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  1. adam says:

    bbc londonistan reported on the chinese oven fiasco yesterday. NO mention of what caused the ban (EU CE mark), we were told an oven tested failed a safety standard. Viewers would have been confused as to why all ovens were now banned.

    they also raised a story about a man being arrested by police for photographing the hoodies hanging around his home. They asked viewers “Do you think it should be illegal to take photos of ‘children’?”


  2. adam says:

    a better question would have been “Do you think policing in the capital is a disgrace?” or “Should the police chief be sacked and charged with harassment?”

    But never mind


  3. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Food crisis looms in East Africa

    Oh dear. BBC and UN in group-mind event. Having seen starving African infants pictured decade after decade in this tear-jerking hankie-wipe crisis, isn’t it time to say – “This is natures way of saying “too many peeps – next time keep it zippered,Oluwabukola”

    Africa has population of 900m. It also has coutries in which I am told up to a a third of the population have AIDS.

    Whilst card-carrying “White Guilt” socialists feel this is their problem, personally I don’t give a toss. Africa is entirely capable of putting its own house in order.If it chooses not to, because most of its leaders are busy salting away their coutries entire assets in personal Swiss bank accounts, this is their problem, not ours.

    Since when was Gordon Brown elected to solve Africas problems when he is the cause of most of our own?


  4. pounce says:

    The bBC, and its promotion of how Islam is the only true faith.
    ‘Allah meat’ astounds Nigerians
    Diners have been flocking to a restaurant in northern Nigeria to see pieces of meat which the owner says are inscribed with the name of Allah. What looks like the Arabic word for God and the name of the prophet Muhammad were discovered in pieces of beef by a diner in Birnin Kebbi…
    “When the writings were discovered there were some Islamic scholars who come and eat here and they all commented that it was a sign to show that Islam is the only true religion for mankind,”

    Yup the bBC has no problem proselyting for Allah. I’m sure Jerry Springer will be ‘nappy.’
    The bBC, and its promotion of how Islam is the only true faith.


  5. GCooper says:

    Am I alone in feeling slightly queasy at the BBC’s gleeful coverage of the arrest of Radovan Karadzic?

    I find it hard to believe there were not villains of equal measure on the other side and when I hear a slug like John Simpson refer to someone as a ‘Warlord’, my immediate reaction is to wonder why Karadzic is described thus, while Simpson actually seems to admire Mugabe.

    The BBC. It’s really rotten to the core, isn’t it?


  6. Martin says:

    GCooper: Ah well. Karadzic killed “Moozlums” and that is not what the BBC like.

    Killing Jews is OK. Killing white farmers is OK, but not Moozlums.

    As I’ve pointed out. Shame the gutless EU soldiers didn’t put up more of a fight. In fact, they did what European armies tend to do. Give up without a fight.


  7. Martin says:

    Oh and I had to laugh when some Beeboid was going on about how this was a great day for the UN??? Are they kidding?

    It was the USA and UK that forced an end to the slaughter.

    What did the UN do? Fuck all, as usual.

    What is the UN doing in the Sudan? Fuck all

    Zimbabwe? Fuck all

    Afghanistan? Fuck all

    Shouldn’t the UN be renamed to the FA?


  8. Atlas shrugged says:

    “Do you think it should be illegal to take photos of ‘children’?”

    Now, would it not be interesting if it was made illegal to take pictures of children?

    Because if it were made illegal virtually every camera man, chief and sub editor working anywhere in the world for AP, REUTERS, NEWS CORP, or more saliently The BBC, would have to be arrested. Including most representatives of Oxfam and Save the Children.

    It is clear that the idiot proposing this has either not got a mind worth possessing or something very sinister is afoot.

    So here is my theory, which is not really a theory at all, but it is very sinister indeed.

    IMO It is a well documented long held establishment policy that the BBC is promoting without question. Very Very much like it does every other establishment agenda such as CO2=MMGW feminism, gay marriage, alternative non fundamentalist religions, New Ageism, Marxism, and Fascism etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

    The establishment want and have always wanted to destroy normal family life as much as they can get away with. At this they have been reasonably successful, but I am sure not as successful as they may have wished to be by now.

    Of course this does not include their own families. They are still TOTALLY male dominated, controlling their blood lines like Royalty, and giving their off spring all the material advantages that absolute extreme wealth and power can provide. Usually sending their off spring to places such as Eton, and then later to Oxbridge or Harvard universities.

    The most important reason for this is to keep the money and therefore power in the family. They know that handing down wealth through the generations while keeping their blood lines in tact, sometimes by what most normal people would call interbreeding or incest, is the only way to really become and stay in a position of independent power.

