51 Responses to BUBBA VS BUSH.

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    GCooper | 12.01.09 – 9:38 pm |

    The BBC has refused to examine quite a few things regarding President Hope & Change™:

    Obama’s Radical Climate Czar Scrubbed From Socialist Website

    And some defenders of the indefensible thought I was a crazy, lying, fantasist for saying that The Obamessiah had neo-Marxist tendencies.

    Quite a few things have gone down the memory hole already. The BBC’s hero is already getting accusations of Communist Dictator-like scripted press conferences:

    [We] Don’t Even Bother Raising Our Hands Any More

    There were grumblings about this during the election campaign as well, but it’s not the same thing as when he’s “the man”. You can bet the there’s a Beeboid or BBC stringer attending every press conference from the “Office of the President-elect”. Think Justin Webb or Matt Frei will ever frown at this?