Do you like the way in which the BBC portrays David Cameron’s decision to “break” his “truce” with the Dear Leader? Once again, the Conservatives are being portrayed as the bad guys because they dare dissent from Gordon’s world-view. Cameron is absolutely right to point out that Brown has his grubby-fingerprints all over many of the economic woes that afflict us but the Brown narrative is that our problems all originate in the USA and the BBC then uses this to suggest that a dissenting Cameron is being unreasonable.

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74 Responses to “TRUCE OVER”?

  1. Original Robin says:

    When did Captain Brown pick up his sworn enemy Pirate Mandy who says he knows where a buried treasure trove of votes is?


  2. George R says:

    The BBC’s Robert PESTON, as a Labour sympathiser and Gordon Brown’s official biographer, is naturally inclined to exonerate Brown and the Labour government for culpability in the ‘financial crisis’; but even his socialist fellow travellers at ‘New Left Review’, the long-in -the -tooth, pseudo-Marxist journal, such as Robert Wade, says differently:

    ‘Financial Regime Change?’


    “It is ironic that the crisis may end up saving Brown from having to resign as prime minister. Yet it is now clear that his aversion to financial regulation, and his lack of concern about the housing bubble—which in the period since Labour came to power has made the UK’s economic performance look much better than it would otherwise have done—are deeply implicated in the build-up to the crisis. For a decade, the combined tails of the housing market and financial sector have wagged the dog of the British economy.”

    And socialist Wade, unlike Peston’s version, has this on Brown’s ineffectual FSA:

    “The striking thing about the UK Financial Services Authority, set up with great fanfare by Brown in 1997, at the same time as he granted the Bank of England semi-autonomy in monetary policy, is that it has sweeping jurisdiction over the British financial sector—in contrast to the us system of multiple and fragmented regulators. Yet it regulates diffidently, and was evidently intended as little more than window-dressing. Howard Davies, the fsa’s first chairman, described its guiding principle with striking candour: ‘The philosophy from when I set it up has been to say, “Consenting adults in private? That’s their problem, really.”’ Hence the fsa, in its covert and successful bid to attract us companies to London, allowed banks and insurance companies operating from the City to do so with much less capital than similar organizations in New York. Its commitment to light and limited regulation meant that to deal with British financial markets one-third the size of those in the us, it had eleven times fewer enforcement agents than the Securities and Exchange Commission (sec)—98 as compared to 1,111.”



  3. It's all too much says:

    I could do a pastiche of the Odyssey – there is plenty of material there waiting to be exploited

    eleven years of aimless wandering
    A cyclops
    Harpies (apparently called Harriet and Jackie)
    long drawn out wars over seas
    The lotus eaters (benefit clients)
    Scylla and Charybdis – a (northern) rock and a hard place


  4. David says:

    An opinion poll came out today that put Labour just 9 points behind the Tories, so expect the BBC to mention that a couple of times. Never mind the fact that this was the Labour lead right after their conference, and that the gap then widened back to 15 points again.

    I’d also bet money that the BBC use this poll:


    The stat they will love is that if an election were fought purely on the economy – which of course can’t happen – the Tory lead is slashed to 6 points. But the poll also says that if everything is taken into account – as most people do – Labour are 16 points behind. I’d bet a small amount of money that they’d use the first half and not the second. We’ll just have to wait and see.


  5. David says:

    ^^ when I say Labour lead in the first paragraph, I meant the gap between Labour and Tories. Labour haven’t lead since September 07.


  6. jack says:

    Labour will win the next election. Mr. Cameron is very slimy and I don’t trust him one bit. Do you really think that a working class family is going to be able to relate with Mr. Cameron and Mr. Osbourne?


  7. Peter says:

    jack | 19.10.08 – 11:32 am | #

    If this were a site dealing in making party political points, I’d have to say that I agree with at least one you have made.

    But it isn’t, so I won’t bother sharing which one.

    Like it could be said of the Milibands and their competencies: ‘Everything is relative’.


  8. It's all too much says:


    This site is about BBC bias, but I feel a little provoked by this Trolling – so:

    yep, all those ‘hard working families’ really have a lot in common with the Labour leadership. I mean everyone goes of Oxford to take PPE. Those vile Tories have an absolute monopoly on privileged education don’t they. Just count how many members of the cabinet (including siblings and spouses

    they have lots of attributes that appeal to the masses who actually pay taxes:

    “Slime and educational background” as determining issues : what about the late and un-lemented president Blair, wasn’t he a Public school knob and he could be used as a dictionary definition of mendacious slime.

    “nepotism” – how many siblings/spouses have been present in previous administrations? Please correct me but isn’t Hilary Benn a 4th or 5th generation cabinet minister? That looks like a hereditary dynasty to me We Britons absolutely love nepotism.

    “Class Privilege” – do you think Lord Mandy travels by the 507 to The House? And don’t forget the John Lewis list

    “Sleaze” – the Labour party certainly have made this topic their own for many reasons. Anyone want to talk about advertising fags on racing cars? What about the new minister for corruption in the Lords? What about the vile antics of Prezza?

    “Financial Competence” – no further comment requires

    “Civil Liberties” – Detention without trial, Surveillance and database state, ASBOS, arbitrary enforcement of draconian legislation by automation, corresponding with the emasculation of the police and the creation of a social engineering force (Vision of the Home Office “BUILDING a fairer society” Digital servitude through ID cards and National identity register

    “Social and domestic policy” – builds on social policy but add unrestricted immigration and Multiculturalism as unquestionable orthodoxies.

