I notice BBC reporters are now swarming all over Gaza, like flies around you know what. The sympathy for the Hamas supporters is intense (Check this out) and one could be forgiven for thinking that Israeli forces just lobbed missiles randomly into Gaza, just as Hamas launch rockets randomly into Israel. Naturally nothing could be further from the truth with the precision of IDF/IAF strikes a matter of record but none of that concerns the BBC, who have now joined forces with the UNWRA jew haters to shill for the “fighters” from Hamas. I notice all BBC reports tallk about the Israeli assault on Gaza, rather than Hamas. I guess that also helps stoke up the hatred against Israel, the same hatred manifest in this video of BBC favourite Lauren Booth. Doesn’t what about the facts, Palestinians are always right and Israel is always wrong. That is the only narrative that matters in BBC worldview.

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  1. La Cumparsita says:

    I could not believe that this was aired on the BBC. Albeit a week or so ago.


  2. weirdvis says:

    Cripes! I was just listening to that Lauren Booth speech and my BS meter exploded.

    So you dare to say you speak for me, do you Lauren? Well I’ve got news for you, you leftist hag, you don’t!!!


  3. DB says:

    The video from that London demo on Saturday 10th shows Lauren Booth shouting “Israel – shame on you!” The following day in Blackburn, away from the celebs and TV cameras, in front of an almost exclusively Muslim crowd, she went a bit further: “We have a message to you Israel. You’re finished! This is it now!” (@ 2:50 in)
    (The video of her whipping the Muslim crowd into a frenzy was taken by the BNP, who continue to make capital out of our dhimmi politicians and our pro-Islamic state broadcaster.)


  4. Martin says:

    Lauren Booth is just a vile woman.


  5. Mailman says:

    Who is Lauren Booth?



  6. weirdvis says:

    Cherie Booth’s sister. Tony Blair’s sister-in-law,


  7. max says:

    She’s a freedom fighter of the oppressed.
    Nice of her to incite the crowd against their local councillors and the police.


  8. La Cumparsita says:

    Cherie Blair’s half sister so Tony’s half-sister-in-law. Famous for going shopping in Gaza


  9. GordonTwoEyes says:

    People like Lauren Booth should be careful what they wish for.
    If Israel should ever think that it is finished, it might decide to take the entire Middle East with it!


  10. DB says:

    Flicking through the radio dial this morning I chanced upon BBC Radio Tees presenter John Foster interviewing Peter Smith, the organiser of an anti-Israeli demo in Middlesborough on Saturday. I say interviewing • a nice friendly chat is closer to the mark. Apparently this was the second appearance on the show in 4 days for politics lecturer Smith (a Respect activist) having received airtime on Friday to publicise his demo. You can hear the cosy banter here (@ 1:03:20. Listen out for Smith’s claim that 12,000 people have been killed by Israel in the past 3 weeks – Foster is too stupid to correct him.) I should think that dozens of similar chats with left-wing activists have occurred on BBC local radio all over the country in the past few weeks.

    (Here’s a photo from the Middlesborough anti-Israel demo. How apt.)


  11. DB says:

    Should be Middlesbrough, not Middlesborough.

    Here’s another image from the demo by the same photographer. The caption reads:
    I was struck by the ordinariness of us all. these were shop owners, taxi drivers and a saddeningly miniscule (white) student contingency.

    If someone had asked where that was taken, Middlesbrough would not have been high on my list of guesses.


  12. NotaSheep says:

    Max: Could you try to put that URL up again please.


  13. DP111 says:


    Its a vision of the future – most of the faces appear to be Pakistani or Arab.


  14. Ricky Martin says:

    Lauren Booth is a monster with an obsessive hatred of Israel. She comes armed with few facts, only opinions favoured by the channel that did not mention once the antisemitic rants of “kills Jews”, “bring back the ovens” etc screamed by her fellow “peace” marchers before they beat up a few police officers.

    As I have said before, the burqua was designed with Booth in mind.


  15. Biodegradable says:

    “When they bomb their homes they bomb our homes!”
    Does she mean her home in the south of France?

    I’ve also posted a longer comment on David’s blog:


  16. Peter says:

    Everything is relative I guess, but now access has been granted I was surprised, mildly if still pleasantly, by the BBC lunchtime news reports.

    Yes, the IDF was copping it for a lot of damage and kiddy casualties that were hard to put in any sensible context and hence were just an emotive backdrop, but at least there was an interview with a bloke (hope he isn’t ‘dealt with’) who seemed to be equally miffed with Hamas, and this time the edit suite mixed this with a bozo in a balaclava who I think even Ms. Booth might have felt was not as on message for the next ‘we are all now Palestine’ ra-ra rally as was helpful (especially after that Times poll of public opinion here, which did rather suggest that when ‘they’ say ‘we’, it might not actually include most of the population… as well as their governments).

