Just catching up with the news and I see that Rent-a-Mob have been out polluting the streets of our major cities, cheering on Hamas. Curious how the BBC has chosen to contradict police estimates of the numbers of protesters present in London (BBC say 50,000 but the Police say 12,000, go figure!) and then uses such weasel expressionsas “given the numbers of people the protest was peaceful.” Hope the injured policemen realise that! I also notice the BBC ends it report with the statement that “Health officials in Gaza say more than 800 Palestinians have died. Israel says 13 Israelis have been killed.” No Hamas terrorists killed so far , then? Not even one, apparently.

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  1. archduke says:

    just have a look at this headline

    “UK protesters call for Gaza peace”

    a f**king riot has broken out, with one policeman unconscious!

    “peace” my ass. these are the shock troops for Hamas in OUR OWN COUNTRY…


  2. Cheeta says:

    Front page BBC News at the moment includes an update on that report, which now has the brass to distinguish soldiers from civilians but only on the Israeli side:

    “Medical staff in Gaza say more than 800 Palestinians have died during the two-week offensive. Thirteen Israelis have been killed, most of them troops.”


  3. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Of course it descended into violence. That’s what stormtroopers do.

    I believe some deranged tossers took little children to this antisemitic hatefest.


  4. deegee says:

    Someone told me there were two types of Israeli. Those who think the BBC is the English language representative of Hamas and those who don’t pay attention to English language news media.


  5. Ryan says:

    The BBC’s coverage of the protests in London today is a laughable it is so bias.

    It’s time we collaborated on a glossary of BBC terms I think, perhaps in a wiki or something.

    Here are few rippers from this afternoon’s New 24 coverage of the Anti-War anti-israeli protests in London.

    “largely peaceful protest” = breaking shop windows, ransanking Starbucks and looting the store, hurling missiles, knocking a police officer unconscious, breaking police lines distrupting traffic and rendering businesses with the misfortune to be located near Kensington Gardens out of an afternoons trade.

    “tens of thousands of protesters” = hyperbole, 10-15,000 (police estimate)


  6. Robert says:

    ALL the newspapers are terming it a ‘violent protest’, or saying ‘demo descends into violence’. The BBC, unsurprisingly, continue to call it a ‘peace protest’! What’s more, I just saw a breaking news strip where they had the temerity to say something like “some violence as police push protestors back”! Can you fucking believe it! (Yes)


  7. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Medical staff in Gaza say more than 800 Palestinians have died during the two-week offensive. Thirteen Israelis have been killed, most of them troops

    Antisemitic scum, no ifs or buts.
    Shut down the bastards.


  8. Hugh Oxford says:

    Ah, the BBC. Ever present to tell it like it is.

    The Barbarians are at the gate. We all know it. We know what the riots on the streets of London mean. We know that it means that we are losing it – our sovereignty, our security, our integrity. We know that we have bred a monster, a monster that is growing daily and will consume us. We know who brought the monster in and keeps feeding it.

    So the BBC interviewed a few of the attendees at today’s pro-Hamas march. Who did they pick? Any of the ten thousand lunatics screeching “Allah Akbar” that we can all see on YouTube? Or a selected handful of misled British women?

    You guessed it.


  9. pounce says:

    Anybody else watch the news this morning. I saw a report from a bBC girly on the forthcoming protest in London where she started bitching about how previous protests had been peceful until the police kicked off.

    (She had a grayish Northface fleece on)


  10. Ryan says:

    Have a look at the photos in this article:

    Then try and explain how it is as “BBC correspondent Robert Hall said given the number of people involved, the protest had been peaceful.”


  11. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    I really fail to understand why the police don’t use a watercannon on these thugs – and then a snatch squad to arrest the ring leaders (five rookie SAS men would do this in 20 seconds flat). Then send them to prison for 5 years, and if they are not British – kick the fuckers out of the country.


  12. Frankos says:

    just seen the photos- If I got a few of mates and went downtown, smashed up my local coffee shop, burned lots paper + fought with the police and then set off fireworks, would the BBC say this is OK? Or would it condemn me + mates as mindless thugs??
    These muppets should be arrested and deported if possible.


