Trying to escape the hype the BBC is producing for the Olympic Games is difficult, unless one turns off! But I happened to tune in to Victoria Derbyshire this morning and was amazed to hear her ask a listener who had phoned in to say that awarding the games to China was a disgrace given its’ human rights record why he had not also objected to LA getting the Games back in 1984. She clearly equates the tyrants that run China with the democratically elected US government.

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  1. Dr R says:



  2. Cockney says:

    Did she give any reasoning for that? Is she unaware that the US also had the olympics later on (in 96 I think although I seem to recall they made a pigs ear of it…)? Presumably they’d cleaned up their act in the intervening 12 years.


  3. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    Cary Gracy reports breathlessly from the games, Gracy married a Chinese singer and (as she reminds us at every opportunity) speaks a bit of Chinese.

    Well then Cary, translate this honey:



  4. moonbat nibbler says:

    150 Russian tanks have just invaded Georgia.

    This is the top news story at:

    The Times

    Top story at BBC online:

    olympics opening ceremony



  5. Dr R says:

    Not perverse at all. You see the BBC has invested a huge sum of (our) money in this ridiculous event so, since all that really matters to the vile, solipsistic BBC is the BBC, it figures that the Olympics must dominate as a news item.

    How many Beeboids are on the Beijing junket?

    Was it 500? Yup. It sure is.


  6. Gibby Haynes says:

    The Georgians say they’ve shot down two Russian warbirds.



  7. David Vance says:


    Yes, she brought up the 1996 Games as also being worthy of boycott if you want to talk “human rights”.


  8. Martin says:

    As I pointed out in the general thread Derbyshire sunk to even lower depths this moring on 5 lite.

    Anyone that dared to question the worth of the Olympics was not just shouted down by Derbyshire as she worked herself to what a beeboid probably thinks is an orgasm live on air but was treated like a mass baby killer.

    She does this all the time though. Whenever ANYONE rings in to question Government ‘statistics’ as anything other than being fact, they are hounded as her voice reaches an ever increasing shrill.

    The woman is not only barking mad, but she makes no attempt to hide her liberal labour bias.

    She must be fired.


  9. GCooper says:

    The BBC seems to have lost any sense of proportion about the Olympics. It’s like the Corporation is suffering from some sort of mass delusion


  10. David Preiser (USA) says:

    David Vance,

    This Olympics/China nonsense deserves its own chapter in the B-BBC book. It’s the perfect combination of the commercial arm completely supplanting their obligation to the license fee payers, dishonest reporting, anti-US bias, anti-Capitalist bias, pro-Communist bias, and the occasional outright lie.


  11. MrLouKnee says:

    anyone noticed how often Beeboid propaganda drone hue edwards reminds everyone of the evils of oil every time an oil producing nation walks out into the stadium

    beeboid scumbags


  12. Beness says:

    Vicki (my names Victoria!!!) is a leg-end. Not got much in the brains department but knew how to get a powerful man (Mark Sandell) who could make her career for her.


  13. Oscar says:

    And the story the BBC has completely wiped – unprecedented loss just reported by the Bank of Scotland. But you have to hand it to the Chinese – that opening ceremony was beyond spectacular.


  14. H.I.M, The Emperor Jeff says:

    Head above the parapet, I enjoy the Olympics, and the opening ceremony here was wonderful, but did we really need the woman (Carrie something?) spreading tractor production figures left, right and centre at every opportunity?
    Good works in Africa;- it’s only human rights groups (Boo!) who’re upset about Sudan, and they’ve invested in wealth-producing mining in Zimbabwe (providing wealth for themselves and Comrade Bob, but we won’t mention that, ok, Huw ?).

    Personally, I never understood China’s international paranoia, but, thanks to our little canary, all is now clear : they’re under threat from every country in Asia ! Afghanistan, India, Chinese Taipei (tension’s all their fault, the fools, for not wanting to be swallowed up by the giant neighbour off the port bow, and Hong Kong’s a template for them), even bloody Nepal for f***’s sake.

    Happily, other neighbours are much more amenable, and so very keen for Chinese ‘help’ with their economies (that’s ‘help’ in the Tony Soprano sense, obviously). Lucky neighbours! I wish this country bordered China, too 🙁

    I’m angrier than I should be, I guess, but it WAS a fantastic ceremony (the Skippies effortlessly carried off the worst-dressed team award with their ‘Aqua-chav’ uniforms! ),and Little Miss Goebbels and her unchallenged Sino-propaganda had no place there.


