Don’t know if any of you managed to endure the first of the BBC’s farcical series examining “class” fronted by tub of lard John Prescott? I caught the last ten minutes – frankly it was just a freak show with Prescott coming across as the bearded lady. In a way it is good to see it since it shows just how hate-driven those like Prescott really are but on the other hand I object to our money being handed over to this delusional class warrior so he can sneer at those who come from different social backgrounds to him.

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  1. Martin says:

    Why my tax money was wasted on this fat arsehole is just aonther reason why the BBC must be scrapped.

    It’s just a resting ground for corrupt or morally bankrupt Labour politicians.

    Oh and I know it’s an oldie but when I see this fat tub of blubber I can’t help but think of Jabba.

    I always thought Jabba looked like a big shit. Sums up Prescott nicely.


  2. Frankos says:

    class war wins votes–remember that fat little pillock would have been our prime minister if Blair had popped his clogs!!!I come from an area where the local MP is an ex communist who exploits the class war as much as he can. Most people vote tribally and added to that if a Labour MP can subliminally convince their voters that the Tories are all public school fairies and Labour are all hard working real men then he will.


  3. Peregrine says:

    What I find really funny is the class war within the BBC.

    The drama bunch is stuffed full of posh boys telling totty what to do and the news bunch are a bunch middle class weeds jealous of the floppy haired MPSIAs but at the same time thinking that they are brighter than they are.


  4. Garden Trash says:



  5. Frankos says:

    both Fatboy and that scum Alistair “look into my eyes” Campbell have got books out– That degenerate Campbell wants us to sympathise with his bouts of depression and self loathing –why he needs to self loath when there are so many others who would have done it for him free of charge is beyond me– but I suspect they are both cahing in before the New Labour train plummets off the rails into the abbys of obscurity.


  6. thud says:

    Poor old fat John…always laughed at and still a joke now….I hope it hurts.


  7. Ron Todd says:

    bbC made sure we knew he had a book out.

    The attitude anybody from my class is good anybody from another class bad should have died decades ago.

    We cannot logically complain that the rouals and upper classes are where they are just because thay are born in to it. Then boast proudly about being born into the working class.

    Typical of the bbc to use the royal regat at Henly as an example of middle class life. None of the middle class people I know would want to go and probably would not get an invitation if they did.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Two Jags Prescott’s inverted snobbery is so passe.
    Typical of the BBC to fund his hatred and bigotry, funny how NuLab have done more to create a dependent underclass than any Tory Lord Snooty ever could.
    Despite this veiled party political broadcast funded by the BBC and the drip drip of left wing labour propoganda I will not be voting NuLab.
    See John even us working poor who live cheek by jowl in coucil flats with asylum seekers and dole tossers hate you and your party. I suspect even the long term unemployable and immigrants hate you.


  9. Scott says:

    “Tub of lard”. “Fat arsehole”. “Fat little pillock”.

    Real classy lads. I’m sure you’re all svelte individuals yourselves.

    Still, you have a point – why should the BBC pay anything for ill-informed judgemental bollocks? David Vance demonstrates that the internet is full of idiots who will happily churn out such nonsense for free.


  10. Frankos says:

    firstly I am in good shape–and secondly if you actually read the points on this blog you might learn something –judging by your homepage you need to


  11. Houdini says:

    “Tub of lard”. “Fat arsehole”. “Fat little pillock”.

    That just about sums up the fat useless parasite who has never done a decent days work in his life and has sucked the blood from the working man as a union tick.

    Real classy lads.

    You assume much don’t you? Aren’t you lefty types supposed to not be sexist?

    I’m sure you’re all svelte individuals yourselves.

    Probably not, but the fat was not gained by sucking on the taxpayers purse.

    Still, you have a point – why should the BBC pay anything for ill-informed judgemental bollocks?

    You see arsehole, you couldn’t even get that right could you? The BBC pays for nothing, WE the taxpayers do.

    David Vance demonstrates that the internet is full of idiots who will happily churn out such nonsense for free.

    Quite right, free and no threat of jail.

    Now fuck off.


  12. Frankos says:

    have a laugh + read his homepage –a template for Guardian Metrosexual Man–still —takes all sorts


  13. Tom says:

    I sat through the whole show, and a most enlightening piece of television it was.

    I know feel I understand why this country is in the state it’s in, why the schools churn out morons barely able to read or write and incapable of communicating except through caveman-like grunts, why the NHS is up the spout and welfare budget’s soaring.

    All the pieces fit neatly into place now we’ve had the Prescott/Labour mindset properly exposed.

    It was particularly striking that the one individual he formed an instant rapport with (a more natural soulmate, one felt, than his wife) was a pig-ignorant chavette, who’d been expelled from school for violence against staff.

    I expect he’ll sign her up as his new ‘diary secretary’.


  14. speedy says:

    I thought at first “how ridiculous, Prescott as class warrior, chances for ordinary kids have lessened in the time he’s been in government”. Then I realised he represents how the BBC sees all ordinary people (uneducated, no self control of appetites), as its contempt for them shows through in so many programmes.


  15. Jack Bauer says:

    Prescott certainly puts the ass into class..

    “WAITER… more ice please…”


  16. Kill the Beeb says:


    Do you ever get this angry when you hear militant muslims baying for the execution of gays, or do you – just like your BBC brethren – bury your head in the sand and pretend it’s not happening?


    And why do so many people in the ‘arts and media’ set up bland web blogs that nobody reads. Are they so utterly obsessed with themselves, they assume everyone else will be?

    This from his dull as dishwater blog:-

    “Scott Matthewman is Assistant Editor of The Stage, the British newspaper covering all aspects of the performing arts. In 2004, his website covering gay issues was named Best Political Weblog by The Guardian, and he now contributes on a regular basis to TV Today, The Stage’s blog about British television. He specialises in coverage of Saturday night entertainment, even when it doesn’t involve a time-travelling police box — although he remains convinced that musical theatre reality shows are part of a devious plan for world domination by aliens with jazz hands.”


  17. Frankos says:

    i warned you about his homepage


  18. Derek W. Buxton says:

    Why on earth should the BBC advertise the thug Prescott? The man is a walking disaster, illiterate and bone idle. But that is the BBC, once the proud radio broadcaster now a low life, scumbag ridden disaster area. If it were an animal it would be put down.


  19. Peter says:

    I expect he’ll sign her up as his new ‘diary secretary’.
    Tom | 28.10.08 – 11:02 am | #

    Nope, I heard she’s already being groomed to take over from some edgy ‘yoof’ broadcasting type who might just not be on the payroll soon… to extend the ‘reach’ to the misunderstood kids of the country.

    Cue much wringing of hands on Breakfast TV in months to come on why our society’s young are acting like this.

    Win-win. Make it up. Shoot it down.

    There is a solution. Delete the entity that engages in this breathtaking broadcast hypocrisy, or at least the bits that promote it all.


  20. jack says:

    “tub of lard John Prescott”

    I just can’t believe the rudeness! What a disgusting thing to say, do you feel it is your right to judge people by their looks?

    I found the program very funny to be honest.


  21. Hettie says:

    I only watched the first ten minutes. Prescott’s wife was admiring her own curtains whilst her cleaners were hoovering it as a switched to Five US.


  22. Frankos says:

    did he mention his ability at croquet? Seems he had posh mates for a little while –as well as 3 houses, 2 cars and a bit of a wandering libido—


  23. Hettie says:

    yeah, the camera zoomed in on his croquet gear a few minutes in. It was a posh brand.