Not only but also…

Did you read about Wossy and Russell Brands latest on-air prank? These stars in the BBC firmament thought it would be hilarious to make obscene phone calls to 78-year-old Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs. They left a series of lewd messages on Mr Sachs’s answer phone claiming, in shockingly explicit language, that Brand had had sex with his granddaughter, Georgina. Sachs was left deeply upset by the crude calls – which were also broadcast to about two million listeners to Brand’s Radio 2 show.

In a way, such crudity is all we can expect from the likes of Ross and Brand so quelle surprise but the real killer for me is that senior BBC executives cleared the offensive messages for broadcast, even though making abusive phone calls is a criminal offence. The dysfunctionality of the BBC lies not ONLY in sustained left-wing bias but ALSO in unfettered vulgarity – which they make US pay for. The National Broadcaster is a National disgrace and the fact that parasites like Ross and Brand leach of the huge amounts of cash it can provide care of you and me is an outrage that can only be addressed the day the License tax is axed for good.

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  1. Ron Todd says:

    If the bully Ross does end up in court will the BBC pay his legal cost out of the telly tax.

    He is rich he is famous he is on the telly. He will probably get away with it.


  2. Tom FD says:

    Doesn’t it just show how far the BBC has gone downhill. In the seventies they brought us a masterpiece like Fawlty Towers. In the 2000s the highlight of their schedules is… this.


  3. Rob says:

    “Mr Sachs…still works regularly on TV and radio, including Radio 4’s spiritual programme Something Understood.”

    Nice way to look after your employees, BBC. Sanction abuse of them broadcast to millions of people. Let’s hope the police have the balls to take them on.


  4. GCooper says:

    Meanwhile, the BBC adopts the usual ploy when one its number is embarrassed.

    Initially, the Brand/Ross story is ignored with a lofty disdain. Story? What story?

    Then, like a mushroom appearing overnight in the middle of the lawn, the following headline just pops-up on the BBC’s website: “Brand apologises for phone stunt’.

    Phone stunt? What phone stunt would that be?


  5. pounce says:

    Shame that Sachs doesn’t belong to a certain faith. Then we might have seen both idiots paraded in orange jumpsuits and getting a very close close shave on TV.

    Thing is would the bBC call it a honour killing?


  6. Pete says:

    I have to pay towards vulgarity and immature, boorish behaviour like this just so I can watch football on Sky TV without getting a fine and a criminal record.



  7. Jack Bauer says:

    My only consolation is this:

    we all know that one day, possibly soon, we will wake up to the news that RUSSELL BRAND has been found dead, lying naked in a pool of his own vomit.

    A fitting end to a certified creep.

    And certainly more amusing than the unfunny, unoriginal shtick of phoning people up to abuse them on air.


  8. Robert S. McNamara says:

    If the bully Ross does end up in court will the BBC pay his legal cost out of the telly tax.

    Funny you should mention that. I was shitfaced last night and was flipping between all the horror films that were on (Halloween, Saw etc.) and at one point I landed on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (which can be fairly horrific at times). Daniel Craig was on, so I decided to watch the interview because I figured (I was right) that they’d show a few clips from the upcoming Bond film.

    Anyway, at the end of the interview (which, incidentally, was duller than the average Beeboid’s mind) Ross gave Craig a gift. He said – and I’m paraphrasing – ‘I bought this, not the TV License-payer…which amounts to the same thing’ to big laughs from the audience.

    So, Jonathan Ross is giving gifts (shitty joke ones too if this – a nose clipper – was anything to go by) to multimillionaires, on the TV License-payer’s dime, and it’s…funny?

    Well, I must not ‘get it’ because rather than find that hilarious, it makes me want to see the BBC and everything it stands for destroyed.

    I feel for Andrew Sachs though. Anyone in their right mind would be aghast when confronted with the news that a family member had been bedded by that tight-jeans-wearing, bizarre-hairstyled, lefty, non-entity, scumbag junky, Brand. Despite the fact that we’ll foot the bill, I hope Sachs sues the shit out of the BBC.


  9. Bob says:

    It really is repulsive – his grandaughter for Christ’s sake, a real person… It’s sick enough that they carried out this “stunt” at all – but that they then broadcast it on national radio is almost beyond belief!


  10. Jack Bauer says:

    I’ve just read the article link. This is about 100 times worse than I imagined when I left my previous comment. SCUM.

    I would like to amend that to say I truly hope something nasty happens to this talentless fucker.

