I was interested in this BBC report hailing The One’s advice to the bailed out US car-maker’s not to “squander this chance to reform bad management practices”. Well, I fully agree that bad management practises SHOULD indeed be reformed, but how about not squandering this chance to reform extortionate and unaffordable trade union practises, as in those that lie so close to the heart of the UAW and which has made such a devastatingg contribution to the Detroit car manufacturing industry? Why is that Justin Webb sees no reason to ponder on the one-sided nature of the statement made by Obama? Is this the start of what we will now experience for years to come – with the BBC just pliantly going along with the Obama PR machine, just as it has been going along with the Labour PR machine for well over a decade here in the UK?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think Matthew Paris in today’s Times pretty much rubbished the whole subsidising of the car industry story. Of course, you won’t find any objectivity the BBC when Labour are in action. So Paris’ point of view won’t even register amongst Toenails Robinson and Comrade Peston who have influencial blogs at the BBC.


  2. billybob says:

    In some respects I hope they do get taken along by his PR machine. A number of moonbat lefties have already started to realise he is not their beloved messiah, but a continuation of the norm in Washington. I’d love to see the BBC’s reaction when they discover that the leftie they always wanted is actually no more than a centrist at best. They are probably wasting licence-fee payers money now trying to decide how they should spin it.

    Still, with Justin Webb now promoted (an early supporter of John McCain), maybe there is a chance that some balance may be established. We can but hope.


  3. sawtooth says:

    Justin Webb supported John McCain only in the sense that McCain was the furthest to the left of all the Republican candidates. One may easily contrast that with his attitude towards Sarah Palin.

    As for Webb’s promotion, the BBC’s notion of “balance” is between one leftist and another leftist. It will make no difference to their coverage.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Obama might not be that far off the mark.

    Surely bad management is the root cause of the motor companies troubles in allowing themselves to be shafted by deranged union extortionists in the first place?


  5. David Vance says:


    You might have a point if The One referred to deranged union extortionists but his alleged eloquence seems to fail him on that.