    Too much to hope that it’s starting to dawn on some that Hamas was/is and seems unlikely to change from being pretty much the cause of all this.

    At the very least we may get more towards why a building was blown up, rather than being left with the notion the Israelis just don’t like buildings.

    The IDF lady was pretty scary, mind, and left me in no doubt that if this ‘cease-fire’ is not honoured, then there’s more of the same.

    Hence I’d be keen to hear the local population’s views on any efforts that might be taken to destabilise things by those amongst them whose motivations so far seem hardly designed towards defence, peace or, indeed, the ceasing of firing.

    And, indeed, the prevention of arms smuggling was raised as a fair reason to kick off again, without much comment as to that being pretty much the reason for the last one.

    For sure, hold the IDF to a higher standard and even to account for any excesses. So long as the ‘turning other cheek’/’tie one arm behind your back’ requirements do not get into silly territory.

    But if it’s really the kids who the MSM really cares about, I’d suggest that also applying the considerable heft of their resources to putting Hamas on notice that they no longer get free passes to play martyr whenever and whenever they feel like might just help stay their itchy trigger and video camera fingers when next passing by a school.


  17. weirdvis says:

    On the news last night a BBC correspondent asked a young Palestinian guy if he still supported Hamas. The interviewee was obviously troubled by this question because he wouldn’t say yes and he couldn’t say no.

    Given that Hamas isn’t above eradicating dissenters what right did the BBC have in putting this poor bloke’s face and reaction all over the nation’s screens? Have they no common sense at all?


  18. George R says:

    The BBC has excelled itself over the past three weeks in its anti-Israel ‘reporting’ and ‘interviewing’; as Melanie Phillips argues, in a broader context, this seems to be going on :

    “The mild-mannered British desire for the annihilation of Israel”


  19. David Vance says:


    Thanks for the comment on ATW – very interesting.


  20. Dr Michael Jones says:

    @ Weirdvis

    Not just that. The fatuous reporter – Christian something or other – actually had the gall to interpret this self-evident hatred of Hamas as SUPPORT! The guy clearly opposed Hamas but of course, as this goes against the Beeboid script, he must be wrong.

    Disgusting, hateful, idiotic, loathesome organisation.


  21. weirdvis says:

    For the interviewee’s sake let’s hope that any Hamas supporter viewing that footage interprets the reaction like Christian Fraser did. If ever there was hope for the Palestinians it was written all over that guy’s face.


  22. Biodegradable says:


    Thanks for the comment on ATW – very interesting.
    David Vance | Homepage | 19.01.09 – 2:56 pm

    The whole of that article I linked to is worth reading. Burchill talks at the beginning of her “Stalinist” parents and her upbringing.

    I’ve mentioned before here, but don’t labour the point (excuse the pun 🙂 ) that I am a one-time socialist leaning lefty who realised, as did people like Nick Cohen and Melanie Phillips, that the left lost its way some time ago.

    That “left” that now supports regimes like Hamas, Hezbollah and other tyrannies who deny those very rights that the real “old left” fought so hard to obtain.

    That “old left” was the left that fought for women’s emancipation, equal rights for gays and so on – the very rights denied by the left’s current allies.


  23. Biodegradable says:

    The BBC’s Paul Wood stumbles across the truth… then hurries on by:
    Broken town shows Gaza destruction

    The BBC’s Paul Wood is part of the first group of journalists to gain independent access to Gaza from Israel. He reports from Gaza City on his impressions as he entered northern Gaza hours after Israel declared a unilateral ceasefire.


    Everyone here denied there were military targets in the homes fired on by the Israeli forces.

    But Hamas officials stopped us from filming at one site where bodies were still being removed.

    This was a sign, perhaps, that there had indeed been some kind of military target if not in the houses then nearby.

    It’s also a sign that had Israel allowed free access to reporters Hamas would undoubtedly have controlled their output just like Hezbollah did in Lebanon.

    Memo to Paul Wood: Ask more questions, investigate more. Behave like a real jornalist!


  24. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Since I’m blocked from posting anything on the BBC website, and any complaints sent through the official channels will get only a robo-response, I’m going to post this here:

    Hey lurking BBC employees (and defenders of the indefensible, since you can read this, too): We’re still waiting for the BBC to do a little “Social Cohesion” fretting and remind all those protesters to stop vandalizing and harming British citizens of the Jewish persuasion.