  13. Philip says:

    Too bad this bath-dodging rabbble seem unable to to see (or conveniently choose to ignore) that Israel has every right to retaliate when Hamas has fired thousands of rockets at directly its civilians – and continues to do so.

    They are also seemingly unable to comprehend the fact that the vast majority of civilian casualties are caused by Hamas themselves – who deliberately launch their rockets and mortars from schools and kindergartens, then ghoulishly parade the resulting dead children before the camerasof agency news stringers (aka Hamas supporters) as evidence of their victimhood.

    Think about that the next time you see one of the gruesome pictures waved by these ‘protestors’, an uneasy alliance of extremist British Muslim groups and the very far left. Does the Socialist Workers Party and the latest incarnation of Al Muhajiroon really speak for Britain?

    What we are witnessing here is nothing other than the ugliest Antisemitism writ large once again on the streets of London -apparently with the full blessing of the UK Media

    This is Cable Street in a different guise.


  14. David Vance says:

    Some difference between what The Mail shows and what Al Been suggests!! Aamazing.


  15. George R says:

    Missing from BBC reports:-

    “Violent Gaza protests reveal how gentle civilised Britain has changed into something very ugly indeed”
    (Melanie Phillips)


    “It’s not enough to deliver mealy-mouthed and meaningless platitudes about the need for both sides to pull back in Gaza. It is certainly not enough to tolerate ‘anti-extremist’ Muslim advisers who issue veiled threats of violence unless Britain stops supporting Israel. In view of the rising violence and intimidation on the streets in general and towards Jews in particular, senior politicians have a duty now to speak out in defence of Israel against the lies that are inciting this hatred and to deplore the incendiary and false media coverage.
    “They have a duty to tell the British Muslim community publicly and in terms they understand that they have swallowed decades of lies and libels about Israel and the Jewish people and that that sits at the very core of the extremism that has taken them over. They have a duty to say that while free speech is precious, intimidation and thuggery will not be tolerated. And mean it.
    “For silence is complicity, as once gentle, decent, civilised Britain changes before our horrified eyes into something very ugly indeed.”


  16. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Muslim advisers who issue veiled threats of violence

    Not sure what’s ‘veiled’ about it. Kick the bastards out for incitement to violence.


  17. CeannP says:

    Re: Ryan | 10.01.09 – 6:48 pm

    You have to laugh at these idiots burning placards saying ‘Freedom for Palestine’! What a bunch of morons. Scary though, this is what we have allowed to fester unmolested into the fabric of our society.

    Nevermind though, the BBC are doing their job of playing this down. A full scale riot going on in the centre of London but nothing to see here, just a few scuffles amongst ‘peaceful, jovial’ protestors I dare say.

    Anyone want to wager that the BBC will ‘estimate downwards’ on the numbers for the pro-Israel demonstration tomorrow? Naturally any potential counter protests (i.e violence) by the local Islamist hot-heads will be hushed up.

    I had a look at their pictures of the protest today from Edinburgh ( Funny the last time I wandered round Edinburgh the locals didn’t look that much like these protesting denizens. Wonder if there were a number of buses flowing into the city today from elsewhere?…


  18. Anonymous says:

    From all the news footage and pictures, it seems that the only violent “peace” protesters are from “the religion of peace”.

    It seems clear that these extremists are unconcerned about Britain or its values, and are content with demonizing all Jews (as per the summary of antisemitic hatred dished out by the “peace protesters” in the Daily Mail article above).

    Why are we allowing a significant minority of Muslims to terrorise Britain’s Jews? Why are we being pressurised to alter our foreign policy in order to not upset angry Muslims? I find it baffling. You don’t see Jews protesting at every Muslim terrorist attack, although that would be a legitimate protest, and I’ve yet to see any mosques being firebombed by angry militant Jews, much less assaulting innocent muslims for being a muslim.

    It’s high time these Muslims learned what it means to be British – and that includes not randomly attacking people for their beliefs nor supporting terrorists.