    This is EXACTLY why they want to destroy normal family life for the rest of us. So you and me or any other ordinary people stay poorish, powerless, and disunited. Therefore easier to dominate and effectively rule in every way.

    The most important and by far the richest and powerful establishment figures in this world of ‘THEIRS’ are the Rothschild’s and the Rockafella’s. When these chaps where at university they were all known as MARXISTS. All of their children to my knowledge, where or are also known as MARXISTS. As were Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. Even Cameron could have been as far as I know. But as far as he is concerned little information is currently available. Most that knew him at university claim he had no particular political persuasions worth noting. Which of course could mean anything.

    Young Lord Rothschild is a self confessed strong supporter of The Green Party and is also one of the strongest financial backers of all and every CO2=MMGW agendas going. As are almost all other far more minor establishment figures such as Zac Goldsmith.

    Unfortunately for us, these people have bet a sizable proportion of their shirts on perpetuating their power and financial status on providing TRULY MASSIVE Multi-TRILLION $ banking facilities and technological equipment to assist in the problems that they say increasing CO2 levels will create.

    A fair amount of their shirt has already been investing bribing various scientist to lie and generally make things up to help in this plan. This done by giving highly generous research grants ONLY to scientists who come out with the ‘correct’ research.

    AS these chaps also hold the worlds banking system by the balls. Western politicians dare not say boo to there hoped for golden goose. Especially as they have already conspired to over lend and therefore bankrupt the common people using property market bubbles and there respective governments through totally reckless and highly wasteful borrowing. As they did back in 1929.

    I can state this as fact because I know for 100% sure that they will never take this accusation to court. If they did the publicity would blow the scam sky high, and I may become far richer and more famous then I am now. The other reason is that all of the above is completely true and on the record. Just don’t expect the BBC to mention a word of it.

    However if I do suddenly stop posting you may conclude the worst. Please do not feel sorry for me if I do. Just have regards for my wife and 5 children. As I see things right now, this world will soon not be worth living in anymore, for many reasons.


  9. ady says:

    Some sobering news for those of us who live in Britain, and the government system our BEEB is an integral part of.

    ‘Spying’ requests exceed 500,000

    There are about 46 million adults in the UK.
    So one in every 92 British adults had a governmental spying request for their private communications data made in 2007.

    Happy days guys.


  10. gus says:

    Anybody know the Muslim adult population of the U.K.?


  11. George R says:

    “New role for BBC Two controller”

    Is this code for more repeats?


  12. 1327 says:

    Last Sunday night I listened to what sounded like an interesting documentary on Radio 3 about the poet Ezra Pound ..

    In brief Pound was a great admirer of Mussolini and continued to live in Italy throughout WW2 and even broadcast propaganda on Italian state radio despite being a US citizen. At the end of the war the Americans arrested him and shipped him home for a well deserved treason trial. It soon became obvious however that Pound was as mad as a hatter so his defence team agreed he be declared insane and was sent to an asylum for 15 years.

    What ruins an interesting documentary however is the presenters continuous excusing of Pounds anti-Semitism. This despite the fact there are recordings of some of Pounds broadcasts which are amazingly crude Jew hating (he refers to Jewsavelt and Jewspapers). The worst bias comes near the end with suggestions that what happened to Pound is similar to the detainees in Guantanamo bay. Most amazingly is the claim that the credit crunch means that Pound was right about Usury and then ends with Pounds daughter saying that her Father was never personally nasty to any Jews.

    All I can say is have a listen as although it is 45 minutes long its worth a listen.


  13. George R says:

    This BBC report, ostensibly about Karadzic’s extradition, soon melds into a presumptuous case for the enlargement of the European Union into the Balkans (to include Kosovo, Serbia and many large etceteras), which is in line with EU and Brown-Miliband policy, but not necessarily that of the British people:

    “Karadzic will fight extradition”

    In tone, the BBC report is similar to that of the ‘European Commission Enlargement’ official site:


  14. fewqwer says:

    Steve McIntyre has written some highly entertaining posts at Climate Audit eviscerating the BBC’s biased coverage of the OFCOM/TGGWS decision.


  15. PaulS says:

    gus | 23.07.08 – 2:30 am |

    Anybody know the Muslim adult population of the U.K.?

    In the 2001 census, the total Muslim population was 1.6m, of whom 30% were under 16.

    This was probably an under-counting at the time.

    Plus there has been continued immigration and a high birth rate.

    So I’d say a conservative estimate would be a total population of 2m, of whom about 800,000 were under 18 – giving an adult population of around 1.2 million.

    But no one really knows.


  16. The True Middle Ground says:

    Anybody know the Muslim adult population of the U.K.?
    gus | 23.07.08 – 2:30 am | #

    All Asians (adult & kids) was about 4-5% last census.

    White British was 92%.