    “Industrial policy” – None

    “Foreign policy” – Unmitigatedly disaster, worst humiliation since 1956

    “electoral reform” – party list PR and the introduction of postal voting fraud on a massive (“banana republic”) scale. Add this to boundary changes that give the ruling party an automatic 9% electoral advantage.

    The things that they are good at – mendacity, prevarication, cowardice, arrogance, self interest and above all, absolutely at the top is presentation

    Yup all thinks the workers of Britain adore especially the fact that they are so self interested that they genuinely assume that what is good for them is good for us serfs.

    That should keep the lurkers under the bridges happy



  9. Ron Todd says:

    Don’t forget the vile Dunwoody campaign to get the daughter of the daughter of a party secretary into the commons.


  10. Jon says:

    What about Ed Balls and his wife?

    Its funny how a lot of the “tory toffs” that jack so dislikes have been brought up on council estates. David Davis, John Redwood to name but two. But unlike jack, I don’t care where people were brought up – but he is on tricky ground trying to justify Labour as the party of the “common” person. How many “common” people want to see the end to immigration or the reintroduction of capital punishment?


  11. Original Robin says:

    Perhaps Labour has moved from being the party for the “common”people to the party of Common Purpose.


  12. jack says:

    what i said has been twisted bu what should I expect from a blog that twists things all the time? David Cameron’s cabinet is basically made up of old etonians! John Redwood – don’t get me started on him – he ruined Wales to start with. David Davis likes to pull publicity stunts but they don’t really seem to work!
    Anyway, Conservative policy is simple – just forget about the North!


  13. David says:

    “What i said has been twisted bu what should I expect from a blog that twists things all the time? David Cameron’s cabinet is basically made up of old etonians!”

    It’s astounding that you can accuse others of twisting things and then follow your accusation with a complete and total lie. There are two old Etonians in the Shadow Cabinet; David Cameron himself and Oliver Letwin. That’s two out of thirty people. Care to apologise for lying?


  14. jack says:

    Do not accuse me of being a liar. Perhaps I should have worded it better. Many of Mr. Cameron’s closest political “friends” are old etonians.
    I invite you to read the following article.



  15. David H says:

    And of course, just like the Brown Broadcasting Corp, the `Independent’ is completely impartial!


  16. Jon says:

    jack | 19.10.08 – 8:12 pm |

    Seeing how he went to Eton it is hardly suprising that he has friends who also went there – but I don’t see the point. Why don’t you just own up that you are a dyed in the wool socialist and any critism of Brown is not allowed – just like the BBC line really.


  17. jack says:

    Yes I understand he may have friends there but that doesn’t mean they should receive preferential treatment.
    I don’t need to own up to anything and I can assure you I will not.


  18. Cassandra says:


    You seem to be blind to the fact that NuLabour have thrived on the blatant ‘friends’N’family’ corruption that has permeated their reign!
    NuLabour have perfected the sleazy art of nepotism and partisan nest feathering!
    Political corruption is rife and the old norms of acceptable behaviour lie shattered,the culture of grab what you can and fill your boots, graft and backhanders,lies and sleaze reign supreme in NuLabour land!
    The question is will the Tories be any better? Well, they cant be worse than the current bloated,dishonest, greedy and arrogant gang can they?

    Pull your head out of your partys arse for a minute and take a look around at what nuLabour have done or do you benefit from the rotten stench of the pig trough?


  19. jack says:

    Cassandra, from you post I can only come to the conclusion that it is you who is blind.
    New Labour have improved this country and I am grateful for that. They are not arrogant – if you want to see arrogant just take a look at Mr. Cameron and his conservative party!


  20. David says:


    Nick Robinson’s latest pearls of wisdom. Apparently Cameron has ‘economic problems’. Brown is also ‘laying a new trap for the Tories’ by spending money earmarked for the next five years right now. That’s apparently great news.


  21. jack says:

    It is. Gordon Brown is working through the tough times of today for the well being of tomorrow. At least he actually has a plan and doesn’t change his mind every 5 minutes like Mr. Cameron


  22. henryflower says:

    “Cassandra, from you post I can only come to the conclusion that it is you who is blind.
    New Labour have improved this country and I am grateful for that. They are not arrogant – if you want to see arrogant just take a look at Mr. Cameron and his conservative party!”
    jack | 20.10.08 – 11:51 am | #

    Jack, this site has been crying out for someone like you to come here and raise the standard of the debate.

    Cassandra asks if you are blind to certain facts, and you respond that – no, it is Cassandra who is blind!

    What a brilliant retort!

    And then, as if that rapier response isn’t crippling enough to Cassandra’s case, you take the accusation of Labour arrogance, and claim that it isn’t Labour who are arrogant, it is in fact “Mr. Cameron and his conservative party”!

    Brilliant! The way in which you take the very things Cassandra says about you, and about the Labour Party, and then exquisitely throw them right back at Cassandra and the Conservative Party – and you had the good sense, too, to exclude facts or evidence that could only distract from your brilliant rhetorical move!

    I am impressed! Keep it coming, please.


  23. David says:

    Henry, don’t forget that “Gordon Brown is working through the tough times of today for the well being of tomorrow.” We are all saved!


  24. Frankos says:

    is this Jack guy a plant to help keep this thread going? Just wondering –seems a bit of a parody leftie to me?