I guess it makes sense to the BBC. We can defeat the Taliban and Al Queda by using…. mobile phones. The cunning plan is for NGO’s to give away mobile phones to Afghans who will then make short films which could be shown at a film festival next summer. Mmm…hope they are pay as you go or there may be some mighty phone bills! Sounds a winner of an idea to me and as security sage Frank Gardner points out the US and UK are losing the battle for hearts and minds so best bring in the crack battalions of home snappers to rout the Islamist psychopaths. With a daisy-cutter in one hand an a Nokia in the other?

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17 Responses to THE NEW FRONT IN THE WAR.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t like the tone of the article but the idea itself isn’t so crazy.


  2. George R says:

    “A radical new plan is being considered by the UK government to counter growing Taleban propaganda in Afghanistan”:



  3. Martin says:

    No doubt Gordon Brown will be offering them free internet access and laptops as well.


  4. nbc says:

    So we’re now giving away bomb making equipment?

    I despair.


  5. Millie Tant says:

    According to that BBC report, the Chief Inspector of Prisons said Muslim prisoners were able to police themselves.

    Are they really? How extraordinary.
    I thought the point was…oh, never mind. None of that makes sense, anyhow.


  6. emil says:

    Never mind all this nonsense, what are we going to do about the real enemy, Iceland?

    (I suspect they get their mobile phones from Finland)


  7. deegee says:

    The plan will succeed like Betzelem’s programme of giving video cameras to the Palis to record Israeli atrocities.

    If they don’t find an incident to film they become little Steven Spielberg’s and create one. The BBC then generously broadcasts it to the world as if a Beeb employee had filmed it.

    Wait for a flood of bomb blasts on YouTube.


  8. Roland Deschain says:

    Doesn’t seem a good idea to me. I thought these terrorists used mobile phones to set off bombs.


  9. Martin says:

    emil: Yes amazing that this poxy bunch of Scottish cowards seem to use terrorism laws against everyone except MUSLIMS who try to blow us up.


  10. will says:

    Seeking to wrest the PR initiative from the medieval Taliban! No reason to expect the vast resources of the Western media to help our cause then?


  11. Sue says:

    No reason to expect the vast resources of the Western media to help our cause then?
    will | 10.10.08 – 5:00 pm

    No chance.
    Who ya gonna call? (Suggest consult Pallywood.)


  12. ady says:

    oh how we all laffed at those silly Russians when they invaded in 1979.

    No-one ever wins there, everyone knows that.

    It’s funny how the entire western worlds “free” press has forgotton that, innit.


  13. libertus says:

    Mobile phones can be rigged up easily to detonate IEDs. That’s what the terr-, oops, alternative politicians did in Madrid, forcing that poor excuse of a once great nation to cave in and elct a Socialist government.
    I seriously doubt if a place like Afghanistan can be redeemed. But to wash our hands of it would be to invite another 9/11.


  14. Shug Niggurath says:

    Not a beeb issue, but I seem to recall a meme doing the rounds in 2001 that we should drop Gameboys on Afghanistan because when they realised what they could have they would rush to embrace the West.


  15. Ron Todd says:

    Free telephones to terrorists. Free computers to scroungers. More money for African tyrants. A billion quid lost in Iceland. And I will have to pay more tax to cover it. While the idiots that ‘invested’ my money in a bubble will get a generous pension while I work untill I die. And The BBC still promoting the view Gordon Brown is the only person that can run the economy.

    Bitter you bet I am.


  16. ady says:

    Anti this and that Propaganda by the BBC won’t shake core vales and responsibilities for British people.

    We know where its at.

    Forces to repay town’s tributes

    The tradition of lining the streets as coffins pass began 18 months ago
    Members of the armed forces are to parade through the streets of a town in Wiltshire to thank locals for honouring dead British service personnel.

    Over the past 18 months residents of Wootton Bassett have lined the streets more than 100 times as coffins have been brought through the town.

    The town is near RAF Lyneham, the airbase to which bodies are repatriated after deaths in Afghanistan or Iraq.

    Sunday afternoon’s tribute will also see a flypast from a Hercules aircraft.


  17. ady says:

    Looks like Gordon Browns 42 day detention nonsense has gone tits up.

    You don’t have a free country if you’re putting everyone you don’t like in jail.

    Adolf would be disappointed with us. 🙂

    Peers ‘to dump anti-terror plan’

    The Tories and Lib Dems both oppose the measure
    Government plans to increase the terror detention limit to 42 days will be destroyed by a defeat in the Lords, a leading Conservative has said.