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  1. Tim says:

    I knew it!

    That deaths in Bombay had nothing to do with crazed Islamic Terrorist – Just like those schoolkids that were slaughtered by trigger happy Russian Special Forces – Many of the deaths here, are the fault of the facist police:


  2. Tim says:

    Oh and here is this weeks: BBC’s muslims are fluffy story….


  3. George R says:

    Anonymous 9:55 am was me.


  4. Jack Bauer says:

    The Bias Must End:
    Britain wins battle for the pint

    Decades of wrangling with the EU over switching to metric measures has ended with a vote confirming that imperial measures can carry on indefinitely.

    So you have to ask yourself, why is it that I can buy a packet of ITALIAN produced pasta with the weight in metric and IMPERIAL.

    Yet in the same supermarket it seems that most things produced in this BLOODY COUNTRY ONLY HAS METRIC weight.

    I won’t mention where but I buy my coffee beans ion a indoor market for half the price they charge at Whittards, and weighed out in POUNDS.


  5. Sue says:

    GCooper | 20.12.08 – 11:08 pm “If Any Questions is bad (and it is!) what about Any Answers?”

    I said that too.

    All the slanted selective and demonising propaganda that has been given airtime for the last 30 years has certainly whipped up Mr. Angry. And not surprising.
    The BBC is playing a dangerous game, manipulating public opinion in this malevolent manner. Mr. Angry means well. But he has been kept woefully ignorant by the oganisation he has trusted and relied upon to inform educate and entertain.

    Sunday. Not the day, the R4 programme. A snippet about hijacking carols for political purposes.

    A carol service at St. James’s Piccadilly has been criticised because the words have been altered to hilight the plight of the Palestinians. By an unrepentant Jewish lady.
    In step with prevailing consensus, i.e. disgust at the treatment meted out to the poor, Pale, Stinians, no doubt woefully ill-informed by the BBC and Co., she was qualified to opine at length because, dear listener, she was JEWISH.

    For ‘balance’ a teeny weeny soundbite from Jerry Lewis, London correspondent from Israel Radio (What a job that must be) in which he just managed to call it a publicity stunt, and say that it was a disgrace that this organisation accepted this nonsense.
    It certainly is.
    This sort of thing, along with the ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem: to sing or not to sing’ debate, typifies the subtle insidious brainwashing that the BBC is so good at and demonstrates the effect it is having on all those Mr. and Mrs. Angries that make up the concerned, opinionated, clamourers for justice.


  6. Martin says:

    Anyone else just getting sick to the back teeth of Zimbabwe? The bleating of the left wing liberal media is just so annoying.

    Let them die. Who cares? If the left want to sort it out then get their Commie mates like Russia and China along with the other African despots to sort it out.

    Me? I don’t give a shit.


  7. Martin says:

    More horseshit from the BBC climate change rent boys.

    BBC News 24 peddling a lie about Climate change affecting a village in Alaska. I thought the story sounded familiar (it reminded me of one from the left wing New York Times a while back)

    And here is the truth.


  8. Sue says:

    From a link on Mel’s blog; what we ought to know about the shoe incident.

    It’s brought out a few of the usual, predictable, sneering comments at the Speccie, but as the BBC is surely one of the culprits Dr. Walid Phares accuses of propagating of the theory that the shoe thrower was “voicing the pain” while suppressing pro-democracy Arab voices who rejected the “unholy shoeing,” it’s worth taking a look at.


  9. feline says:

    BBC 24 World Service reporting about 20th anniversary of Lockerbie plane bombing. No mentioning of Libya at all. That’s a masterpiece of PC reporting.


  10. disillusioned_german says:

    “Lockerbie: A plane exploded and people died”

    …could have been the headline on Al Beeb’s website had it been around back then.


  11. NotaSheep says:

    feline: for Libya read Syria…


  12. pounce says:

    The bBC, that missing m word and half the story.

    Sacking over senior bishop insult

    A member of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s staff has been sacked for insulting the Bishop of Rochester in an official document.

    It’s not the story which caught my eye but the caption under that photo of the Bishop of Rochester.
    A former Catholic, Bishop Nazir-Ali is known for his traditional views
    Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t he a muslim before he found christ?

    The bBC, that missing m word and half the story.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Check out the date that the BBC have added for the latest Premier League table update !!!.

    No bias but funny.


  14. deegee says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t he a muslim before he found christ?
    pounce | 21.12.08 – 3:17 pm

    It would appear not. According to Wikipedia
    Michael Nazir-Ali was born in Karachi, Pakistan to Christian parents, James and Patience Nazir-Ali. His father converted from Islam. He attended the Roman Catholic-run St Patrick’s school in Karachi and began attending Roman Catholic services and identifying as Christian at the age of 15; he was formally received into the Church of Pakistan aged 20.

    The Beeb appears to have got it right – for once.


  15. George R says:

    BBC report: pro-police, anti-Tory –

    “MP arrest officer accuses Tories”

    This BBC report appears to denigrate the Conservative Party. The BBC accepts without criticism, Police Commissioner Quick’s assertion about who is doing the “intimidating”.