  15. zamboy says:

    If you think Al Beeb is piling on the propoganda over the Beijing Olympics, just you wait until 2010 and the World Cup in South Africa, especially if St. Nelson is still around.


  16. Jack Bauer says:

    Am I the only person who thinks the Chinese Olympic Stadium is a HIDEOUS monstrosity?


  17. Anonymous says:

    Did she give any reasoning for that? Is she unaware that the US also had the olympics later on (in 96 I think although I seem to recall they made a pigs ear of it…)? Presumably they’d cleaned up their act in the intervening 12 years.

    But Atlanta ’96 was in the Clinton era, whereas LA ’84 was during the Reaganazi period. So, in Beeboid-la-la land the 1984 games probably rank below Berlin ’36.


  18. nelson says:

    Equating China and USA human rights records is disgracefully ignorant, but of course intelligent informed people know that already.


  19. Pete says:

    Do any other channels actually bid for the TV rights to the Olympics in this country? Considering the pitiful audiences they get except for the occasional Brit medal chance I doubt it.

    The Olympics are like a lot of BBC sport – its the stuff that nobody else wants. Remember how they screened so many matches of the 2005 women’s European football championship in prime time? That was another example of the BBC’s wast of our money.


  20. Kill the Beeb says:

    Has anyone tried phoning into Derbyshire to let her know what a lefty loon she is? Having her listeners catch an earful of the truth might actually enlighten some of them.

    I’m sure it can’t be too hard to get through the switchboard.

    I’d do it but as I never listen to or watch anything associated with the BBC – for the sake of my blood pressure – I’d be shooting in the dark.


  21. Jim T says:

    Jack Bauer 6.18 pm. No, not at all. Dread to think what’s in store for 2012 when the country will be deep in apathy except for the beeboids and politicians of whatever colour.


  22. Martin says:

    Kill the beeb: Her show is the only one I know where the producer will email you back and start an argument!!!

    I’ve had numerous ones with the bint who produces her show over the years.

    They get very touchy if you accuse them of bias.

    Having said that, they do what every BBC show does. They ignore the majority of texts and emails that don’t go with the BBC line.

    If you are lucky to get on, Derbyshire just shouts at you.

    I remember one guy who said he didn’t believe the Government crime figures. She went MENTAL at him. “The Government wouldn’t lie..” she screeched at this guy!!!!!!

    The only thing that saves her job is that Talksport have the vile Jon Gaunt on, who is a sort of Richard Littlejohn wannna be.


  23. Martin says:

    Pete: I think the Olympics are one of the protected sports that the BBC gets for free.

    But you are right. No one really gives a toss about the Olympics, just like Winbledon, the women’s football and golf.

    I think the only thing the BBC gets that is worth it is the 6 nations Rugby. But they only get the home England matches, the away ones go to Sky if I remember.

    But like I said before, if you have digital TV then you can get Eurosport and they have one channel dedicated to the Olympics.

    So if they can do that, why does the BBC feel the need to fill up BBC 1 for 2 weeks with this stuff?

    As I pointed out before, most of us won’t be watching it as it’s on overnight or in the morning when those of us that are not from Liverpool will be out working.

    I’d like to see what ratings the live coverage will get at 3am.

    Cut the TV tax and let the BBC run on a subscription based services. They see how they fund 500 left wing twats to go to China.


  24. Martin says:

    Has anyone counted just how many beeboids we’ve seen reporting from China today?

    I reckon its in double figures if you include BBC news 24.

    If you add in radio it’s probably even more.


  25. David Vance says:

    David P,

    You have a point. The BBC is shilling for the communist thugs that run China big time. It’s quite amazing to behold the PR BLITZ the BBC is conducting.


  26. Anonymous says:

    martin im from liverpool. I guarantee i pay more tax than u earn



  27. Martin says:

    Anonymous: You must be a judge then 🙂


  28. betyangelo says:

    I thought you were going to have a name from now on, that was not anonymous.

    You are like the live in enjoying the priviledge of marriage without the commitment.


    I don’t know anyone at all interested in the Olympics. This is probably a shame. I remember once having the dream of being in the olympics, back then physical prowess was valued in school, I was in field and track. But you never hear of this anymore, and they are like foreigners to the average person and you wonder, watching, why they do it.

    Lurker in a Burker: thanks again for the link, I have not been so outraged in a long time, had to go out and sit with the ducks after (I farm ducks, fat pekins).

    Ducks are simple folk. The Announcer Duck quacks and everyone follows in a line wherever the Announcer Duck says they are off to, the next puddle usually.