    The BBC bears a large responsibility in all this. Many people rely on it for its supposed authority, and by portraying extremism as reasonable, the BBC does a great disservice to Britain. Impartiality does not extend to giving unreasonable and racist opinions legitimacy. Where are the reports about Britain’s Jews being under intimidatory and threatening siege by Muslim extremists?

    This is not a Britain to be proud of.


  19. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Visit Harry’s Place for more reasoned discussion of the fucked up state of Britain today, as a result of appeasing Islamo-Nazis – and mouth-foaming rants by said Islamo-Nazis and their dumb and/or willing neo-Nazi stooges.


  20. Anonymous says:

    A splendid show of solidarity by the RoP.


  21. Jason says:

    I read the Daily Mail coverage first and was outraged at the photographs – then it’s off to the same story in BBC-land, where a good time was had by all except for a “minority” of protesters who “scuffled” and broke a Starbucks window (and the Beeb whisper this with a hand over their mouths).

    It really is about time this completely pointless, useless news organization was abolished. End the Beeb.


  22. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Anyone moronic enough to burn placards that say ‘Freedom for Palestine’ is a great many sandwiches short of a picnic – but still a dangerous thug.
    Only 3 arrested, ffs? Deport the lot of them.


  23. Hugh Oxford says:

    There are a few silver linings here.

    This isn’t the bad old days when all we saw was what the MSM tells us. If we want a more complete picture, we can go to YouTube, WikiLeaks etc. People can and people do. They know the wool is being pulled over their eyes.

    I’m grateful to Israel for unwittingly leashing this barrage of violence onto the streets of the capital. Now the British people and the world can see the perilous place we are approaching unless this cancer is not rooted out of our country.

    Hopefully this will be the catalyst for a backlash from the British people against these vile colonists and their accessories in Whitehall, the BBC and Downing St. With good grace, it will have come before it is too late.


  24. betyangelo says:

    Well said, Hugh, and a warning to my country as well as they seem far more emboldened lately, given we have elected them a Messiah.

    I once heard a metaphor concerning the onslaught of immigrants and the problems they bring to the host nation, it goes like this: the man told a story of feeding the wild birds on his porch and how he enjoyed them. But more and more came, and soon he was putting out more and more food – as a result they dirtied his porch, his furniture, littered the ground, and made a loud nuisance so that he could not go on the porch anymore. The birds had become costly, and he realized there was no end to their gluttany for his charity. So, he stopped feeding them. Just like that. Pretty soon, no more birds, no more noise, no more mess.

    Some communities here have been implementing this idea, requiring more of applicants for charities etc, and voila – they are heading back to Mexico in some places in droves. And good riddance!


  25. Hugh Oxford says:

    I once heard a metaphor concerning the onslaught of immigrants and the problems they bring to the host nation,

    My metaphor for Islam in Europe is that it is like a tiger cub in the room. At the moment, it is small and manageable, but it is starting to get assertive and a bit aggressive. We have a window of time in which we can deal with the threat, expel the animal, return in to its natural habitat, but after that time it will be so large it will control us and it will destroy us – it will be too late.

    Unfortunately the political and cultural elites have another agenda. They ingratiate themselves with the animal, they feed it, they hope that if they do it will support them. Perhaps, delusionally, they imagine that if they do the animal will grow up to be a pacific and docile, or will have become just like them. Of course the reality is that the more they do that, the more the animal will dominate them, and the rest of us, rather than subordinate itself.

    Between the self-serving politicians and the dangerous animal, we are doomed.


  26. Garden Trash says:

    It is extraordinary that the members of the RoP demonstrating about the fighting in the Middle East are probably from the Indian Sub-continent.
    Even more odd that they should burn a picture of the outgoing president of the US.


  27. Ratass Shagged says:

    “I’m grateful to Israel for unwittingly leashing this barrage of violence onto the streets of the capital. Now the British people and the world can see the perilous place we are approaching unless this cancer is not rooted out of our country.”

    Yeah, and they will still do FUCK ALL about it.

