “social democrat”, libertarian and conservative lesbians might not be at all happy about her election.

    It’s an important point. Identity politics is dumbing down ad absurdum. And the BBC swallows it whole.


  9. GCooper says:

    Ratass Shagged – it appears to be the return of an old problem. ISTR Halsocan has multiple servers which get out of synch. It does this every now and then and Haloscan seems incapable of preventing it.

    Someone who knows what s/he is talking about may correct me. Why, even a lesbian.


  10. Dick the Prick says:

    Nah, seriously – can anyone remember what happened in Iceland?


  11. Hugh Oxford says:

    You know, I’m not sure Iceland is quite the right country to be looking towards for rational or inspiring decision making.


  12. Libertarian says:

    Nuanced Guardian readers can cope elastically with all the real and tough twists and turns of adult life, unquestionably.

    Nicely put. Remember though that the BBC is the ‘British Leyland’ of News & Broadcasting and as such is unsophisticated, assembled by people of a certain stripe, outmoded and done with more style & flair elsewhere.


  13. Dick the Prick says:

    Smooth transition of government. Have they taken a pay cut though?


  14. Libertarian says:

    you wont see this on the beeb

    Metropolitan Police humiliated at the hands of Muslim demonstrators in London 1/2


  15. knacker says:

    Libertarian — Yes, that one’s now up to 47,000 viewings, spreading the word about what Britain has become.

    If you want an instant American reaction — I just played it in a bar to a group of drinkers waiting for the SuperBowl to re-start — well, mainly it’s jaw-dropped amazement. One guy, ex-cop, former 101st Airborne and normally noisy, simply said, “These guys are allies? No thanks.” Then he went quiet.

    Frei and comrades never go close to folks like this. You are fed crap instead. Icelandic dykes, eh? Lucky you.


  16. martin says:

    Libertarian: Our Police are just fat overpaid cowards. They’ve long since given up chasing criminals, real criminals that is.

    They now just act as tax collectors for McFatty one eye and his band of left wing losers.

    20 years ago the Police would have cracked some serious Muslim skulls that day. Now they just run.

    Is it no wonder that people can’t walk the streets or take the law into their own hands?

    I’m still not convinced McFatty one eye won’t use the Police to stop holding a general election. I think the man is as mad as Hitler personally.


  17. betyangelo says:

    I do not believe for an instant that the police in Britain have so much in common with British service men and women, Libertarian. Pity.

    “20 years ago the Police would have cracked some serious Muslim skulls that day.” Gawd, but I would love to see that video!!!

    Martin, you don’t think there are most who feel morally conflicted here? I mean, what if those muslim yutes had insulted the queen?

    I think about this happening over here and remember the Tyson meats protest. Some muslims wanted Labor Day – an American paid holiday the first of September – to be changed so that they would have ramadan off instead, also, they wanted prayer times and foot washings, etc. Tyson agreed under pressure as their work force was about 30% muslim.

    It went public and Tyson nearly went out of business. Chicken piled up in the coolers at grocery stores and they were practically giving it away, still it was not bought by American consumers. Grocers lost a lot of money in Tyson products! It only took weeks, and Tyson retracted. Many still will not buy their products due to further reports of illegal muslims working for them.

    God Bless Capitalist America.


  18. fewqwer says:

    Surely it is the leftist position to deny that people vary in their innate behavioural propensities?


  19. Sutekh says:

    you wont see this on the beeb

    Metropolitan Police humiliated at the hands of Muslim demonstrators in London 1/2 v=9…onstrators.html
    Libertarian | 01.02.09 – 11:05 pm | #
    I can see what happening but not hear (I currently have a dead soundcard) so would I be right in assuming that much taunting and chanting is going on too?

    If so, can I just say “oh, what a big suprise!”


  20. Johnny Norfolk says:

    Who is interested. Is he/she doing a good job.? I just wish these people would keep their private lives, well private and the media stop going on about it.


  21. centre-right says:

    So long as she does a good job, I don’t care, to be honest. She could be white, black, lesbian or transgender for all I care.
    The highlighting of it by the beeb is annoying. Just a few lines in the report to say she’s the first openly lesbian leader of any country would’ve sufficed.


  22. Preposteroso says:

    She has “changed history for ever” – wow!

    But I was under the impression that Gordon Brown is the first lesbian Prime Minister.


  23. Caveman says:

    The only group to really object stongly to homosexuals even existing is the muslims. In fact some homosexuals have to flee from Palestine (I think it was Palestine in the programme I saw; if not, another neighbour)into Israel to take refuge in Israel from people who want to kill them. As the BBC has to respect Islam at all times there must be a terrible clash of principles going on at the BBC. You almost feel sorry for them sometimes as they tie themselves in knots.


  24. mikewineliberal says:

    Caveman | 02.02.09 – 10:17 am

    I fear that’s not true. Try being gay in Christian Jamaica or Zimbabwe.


