It’s not a big thing…

But it is irritating that the Beeb consistently reports allegations against those it supports only after they’ve responded to them. So while Obama’s illegal aunt was making headlines in the Sun, Mail, Times, Guardian, Express and over on Channel 4 hours ago, the Beeb only reports once it can lead with Obama’s response: Obama Unaware of Illegal Aunt

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  1. bodo says:

    Yep, it’s a common Beeb habit when accusations are levelled against Labour – they lead with Labour’s response.
    And it’s more than a little thing, it enables the news to be put through the Labour ‘spin machine’ prior to release – stories thus get twisted, often to the extent that it’s the accuser that’s made to look bad.
    A classic example was how Tory criticism of Labour economic policy was reported as ‘Tories break truce’.


  2. GCooper says:

    This is a point that can’t be made too often – and I’ve lost count of the times we’ve covered it here.

    ‘Government rejects’ and ‘minister refutes’ are two of the favourites.


  3. betyangelo says:

    I wondered about this not being on BBC, it aired here the first time back on Tuesday or Wednesday, but only today did The Son of God finally throw his auntie under the bus, too.


  4. Martin says:

    Not very ‘observant’ is he our Obama?

    Went to a church with a racist preacher for 20 years and appeared on the cover of the Church magazine several times that not only praised racist Louis Farrakahn but had several of Wrights racist speeches in.

    He then bought land from a crook (well we all make that mistake)

    Whoops. Then he hung out with a convicted terrorist

    Whoops. He got involved with a dodgy pressure group called Acorn.


  5. Adam says:

    And now he has lost his aunt.


  6. JohnA says:

    I saw the auntie news several days ago. Without spending millions of pounds travelling around the US.


  7. Ross says:

    Hugh titles this piece “It’s not a big thing…”

    …and he’s quite right!

    But it stikes me as a perfect example of the subtle drip-drip-drip of slanted “news coverage” that distorts so many unsuspecting (though not unquestioning) minds.

    So heartening to know there’s a well visited corner of the web with a beady eye on the BBC and which documents these occurrences so rationally.

    The more I think about it, the more I suspect that this blog’s long-term legacy will be way beyond what its contributors dare hope.

    Well here’s hoping anyway!


  8. JohnA says:

    The half-brother in Kenya is still on his own as well, living on a few bob a month.

    Don’t forget Obama also very pally with Khalidi – who was a spokesman for Arafat, and who published words of deep praise at the death of the ringleader for the Munich Olympics killings of Israeli team members.

    And his early mentor for several years was a Marxist pederast, who helped him into his drug habit.

    Birds of a feather, flock together …..You can judge a person by the company he keeps. Doesn’t seem to apply enough in Obama’s case. And McCain’s attacks on this array of villains have been far too tepid to outweigh the protection of most of the US media.


  9. bodo says:

    The BBC reports Tory denials in a loaded “nudge nudge wink wink” way. Thus we had Osborne’s criticism of Labour last week reported as “the shadow chancellor, who was recently forced to deny allegations of impropriety, has criticised…”.

    Forced — what a loaded word, the BBC message is clear, i.e. Osborne was up to no good.

    Labour simply ‘deny’. The Tories are ‘forced to deny’.

    I wonder if ‘yacht gate’ will be mentioned by the BBC whenever Osborne puts his head above the parapet. A bit like their repeated showing of John Redwood mangling the Welsh national anthem, even 14 years after the event.


  10. betyangelo says:

    The pitbull has tore into him a few times.

    I keep wondering how many early voters regret their votes now that unseemly stories have finally come out about The One.

    This morning I read through the BBC’s USO8 – read, “O” – coverage as thoroughly as I could stomach, and found myself shouting at the screen at Matt Frei. I cannot fathom to what end they so blatantly and arrogantly support Obama, unless it were, as Rush says, they honestly and truly believe that their’s is “The Way”, and any intelligent person should also believe.

    On this side of the pond things have become dangerously brittle – I was in the post office yesterday and a stranger, a man, struck up a conversation with me in line, first to laugh about an Obamercial calling McCain McSame, then to laugh about the effigy of Sarah hanging in Hollywood. Then he grew serious and deplored the effigy of Obama two young men hung up in protest.

    I finally had had enough: I said, “Yes, and they were arrested. The two in Hollywood should be arrested, too. That’s fair.”

    His face turned purple, “No no! They are racists!”

    “And the ones who hung Sarah Palin are sexists,” I said.

