Did you read this article from the BBC informing us that due to the serial recklessness of the sinister “alcohol industry” Government in the loathsome form of SuperNan Dawn Primarolo, may have to consider banning happy hour, banning larger wine glass sizes etc to help save the NHS?? Note how the article is contrived to establish the central proposition that individuals are NOT responsible for their own actions and need our benevolent government to step into the breach and “help” them. The advance of the neo-Puritans in the form of Labour seeking to ban as many of our choices as possible is given an easy ride by the servile BBC. Time for bed now, lights out…lie back and think of the Great Leader as he selflessly considers what to ban next….

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52 Responses to IT’S (not) HAPPY HOUR AGAIN…

  1. Ron Todd says:

    A drink has two purposes, to be a pleasure to drink or to get the drinker drunk.

    A good drink will do both. Bud does neither.

    the only other possable use is for students to drink so they can pretend that they look like grown ups. Austrialian genetically modified wombat pee has that end of the market tied up.


  2. Original Robin says:

    There`s been an increase in problem drinking since Labour came to power.
    There should be consultations with the socialist nannying industry,the party manifesto should carry health warnings and extra taxes on the Guardian.