Definitely Not A Good Week For The Beeb

Definitely not a good week for the Beeb…

Thanks to George R in the comments for pointing out that criticism of the Beeb’s bloggers – particularly Webb – is finding a wider audience.

[S]urely it’s time the organisation tried to control its bloggers who are becoming more and more outspoken. As a publicly-funded broadcaster, the BBC is supposed to maintain an attitude of political impartiality, but no longer, when it comes to the blogs available on the corporation’s website, reads the Standard’s Diary column.

It goes on to reference a couple of the recent blog entries that have been highlighted here. And it’s none too flattering about Peston, either.

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3 Responses to Definitely Not A Good Week For The Beeb

  1. Pete says:

    Typical BBC behaviour. They just do what they want until they are found out, and then they might just modify their behaviour. They have no real standards.

    In a way it’s our fault. We lavishly fund the BBC and so it’s no surprise that it feels itself to be important, even though it is mainly a mass manufacturer of trash TV. We should cut the BBC free to do as it likes with money it can raise for itself.


  2. backwoodsman says:

    Good to see they haven’t lost their sense of humour though !
    Unbelievably , this morning , they still managed to put the Osborne didn’t take any money story into a radio news bulletin.
    Now, who was it who actually openly boasted that he had resisted calls to run the Mandelson was there story ? So the fact that Mandelson was actually staying on the boat would clearly have been of no interest, would it !!!!


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This blog has been ahead of the curve on both Peston and Webb. Nice to see others finally speaking up.