    I honestly thought that man was going to hit me. The postmistress interrupted and saved me. But it makes me worry about what will happen Wednesday, with a McCain win. Obamaniacs honestly are beligerent about him. The community center in my town has planned a big party for Obama Tuesday night! I doubt he’ll show for the enchiladas.


  11. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    His Aunt Zeituni, a memorable figure in Obama’s writing, turned up for real last week, when the dogged James Bone of the London Times tracked her down. She lives in a rundown housing project in Boston.
    In his Wednesday night infomercial, Obama declared that his “fundamental belief” was that “I am my brother’s keeper.” Back in Kenya, his brother lives in a shack on 12 bucks a year. If Barack is his brother’s keeper, why couldn’t he send him a $10 bill and nearly double the guy’s income? The reality is that Barack Obama assumes the government should be his brother’s keeper, and his aunt’s keeper. Why be surprised by that?

    by Mark Steyn


  12. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    ‘Government rejects’ and ‘minister refutes’ are two of the favourites.

    Do you think they actually know what the word ‘refutes’ means?

    They are lying propagandist scum, either way.



  13. Alysia says:

    I am quite amazed to learn that Barry Obama wasn’t aware of “Aunti Zeituni” he knew enough about her to use her story as material for one of his books.

    “Aunti” is living here illegally and on the public dole which I, and millions like me happen to pay for. It is no wonder that The One was urging voters to vote early, I wonder how many other stories like this one are out there and could persuade voters against him in the closing days of this campaign?


  14. betyangelo says:

    Hi Alysia:
    It suited his purposes to use her for the book. What is so disgusting is the way this BBC article slants the report at the end to distance the Obamination from blood relatives by throwing the years around, exhonerating him for crassly neglecting an elderly aunt, while he is a millionaire. Yet, oh how puts his family forward and the media love him for his divinely colorful heritage! How many times has he yakked about his pappy goat herder? Here is an elderly aunt here obviously seeking asylum, didn’t get it, and stayed anyway. Now because of him she is exposed, and what does our Messiah say? “Send her back! It’s the law!”

    With his history of attempts to silence people, I wonder what she kniows.


  15. archduke says:

    i dont think the aunt story is a mccain leak.

    mccain after all wanted to make illegals legal.. a decent man who tried to do the right thing for millions who want to be legal and american. he would definitely NOT sign off on a story like that , that could alienate the Hispanic community.
    (illegal immigrants, but they tend to vote republican)

    smacks more of a clinton story.
    dirty tricks…


  16. betyangelo says:

    But it was a brit who uncovered the story.

    “(illegal immigrants, but they tend to vote republican)”

    archie, dear, illegal aliens are not allowed to vote.

    Please don’t call them immigrants. The US dollar is Mexico’s greatest import from illegals working here and sending money home. They have no intention of immigrating or becoming American, or even learning English. Where I live is crawling with them, I can’t find work because of it. YOu have to speak Spanish, I speak French and German. I hate Spanish!


  17. joe says:

    Then there is a story the bbc would not go near.
    Nude pics of the “chosen ones mother”


  18. betyangelo says:

    Comparing wikipedia potrait and the face of the nude, it sure looks like her!


  19. Adam says:

    Lord Owen
    “In many ways things are worse now than the IMF bailout in 76”

    This is a good story. Owen is lambasting the gov. on straight talk with andrew neil.


    i wont hold my breath


  20. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    If you don’t yet believe the BBC are biased, then take a warm flannel, wrap it around the end of a Dustbuster and insert your penis into it.

    Via this method I have proved consistently that the BBC are answerable only to themselves.

    And that the Dustbuster totally outperforms the VAX.


  21. Catastrophe says:

    I prefer the henry hoovers myself….


  22. MisterMinit says:

    Hugh, does this mean that George Osborne comes under the class “those it supports?”

    What was the headline they lead on with that…

    “Osborne denies Russian cash claim”


  23. mailman says:

    Look, Obama is probably right when he says he wasnt aware of the status of his aunt.

    Its not like he seems particularly close to anyone outside his direct family anyway (has he done anything to help his half brother?).

    If thats the case then why would be be aware of the status of his aunt?

    I reckon what really happened when he wrote his book is that he needed someone to pad his lifes story out to appear more human than he really is…so what did he do, he wrote a fictitious story about an aunt he really doesnt know.

    This guys beliefs are really troubling. He says he’s all for helping those less fortunate than himself…BUT the reality is he has done sweet f8ck all personally to help those less well off than himself.

    He appears to believe it is a function of the government to do this (which is probably why he hasnt done to thing to help his aunt, brother in law or charities out side his old church).

    Yep, troubling in deed.