    Come on Hugh, this country is doomed. It’s run by plummy, middle upper class tossers like the BBC who ride roughshod over the depressed masses who seem to think that anything bad that happens in this nation ‘Is somebody else’s problem.’

    We don’t have a chance in hell. 20 years time we will be an Islamic state and all those responsible at the BBC would have left for pastures new.


  28. Rob Santiago says:

    betyangelo said:
    I once heard a metaphor concerning the onslaught of immigrants and the problems they bring to the host nation…”

    One need not look any further than muslim scripture to understand the danger of muslim immigration.

    Here is the earliest comment on muslim immigration that exists. It was made by Abdullah ibn Ubayy, a pagan chieftain of Medina who converted to islam when Muhammad and his followers immigrated to his city. He recanted when he realised the true nature of islam.

    Version: Tabri

    Abdullah ibn Ubayy was greatly disturbed that the newly arrived Muslim migrants had outnumbered the natives of Medina and were poised to take over the complete authority of the city.

    “The muslims seek to outrank us and outnumber us in our own lands. By God, the proverb, ‘Fatten your dog and he will eat you!’ fits us perfectly.

    He turned to his tribesmen who were with him and said: “Look what you have done to yourselves! You allowed the muslims to settle in your lands and shared your wealth with them. Had you kept from them what you had, by God they would have gone somewhere else”


  29. David Vance says:

    Robert Hall on the Ten news still making excuses for the rioting scum in London.


  30. Dagobert says:

    Just why does the BBC persist in refusing to report the giant demonstrations throughout the world against the Arab massacres of hundreds of thousands of Black Moslems in Darfur? If 50,000 or more are protesting in London about the deaths of under 1000 Moslems in Gaza then surely there must have been well over a million in the demonstration about Darfur.


  31. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Well, I predict a backlash. It may or may not be too late. It may or may not come through the BNP, and it may or may not involve huge violence and bloodshed.


  32. Pete says:

    ‘The Metropolitan Police says 20,000 people marched but the BBC estimates the figure could be as high as 50,000.’

    How many crowd counting experts do we employ with out TV tax money?

    And even if it was 50,000, I make that about 0.6% of the population of the city the march was taking place in. What were the other 99.4% doing? Why doesn’t BBC news tell us that?


  33. betyangelo says:

    While looking at all the pictures and reading the comments I wondered to myself, Exactly what would make a person go out and protest?

    I think that youth and lack of wisdom, passion and boredom, drive these people to the streets. I don’t think they do it because they care – if they did, as you say Dagobert, when true tragedies strike, there would be the numbers there.

    Has anyone wondered who made those signs?? How did those signs get printed and distributed – just a question, but someone made them. Who paid for them?


  34. betyangelo says:

    In this link Jason posted in the other thread, please watch and see the flags – “Socialist Workers” flags were nearly as numerous, as well as flags bearing the hammer and sickle.

    Someone please educate this dim yank.


  35. Philip says:


    This signs are probably made by Stop The War Coalition/Socialist Workers Party. These are the people who are behind these protests.

    These are the people who organised buses from all over the country to come down London today – no doubt assisted by certain dodgy Muslim groups.


  36. Ryan says:

    I think we can probably predict a few things about tomorrow before it happens.

    There will be a smaller crowd tomorrow at the Israeli march. The BBC will correlate this with a lack of support for Israel’s action against the terrorist activity orginating in Gaza.

    The Israeli march won’t be “largely peaceful protest” (a BBC term for breaking shop windows, ransanking Starbucks and looting the store, hurling missiles, knocking a police officer unconscious, breaking police lines distrupting traffic and rendering businesses with the misfortune to be located near Kensington Gardens out of an afternoons trade) but wholly peaceful.

    And the BBC, to provide ‘balance’ will find someone who is Jewish, visited Israel, called Israel or with an Israeli name who opposes the ‘war on Gaza’ and the ‘excessive use of force’ used. Either that or Vince Cable.


  37. davo says:

    Hugh oxford
    how very true and well written!
    one wonders how and why with all the knowledge of Islam’s history as minorities in non Islamic countries,the British elites have allowed this to happen and indeed seem to be shilling and excusing any violence commited by Islamists.


