I see that the BBC has given great prominence to the shock horror news that the Pentagon has become embroiled in a row after the US Army released a photo of a general to the media which was found to have been digitally altered. US Army General Ann Dunwoody was shown in front of the US flag but it later emerged that this background had been added. The Associated Press news agency subsequently suspended the use of US Department of Defence photos.

I have a few questions here; 1/ Why is the addition of the US flag to an image of a US Army general viewed as a scandal in the first place by AP? 2/ Why was the BBC was so strangely subdued when AP’s disgraceful use of fauxtography during the Hezbollah/Israel conflict in 2006 was exposed time and time again?

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  1. Atlas shrugged says:

    Wont it be fun watching the BBC’s America narrative change after The BBC’s beloved ‘second coming’ takes office?

    It will change without doubt. But not as much as many may like to think IMO. Mainly because American foreign policy is not about to change anytime soon. Unless of course The CFR have already planned to ‘SEEM’ to have changed it.

    Events, can change every single policy ever spouted by a prospective presidential candidate. Examples of this happening are far too numerous to mention. To the point that if they say “war,” peace normally results, but if they say “peace” you should build an air-raid shelter ASAP.

    Therefore those that control important events and above all REPORT them to the over trusting, not to say hopelessly disinterested or brainwashed public, control all presidents, by this method alone, if not countless other ones.

    The AP and Reuters are part of a multi-national corporation said to control 70% of the entire wealth of the planet. The BBC gets nearly all the so called news, it does not make up/propagate itself, from these same two sources.

    However it seems that pointing out an on the record fact that the entire worlds main news gathering organizations including Al-Jazeera are effectively controlled by the same people. Just gets discarded as conspiracy theory, even though the evidence for the entire worlds media being effectively almost TOTALLY CONTROLLED, is as plane as the nose on your own face.


  2. Martin says:

    Wasn’t there another fixed picture used by the BBC which showed the Palestinians and their ‘rockets’ that looked like cheap Asda fireworks, yet proper photos showed what looked like full sized rockets being launched into Israel, but the BBC didn’t show those images?


  3. JonD says:

    So should I now be shocked every time I see a Beeb-person with that giveaway green edge, showing they are standing in front of a green screen and the background is faked?


  4. HSLD says:

    I noticed that earlier, how AP suddenly discovered their integrity.


  5. NotaSheep says:

    Look it is quite simple – in the mind of the BBC, the American army is evil and shouldn’t be in Iraq or Afghanistan whilst Hamas and Hizballah are honourably resisting the even more evil Israelis to regain the land that is rightfully theirs but was stolen by jews. See, simple.


  6. Chuffer says:

    ‘…is as plane as the nose on your own face’!!!


  7. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    No integrity from AP – just trying to get their own back after being found out again and again with their pants down. Interesting collection of middle east media-fraud and fauxtography here


    To think we just have to put up with MandleCampbellson


  8. David says:

    To AndrewSouthLondon:

    The EUREFERENDUM website, at http://eureferendum.blogspot.com/ has an expose of the “Israel-Hezbollah Conflict, Lebanon” shenanigans at:

    It’s well worth a read if you haven’t done so already.


  9. Rob says:

    The BBC and the rest of the left will continue to blame Bush for Obama’s errors for a long, long time to come. Bush Derangement Syndrome is an illness for life.


  10. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    David: apreciate the reference.Greatly interesting.

    My favourite domestic faux is the photographers who shoot demos like Stop The City (didn’t Peston acheive that with just one leak?)where anarchists confront the police. Look carefully and count the number of leather-jacketed photographers in among the anarchists trying to get that shot of a policeman facing “you” with a raised baton – for the “its a police state” photo. I counted ten or more at it in one photo.


  11. Mugwump says:

    I have it on good authority that General Dunwoody was actually standing over a prone Iraqi with the bombed-out ruins of a mosque in the background.


  12. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This is the AP getting back at the US DoD and military, who have been highly critical of them for some time, especially about their own faux-tography. Naturally the BBC is happy to play along, and wouldn’t possibly think of mentioning the context I’m suggesting. The fact that the sub-editor thought it was appropriate to link to the Iranian fake missile photo shows exactly how they think.


  13. Ms. Know says:

    Why did the illuminati media allow this to come through and receive press and air time? To make the liberals look good as usual.