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  1. Atlas shrugged says:

    There once was this Arab chap out for a walk in the desert one day. When he came upon a simply huge man eating lion.

    He sneaked up behind the creature and pulled its powerful tail, painfully hard. The lion then turned around and swiftly bit the mans right leg clean off. Later after surgery the Arab returned to have yet another tug.

    The lion again turned around and savagely bit off the Arabs left leg.

    After surgery and several days later, for obvious reasons, the Arab returned determined to have yet another go. This time the lions belly was full, and had become interested as to why the silly idiot kept on returning when he was rapidly running out of limbs?

    So he asked the now shuffling and fully bandaged Arab, “what is it with you man, why do not you just sod off while you can still shuffle.”

    So the Arab thought long and hard and then replied. “I have absolutely no idea, I suppose I never really thought it all through properly.”

    Which is basically what the BBC would have us believe, 60 year old conflicts in the middle east are all about.

    Something that is far far closer to a cross between a sick joke and a fairy story, then to useful insight, truthful non establishment agenda contaminated information, and intelligent discourse.


  2. Martin says:

    Ken Clark back in the Tory shadow cabinet. This is a big mistake.

    Watch the BBC now attack Clark and the Tories over Europe. I guarantee that he’ll be on ‘Today’ tomorrow morning and all he will be asked about is joining the Euro (they know the Tories are split on this) and is he after Osborne’s job.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Does Ken Clark bring in that man voters?, do the Conservatives need anymore voters when they are 14% ahead in the latest election polls. This move will be something the BBC can really use to portray the Conservatives as a party in panic.


  4. Dagobert says:

    Once again no news on the BBC as to the death toll in Darfur recently. How many black Moslems have been killed by Arabs this year? Can some Moslem or leftist explain to me in very simple terms as to why they care so passionately about Israel killing about 1000 Moslems in Gaza but are completely unconcerned about the massacre of seveal hundreds times as many Moslems in Darfur?


  5. weirdvis says:

    The Tories don’t need Europhile Clarke to persuade us to dump sterling and join the Euro. El Gordo has all but destroyed Sterling already by pursuing his idiotic fiscal policies. How long will it be before we adopt the now favourable Euro as an emergency measure and all without that promised referendum?


  6. Martin says:

    weirdvis: The way sterling is going we will be buying it by the roll, just like Andrex and using it for the same purpose.

    That fat tosspot has destroyed our economy.


  7. GCooper says:

    I shouldn’t get too troubled about the Euro. the inherent strains could easily break it apart in the coming months.

    There is simply no way, for example, that Spain can withstand the medicine required by Germany.


  8. Anonymous says:

    bbc loses the gaza media war!

    despite their best efforts more brits think hamas at fault for the war than israel.


  9. weirdvis says:

    Well at least the Bank of England hasn’t issued a three billion pound note. Yet…



  10. Atlas shrugged says:


    So now is it clear that we have been well and truly SET-UP???

    Whats worse then being set up by a dieing, ideologically corrupt, Neo-fascist, divorced form the consequences, Labour Party???


    Knowing full well that the set-up could never have worked without a conspiracy at the very top of the entire banking system and our national state broadcasters, among very notable others. Some of which must also reside within the senior ranks of both of the other major political parties.

    Knowing also that it could not have ‘come off’ as well as it did. Without a conspiracy between at least the very top of the U.S. Canadian, Australian, and EU governments.

    Which basically means we have nowhere to hide and nowhere to run too, and the big money know it. Whatever is about to happen is a done deal, as it has been for a very considerable time.

    Remember it matters not whether the British democratic process is completely undermined by the BBC, individual MP’s, Guido or parliament itself as a whole. It matters not if there is not going to be a British democratic process anymore, one day reasonable soon. Likewise a completely discredited Labour, Lib/Dem and or Conservative Party.

    The bastards ultimately wanted, and still do, to destroy all national democracies and national currencies.

