I read that three men have been arrested on suspicion of committing terror offences. Two of the men were held at Manchester Airport, while the third was detained in nearby Accrington. Do we know anything else at all about these men? Well, they are “Asian” apparently, living in an “Asian” area of Blackburn? Can you spot the missing word – the word the BBC does not want to use? That’s right – these men are MUSLIM.

There now, that’s better, isn’t it? I mean why does the BBC insist on using pointless euphemisms when the truth is plain to see? Could it be related to the ongoing denial that Britain, like so many other countries, has a major terrorist threat from a section of Muslims but that it is too dhimmified to say it? If these three men had have been fundamentalist Christians it would have been emblazoned across the BBC but because they actually are Muslims, it is hushed up and weasel words like Asian introduced to avoid the truth. It is an insult to the Asian community to use that term to describe three alleged Islamic terrorists and the BBC should be ashamed of itself for this fork-tongued approach to reporting news.

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