I caught the 8.45am item on the Today programme run by Paul Woods which involved an interview with an 18 year old Gazan homicide bomber. She was allowed to claim that her pending self-explosion was a response to those bad Jews bombing Mosques whilst the faithful are at prayer. No rebuttal of this outrageous Palestinian slur was permitted but then again since the BBC cannot bring itself to even accept that Hamas are bloodthirsty terrorists, who’s surprised?

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  1. JohnA says:

    She was allowed to portray herself as a heroine of the people, her objective simply a response to alleged “oppression”.

    No contradiction of anything she said, not even any questioning of it.

    Most sane people might dismiss her as a nutcase – but in effect the BBC let her have several minutes to spew anti-Israel propaganda justifying the killing of civilians. That interview will be picked up by the jihadists and played across the Internet in 10, 9, 8 minutes time.

    What on earth was the purpose of the interview ? We already know there are crazies by the cartload in Gaza.

    Or rather, not crazies. People indoctrinated from early childhood to regard murder as perfectly acceptable. A pathological society (which we support endlessly) that knows nothing but hatred.


  2. Knox says:

    I heard the interview and now I’ve decided to become a suicide bomber. Last week I wanted to be a spiv but now I’ve changed my mind.


  3. NotaSheep says:

    As well as being on the Today programme site, you can see a short extract here.


  4. ptet says:

    I don’t see how anyone watching that video could see it in any way as “anti Israeli propaganda”.

    The poor girl comes across as a nutter under the control of lunatics.

    What do you want? The BBC guy to yell at her in the middle of her own front room?

    I enjoy this blog, and the BBC clearly gets lots wrong, but sheesh, sometimes your posts seem to imply that BBC viewers are complete idiots who are unable to see any sort of context to what is reported.

    Just my opinion, of course 🙂



  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    ptet | Homepage | 13.10.08 – 5:15 pm

    I enjoy this blog, and the BBC clearly gets lots wrong, but sheesh, sometimes your posts seem to imply that BBC viewers are complete idiots who are unable to see any sort of context to what is reported.

    Sometimes the BBC seems to imply that BBC viewers are complete idiots who are unable to see any sort of context except what is reported at that moment.


  6. Grant says:

    ptet 5:15

    So, in general, would you say that the BBC is neutral and objective in its reporting of Israelis and Palestinians ?


  7. NotaSheep says:

    ptet: What pissed me off was her claim that Israelis bombed mosques whilst people were praying inside. If it is on the BBC and unchallenged then it must be true?


  8. Sue says:

    ptet | Homepage | 13.10.08 – 5:15 pm
    “your posts seem to imply that BBC viewers are complete idiots who are unable to see any sort of context to what is reported.”

    Sorry you think that, but not quite true though. We fear they have simply been indoctrinated by years of wrong thinking and selective reporting.

    But it is not viewers who we think are complete idiots. Whoever wrote:

    “Tension in the Middle East has led to numerous young women training to become suicide bombers.”

    …………must be at least mischievous, at best ignorant. If ‘tension in the middle east’ is what led to this craze for suicide bombings, why doesn’t tension everywhere else do likewise? It’s uncanny that the places it occurs have something in common.

    Could it be something to do with the religion of peace?

    Although the girl with the big brown eyes comes across as a nutter, we do sympathise with her a bit, don’t we children?
    Because having demonised Israel so that your average viewer regards it as an evil regime with no other purpose than to oppress the poor people of Gaza, and without any context or balance, your average viewer is going to think, as Cherie Blair does, “what else is a girl to do?”


  9. Jon says:

    I heard the inerview too – and no I didn’t want the interviwer to scream at her – but I would like to have heard from a victim of these “sucide bombers” –

    “Rabbi Immanuel Yosef Legomsky is a neurotherapist at Jerusalem’s Menucha v’Simcha Neurofeedback Clinic. He said treating Israeli victims of Palestinian terror “is the major mental and physical health problem here today.”