    I suggest that Quick’s action against Tory shadow immigration MP, Damian Green, represents the real “intimidation”.

    This is the ‘Mail on Sunday’ articlewhich seems to be exercising Assistant Police Commissioner Quick:

    “Security scare over wedding car hire firm run from top terror police chief’s home”


  16. George R says:

    As an alternative to the BBC’s anti-Tory bias on Met’s Quick:

    James Forsyth, ‘Spectator’:

    “Too Quick on the draw” –

    “One would imagine that a prerequisite of heading the Met’s counter-terrorism branch would be having good judgement. This is something that Bob Quick, who signed off on the Damian Green arrest, seems to lack.

    “This morning a story in the ‘Mail on Sunday’ reported that his wife runs a wedding car hire service from their home. Quick responded by accusing the Tories of smearing him because of the Damian Green arrest. The bizarre statement alleged that, ‘The Tory machinery and their press friends are mobilised against this investigation in a wholly corrupt way, and I feel very disappointed in the country I am living in.’

    The Tories replied with a simple denial. Soon after, Quick issued another statement retracting the allegation and regretting that he had made it in the first place.”


  17. will says:

    Well Quick’s fat, claret flushed visage will certainly intimidate the terrorists that he relentlessly pursues.


  18. Anonymous says:

    Up to FIFTEEN retail giants ‘will go bust next month’ as recession deepens

    The gloomy prediction, from the insolvency experts Begbies Traynor, highlights the nightmare facing retailers as Britain plunges into recession


  19. Dave S says:

    The Racing Post is running a campaign against the BBc’s cutting of horse racing coverage to the bone. particularly jumps racing.Not the sort of sport a beeboid would admit to liking probably because it is all too politically incorrect on any number of counts.
    The readers commments are interesting. Some still believe the BBC has a duty- quaint word that- to cater for all of us.
    Others are plainly fed up with the BBC and it’s behaviour. Gradually the BBC is annoying more and more of us.
    Closer to the tipping point we come.


  20. Martin says:

    Dave S: Horse racing is one of the few so called ‘sports’ the BBC has left along with dull events like darts (fat men chucking needles at a wall) or billiards (skinny men hitting balls at each other)

    The BBC needs these ‘events’ to justify the TV tax.


  21. Dave S says:

    The BBC is cutting coverage of racing not increasing it. it has just spent a vast sum of our money on Formula One and is totally obsessed by the upcoming OLympics. It is these events that the BBC feels it needs to justify the tax so all the minority sports can go hang despite the very large numbers who follow them- whether you or I enjoy them is irrelevant
    there is a point here and that is to justify the tax the BBC is increasingly chasing ratings in a way it never did. In the end self defeating.


  22. dave t says:

    Notice the BBC STILL haven’t changed the anti Tory stance and downright mistruths on the Bob Quick story. SO HE screws things up by allowing his wife to run a business and puts HIS family at risk since it takes two minutes to track down his home address on the Internet…and HE blames the Tories ably as always assisted by the BBC.

    And when he realises what a twonk he is, the BBC ignore the withdrawal of the original stupid statement…..

    Mkay….I’m really confident in the Met Police now….if this is what passes for leadership!


  23. Anonymous says:

    re bob quick and his dodgy business deealings

    only the bbc could have spun the story in this way.

    “‘Deteriorating relationship’

    BBC political correspondent Norman Smith said that a “long, simmering tension” between Mr Quick and the Conservatives, mainly stemming from the arrest of the senior Tory, had “exploded into the open”.

    “The relationship between the Tory party and senior police officers now appears to be deteriorating really very rapidly indeed,” our correspondent said. ”

    they did not report his mentalist comment –

    “‘The Tory machinery and their press friends are mobilised against this investigation in a wholly corrupt way, and I feel very disappointed in the country I am living in.'”

    they only reported –
    ‘I think it is a very spiteful act, possibly to intimidate me away from investigating Mr Green, and I feel it has put my family at risk.'”


  24. GCooper says:

    It has been a vintage day at the BBC. Not only have the class warriors been able to big-up the idiotic comments from the clearly inadequate Mr Quick, but they have also been able to help smear the Tories with the assistance of another Lefty chum, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, of the IMF.

    Reporting Strauss-Kahn’s plea for governments to borrow more to get us out of the mess caused by, er, borrowing, the R4 10pm news (which afforded far too much time to this latter-day Keynsian) chose to entirely overlook his other comments – the dark ones about the catastrophic indebtedness of Gt Britain thanks to the best efforts of one G. Brown.

    I wonder why?


  25. will says:

    Reporting Strauss-Kahn’s plea for governments to borrow more

    On BBC TV News channel the screen caption quoted S-K’s concern over the UK’s “disturbing” level of government debt whilst the BBC reporter ignored this aspect & concentrated on how S-K’s comments were a (further) feather in Brown’s cap & one in the eye for the Tories.