Poll Positions

Poll positions

We know that, as a matter of editorial policy, the BBC doesn’t run opinion polls commissioned elsewhere as news stories in their own right (except for the odd exception). It never occurred to me, though, that its problem with them was that they could be too accurate. This could be the case, if the ComRes polls for the Daily Politics programme are anything to go by, however. Political Betting has the story, but here’s the key passage:

For the Daily Politics polls have one fundamental difference compared with the standard ComRes voting intention surveys – there’s no effort to ensure a politically balanced sample which almost inevitably means that its skewed towards Labour supporters.

Thanks to Eric in the comments.

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10 Responses to Poll Positions

  1. Pete says:

    This doesn’t matter really. Nobody watches this show. It’s just one of those self-indulgences the BBC allows itself because it has to spend £3.5 billion pounds every year.

    BBC daytime shows should all be shut down. They are a waste of money.


  2. Ralph says:

    Well on today’s show the lefy du jour Bonnie Greer (?) attacked Justin Webb’s reporting of the election, and the polling in specifics on his blog. She was quickly cut off as ‘Justin’s not here to defend himself’.


  3. Tom says:


    That’s really odd.

    I recently met the editor of the Daily Politics at a social function, and he certainly did not come across as your average lefty beeboid.

    The mutual friend who introduced us knew him from uni and tells me Robbie Gibb was a student radical alright – but a right-wing libertarian student radical, ‘a bit of a Guido’ was the description.

    It’s possible he’s gone left since then in order to get on in the BBC, but I didn’t get that impression.
    And his brother is the conservative mp, nick gibb.

    Also Andrew Neil must have a lot of influence in the show as main presenter.

    Of all the BBC programmes this would be the last one I’d suspect of scheming in favour of McBean or NuLab.


  4. Hugh says:

    Tom, yes, I’d actually tend to agree. I still thought it worth flagging up though, if nothing else than to remind people fo the Beebs selective reportin of polls elsewhere.


  5. emil says:


    yes, that conversation was cut very abruptly.


  6. nelson says:

    All polls are skewed to the ‘left’ because the left are always the ones with an opinion to push on other people. Plain and simple.


  7. simon says:

    I think that interviewers who do not hold left-of-centre views on everything, eg Andrew Neil, seem to be harder on Tories so that they don’t appear to be favouring those they are more likely to agree with. The left-of-centre interviewers don’t seem to have such scruples.


  8. Barry Chubb's Sister says:

    Don’t Arctic foxes look cute in the snow? Their camouflage works well fooling predators into thinking they are part of the landscape. However, what happens when one of them takes a shit? Does it come out white? Or does the Arctic fox cunningly bury it before it’s noticed?

    However, I should imagine the resulting steam would be a dead giveaway to passing polar bears.

    This is the folly of the Arctic fox.


  9. rightofcentre says:

    Barry Chubb’s Sister | 01.11.08 – 1:02 am |

    Barry, please consider sobering up before posting.


  10. Ms. Know says:

    All the polls favor the left-wing illuminati, no matter which seat or position is up for grabs.