  25. So blacks suddenly become Christian when it suits whiney Mikey?


  26. Sarah Jane says:

    That youtube video – what exactly is wrong with it? Other than the BNP’s editorialising? The police are showing them where to go, not running away, dont let some trumped-up pretend jihadi’s commentary mislead you.

    Anyway, call that a riot – they want to get the Countryside Alliance to show them how to do it properly 😉


  27. frankos says:

    The big difference is that neither the church nor the state in Jamacia condemns homosexuality –just the local bigots.
    I muslim Iran both state + mullahs condemn gays. As well as the local bigots


  28. Dr Michael Jones says:


    I agree with you. If the BBC had its way, homosexuality would be compulsory.

    The propagandist fools don’t realise that shilling for gay sex simply turns people against it.

    It is any wonder that the term “gay” has become a generalised term of abuse in the playground.

    It ius also noteworthy that the only time the vile BBC desists from this pro-homo propaganda is when discussing islamism. When Hamas and the various Iranian theocrats torture and execute gap people Al Beeb tolerates it… oh well, I guess at least they’re killing joos.


  29. frankos says:

    as for Zimbabwe –your guess is as good as mine


  30. GCooper says:

    frankos writes: “I muslim Iran both state + mullahs condemn gays. As well as the local bigots”

    And that is because there is little or no distinction between the state and Islam. Indeed, one of the aims of jihadis and their longed-for caliphate is for there to be no distinction at all.

    But let’s not confuse ‘liberals’ with facts, shall we?


  31. Anonymous says:

    The BBC want us to believe that Iceland’s new prime minister has prevailed despite dreadful homophobia and prejudice.

    The trouble is that Iceland is famous for being immensely relaxed about gays and lesbians.

    Homosexuals have long had equal rights – they’ve had civil partnerships/gay marriage since the mid-90s. Lesbians can adopt..etc. etc.

    So no big deal.

    It was the same with the US presidential elections where the BBC kept running it as a story about Obama disadvantaged by racist prejudice, rather than Obama benefiting from an almost 13% head start.


  32. Atlas shrugged says:

    The BBC want us to believe that Iceland’s new prime minister has prevailed despite dreadful homophobia and prejudice.

    I was born in 1960.

    I have been a keen observer of the British political reality since I was in short trousers. This in spite of my family being very largely non political or religious. As I am half Jewish and half Anglican my family were reasonably liberal and so NEVER attended church except for weddings and funerals.

    It is my opinion that this country is FAR more racist, sexist, homophobic, and generally dis united and intolerant, then at any time since my birth.

    I strongly believe and have very real evidence to suggest that this was achieved by a CONSPIRACY at the top, to make it so.

    We have always had hetro-sexual and homo-sexual perverts at the top of government. There has ALWAYS been a dis proportionate amount of both running society since Classical times, and beyond.

    There are many reasons for this FACT of life, which I can’t be bothered to explain all of them now. However even main stream history books will confirm this reality time and time again.

    Society traditionally has been run by The PRIESTHOODS, and by only others that can be controlled by them. The priesthoods have always been normally homo or bi-sexual. The Royal elites are well known throughout history to be raving over sexed perverts of all and any type of description.

    Even in modern history sex dominates virtually everything that gos on at a higher level, apart from power and greed, but there again the 3 things are closely related activities anyway. Orgies and child sexual abuse is the stocking trade of the elites of the world. Far more then 5% of our media hacks, parliamentary representatives, clergy, presidents, film stars, musicians, artists, scientists, prime ministers, and above all CIVIL-SERVANTS are NOT NORMAL, whatever that actually means.

    If it means anything it means NOT like the majority, who can only dream of getting up to what these people do ALL OF THE TIME, or when ever they can get around to the proverbial IT.

    When it comes to real power and influence only sexual athletes and simply massively criminal perverts, can be properly CONTROLLED. Therefore ALLOWED to get to the top and stay there.

    Sorry if this has upset anyone. but it is better to know the TRUTH then live in a world of BBC establishment LIES.

    ONLY the truth can set you FREE.

    We are divided so that THEY can continue to RULE over us. It really is that simple, and it has ALWAYS been the case.


  33. Alex R says:

    The tag reads ‘Pro-Gay’.

    Made my day that did. Says it all.

    The BBC are focusing in Iceland’s economic collapse in order to divert attention from Britain’s recession – its a conspiracy!! Its all Gordon Browns fault! He caused the entire world economic collapse y know.


  34. Grant says:

    So far as I am aware homosexuality is not a criminal offence in Jamaica and no-one has been executed for it.


  35. Caveman says:

    Alex R – GB is probably grateful to Iceland as they messed up their banking even more than we did/he did, albeit partly due to the effects of scale. Therefore they keep us further away from the bottom of the list.