    How could they have had the olympics in China. How could they. My tax dollars pay for the UN. Why do we pay for the UN, our enemy?


  29. deegee says:

    I suspect there is a direct link between the volume of media coverage and the public interest. Put simply, women’s sport is generally not covered on TV hence the low interest. Cover it and interest goes up, especially if the British team wins something for once.

    Should a British athlete win a medal in freestyle tiddlywinks this will be followed by a grassroots increase in participation – at least in young amateurs. This is not a bad thing for the BBC to be involved in.

    That the BBC ignores significant national and international events is wrong in itself but I don’t think the Olympics has much to do with it. They ignored events before the games and will ignore them afterwards.


  30. Gordon BrownStuff says:

    The sporting competition of man against man has undoubted heroic connotations; the pursuit of physical and technical perfection to achieve a goal is inherently virtuous.

    These are virtues our children should be encouraged to adopt in their lives in whatever they choose to do.

    That the BBC usually choose to denigrate individual achievement and ambition in drams or documentaries makes this two weeks an oasis of rationalism relative to the Beeb’s usual man-hating philosophy.

    Whilst you need to ignore the overt natioanlism, the banal commentaries and empty interviews, there is inherent natural beauty in seeing the overt celebration of victory.

    The Olympic organisation and the BBC may both be philosophically corrupt organisations and the Chinese government a pussing sore that needs lancing, but there are great values to be sought from watching the sporting endeavours over the next couple of weeks.



  31. Pete says:

    I’ve checked and the Olympics must be shown on free to air TV. ITV, Channel 4 or 5 could show them. We never hear of any bidding do we? Can we assume that nobody wants them because hardly anyone is that interested in the them so the BBC picks them up to give some variety to its usual diet of tedious doctor/nurse/cops/robbers dramas and Eastenders?

    There is no excuse for the blanket coverage the BBC is giving the games.


  32. GCooper says:

    Gordon Brownstuff writes: “…but there are great values to be sought from watching the sporting endeavours over the next couple of weeks.”

    Which may (or may not) be true. But it is not an excuse for the rest of us being forced to pay, either to have it staged, or to be broadcast.


  33. Gordon BrownStuff says:

    @GC: “Which may (or may not) be true.”

    Not sure how you can doubt the existence of virtues on our screens in the next two weeks of Olympic sport.

    “But it is not an excuse for the rest of us being forced to pay, either to have it staged, or to be broadcast.”

    Mass disobedience is one option – don’t pay your licence fee. You have that choice.


  34. GCooper says:

    Gordon Brownstuff wites: “Not sure how you can doubt the existence of virtues on our screens in the next two weeks of Olympic sport.”

    Quite easily, actually, but as it’s off topic, I shan’t. I will say, however, that I think there is far too much sport – and twaddle talked about sport – on our airwaves and that it is indefensible that people are forced to subsidise it.


  35. DAW says:

    They are seriously taking the p*** now. Eurosport are showing the Live swimming that has just started.

    The BBC are showing Sue Barker interviewing Sharron Davies who is at poolside!

    Both of them are in their holiday clothes and reading from sheets, they are all in holiday mode.

    500 people there and they still won’t show any live sport they just keep showing highlights and interviewing themselves.

    A team of 10 people could be doing these broadcasts, what are the other 490 people doing there?


  36. DAW says:

    what are they doing there? spedning our money in grand style.

    They interview is still going on by the way…


  37. Gordon BrownStuff says:

    @GC wrote: “Quite easily, actually, but as it’s off topic, I shan’t.”

    Your avoidance of comment tells me everything I need to know!


  38. Gordon BrownStuff says:

    @GC: Agree there is alot of twaddle on the airwaves, and it is not just sport, but also the coverage of the Proms is another fine example.


  39. GCooper says:

    Gordon Brownstuff writes: ”
    Your avoidance of comment tells me everything I need to know!”

    You’re being presumptuous. Not everyone is in thrall to sport. But arguing that point here would be an abuse of the space provided.

    I try (even if I don’t always succeed) to stick to the topic. I wish some others would.


  40. DAW says:

    There is live swimming on Eurosport at the moment if anyone wants to watch the Olympics

    The BBC – Sue Barker interviews Sharron Davies again

    When I was at the Olympics….


  41. Gordon BrownStuff says:

    GC writes: “You’re being presumptuous. Not everyone is in thrall to sport. But arguing that point here would be an abuse of the space provided.”

    My key point was that to see the BBC celebrate the value of individual achievement when their dramatic and news policy is to denigrate individualism, makes this two weeks an unsual antidote to the usual sickening BBC output..though at admittedly great expense to the taxpayer.