    So why not conspire to completely bugger up both at the same time, and replace them with respectively, effective fascism and a currency backed by absolutely nothing at all, namely The Euro?


  11. weirdvis says:

    Then maybe all us disaffected individuals should ante up so that we can put out a contract on those damned Illuminati…


  12. weirdvis says:

    Just heard that an Al Qaeda training camp in Algeria was wiped out by the Black Death. Let’s hope it came courtesy of a rodent rather than a mishandled bio-weapon…


  13. Garden Trash says:

    “The Tories don’t need Europhile Clarke to persuade us to dump sterling and join the Euro. El Gordo has all but destroyed Sterling already by pursuing his idiotic fiscal policies.”

    It was no accident.There were two major problems one was the value of Sterling,the other the UK house market was out of kilter with the system in the EU.Brown has fixed that.


  14. Atlas shrugged says:

    I shouldn’t get too troubled about the Euro. the inherent strains could easily break it apart in the coming months.

    There is simply no way, for example, that Spain can withstand the medicine required by Germany.

    I do hope you are right, but I tend to think this is just wishful thinking on your behalf.

    The Spanish people endured a whole civil war being inflicted on them against their will. Why not ten or so years of virtual starvation?

    What exactly do you expect half starving people are going to do about anything, other then to do a bit more starving?

    Hunger certainly concentrates the mind, but not on any type of revolution. Revolutions, as do all major political parties need REAL organization and heaps of some kind of establishment cash and assistance.

    Really hungry people concentrate their minds on finding something to eat ASAP, or they die quite painfully. Otherwise they organize politically as good as jack shit on their own.


    If supplies to supermarkets stopped for whatever reason. People in this country would start starving within 7 days I am told.


  15. Frankos says:

    Nonsense –we would kill + eat the people that work in the supermarkets–


  16. Jon says:

    It just goes to show how stupid Call me Dave is.

    “The Tories’ biggest donor is threatening to stop giving money to the party if former Chancellor Ken Clarke is recalled by David Cameron and carries on calling for Britain to give more power to Brussels.”


  17. Jon says:

    How the hell do people like this get senior postions in the civil service.

    “Muslim civil servant suspended over ‘killing British troops is justified’ blog”

    He is a traitor to the country – and like other traitors in the past would have been hanged or imprisoned – but now in this new utopia our enemies are given senior positions in the civil service in the name of “diversity”.


  18. weirdvis says:

    “As a former chairman of the influential Muslim Safety Forum and the current head of its counter-terrorism work-team, he [Azad Ali] works with the Home Office, senior police officers and the Security Services trying to combat extremism.”

    Little wonder the CIA are critical of UK security services effectiveness…


  19. dr cromarty says:

    Once again no news on the BBC as to the death toll in Darfur recently. How many black Moslems have been killed by Arabs this year? Can some Moslem or leftist explain to me in very simple terms as to why they care so passionately about Israel killing about 1000 Moslems in Gaza but are completely unconcerned about the massacre of seveal hundreds times as many Moslems in Darfur?
    Dagobert | 18.01.09 – 10:44 pm | #

    Darfur? UN (I’m not a big fan but anyway…) reckons 300,000 – or 500/day

    Seen that on the BBC in the last few weeks? No, thought not.


  20. Biodegradable says:

    An old (2004) article by Julie Burchill worth going back to, if only to remember that once upon a time it was the left that supported Israel:,,7-1372815,00.html


  21. kersal flyer says:

    I don’t pay the bbc poll tax, but if I did, this would stick in my craw:

    “TAXPAYERS will fork out up to £3,000 to pay for new carpets and curtains for BBC staff moving from London to Salford.”

    “And staff in London with houses to sell will also benefit from a guaranteed house purchase scheme, under relocation terms for those prepared to head North.”

    “The payments for curtains and carpets, still subject to Inland Revenue approval, will be available to any of the 1,630 BBC staff on contracts who are selling up to shift to Greater Manchester.”

    “It is one payment among a package of incentives, paid for out of the licence fee, to entice staff to move North.”

