Well here are in 2009. I turn on the radio to listen to the BBC propaganda headlines and am not disappointed! It reports that a new legal framework for the presence of US and UK forces in Iraq has come into effect today. What this means, according to the BBC, is that Iraq can stop and check US vehicles and that US soldiers can be tried in Iraq for crimes committed there. Obama may be preparing for the White House and the BBC will cut him some slack but the US military is always the enemy.

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  1. backwoodsman says:

    …As does the beeboid view that it was all the banks fault, they are working overtime to deny that the Dear Leaders 10 years in control of the economy, might have just the teeny weeniest bit to do with our economic melt down.
    bbc revisionism, just what the Dear Leader ordered and Toady likes to deliver !


  2. Martin says:

    Listening to 5 lite they had a couple of so called ‘comedians’ on who were giving their opinion of everything.

    Needless to say George Bush, the Tories and Boris Johnson got a good kicking.

    The BBC as balanced as ever.

    Oh neither of them were funny either


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I think I understand. The US (with much help from the UK and a handful of others ) removed a brutal dictator who was a few years away from turning the country over to his even more brutal sons, and created a new, sovereign, democratic state of Arabs and Kurds. More Iraqis and Kurds and other ethnics were slaughtered under the previous regime than have died since this all started, or will ever die under the democratic system. This state is not perfect, but is now safer and less of a catastrophe than a few African countries which are somehow not viewed as badly as Iraq in some quarters. This new country is on the road to success, so much so that they are policing much of the country themselves, and will now control checkpoints in which they have jurisdiction over the US military. None of this has ever existed in the region, never in human history.

    But to the BBC, it’s a war crime.

    There needs to be a complete purge of the BBC News division.


  4. Martin says:

    “…There needs to be a complete purge of the BBC News division…”

    Yes, using a flame thrower.


  5. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    DP(USA) – You sense the BBC walking on eggshells. If Iraq is admitted to be a “success” by any definition, its instantly a vindication of Bush, and everything but everything unravels. Years of sneering and smirking and libelling the man (Sean Penn-style – “He’s the most stupid president Amerika ever had…blah blah”) A house built on a false premise, a house built on sand, a deck of cards. The strap-line on Matt Frei’s book “Reporting from inside America. The country the world loves to hate” shown up for the lies they depend on. It’s like admitting “man made global warming” is a lie. The new economy, the green left ngo charity EU media complex, which replaced the industrial-military complex long ago, has nowhere to go. Iraq MUST be a failure. Global warming MUST happen. Or they’re f*cked. Which of course they are. But they won’t give up lightly. The standard defense mechanism is to double the rate of lying. Truly a form of mental illness.


  6. pounce says:

    The bBC its hatred of the US and half the story.
    US fails to break Somali Islamists
    The Ethiopian army is preparing to leave Somalia almost two years after it invaded to oust Islamists who had taken control of large areas of the country….
    But the Ethiopian departure also marks a reverse for US President George W Bush’s policy in the Horn of Africa…
    Failed strategy
    Whatever Washington’s misgivings, there is little doubt that once Ethiopia was committed to an invasion, the US provided intelligence, military targeting and logistical support to Ethiopian forces in Somalia

    The bBC shrilling for its Islamic masters promotes the failure of the US as a good thing.
    Here is what they don’t tell you.
    1) Ethiopian troops didn’t invade they were already in the country defending the UN recognised interim government. In fact here is a bBC report on the very subject from July 2006.
    2) The Ethiopians only moved into action when the silly little thugs with guns decided to launch an attack on the UN recognised interim government. Here is the BBC report on that 5 months after the above report;
    3) The so called militants in Somalia have been funded (and helped ) by Ethiopia’s arch rival Eritrea something the bBC doesn’t seem to mention.
    I quote
    “The top U.S. diplomat for Africa, Jendayi Frazer, accused Ethiopia’s long-time rival, Eritrea, of arming the Shabab.
    “Eritrea has not been playing a constructive role in Somalia because they continue to fund, arm, train and advise the insurgents, especially the al-Shabab militia,” she said in Washington on Tuesday. Ethiopia and Eritrea have been bitter enemies since the Eritreans won their independence with a three-decade rebellion. Ethiopia also is a historically Christian nation in the Muslim region, fueling radical Islamic opposition to its Somali intervention.,4675,SomaliaAlQaidaComeback,00.html
    4) Further to the above it appears that Iran has troops and submarines in Eritrea something else the bBC hasn’t informed the great unwashed. I wonder just what they are really there for?
    It appears that the bBC is still shrilling for the return of Sharia law to Somalia. I wonder how long it is before they start to quote that the Islamists can bring peace to Somalia as they did in the weeks after they were kicked out in 2006.
    The bBC its hatred of the US and half the story.


  7. Martin says:

    I see the BBC are NOT very happy with the poll that shows most people against the Euro.


  8. Jack Bauer says:

    “…There needs to be a complete purge of the BBC News division…”

    Yes, using a flame thrower.
    Martin | 01.01.09 – 8:04 pm | #

    Now THAT made me laugh. Funnneee dude.


  9. Alex Reynolds says:

    David Preiser – what a good idea, lets end the BBC and those like it. Lets instead go for state run media like in China, where governments are not held to account and the news is exactly what the leaders want to people to hear. Or theres the American examples where right wingers only watch Fox, full of biased right wing nonsense, and leftwingers only watch CNN which is apparently full of left wing nonsense though it’s not as obvious as th Fox BS. The BBC is far more impartial that any US media I’m aware of, and the fact that the BBC has referred to war crimes does not mean thats the official line the station takes, nor is it trying to preach to nor bully people, unlike the god awful American media which really does treat its viewers as though they were fools.


  10. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Alex Reynolds | 03.01.09 – 6:39 pm |

    Your beloved BBC is getting closer and closer to the state-controlled media in China every day.

    As for Fox, your own extreme bias is on display there. It’s obvious you can’t tell the difference between the actual news segments and the silly opinion-mongers. That’s unfortunate because at the BBC they are one and the same. Nor do you seem to be aware that, unlike any US network, the BBC has a political editor and a business editor who get briefings directly from the government before policies go public, then lie about it. It’s also obvious that you don’t understand the difference between a commercial network that can do whatever the hell it wants and a national broadcaster – the official state broadcaster, in fact – which the citizens are forced to pay for by a special tax.