    Yet, you should still see plenty of individuals to admire in Beijing. It lifts the spirit like a work of art and the BBC’s output rarely does that.

    My comment is therefore not entirely off topic.


  42. Rob says:

    “Am I the only person who thinks the Chinese Olympic Stadium is a HIDEOUS monstrosity?”

    No Jack, I also think it is a vile design. It’s all part of the modern architectural conceit whereby buildings should not look pleasing or symmetrical. Early examples were the Centre Pompidou and the Lloyds Building, then the Guggenheim in Bilbao, the Edinburgh Parliament, the Imperial War Museum North, it’s just an archirectural fad which was once novel and is now passe. I would mourn the loss of one Georgian townhouse far more than any of the dross I have just listed.


  43. Jack Bauer says:

    Rob | 09.08.08 – 6:17 pm | #I also think it is a vile design

    Good to know. I was beginning to think I was stuck in pseuds corner listening to the gurgles of awe from while this pile of dung was ogled on the TV screen.

    From the Dung Dynasty, circa 2008.

    Imagine what this heap is going to look like in 20 years when the true shoddiness of Chinese construction is revealed, concrete cancer, et al.


  44. Neil Craig says:

    The Chinese have unarguably demonstrated a far greater respect for human rights in Tibet than we did in Krajina & Kosovo, as evidenced by the fact that the Tibetans are still there. Would it be right to boycott the London Olympics until the war criminals involved in dissecting living human beings get brought to trial. I very much doubt if anybody at the BBC will ask that question since they censor any mention of it having happened.


  45. Rob says:

    “Imagine what this heap is going to look like in 20 years when the true shoddiness of Chinese construction is revealed, concrete cancer, et al.”

    Yes Jack, one thing all these designs share in common (apart from being butt ugly) is that they need a hell of a lot of maintenance. If you leave designs like the Pompidou or Lloyds alone for a couple of years they start to fall apart. The reason traditional buildings are in a certain regular shape is, apart from looking attractive, it helps regular maintenance. The sort of modern design which has irregular walls and rooflines, following no discernable pattern, all covered with expensive metallic coatings, are a maintenance nightmare. But they are what get awards these days, so hey, they get built. Strange that it’s usually publicly funded buildings which are designed this way isn’t it? When private people or companies have a building designed, they usually want one which looks good and will last without lavish maintenance budgets. Luckily public funded vanity projects such as the Edinburgh Parliament don’t have to be subjected to such narrow minded money grubbing concerns, since they spend magic money which comes from Narnia.


  46. Martin says:

    Interesting take on the Olympics coverage in the Guardian. Here’s a snippet.

    “…As ever the Olympics will be stultifyingly tedious at times but the beauty of the BBC’s coverage – Eurosport’s much cheaper operation will cover everything as well – is that there is lots of it..”



  47. archduke says:

    BBC self-justifying its taxpayer robbery and largesse on itself as per usual..


    “I keep seeing references in the British papers to the number of people the BBC has sent to Beijing.
    As a piece of context, we flew 437 people from London – while our American colleagues NBC have 2900 here. ”

    ah yes. the self important beeboids comparing themselves to American media giants, who ARENT funded by robbing the taxpayer.


  48. Simon Lote says:

    I suppose I am one of the few people here who actually likes watching the Olympics, even the tiddlewink events so long as there is a Brit in it. (The horror!)

    I watched it on the BBC because they obviously have spent far more than they did on eurosport and yet throughout the weekend I have to report that one thing that struck me was the constant technical problems with the BBC loosing sound and pictures at vital moments and missing the start of important events because of blabbing in the studio. The BBC predictably blamed it on the weather but it wasn’t stormy on Saturday and they kept on loosing the signal.


  49. archduke says:

    sidenote: seems as if theres a cyberwar going on , conducted by the Russians…

    interesting stuff by EU Ref



  50. archduke says:

    “Simon Lote | 10.08.08 – 8:00 pm ”

    i beg to disagree regarding the olympics – anytime i stumble across any broadcast, i feel as if i’m justifying a commie regime that has massacred millions of people. it is vile and pure evil.

    no thanks. i’d rather watch something else.

    of course the IOC would say that the olympics has “nothing to do with politics”. so my retort to the braindead IOC would be – would you have held the olympics in Berlin in 1944 knowing that the Nazis were doing something political regarding the Jews.

    IOC = utterly morally bereft. sport uber alles. an utter disgrace to humanity.