    Ross too, and his free-loading inebriated brother who would turn up at a door opening, if a free drink was involved


  11. David says:

    Robert S. McNamara, so not only is Ross a crude, unfunny bastard, he also recycles jokes. He gave exactly the same ‘gift’ to Tom Cruise about four years ago.


  12. KPW says:

    “Yes, we are biased on religion and politics, admit BBC executives”

    read and enjoy 🙂


  13. MartinW says:

    Vile, vile! Everything about this is appalling. If this vile thing had been done by employees of any other organisation, they would have been instantly suspended, and quickly sacked after that. Surely even the terminally sick BBC can see that sacking these two dreadful people is the only option. We must put unrelenting pressure on the BBC to do it. Letters, phone calls, e-mails, petitions, letters to our MP, and by any other means. I trust also that the other broadcasting organisations will blacklist these two people.


  14. JohnA says:

    The BBC has a 24/7 Press Office, of course, and will have seen the Mail story in full many many hours ago. This should have flashed straight up to Director General – and to the Chairman of the BBC Trust. Either or both should have made full apologies by now to the Sachs family, on behalf of the BBC. With an implication that the matter was so serious that it was now being examined at top level, and that any necessary action regarding the Brand show and also Brand and Ross personally would be taken very quickly.

    It is a measure of how low the BBC has sunk that there is no apology from this level, indeed I just heard on the 12 noon Radio 4 news that some “BBC spokesman” has said that they have no knowledge of any formal complaint from Sachs. Is Sachs supposed to go cap in hand to the BBC pleading to them ?

    Heads should roll for this one. An outfit splurging £3 billion of our money, and it can’t even get its act together on dealing with such a serious issue need to be cut right down to size. If, say, Sky or ITV or Channel 4 had been broadcasting this obscene set of insults, the CEO or Chairman of any of them would have dealt with the matter forcibly by now.

    And the report says that Brand RE-BROADCAST the worst of the recorded messages even after he had heard that Sachs was complaining.


  15. D says:

    You do have the choice not to buy a TV license. No Tv license means that you can not watch TV, but you can still listen to the radio perfectly legally without any license. If you are not happy with our state broadcaster, then withdraw your support for it. The mind poluting outpourings of the BBC are damaging to the mental wellbeing of this country. just watch Eastenders which teaches viewers that agression and dishonesty are the way to succeed. you do have a choice and can excerise it within the law.


  16. I notice an absence of the BBC’s usual defence force – but then the BBC is clearly beyond defending even by its own sock-puppets.


  17. archduke says:

    is it just me , or does this sound curiously like a Common Purpose tactic?

    Had Mr Sachs fallen out of favour?

    just wondering. especially since senior BBC executives had cleared this.


  18. Sands Wright says:

    I chanced upon this broadcast while driving late last weekend, and I found it to be one of the funniest things I have heard in recent times. Russell and Jonathan egging each other on and escalating the situation was hilarious. More please, Auntie Beeb!


  19. Peter says:

    As a matter of interest, and with my left-field hat on, what is the data protection angle on this?

    If Al Capone can be nailed for tax evasion, might one wonder how Messrs. Brand and /or Ross came to have in their possession Mr. Sachs’ home number?

    If it turns out a BBC person handed a piece of confidential internal information over without his permission, would the consequences not be quite serious all round?

    Just askin’


  20. archduke says:

    grab it before they pull it..

    here’s the episode in question..

    [audio src="" /]


  21. neil says:

    for what its worth, i hae complained to the bbc and crimestopers as of 315pm on the 26th oct 08 now we see what happens


  22. Sutekh says:

    Mr. Sachs is Jewish and of German birth, as has been already said. But I wonder if they would have been so quick to pull a stunt like this had he been a member of The Religion Of Peace?

    A few years ago, the BBC itself made a remarkable and touching documentary about him and his family in 1930’s Germany, so it isn’t as if they can plead ignorance, is it?


  23. Annette Kirton says:

    Biased BBC used to have a section for miscellaneous comments but I see it no longer appears. I hope I’m not offending etiquette by posting this here but I can’t see where else to put it.

    Last week, after Melvyn Bragg’s regular Thursday morning programme “In Our Time” (17/10/2008 on Goedel’s Theorems), I submitted the following comment in reply to one from ‘Jane’. It is uncontroversial yet they refused to put it up.


    ___ Comment Submitted to IOT’s Have Your Say ___

    Annette Kirton – Goedel’s Panel

    Jane said: “When I glanced at the names of the three guests, my response was a slight registering of the unprecedented (since I’ve been listening) lack of women which I automatically assumed to be nothing to do with gender issues but with practicality of some sort.”

    I suggest you have that on its head – it had everything to do with ‘gender’.