    Where are the calls for calm, BBC? Where are the abjurations that it’s only about Israel, not about Jews, and the stories about how much damage the protesters are doing? Why haven’t you brought on politicians to say that rioting and violence are wrong? You view Israel as being in the wrong: fine. But you are promoting one side’s protests, and you are now actively encouraging violence against your fellow citizens. Please reconsider what you are doing.

    In fact, I haven’t seen a single comment from any of those who have come here to educate us and correct us about how concerned they are about the violence against British citizens of Jewish descent. Never mind vandalism of innocent businesses in your own cities and towns. But it’s okay, because you understand their cause, right? Nope, not a single word. Instead, it’s all debating about how wrong Israel’s actions are. And you all come here and accuse us of being bigots.


  25. MilkyWay says:

    David Preiser, what are you talking about? attacks on british people of jewish persuasion? its hardly a news story comparable to 1000 plus innocent people dying in gaza is it? I agree it should be reported, but don’t try and claim it’s being ignored. not only are the media focusing on the human catastrophe in gaza, theres a new President being sworn in this week. oh, and the banks are collapsing further, so no tv channel/paper will ignore these stories for some piece about british jews getting beaten up.


  26. MilkyWay says:

    my point is not to say, lets ignore what you are saying, but put things in perspective man, there are much bigger issues commanding the attention of the media right now.


  27. Anonymous says:

    David Preiser (USA) | 19.01.09 – 4:04 pm

    The BBC will probably be highlighting the plight of this group of Jews as reported in the Indy:

    British Jews attacked for pro-Gaza solidarity

    Rabbi Elchenon Beck, 39, was among six rabbis expressing support for Gaza’s Palestinians who were set upon by a gang of what they allege were Zionists while walking back from opposing rallies outside the Israeli Embassy on 6 January. “They were shouting and pushed someone to the floor, so we called the police,” Rabbi Beck said. “All the time they are trying to intimidate us, but we get used to it.”

    Rabbi Aharon Cohen, a Palestinian sympathiser and member of the anti-Zionist group Neturei Karta, had his letter box destroyed by a powerful firework after attending the peace march in Manchester this month.

    Meanwhile a lot more anti-semitic attacks pass almost unremarked.


  28. Robert says:

    I think those last comments by “Milky Way” tell us more about the problem than any number of postings, news articles, diatribes etc etc


  29. NotaSheep says:

    MilkyWay: Maybe it is a newsworthy story because a group of British citizens are having their shops smashed up or burnt down, are experiencing racist attacks and are being subjected to verbal attack.

    It is odd how the Muslim community and the BBC are so keen to point out that “not all Muslims are terrorists” and warn of the dangers of a “backlash” against Muslims when there is a terrorist attack (or an attempted one) by Islamic terrorists on UK soil but seem happy to let the Muslim community associate all Jews with the actions of Israel.


  30. levdov says:

    MilkyWay | 19.01.09 – 4:28 pm

    there are much bigger issues commanding the attention of the media right now

    Funny how the Guardian managed to find space during this hectic news cycle to report

    More than 20 prominent British Muslims have signed a joint letter denouncing antisemitic attacks

    So, in a nutshell, the meejah cannot possibly report anti-semitic attacks because they are too busy {read: … because that would show the RoP in a poor light}, but they can find room for a story that makes the Muslim community look most compassionate, most merciful.

    Funny old world.


  31. MilkyWay says:

    did the guardian put that story out ahead of the news about the banks, and the gaza deaths, and the inaugaration? no. yes they reported it, and the beeb should too, but that david bloke (who always has to beat his drum louder than most) seems to think that the anti-jewish violence is somehow a bigger story than economic collapse, war, and a new president.


  32. Fish says:

    “Many anti BBC postings in the comments to this piece.

    I thought the “UN Ambulance Picking up Freedom Fighters in the Gaza Strip” video mentioned was great:


  33. Fish says:


    “UN Ambulance Picking up Freedom Fighters in the Gaza Strip”


  34. Jason says:

    Laughing @ Lauren Booth right now.

    Is anyone seriously fooled by this phony’s angry play-acting? She’s just one more in a long line of over privileged upper-middle class airheads who seize upon trendy “causes” to distract attention from the fact that they were born in Islington and have wanted for nothing their entire lives (in this case, she really was born in Islington).

    The trouble is that phonies like this are easy to spot a mile off because they give off the aura of never having suffered a moment’s hardship in their lives – in this case, Booth’s voice is the twee, unthreatening voice of someone whose life has been “just lovely” and so her attempts to sound militant and angry are liable to make one cringe with embarrassment.