    “The BBC said it is offering a ‘comprehensive package of financial and practical support’.”

    “The package includes the BBC employing a specialist relocation company, Cartus, with the guaranteed house purchase scheme (GHPS) including payment of solicitors’ fees, survey fees and stamp duty.”

    “Also reclaimable will be payments for Home Information Packs, search fees, building society charges and mortgage arrangement fees.”

    “Payments of £350 per trip to travel to Manchester for house hunting or family visits are also reclaimable.”

    “Removal costs will be paid, and the BBC is also offering a ‘full packing and unpacking service’. Any storage costs will be paid for up to three months.”

    “Other benefits include help to get spouses or partners jobs in the area and specialist help with schooling for staff children.”

    “Staff who qualify and do move will also get another £5,000 ‘relocation payment’ on top for any ‘additional costs’.”

    “Anyone on continuing contracts or fixed term contracts with at least two years to run will qualify for the relocation package.”


  22. Jason says:

    This is the kind of news that makes you feel as though the sun is shining from the pit of your stomach.

    As reported via the Gateway Pundit, the Dalai Lama has announced that he loves George W. Bush.

    The Dalai Lama, a lifelong champion of non-violence on Saturday candidly stated that terrorism cannot be tackled by applying the principle of ahimsa because the minds of terrorists are closed.

    “It is difficult to deal with terrorism through non-violence,” the Tibetan spiritual leader said delivering the Madhavrao Scindia Memorial Lecture here.

    He also termed terrorism as the worst kind of violence which is not carried by a few mad people but by those who are very brilliant and educated.

    “They (terrorists) are very brilliant and educated…but a strong ill feeling is bred in them. Their minds are closed,” the Dalai Lama said.

    He said that the only way to tackle terrorism is through prevention. The head of the Tibetan government-in-exile left the audience stunned when he said “I love President George W Bush.” He went on to add how he and the US President instantly struck a chord in their first meeting unlike politicians who take a while to develop close ties.’

    Oh the joy of the sweetness of hearts and flowers, however will the BBC report something like this?

    More to the point – will the Nobel institute take back his Peace Prize?

    Leftists will be spinning on their backs like dying bluebottles when they hear!


  23. BROWNED_OFF says:

    The BBC’s use of the word “small” is misjudged:


    ” Small rise in English council tax

    Council taxpayers in England are facing a 3.5% rise this spring – the lowest in more than a decade – according to Local Government Association figures.

    The projected increase is based on a survey of 140 councils and police and fire authorities by the LGA.

    It is below the CPI rate of inflation – the Government’s preferred rate – now running at 4.1%, but above the retail price index which stands at 3%.”

    Well that’s ok then! Only a “small” rise of 3.5%!

    The BBC needs to get real. 3.5% is not small for most people in the private sector, who will not be getting any pay rises this year or next and will be lucky to keep their jobs!

    Clearly the government wants to keep Labour-voting council workers in the style to which they have become accustomed! The rest of us can go fuck ourselves! We are only there to pay the bills!


  24. It's all too much says:

    Two points, 3.5% of a lot is a lot. My council tax has risen 100% in ten years and all i get is a reduced rubbish service.

    The apparently “small” council tax rise was a result of the capping arising out of the medium term strategy adopted in the autumn by the government. There was lots of informed speculation that there was to be an election in June. Won’t be happening now! – expect Councils to make up for this with bumper rises in future years; after all they have street football co-ordinators to fund


  25. pounce says:

    weirdvis wrote:
    “Just heard that an Al Qaeda training camp in Algeria was wiped out by the Black Death. Let’s hope it came courtesy of a rodent rather than a mishandled bio-weapon…
    weirdvis | 18.01.09 – 11:31 pm | “

    Is that the big story the bBC hasn’t bothered its arse reporting yet.
    I know lets say the IDF attacked them.
    within 2 seconds flat Al Beeb will be reporting that the Jooooooos have bombed a UN baby milk factory and they’ll have Abu Bowen knocking up a story about how Little Mo misses his extended family.