    Of course muslims can come into any category, but I’m sure no one will argue most fall into the “Asian” category. The official figures don’t split it by religion.

    If you live in Birmingham or Bradford it is much more. Walking through Birmingham the other day my father in law even remarked “we’ll be in the minority soon”.

    And before anyone (like my father in law) says “yeah, 4% – that’s just the ones we know about”, illegals won’t even but a dent in another percentage point. Even our borders aren’t that bad and besides – we’re too small a nation to hide the millions that it would take to push up a percent.

    Of course, the data I’m quoting is a few years out and has probably sent the white British numbers plummetting to maybe 91-91.5%.


  17. keith says:

    Am I alone in noticing the sustained Boris Bashing on the BBC 6.30pm London News. Night after night negative reporting on the activities of the London Mayor, often supported by the totally unbiased contributions of Ken Livingstone Esq.
    Last night it was Boris’s stated intention to holiday abroad this summer, shock, horror. This the BBC had obviously gleaned from Boris’s own article in the Telegraph, so he is hardly keeping it a secret.In the article Boris humourously alliterated Bognor with bugger and stuff with Skegness; hardly original. But the BBC nonetheless sought out the Mayor of Skegness to condemn Boris for this terrible slander. And then asked for viewers’ comments on his holiday plans. Oh, do get a life.


  18. Lurker in a Burqua says:


    Heh! Scottish blogger Neil Craig sent the following letter to British regulator Ofcom as a comment on their waffling about “balance” in response to the “Swindle” film. I doubt that Neil will get a reply

    Dear Sir,

    Following your judgement that the Global Warming Swindle failed to adhere to your rules about impartiality & particularly in line with section 5.12 “an appropriately wide range of significant views must be included and given due weight in each programme or in clearly linked and timely programmes” I wish to follow up my complaint of Sunday, to which astonishingly you have made no response, with the following from the last 17 hours.

    Complaint 1 – Channel 4 news 7.30 – Though the programme accused Mugabe’s followers of violence & torture & a commentator from the opposing side was interviewed nobody from the government side was.

    Complaint 2 – BBC 10 O’CLOCK NEWS – Reporting the Warming Swindle programme the BBC started by mentioning that the programme had not interviewed the IPCC or Sir David King & only near the end mentioned that Ofcom had found the scientific parts of the programme (1-4 of 5) accurate. They interviewed one alarmist spokesman (from the Royal Society) but not anybody on the other side. In particular Professor Singer who was criticised for saying King said something which Hansard also says he said should have been allowed to reply. This is particularly outrageous since this is the very activity that they are reporting that has been censured by you.

    Complaint 3 – BBC 10 O’CLOCK NEWS – – Reported on Zimbabwe, accusing Mugabe of murder & interviewing an MDC spokesman but not a ZANU one.

    Complaint 4 – SCOTTISH NEWS BBC 1 10.30 – Reporting on a proposed new windfarm they interviewed Alex Salmond who said, untruthfully, that this windfarm “could light up the city of Glasgow”. In fact with perfect conditions & 100% capacity, instead of the 27% average capacity it could light up all the houses, so long as none of them had 2 bar electric fires or equivalent which only leaves the 2/3rds of energy used outside the home. No questioning of this claim was allowed. BBC then interviewed an Airtricity spokesman. Again no attempt to produce a “wide range” of views or even 1 sceptic was allowed.

    Complaint 4 – NEWSNIGHT BBC 2 10.30 – Reporting on Zimbabwe a US state Dept spokesperson alone was interviewed. The US, of course, voted for sanctions against Zimbabwe on the ground that it was a threat to regional peace. No spokesman from either Russia or China, who voted down that resolution were interviewed. It is difficult to claim that the views of 2 of the 5 Security Council leaders are not “significant”.

    Complaint 5 – Newsnight BB” 2 10.30 – Reported on the capture of Radovan Karadzic claiming him as responsible for the “7,500 people who died at Srebrenica”. This was both unbalanced & a misrepresentation of the facts since the only undisputed massacre there is of at least 3,800 Serb men, women & children (but mainly women & children since the men were in the army) in surrounding villages by Moslem forces.

    Complaint 6 – Tuesday 22nd BBC Radio Scotland 7.30 on – Reporting on the capture of Karadzic the BBC put out nearly a dozen soundbites/interviews all with people claiming him guilty of crimes. Obviously if this was ever intended to be a real trial the BBC would not have considered acting in such a prejudicial manner but even though it is merely to be a propaganda show trial they are still in breach of their duty that “wide range of significant views must be included” which obviously included innocence.

    Complaint 7 – CLASSIC FM 10 AM – Interviewed Paddy Ashdown, a well known supporter of the openly genocidal Bosnian Moslem leader & former SS auxiliary whose coup prevented Karadzic performing his job as President, under the rotating presidency of Bosnia & Hercegovina. No attempt at balance by interviewing anybody from the other side.

