Did anyone catch Jabba the Hut ringer John Prescott on Newsnight just now? Kirsty Wark allowed the buffoon a full five minutes rant as he made the most outrageous claims concerning what he alleged was the Tory Policy Exchange Report. This was a set piece by Newsnight to provide Labour with the opportunity to suggest the Tories hate the North, pure and simple. Kirsty did not interrupt Prezza. There has been no attempt made to study the substance of this report and Cameron had to distance himself at a million miles an hour lest real damage was done. It demonstrates once more how treacherous and biased the BBC really is. True colours.

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21 Responses to PREZZA TORY ATTACK!

  1. d says:

    I was expecting a clip of David Cameron defending his position in relation to the report from this “evil” right leaning think tank. Silly me, the consrvatives very rarely get on to newsnight or any other BBC prog. when they occasionally do they get bullied.


  2. Rob Farrington says:

    Hey, don’t compare John to Jabba the Hutt! It might act as a trigger for his totally and utterly genuine bulemia.

    Unless you’re comparing how much sense they each make…whenever I hear John Prescott speak, I might as well be listening to Huttese.


  3. disillusioned_german says:

    I like the Jubba the Hutt comparison. I just wish someone would punch this fat bastard (Preshutt) in the face (sorry, I’m not very pc).


  4. Cameron says:

    education education education anybody?
    labour gov minister STILL not pressed on this pledge……11 years later….ask the damn question for fucks sake!!!!!


  5. Anonymous says:

    The worst example of bias on that episode of Newsnight was Kirsty Wark with a massive smile on her face when she said the words “this is payback time for Russia” in reference to the invasion of Georgia, when she was interviewing an American man. Only a Russia supporter would smile when saying that.


  6. Geoff says:

    The report itself was actually written by a LibDem supporter Dr Tim Leunig.

    Policy Exchange, although generally associated with the Conservatives, does have independent voices and authors from other parts of the political spectrum – including this one.

    Typical of Three-Chins Prescott to have brought this up. Probably along with his dinner.


  7. Gordon BrownStuff says:

    Given that another favourite Beeb “weighty” topic is our diet, they really should set an example and keep Prescott of our screens for if we accept his appearance as the norm, then we might say. ‘what the hell’ and go on a Phelps diet.


  8. George R says:

    The BBC’s ‘division by Labour’ reporting is clear:

    – the BBC gives political coverage of London, the South of England (and China) to LIVINGSTONE; and the BBC gives political coverage of the North of England (and the Titanic) to PRESCOTT.


  9. Ryan says:

    Yes, I noticed that the Beeb totally mis-represented this report as usual. They gave the impression that the report states that these northern cities should be shut down, when all it really says is that they are not able to support the kinds of populations that they could support 100 years ago and probably never will, without an impact on the relative standard of living of people living in those cities compared to the South. Judging by the misplaced comments on “Have your Say” the Beeb were entirely successful in passing the report off as a personal attack on Geordies and Liverpudlians.

    The report is hardly rocket science, contraversial or surprising really and could be a boon to young people that would like the possibility of moving south to find better paid jobs to support their families, but we now have the unedifying spectacle of a future PM having to back-pedal furiously to escape the onslaught of the BBC. It seems that Labour is not running the country but the unelected Gramscian Marxists at the Beeb are. If this isn’t a “lesson” to us all I don’t know what is. The Beeb has become the left’s answer to the demise of Union power – forcing left-wing politics on us all whether we like it or not. Even the Tories are forced to dance to their tune. Time to pull the plug on this obnoxious organisation before it does any further damage to British democracy.


  10. BaggieJonathan says:

    Come on it was Cameron who called the report insane.

    You lot are finding bias where there isnt, not necessary given there is so much BBC bias to expose.

    Oh and its always the BBC who are the first on the fatties case (admittedly more so if Prescott were American).

    This thread has lost the plot.


  11. Ryan says:

    “Come on it was Cameron who called the report insane.”

    He didn’t have much choice, That’s the point. After the mauling the Beeb arranged for it, he had to distance himself from it.

    All the report says is that high unemployment in those cities has not been and can never be corrected by city centre regeneration and that finding ways to ease migration south to where the jobs are is a good thing for all. The way it was presented by the Beeb you would think it says “Geordies are a complete bunch of wankers and Tories hate them”.