  26. Jason says:

    More from Gateway Pundit:

    It’s Official: War on Terror Is the Most Successful Military Campaign In US History

    Before President George W. Bush leaves office it’s only fitting to give credit to where credit it due. Although you would not know this from the anti-Bush media or democrats, the US military has waged the most successful military campaign in American history these past 8 years.

    The War on Terror has been an amazing success not only in what has been accomplished but in what it has cost in lives. Two brutal regimes were obliterated, Al-Qaeda was decimated, fledgling democracies were established. But, most importantly, the US was able to do this while sacrificing the fewest number of soldiers monthly than in any other military campaign in US history. In fact, the US today is losing fewer soldiers each month in Iraq and Afghanistan combined than the average number of soldiers lost monthly during the Clinton years.


  27. Jason says:

    On the Mail website:

    Meet the pensioner who hasn’t had a TV since 1978 – so why are the licence police are STILL after her?

    Because they’re the bloody Gestapo, that’s why.


  28. DB says:

    Listening to BBC political correspondents Norman Smith and Ben Wright explain the reasons for Ken Clarke’s return to the Tory front bench on the Today programme this morning one could be forgiven for thinking that it’s the Conservatives who are 13 points behind in the polls. According to Smith (who hides his dislike of the Conservative Party very badly) and Wright (son of Labour MP Tony • you couldn’t make it up) the Tories are struggling to deal with the superior political clout of Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson. It wasn’t until half eight that Nick Robinson finally mentioned that the Tories are actually leading in the polls, but even this came with a fairly negative assessment of the party’s future prospects.


  29. weirdvis says:

    Pounce, I heard about the bubonic plague story on News 24 late last night. A whole ten seconds of it. I can’t find any report on the BBC website though. Not on the Front Page and not in the World section. A quick search only results in old articles.

    Obviously the Black Death killing an entire cadre of Al Qaeda (40 has been mooted), and the real risk the highly infectious plague may spread to other cells and much worse, local populations, isn’t particularly newsworthy. Neither is the story of hate fuelled civil servant Azad Ali, apparently…


  30. NotaSheep says:

    Radio 4 Today programme doing their best to boost Iran’s image at the moment, any link to the BBC’s launch of their new Peesian service?


  31. DB says:

    Apparently the extremists threatening to kill children in the BBC’s two-part drama Hunter are anti-abortionists. Those evil pro-lifers and their child-killing ways.


  32. weirdvis says:

    The superior political clout of Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson?

    Wetting myself laughing…


  33. Martin says:

    The vile Nicky Campbell gave Alistair Darling a really soft interview on Radio 5 this morning.

    Darling ‘claimed’ that the City needs to have regulation tightened, so why didn’t Campbell ask just who it was in the first place that de-regulated the city and handed what control there is left to a bunch of tossers called the FSA?

    Then Darling claimed that all our woes are down to George Bush and the global ‘downturn’. So why didn’t Campbell ask Darling what THAT had to do with the likes of Northern Rock and other banks getting in the shit by handing out 125% mortgages?

    As usual Nicky Campbell gave his Labour buddy an easy pass. I just know if George Osborne had been on Campbell would have interrupted him every 5 seconds and kept asking him about some yacht.

    Campbell is a disgrace and a Labour tool.


  34. Frankos says:

    It is interesting to hear Humphreys mention Ken Clarkes chequered history-apparently forgetting his adversary and his spotless history -a certain Peter Mandelson.
    It seems Labour can change their opinions, get booted out and lie with impunity, whereas the Torys get accused of inconsistency if they have any change of mind.


  35. sean. says:

    thanks jason,great stuff..
    you might be interested in this.