    “[The Palestinians’] goal is to do as much damage as possible and destroy functional life where they fail to actually kill. Their result is that often those who live and their relatives suffer much more than those who die,” he said. ”


  10. davo says:

    these people live in a world of extreme cognitive dissonance.On the one hand they are taught they are supreme beings who should be ruling the world and on the other they see how they have been used and betrayed by their own leaders and have seen that billions of dollars showered at them by the infidel west has done nothing to improve their lifestyles.
    Nor have the years of BBC propaganda on their behalf, or the cherie blairs and other degenerate high profile leftists who have sunk to the moral abyss and lauded their suicide “martyr” bombings, improved their lot.
    And yet we have seen the genocidal events of Darfur and other regions one thousand times worse than those inflicted on the Palestinians invoke barely a small cry from those same leftists and journalists at the Beeb.
    If orders of magnitude of suffering are a measure of protest we should have had ten thousand demos in London.


  11. Bryan says:

    Funny, they’ve got two of the same story up on the BBC site.

    This is the one not a sheep posted, just the video and titled suicide bomber speaks out:


    And this one has text as well and is titled, Just married and determined to die:


    Editing problem? Dunno, but I’ve seen far worse than this from the BBC. You don’t often get the BBC acknowledging this:

    Our meeting was a highly-orchestrated propaganda event laid on by Islamic Jihad. It was almost theatre – and certainly Israel accuses the Palestinian leadership of manipulating young women like 18-year-old Umm Anas.

    And this:

    But wouldn’t she have any difficulty killing people not holding a gun? Wouldn’t she feel pity for women and children?

    The answer, of course, is predictably sickening so I wont bother to paste it in here.

    But this is not the standard anti-Israel propaganda piece from the BBC.


  12. Biodegradable says:

    I’m usually one of the first to jump on examples of anti-Israel bias, but I really can’t see much to complain about here.

    The girl admits that blowing up herself, and innocent Israelis, is something she’s been brought up to see as her destiny since childhood.

    She also says it’s a religious thing.

    Yes, her claim that Israel bombs mosques while people are praying should have been challenged, but then her entire view of Jews and life and death in general needs to be challenged.

    Of course the likes of Cherie Blair and Jenny Tonge will nod knowingly and sigh that in the face of Israeli repression it’s all so understandable, but anybody with an ounce of humanity and common sense will see the intrinsic evil and lack of humanity in what the young woman says.

    Oh, and talking of Blair:

    Blair warns Israel: Gaza banks are close to collapse
    The office of International Mideast envoy and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said the Gaza Strip’s banks are on the verge of collapse, the Associated Press discovered on Sunday.

    In a memo to Israel’s defense ministry, Blair’s office said Israel must funnel some 100 million shekels, or about $28 million, into Gaza each month. The Israeli shekel is Gaza’s main currency.

    Without the cash, Blair said the Palestinian Authority would not be able to pay the salaries of thousands of civil servants and Gaza’s black market and money launderers will thrive. The letter was obtained by The Associated Press on Sunday.

    Israel is concerned that money transferred to Gaza will end up in the hands of Hamas militants. It also is restricted by legislation that prohibits money transfers to terrorist groups. Since it was overtaken by Hamas last year Israel has considered the Gaza Strip a “hostile entity.”

    So much for isolating Hamas, thanks a lot Tony!


  13. ptet says:

    Talking of Hamas, did you see Sarah palin’s interview on Middle East foreign policy, where the wonder of the Chrisian Right doesn’t appear to know who Hamas are – and indeed could be said to endorse them…


  14. JohnA says:

    Biden was shown to have uttered 15 to 20 lies or false “facts” during the VP debate. Did the BBC report this major point the Repubs were making ? Did they hell.


  15. Biodegradable says:


    There’s nothing in that interview that would indicate that Palin doesn’t know who Hamas is. Indeed she went straight to the nub of the question and talked about Iran, which supports Hamas with money, training and weapons.


  16. ptet says:


    Some analysts read it like she endorsed Hamas – because she missed the point of the question which was that in some democratic elections people win who you don’t like.

    My reading was simpler: she didn’t know who hamas where.

    Your interpretation may differ.

    However, we’re talking about someone who apparently still doesn’t understand why living in Alaska by itself doesn’t give her foreign policy experience… So I think it’d be specious to give her the benefit of the doubt…

    And JohnA – did the BBC report the alleged errors of fact by either cadidate in the VP debate? I doubt it. What they reported was that by most measures Biden won, and Palin performed competently. Hell, even Fox News’s polls (ncluding whackily Lunz’s) says Biden won.

    The complaint here is that the BBC isn’t follow Repeblican talking points. That’s slightly odd.