  12. Ryan says:

    “Oh and its always the BBC who are the first on the fatties case ”

    Unless it is Prescott, in which case they show compassion for his (failed?) bulimia….


  13. Peter says:

    Isn’t it interesting,the rufty tufty matelot,who served man and boy as a steward on the Channel Ferries should critisize others for recommending what he and all the MPs have done,leg it down south as fast as his short fat hairy legs will take him.Only in the metropolis could a real northern man reveal his bulemic side.
    On a more serious note,didn’t Prescott preside over the demolition of hundreds of old terraced houses in these areas?


  14. David says:

    Also notice how this story has pretty much vanished from the rest of the media, but the BBC keep it kicking around for as long as they can.


  15. Devil's Advocate says:

    There WAS a bit too much glee in the reporting of this, but Cameron was given a LOT of air-time on the News Channel and on the Six last night (didn’t catch the Ten). It started off as a gloating report that made the Tories look like arses but I guess some editor who’d read the BBC guidelines properly pulled it back in a bit.

    Purely from memory it developed like this:

    Early in the day: “A Conservative Party think tank says…”

    Later on: “A think tank closely linked to the Conservatives says…”

    Even later: “A think tank that David Cameron has in the past used to formulate Conservative policy says…” (and breathe…)

    Or words to that effect. Anyone else think this is change is down to editorial meetings where the gist was “how can we appear impartial but still link this stupidity to the Conservatives?”

    I admit I’m not always on the same page as B-BBCers, but I think you nailed this one.


  16. David Gowers Love Child says:

    I noticed that the tone changed through the day (I listen to Radio 1 all day so hear their news regularly). Unfortunately the damage is already done early on. It’s like a lawyer who suggests to a witness in court some obviously wrong scenario which helps his client, which the judge tells the jury to ignore. Of course they will still remember it later in the jury room…. or ballot box. Just another bit of subliminal BBC anti-Tory marketing I’m afraid.


  17. Gerald Brown says:

    Surely it is time for Tories being interviewed by the great and good BBC presenters if they feel a tad of anti-tory bias to ask whether the presenter believes there will be empty champagne bottles strewn around the corridors of the BBC the day after the next General Election should the Tories win. It would be very interesting to see/hear the replies or probably non-replies!


  18. Martin says:

    Did Wark ask Fatty Prescott if he was still fucking that secretary?

    Did the BBC play that clip of him playing Croquet at Dorneywood?

    Hmm. They quite happily stick the knife into people like John Redwood but Nu Liebour?

    Prescott was a disgrace, he was banging some slapper in work time. Did he ever pay the money back?



  19. Ryan says:

    Sad fact is that these so-called “urban regeneration” schemes have been nothing more than a massive government backed scam. Basically they were a clever ruse by property developers to get docklands waterfront property on the cheap, throw out the existing owners, then dragoon the local council into pushing for “urban regeneration in a deprived and delapidated docklands area”. The local council does all the donkey work and spends lavish amounts of government regeneration cash and the developers sell fancy waterfront appartments at hugely inflated prices. Everyone wins except the original owners of the properties in that area – and the taxpayer. This is what has happened in Bristol, the Isle of Dogs, Greenwich, Woolwich, Newcastle, Liverpool and no doubt many other places. Now they have run out of waterfront property the developers are turning their attention to inland scams in places like Leeds. Even Swindon hasn’t escaped the attention of these development scammers, with a huge multi-million pound re-development financed by the Labour government to the benefit of the developers themselves. This is the real story, but with both Tories and Labour with their mits deep in the trough you won’t find the Beeb delving into the sordid corrupt scam that is “urban regeneration”. You would think this would be right up their street – super-rich property developers making huge profits out of the taxpayer. But since it has been done with Labour’s collusion, they aren’t interested.


  20. Original Robin says:

    Didn`t the Beeb point out that one way for the North to be regenerated is for Britian to be a low cost economy, ie basically low taxed.
    Also if the country stopped subsidising other countries, like those in the EU, it would make sense to manufacture things in the UK again, especialyy oop North.


  21. Martin says:

    If the BBC don’t like the idea that people from the north should come down to the south will they be sending back all those that come from Scotland?

    Nicki Campbell & Kirsty Wark for starters?