Brand/Ross – Lesley Douglas Knew

Brand/Ross – “Lesley Douglas knew”

On BBC radio news tonight – BBC DG Mark Thompson has stated that Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas “was aware of the content” of the Brand show before it went out.

There seems to be a groundswell of support for Douglas from BBC insiders, who held her in high esteem – Thompson’s predecessor Greg Dyke described her departure in the Times as “arguably deeply unfair“. Perhaps this revelation is designed to explain why she had to go.

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16 Responses to Brand/Ross – Lesley Douglas Knew

  1. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    If Ross is still in post when my television licence next comes up for renewal, I shall keep my television, but refuse to pay the fee.

    By Charles Moore


  2. Peter says:

    Just read Mr. Dyke’s… article.

    Selective memory public self-service at its best.


  3. Pete says:

    Douglas was held in high esteem by fellow BBC staff. This is not a good character reference given the reputation of the corporation and the overwhelming amount of absolute rubbish it manufactures. She was right to resign, but now Forgan should be sacked and Thompson should resign for praising such a poor quality member of staff who allowed obscenities to be shouted live on air to a member of the public.

    There should be a public enquiry as to how people of the calibre of Douglas get so high up in the BBC. Standards are obviously extremely low.


  4. Houdini says:

    They did the dastardly deed, not her, despite the fact she had the power to pull it. They all seem to have forgotten that.

    On a similar vein, I was wondering how long it will be before Paul Gambucinni is retired?


  5. Martin says:

    She deserved to go. She was a big fan of Ross and Brand. Serves her right.


  6. Ron Todd says:

    If she had prevented the braodcast and Ross had then gone to the top bosses and said ‘I don’t want to work with that woman she goes or I go’

    Who would have gone.

    She was stuffed either way.


  7. Grant says:

    Article by Charles Moore in today’s Telegraph and some lively postings online, if anyone wants to join in the fun !


  8. d says:

    There was a recent interview with Paul Ganbachini on radio 5, where he made it quite clear thet the radio 2 controler only had herself to blame. She was star struck by Russel Brand and allowed him to do as he pleased. Paul Gambachini made it clear that there was more to the Brand/Ross story and that journalists would find much more if they looked closer.


  9. d says:

    Gambaccini (go to the bottom of the class)


  10. archduke says:

    charles moore in the telegraph, argues for a license fee boycott if Ross returns to the airwaves


  11. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Charles Moore is right.


  12. David H says:

    Any guesses as to the size of her pay-off, courtesy of the good ‘ol licence payer?


  13. GCooper says:

    I have absolutely no doubt that Ms. Douglas will soon be supplying programmes to the BBC as an ‘independent’.

    Either that or they will shuffle the deckchairs at one of our former polytechnics and award her the chair of ‘broadcasting policy studies’ or somesuch sinecure.


  14. Pete says:

    Maybe a licence fee boycott is what the BBC’s owners wish for. Just imagine the vast expansion for the government’s DNA and fingerprint collections that would follow such action.

    As the sinister BBC never tires of telling us – it’s all on the database.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Wonder if Wossy would find this answerphone message funny:

    “Dear Jonathan

    I’ve shagged your daughter.

    Who’s laughing now?


    Paul Gadd”

    Probably not…


  16. fewqwer says:

    Let us not forget that were it not for the actions of a courageous whistle-blower, Woss’s state fatcat remuneration would still be one of the BBC media elite’s closely guarded secrets.