Managed to miss most of the first of the 2009 “Any Questions” programme and given that it had the loathsome Tony McNulty and the abomination that is Sarah Teather no bad thing. Alas I did catch Teather doing her party piece and getting viciously stuck into Israel. All that was missing was the violins as she spewed out her pro-Hamas talking points. I also heard McNulty having a go at Christians, so no real change there. However the bit that struck me most was the actual introduction to the programme. It came from Kingsmead School in Enfield. Dimblebore thrilled about how the school is proud of the “multicultural and inclusive ethos in a community of 87 ethnic groups” that make up this area. Sorry, is this a British school or not? Maybe “Any Questions” could one day find a school with “modern facilities” which is proud of it’s British ethos? It’s not just the panelists and the audience which the BBC stacks, it is even the choice of venue.

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  1. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    ox gland, you don’t own this site except in your diseased imagination. You have never contributed anything of value, ever, not once. You and do something useful for a change, such as sticking a wet finger in a high-voltage socket.


  2. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Go and do something, of course.


  3. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Hence the success with all the girls, I suppose, including my wife before I met her.

    I see that this lying shithead is at it again.


  4. Boy Blue says:

    When your objective is the destruction of the British nation state, then a “multicultural and inclusive ethos in a community of 87 ethnic groups” is indeed something to celebrate.


  5. Chuffer says:

    One day, when I’m bored – which is rare these days, with all your gripping, modesty-filled postings to be read (‘I have contributed far more to this site in one day than you have in your entire life’ – such charm; I bet your dinner parties are fun!), analysed and worshipped – I’ll dig out your comment from the Autumn where you made it quite clear that you knew better than me about my wife’s virginal status!


  6. The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

    The sad thing is, I’ll bet, that none of the 87 varieties gets a good deal from the school. How can any organisation work effectively when it has to split itself 87 different ways.

    But then, I suppose, that is Socialism in action. Everyone gets a raw deal.

    PS Multiculurism is just another means of ‘divide and conquer.’ No one is watching as the lefties fill their boots with the countries wealth – they are all too busy blaming each other for their own failings.


  7. knacker says:

    CProd — Not quite. Many are watching, but participation is limited to wine, whine and waffle. Veddy Briddish, and not a winning formula.


  8. fewqwer says:

    Ratass Shagged:

    Let’s all start a charity to support offended muslims and get a fading rock star to back us. I nominate Shaking Stevens.

    That’s Shakin’ Stevens you’re talking about. Note the apostrophe.



  9. Bonio says:

    Dear B-BBC’ers,

    I think that you are being a little unfair here about Any Questions this week and about Kingsmead School too.

    Yes Sarah Teather did spout the usual pro Palestinian tosh so typical of the BBC and the Liberal Democrats, but Nick Herbert gave what I thought was a very solid answer in support of Israel. Despite previous anti-Israel comments in a now a deleted Evening Standard article, A.N. Wilson gave a good answer that did support Israel’s actions and even Tony McNulty didn’t go as far as calling for an immediate ceasefire, despite persistent cajoling from Jonathan Dimbleby.

    As someone who was there in the audience, I have to say that I wasn’t vetted in any way. Not once was I asked my political views on anything by anyone, and I know this to be true of many others in the audience too.

    Yes, Kingsmead is a ‘diverse’ school, but the ‘87 ethnics groups’ thing is a bit silly. Kingsmead is made up of predominantly 4 different ethnic groups (White English, Turkish Cypriot, Black Caribbean and Greek Cypriot in roughly that order) and this closely reflects the demographics of that part of North London. More than 95% of the children who attend the school are fluent in English and the majority are proud to describe themselves as ‘English’ or ‘British’ irrespective of their ethnic origins.

    It would be wrong to make assumptions about the articulacy of all of the students based upon the example of the one student featured in the show. The school-debating club does very well in competitions against selective and independent schools. As for all the students ending up in ‘Superdrug or Broadmoor’, that simply isn’t reflected in the numbers that go on to good careers and university including Cambridge.

    For a more accurate picture of the school, take a look at Sky 1’s ‘Hairspray the School Musical’ that was filmed at the school this summer.

    Again, it would be wrong to assume that everyone connected to state education is ipso facto a ‘leftist’ • this simply isn’t true and remember that most of the most prominent leftists in the UK went to public school!

    Those that listened closely to the show will have heard the conservative points made by Nick Herbert get a lot of support from the audience. It’s also worth remembering that Enfield does have a Conservative Local Council and has had for the majority of the past 40 years.

    The BBC does have a case to answer for it’s systemic bias, but some of the comments here don’t help towards achieving that.

    (I hope that I haven’t misused any apostrophes in this comment?)


  10. Millie Tant says:

    Bonio. Ahem…That would be “…its systemic bias.”


  11. adam says:

    McNumpty is a slimeball


  12. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Despite previous anti-Israel comments in a now a deleted Evening Standard article, A.N. Wilson gave a good answer that did support Israel’s actions

    Is that really so? I am gobsmacked. I have regarded him for years as a rabid antisemite, given that he has opposed the very existence of Israel. What exactly did he say?


  13. Bonio says:

    He didn’t exactly make a pro-Israel comment (he is clearly not a friend of Israel), but he did say that if the US were to stop supplying weapons to Israel it would probably make the situation worse and that any country, including Israel, does have the right and duty to defend itself …

    Even Sarah Teather said that Hamas needed to stop firing the rockets.


  14. xlr says:

    Ratass Shagged | 11.01.09 – 9:58 am |

    Great idea! I’d like to nominate these two:

    oh, hang on……



  15. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Thanks. Amazing. Maybe people ARE beginning to see through Al Beeb’s lies.


  16. Geezer says:

    I totally support the existence of Israel, though I think that most Jews should live there and not interfere in our affairs.


  17. Terry Johnson says:

    Well, Geezer….you get a point for supporting Israel’s existence but lose two points for the old smear that “jews interfere in our affairs”.How exactly do “jews interfere in our affairs” ? Sounds like you’ve been reading too many Guardian editorials …


  18. Robert says:

    I’d rather have “Jews interfering in our affairs” than psycho-islamics. Fewer blown-up tube trains and a little bit more efficiency, culture, learning and humanity!