Well now, did you catch the boy Cameron being interviewed on the Today programme by newbie Evan Davies? Interviewed is probably the wrong word – harassed is perhaps more accurate. He was not given a chance by Davies, he was constantly interrupted, his answers were dismissed, his agenda thrown aside – all in all it was an attack piece. How things can change in a week. Last week, we had the fragrant Sarah Brown and her allegedly statesman-like husband, Gordon. Solid and reliable. This week we have the hated Tories and they have been treated appallingly by the BBC, in my view. I say that as someone who has grave reservations about Cameron and co but I also speak as someone who believes in fairness. True BBC colours shine through folks, even in Evan Davies.

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  1. Jon says:

    “…it’s poisoning the well of civilised political debate”

    Not only political debate – but serious TV in general. Programmes made with z-celebs for z-celebs. I don’t watch this kind of mindless trash on commercial TV – so why should I subsidise the brain dead that do?


  2. Peter says:

    poisoning the well of civilised political debate
    Will86 | 30.09.08 – 10:15 pm |

    An eloquent description to conjure!

    Beyond debate, I must say I am despairing of getting any sensible, objective information these days to help form an opinion to debate sensibly upon.

    It is only now, and thanks to some linked, substantiated posts here, that I am starting to gather that a lot that transpires in the US is thanks to mechanisms which allow the voice of the people to be transmitted via their elected representatives, and quickly, to influence change that affect all.

    Not some partisan hatchet job as ‘sold’ to us by equally partisan or ratings-obsessed and/or agenda driven media here, especially one who should know, and be doing a lot better in this regard.

    I feel the will of the people may still be heard in the US; while here a minute London politico-media establishment decide what they think and tell the rest of us afterwards why it’s right to agree with them.