  36. Martin says:

    I wonder if the BBC will investigate how Mandy managed to afford his new 2.5 million pound house? Or does the BBC only investigate people like Caroline Spelman (a Tory of course)


  37. weirdvis says:

    I see Andrew Gilligan of the Standard is on Mandy’s case. Gilligan’s a good journalist. Just the kind the BBC need. Oh wait…


  38. DB says:

    BBC report today:
    The Iraqi journalist who hurled his shoes at US President George W Bush is seeking asylum in Switzerland, Swiss newspaper Tribune de Geneve reports.
    Muntadar al-Zaidi has been in custody in Iraq awaiting trial since the incident during a visit by Mr Bush to the country in mid-December.
    He fears for his safety in his Baghdad prison, the paper says, quoting his lawyer, Mauro Poggia.
    The lawyer argues his client likewise cannot resume his old job in Iraq.
    Since his arrest, the Iraqi has reportedly been beaten in custody, suffering a broken arm, broken ribs and internal bleeding, his older brother Dargham told the BBC last month.

    Associated Press report Friday:
    “Muntadhar was in a good shape … and his morale was high. Yesterday was his birthday and some patriotic officers there organized a party for him and brought birthday cake,” Dhargham al-Zeidi said…
    The journalist is currently being held alone in a comfortable room with a bed and a TV set, his brother said. “He is being visited frequently by doctors. The food is very good,” the brother added.

    This amused me from the BBC report:
    In Geneva, by contrast, “this single man who has no children may very well work as a journalist at the United Nations”, the lawyer told the Tribune de Geneve.

    He’d fit right in at the risible UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. He could be the BBC’s man on the spot.


  39. Martin says:

    Classic Nicki Campbell. Just before he ended his phone in (i.e. A Nu Labour promo) he read out a single text message praising Gordon MCFatty to the rafters. What a man doing a great job, he’s just the man to get us out of this mess.

    So all is well at the BBC.


  40. Martin says:

    So now the BBC radio 5 Vicki Pollard is talking about racist scum Police. and who do they have in the studio? Ali Desai of course.

    So we’ve had Radio 5 big up fatty one eye this morning, now giving the plods a kicking for being racists and so I can guess the Tories will be next.

    All is well at the BBC.


  41. I Loathe the BBC says:

    LOOK AT THIS The BBC/New Labour axis.


  42. Martin says:

    I was wrong. Vicki Pollard is sticking the boot into George Bush with two leftists, Tom Rivers and the very unfunny Tom Rivers.

    Tories next.


  43. Martin says:

    Yay!!! The Tories are getting it next.


  44. MilkyWay says:

    ‘fatty one eye ‘

    oh martin , what wit. you destroy any credibility this blog may have ever had when you use terms like that. i guess it makes your chums laugh, but anyone else who stumbles upon the blog who reads that (and all the subtle racism towards obama) will just be repulsed.


  45. Robert says:

    Milky Way:
    thanks for speaking up on behalf of “anyone else”. Such modesty! It must be great to know that you are the voice of the world!


  46. PostMod says:

    MilkyWay | 19.01.09 – 11:43 am

    MilkyWay, you really are one layer of caramel short of a Mars bar, aren’t you?

    Telling Martin off for saying ‘fatty one eye’ is like chiding Boris for saying ‘cripes!’ or ‘crikey’.

    It’s part of the persona, innit.


  47. Martin says:

    MilkyWay: I despise Brown. Fatty one eye is a technical description. He is VERY fat and he has one eye.

    To call him Prime Minister when he’s never been elected to the position is beyond me.


  48. Dorian Smith says:

    BBC News – main story at midday, Gordon’s bale out for the banks. The story runs for 10 minutes, do we see a Conservative spokesman, no. Do we see Vince Cable? Of course.

    Re: Ken Clarke, you would think from all the hoo-haa that Labour have no divisions over Europe or ever have had a split over Europe (let alone other splits). It’s about time the Tories hit back when the inevitable questions about Clarke’s pro Europe views are used against the Tories.


  49. Martin says:

    Dorian Smith: The BBC has only one line. Gordon is great, Gordon is God, Gordon will rule for 1000 years.