    Look at it this way. As you have noted, it is pretty much unprecedented not to have a woman on the panel. I have noticed this too. Furthermore, from long observation, the format is almost invariably two men and a woman. Do you think this happens by chance? A naif might think this is simply the result of the proportional representation of the two sexes within academia, the pool from which almost all panelists are chosen. But she would be wrong. The particular value of the ratio is not critical to what follows, so let’s assume there are (as the make-up of the typical panel suggests) two male academics for every female academic. What then are the chances that a panel will consist of two men and a woman, assuming the participants are chosen at random? The answer is 4/9 ( = 3 x 2/3 x 2/3 x 1/3). Without reseaching the actual make-ups of the panels that there have been, but given your observation that the latest one was “unprecedented” (and my own casual observations would agree with that) it is probably a very safe bet to say that, for the sake of argument, the previous 10 panels were ‘typical’, that is that they each contained two men and a woman. The question then is: What are the chances of that happening if panelists were chosen at random? The anwer is (4/9)^10 = 1/3325 approximately. In other words, you would expect such a sequence to occur about once in 3,000 times. You can vary the proportions of men to women but the results will all be of that kind of order, i.e. the sequence has the probability of a complete fluke. In fact the reality is far more flukish. I have been listenting to IOT for years (guessing at least 200 programmes, say) and one could probably count on four fingers the number of times the panel wasn’t ‘typical’. The associated probabilty of this is below the smallest positive number most computers can handle*. So what does all this tell one? The answer is: It tells one the BBC has a deliberate policy of always making sure there is a woman on the panel. Whether that is a good thing or not is another matter.

    * Correction: Strictly speaking “without resorting to scientific notation” should be added here but I was trying to be brief. Whatever it is exactly, the number is well below 1E-60, for example.


  24. Robert S. McNamara says:

    Mr. Sachs is Jewish and of German birth, as has been already said. But I wonder if they would have been so quick to pull a stunt like this had he been a member of The Religion Of Peace?

    He’s a Holocaust survivor too. Maybe they were in Reithian state of mind when they dreamed up this cheap little stunt.


  25. archduke says:

    Robert S. McNamara | 26.10.08 – 4:54 pm

    the BBC helping the Islamists to make England “Judenfrei”? perhaps?


  26. Rob says:

    I think Russell Brand could be used to help diagnosis in mental hospitals. Anyone who finds him at all funny can be sectioned without further ado.


  27. I have listened to the link posted by Archduke. Aren’t Brand and Ross just dreadful – simply dire. These are not in any way comedians so, whilst the BBC can be flayed deservedly for bias, it’s the insufferable absence of quality which comes to the fore in this case.


  28. Jack Bauer says:

    Anyone who finds him at all funny can be sectioned without further ado.
    Rob | 26.10.08 – 5:17 pm | #

    I haven’t heard anyone that unfunny since Ben Elton. Another non “comic” noted for a total lack of funniness.


  29. thepotus says:

    Jack Bauer

    If only.

    It would be better still, if he and Ross could be found lying dead in pools of each other’s vomit.


  30. Anonymous says:

    completely OT… but related to the U.S. election:

    if you have an ipod, get yourself an FM radio transmitter for it – tesco sell a cheap version.

    just plug it into your ipod, and tune in your kitchen radio to 106.5 fm.

    voila – you got US talk radio in your kitchen… which will be kinda essential for days leading up to the anointing of the Obamessiah (god help us…)


  31. archduke says:

    oops.. above was me.


  32. archduke says:

    found it..$4294967070/Nr.99.aspx

    even though it says “In car transmitter” ,it’ll work perfectly well with your kitchen radio.

    perfect for catching up on hugh hewitt while doing your sunday roast!


  33. Va$ili says:

    “we all know that one day, possibly soon, we will wake up to the news that RUSSELL BRAND has been found dead, lying naked in a pool of his own vomit.”

    I’m hoing that he will die in an “autoerotic asphyxiation incident, involving Cocaine”.

    Hr hr hr. He would die having sex with the only person he ever loved: himself.


  34. archduke says:

    “He would die having sex with the only person he ever loved: himself.”

    hang on a minute – doesnt the left always accuse the right of being “mean” and “self centred”…

    and yet nearly ALL of hollywood is leftist – as are the media dahlings in this country…


  35. Tom says:

    Jack Bauer | Homepage | 26.10.08 – 5:25 pm

    I haven’t heard anyone that unfunny since Ben Elton.

    You lucky man.

    How did you manage to avoid Marcus Brigstocke?