  38. Roland Deschain says:

    The Metropolitan Police says 20,000 people marched but the BBC estimates the figure could be as high as 50,000.

    I’ve never seen this stated in such a way before. It’s always along the lines of “The poice said x number of people marched but organisers said it was y. So what did the organisers have to say? Nothing? Or can we take it that there is no difference between the BBC and the organisers of this march?


  39. betyangelo says:

    Thanks Philip, I went to their web site. I read a newspaper article and am at a loss as to their motive for funding signs and leading the protest.

    This may sound strange, but I don’t have teevee. So I cannot see footage of other protests without scouting the net, as I have been doing the last hour. I found one of California protestors, but did not see the kind of flags or anything like them in the crowd.

    That’s a CNN (commie news network) link to an article about the US stance about Isreal. The measure was sponsored by Pelosi, who is as lefty as they come. The contrast between our countries concering the muslim reality and aggression disturbs me very much, as we are the oldest of allys.


  40. David Vance says:


    Great point and I think that there IS no difference between those who rioted and the mindset of the BBC.


  41. betyangelo says:

    Maybe David will explain? As you know both sides.


  42. George R says:

    “The ‘Oldest Hatred'” (Mark Steyn).

    The BBC doesn’t see it for what it is.


  43. David Vance says:

    Same coin different sides.


  44. Garden Trash says:

    The Stop the War Coalition ,Respect and the Socialist Workers Party equate to ANSWER in the States.Extreme left front organisations.


  45. betyangelo says:

    I do believe the BBC’s bias toward them actually fuels muslim contempt for Britain.


  46. Ricky Martin says:

    Here’s a bet I’m gonna win:

    BBC Website subhead today, regarding the anti-Israel march:

    “The Metropolitan Police says 12,000 people marched but the BBC estimates the figure could be as high as 50,000.”

    BBC Website tomorrow, regarding the pro-Israel March

    “The Metropolitan Police says 50,000 people marched but the BBC estimates the figure could be no higher than 12,000.”


  47. betyangelo says:

    Ya, Garden Trash, I read them, and I think I can’t read anymore!

    All I can say is God Bless Great Britain, and remember a proverb:

    “He who rolls a stone, it will roll back on him.”

    May the stone Islam rolls, crush it.


  48. Philip says:


    Simply put the motive is this:

    The extreme left is and always has been a fifth column bent on destabilising Western advanced economies and democracies. It will do ANYTHING to achieve this and ally with anyone.

    The alliance its British tentacle has formed with the radical UK muslim groups, the likes of Respect, Hizb ut Tahrir, Islam 4 Britain etc. must be a very uneasy one. If they ever achieve their objective of establishing Sharia or a Khalifa in the UK (not as unlikely as it sounds if you look at current demographic trends and British Political Correctness and Dhimmitude); these loony lefties would the first to be hoisted up on the cranes.

    Along with homosexuals, intellectuals, atheists, apostates, women and children or indeed anyone deemed to have behaved ‘unislamically’. You mustn’t think you are immune or not as far down the road as us in the US, however.

    Check out this article on FrontPage Magazine, which lifts the lid on the groups doing the same in the US – then add CAIR (itself an unindicted co-conspirator in a HAMAS funding case) and other Muslim groups agitating for Islam and generally abusing the US legal system) – and be very worried indeed.


  49. Ricky Martin says:

    OK everyone the BBC have finally crossed the line. I’m no lawyer (too honest) but I am convinced we have gathered a huge amount of evidence over the last few weeks to nail the bastards – for incitement, breaking their guidelines, misleading facts, supporting extremist viewpoints, aiding & abbeting terrorist fronts, interviewing extremists, using evidence from terrorist sources to make a case/report……

    Surely, we can organise ourselves and bypass this now dangerous channel that I believe has whipped up race hatred and is partly responsible for the outrages now being committed “In Their Name”? There must be institutions that we can take this documentary evidence too…? Ideas welcome.