  36. frankos says:

    There is a huge difference between disapproving of homosexuals as a moral church issue and state sponsored execution.
    The Jamaican Church is one of many denominations in the West Indies, some pro some against being gay.
    Show me a counter Islamic religion in Iran.


  37. Caveman says:

    The Israelis, who accepted the fleeing homosexuals who were in fear of their lives from the religion of peace, do not condone homosexual practices themselves in their religion. It is just that they do not take the next step which is to say ‘As we disapprove of them, let’s kill them’


  38. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    It would be interesting to hear from the BBC how her being openly lesbian will help solve the economy and collapse of the Krona. Come on, it can’t be that tough.

    Reprint the Krona in pink?

    Start a major building programme of dykes?

    Pretend her country is just a very large branch of Iceland, the frozen food chain?

    Sell off the country’s entire supply of Bjork CDs?

    No. I’m damned if I can think of any relevance in her being a lesbian. Unless of course you are a BBC journalist.


  39. Rob says:

    What interests me about this woman is whether she will take advantage of Iceland’s national demoralisation to fast track them into the EU. Brussels will certainly go for it, as Iceland will be another scalp, as well as proof of the failure of free market capitalism, as they see it. Of course, membership of the EU would open Iceland’s fishing grounds to the CFP, leading to the final destruction of the Icelandic economy. I do hope the Icelanders will get to vote on whether to commit national suicide, not that that would suit the liberal elites which rule us all.


  40. Grant says:

    Rob 6:04
    The corrupt EU can already smell the fish !


  41. Ross says:

    Great, now a blog contributor makes a deliberate point of saying that it’s a choice to be gay.

    That’s daft and incorrect Ed. Could you be gay? If not, then it’d not be a choice for you would it?


  42. Scott says:

    What a load of old cobblers first from ed thomas, then from the usual Biased BBC commenters whose puerile attitude to life betrays their own social inadequacies.

    As the first out premier anywhere in the world, Johanna Sigurdardottir’s appointment is newsworthy. You can dispute that all you like — even fabricate a mythical “liberal mindset” if it makes you happy — but that won’t change that it’s deserving of a news story.

    But of course, Biased BBC isn’t really about bias in the BBC. It’s about a sad group of individuals who will never be happy until the only news in the world is the stuff that reinforces their own narrow view. Usually, it’s not because they’re the ones with power and responsibility — it’s because they’re petrified of being shown up to be at the bottom of life’s pecking order, and are hungrily desperate for someone to look down upon.

    If gay people are achieving positions of power because they’re the best people for the job, it just highlights the pitifulness of their own lives and that’s what they can’t stand. So they rail against a liberal agenda, or the BBC, or they belittle anybody they can with pathetic attempts at humour. All so they can sleep easy, telling themselves that they’re not worthless.

    I feel sorry for them.


  43. Scott says:

    Apologies for the double-post — another Haloscan glitch, I think.


  44. lordgyllenie says:

    Why don’t the BBC just say Ms Sigurdardotti loves the smell of fish


  45. Ross says:

    ScottI feel sorry for them.

    Don’t, for god’s sake, feel sorry for me. I’m a poof and have made my objection to the blog entry above but your tone is so unutterably lofty and righteous that you almost make me gag. As ever with liberal-minded people (a phenomenon you, rather weetly, deny exists) you’re offended on others’ behalf.


  46. Atlas shrugged says:

    Its a conspiracy!! Its all Gordon Browns fault! He caused the entire world economic collapse y know.

    Utter rubbish

    A conspiracy ALWAYS, by definition, involves more then one person. I dont like calling people stupid. So please get yourself a dictionary and read it.

    Gordon Brown not only did not cause the entire worlds economy to collapse all by himself, he could not possibly have done so however hard he tried to.

    Please remember this, when it comes to conspiracies of this size and nature.


    National finance minister, or prime minister level not even being close to the top.

    Therefore it is very likely Gordon Brown or any of the worlds finance ministers and Prime Ministers do not really know the full picture. They dont need to. These things are planned on a strict ‘need to know’ basis.

    I suspect that there could be as little as only a handful of people who really know what the final plan is. Myself not being one of them, I only speculate on what it will be, as do ALL so called conspiracy theorist.

    It is also possible that even this handful do not really know exactly how the cards are going to fall.

    I contend that these completely unaccountable, above all laws, massively murderous criminals, don’t really care much either. Because they know whatever happens their house of cards is not going to land on them.


  47. Chuffer says:

    Atlas, my dear old chum, I think you misread the tone of that comment. I think he’s being a bit sarcastic.


  48. Ratass Shagged says:

    Mikewhine, apologising for Islam by claiming Jamaica treat homosexuals as harshly, when clearly they don’t.

    They don’t execute gays in Jamaica. Grow up.


  49. Ross says:

    No, they don’t execute them Ratass, they just persecute them mercilessly. Oh and gays can be jailed for 10 years hard labour so nothing to worry you specifically.