  35. Anonymous says:

    Jason | 19.01.09 – 5:26 pm

    I agree – except for your laughable attempt to categorize the daughter of the scouse git from ‘Til Death Us Do Part’ as “upper middle class”.


  36. mikewineliberal says:

    Milky way – I think you’re wrong. I am troubled by the lack of coverage of these attacks on British broadcast media (not just the BBC). I would not wish to fall into the group David highlights in his last paragraph. I’ve been criticised for playing the race card on this site by the, but I do not underestimate the level of anti-semitism in this country. It is a pernicious and enduring element of British society.


  37. Robert says:

    MWL: by disassociating yourself with the egregious comments of Milky Way you have at least re-affirmed my faith in your moniker ‘liberal’ (in the good sense). Well done!


  38. David Preiser (USA) says:

    MilkyWay | 19.01.09 – 4:28 pm

    but put things in perspective man, there are much bigger issues commanding the attention of the media right now.

    Of course you’re right. It’s a minor, minor issue, no room for it during such momentous times. The following stories on the BBC News front page are certainly worthy instead:

    “Men jailed for caustic soda rape”

    “Winslet on her Globe speech”

    “Eating out? Record number of restaurants earn a Michelin star”

    And, of course something infinitely more important than a bit of good old ultra-violence against pesky Jews who don’t know their place:

    “Russell Brand takes Sachsgate on the road”

    Bigger issues commanding the media’s attention? Do tell.


  39. Jason says:

    Anonymous | 19.01.09 – 5:33 pm | #

    Daughter of scouse git or not, she was born in Islington and indulges herself in those circles. I still say upper middle class.


  40. will says:

    The BBC TV reports are all on the destruction in Gaza & the hardship for its people, similarly the online report majors on that

    Scale of Gaza destruction emerges

    We are to sympathise with Gazans & up our aid, but reading on many paragraphs

    Traffic jams are building up, as people try to get to Gaza City to reunite with friends and relatives, he says, while Hamas fighters stride confidently down the road with rifles slung across their shoulders.

    Israel called a ceasefire on Saturday, saying it had met its war aims.

    Hamas later declared its own truce with one of its leaders claiming a “great victory” over Israel and saying its ability to fire rockets had not been affected by the Israeli strikes.

    Why does the BBC deny Hamas the full PR benefit of its victory? I hope all the residents of Gaza are appreciating their victory & how they were protected by Hamas.


  41. Jason says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but as of yet I haven’t seen any mention in the BBC coverage of the refusal of the EU to contribute to any rebuilding work in Gaza because the EU views Hamas as a terrorist organization:

    “A top European Union official said Europe wouldn’t help to rebuild buildings and infrastructure destroyed in Israel’s offensive until Gaza was governed by rulers acceptable to the EU. The European Union classes Gaza’s current Islamic Hamas rulers as a terrorist organization and won’t deal with it.”


  42. Robert says:

    The BBC doesn’t cite the EU unless the EU agrees with the BBC. With the BBC there are those who have the “right” (therefore newsworthy) opinions and those who have the “wrong” ones.


  43. Terry Johnson says:

    Under the following heading..

    “Gaza doctor’s loss grips Israelis”

    some al-BBC hackette whines about a Palestinian doctor she knows. The doctor lost three daughters to a shell fired into his apartment and , according to the hackette, this has shown the Israelis how brutal their troops are. Only problem for the anti-Israel bias of the story is that it turns out the shell was a Hamas rocket. That twist in the story is deliberately left out of al-BBC’s narrative of course.


  44. I’ve been criticised for playing the race card on this site by the, but I do not underestimate the level of anti-semitism in this country. It is a pernicious and enduring element of British society.
    mikewineliberal | 19.01.09 – 5:33 pm |
    Well, mwl, are you sure that those who are attacking Jews and Jewish businesses are British? I reckon it’s a contagion which was imported into the country by NuLab.


  45. deegee says:

    Are there any chemists who call help here?
    Mr Ging told CNN the fire was very difficult to extinguish because the smoke from WP becomes toxic if water is used. Is this correct?

    UN staff inspect a lump of burning matter at their bombed compound which Human Rights Watch says appears to be white phosphorus If phosphorus burns on contact with the air could any lumps either be lying around unburnt or still be burning hours or even a day after the attack?


  46. Jason says:

    deegee | 19.01.09 – 10:45 pm | #

    I believe that’s one of those indoor fireworks you can buy in any newsagents. They’re harmless, you can light them at the table at Christmas. There’s a short burst of light and then a black snake comes out.