  36. TPO says:

    I’m hoing that he will die in an “autoerotic asphyxiation incident, involving Cocaine”.
    Hr hr hr. He would die having sex with the only person he ever loved: himself.

    Va$ili | 26.10.08 – 5:34 pm |

    BBC HYS on Band’s death; Your Tributes.

    Personally, and I don’t often feel like this, I would put him in a sack and suspend it from a meathook. Then I would get a baseball bat and …..


  37. Jason says:

    I have to agree with Jack Bauer: Brand (and hopefully Wossy) will one day be discovered by his cleaning lady dead in a pool of his own vomit with a pound of oranges up his arse. And for millions, it’ll be the first time they’ve ever laughed at him.


  38. HSLD says:

    Sadly I doubt those two ever step outside their media bubble – into the real world where behaviour like that could earn them a bloody good kicking.

    Which is what they deserve.


  39. Jack Bauer says:

    How did you manage to avoid Marcus Brigstocke?
    Tom | 26.10.08 – 6:02 pm | #

    By avoiding the BBC and the Grauniad!

    But I do concur.

    Thanks for all the amusing suggestions on Brand’s death from other posters. Top tips.

    It would be doubly ironic if the “orange” incident also involved his almost as repellent sister, Jo.


  40. Jack Bauer says:


    Seriously, if only these creeps were one tenth as funny as a drowning clown choking a mime to death with an animal ballon, then we’d have a show.

    David Baddiel

    Lenny Henry

    The Saunders hag partnered with French

    The entire cast and writers of Two Pints of Unfunny and a packet of crap

    PLEASE EXTEND THE LIST at her majesty’s pleasure


  41. HSLD says:

    Now I have calmed down a little a thought has struck me. Andrews Sachs benefits from an enormous amount of public affection, not least from his role in Fawlty Towers. Woss and Brand will have offended a huge amount of people, both here and abroad.

    I wonder if that pair of idiots have finally gone just a little bit too far ?


  42. Miv Tucker says:

    Archduke –

    I’m quite fascinated – why does an iPod FM transmitter output US talk radio? Would it pick up other foreign stations?

    Why can’t I get US talk radio by tuning my ordinary radio to 106.5MHz?



  43. GCooper says:

    Add Jeremy Hardy and Mark Steel to the list for me, please. Might as well toss in Sandi Toksvig too.


  44. JohnA says:

    6pm Radio 4 news “The BBC Press Office said it was unaware of Mr Sachs’ complaint”.

    Unaware ?

    It was the big fat front-page headline of Mail on Sunday. How can they be unaware ?


  45. GCooper says:

    Miv Tucker – I think archduke was implying you would have already downloaded podcasts or Internet radio programmes to the iPod.

    All the transmitter does it broadcast whatever you have on there to a wireless receiver (as we once called them).


  46. Jack Bauer says:

    miv — most American Talk Radio is an the AM band. And the webernet.

    Also — I don’t understand how one can pick up US FM radio outside it’s broadcast range, like 3000 miles away?


  47. JohnA says:


    You need the iPOD to download the podcast.

    You can then set the FM gizmo to RECEIVE at that FM frequency from the iPAQ or iPOD or whatever.

    The FM gizmo is not receiving the FM direct from the US!


  48. Idiotboy says:

    Russell Brand has previous form in claiming to have had sex with famous people’s female relatives.

    I recall he made the same claim with respect to the daughter of Rod Stewart, who offered to re-arrange the Brand visage into a less aesthetic form should the claim not be retracted, which it duly was. Shame.

    Perhaps Brand feels less threatened by the elderly Mr Sachs.

    I personally doubt that Brand’s sexual experiences extend beyond the pleasures offered by his right (or left) hand.

    The evidence is clear.


  49. It's all too much says:

    This is the worst form of abuse and bullying. No thought for this girl who probably is traumatised by the publicity.

    Perhaps the application of “how would I feel if this was my daughter / wife / mother” is beyound these over paid talentless wankers. I commented on this blog some months ago about the sheer vitriolic hatred I feel for wanker Woss – ever since he treated my to video footage of his rectal endoscopy on his show. As a matter of interest this form of entertainment once appeared in Viz comic in a strip called “Up the Ar*ehole” in which Roger Mellie gets a panel od celebs to guess which celeb ar*e is being probed on tv. This is a purile comic satirising the worst excesses of TV. Woss not only copied the idea and broadcast it, but he also showed unfettered contempt for we poor bastards forced on pain of conviction to pay his bloated salary.

    The sooner the orange scenario happens the better


  50. Kill the Beeb says:

    Lack of BBC apologists on this thread as per usual.