    I note that in a 16 hour period, watching/listening to only 1 channel at a time I have found 7 instances which clearly & indubitably breach the guidelines as you have interpreted them. It must be assumed that over a full day & all channels it must be at least double that & over a year you are thus going to have to issue 5,000 critical reports. You have my felicitations in that process since it is clear this will be an arduous task.

    Of course if Ofcom’s job was not the one it claims but merely to ensure that the broadcast media continue to be a fascist propaganda arm of government willing to tell absolutely any lie & distort any news in a racist &/or unscientific way your job would be much easier.

    I look forward to your response & action this day.


  19. George R says:

    Info for BBC:-

    Islamic Jihadists.

    “Jailed bomb plotters lose appeal”


  20. Sue says:

    The report on the incident in Jerusalem yesterday, and various (up to 13) versions noted by Newssniffer.

    The insertion and removal of scare quotes around the word ‘attack’ indicate that at a particular point in time there was an element of doubt about what had occurred. Could it have been a mere accident? A bizarre mechanical malfunction? An alchohol-related escapade? An over enthusiastic excavating spree? Possibly.

    The substitution of ‘Palestinian’ for the earlier ‘man’ could be justified, again, by reluctance to jump to conclusions. Very understandable. Even starting with ‘man’ was a commitment in a way. A bit of a gamble. After all the culprit could have been a woman, a dog, or a Martian. So even ‘human being’ was a bit specific. A bit speculative.
    Adhering strictly to impartiality guidelines, to be on the safe side, such reports should really start with a noncommittal term such as ‘being’, then, gingerly, add ‘human’, then, when you’re sure, change to ‘man’, then when you’re absolutely certain, much later, insert Palestinian. With caution.

    But if, as people have said, the inference about the man’s mental condition really appears in no other news reports, this allusion looks like pure speculation. Here, the caution that was so rigorously applied to those earlier examples, has been thrown to the wind.
    If there is a place for speculation in a news report, surely it is only in the unlikely event that it somehow becomes newsworthy. It’s not justified even when it is prefaced by “some people say that…” It is not acceptable to insert random bursts of speculative theory or opinion held by the reporter, into a news report. The place for that obviously is in an opinion piece.

    Here, speculation over the individual’s sanity seems to have been added to mitigate the act, to somehow excuse it.

    If we are to believe that the driver was simply deranged, and not motivated by politics at all, it follows that the ‘attack’ could equally have been carried out anywhere, for instance in an Arab area, injuring, say, just for the sake of argument, some Palestinians; we must assume that the location and the identity of the ‘attacker’ were irrelevant.

    All well and good for an opinion piece, if that is the opinion of the writer. Or does he mean that although there was a political background, we must not automatically conclude that politics were the actual motivation. We must consider that the act itself was that of a madman, and unique.

    Any violence perpetrated by an individual has an element of insanity about it in my view. If all terrorists pleaded insanity I would have sympathy with that. Not to exonerate them, just to define their mental state. But that is another matter.
    I can understand the need for caution where sensitive issues are being dealt with. But where was this caution when they were reporting on the conveniently filmed ‘attack’ on the Palestinian goatherd and his wife by ‘Israeli settlers’ ? The identity of the perpetrators was trumpeted far and wide by the Beeb far before there was any certainty as to its veracity.

    Where was the speculation? Where was the “Some people say that the young men in Arab headdress looked a bit unlike Israeli settlers?”

    And that’s just for starters.
    These trivial-sounding inequalities contribute to the general drip drip drip of the biased BBC


  21. George R says:

    Lurker in a Burqua:

    Also –

    “Has Lord Ashdown ever heard of the phrase: Innocent until proved Guilty”:-


  22. Dr R says:

    Just how many Beeboids did the holy BBC send to cover the Karadjic story?

    Well I counted at least five reporters (and this was purely for television), including the odious, self-publicising fatso John Liberator-of-Kuwait Simpson (has anyone noticed how he brings himself into every report?).

    So let’s assume that each of these has a producer, a cameraman, a soundman and some flunky (just to do up Simpson’s flies etc).

    That makes a staggering 25 people, or thereabouts. Each one with a plane ticket (double seat first class for St Jon of the Large Sandwich), hotel rooms, minders, stringers…

    … al to tell us what? That the much anticipated Serb Nationalist response was paltry and that the killer got what he deserved.

    God I hate the effing BBC!


  23. RR says:

    Karadjic in a beard somehow reminds me of the Archbp of Canterbury.


  24. dave s says:

    I am puzzled as to why the Serbs have given up Karadzic now.They must have known where he was.
    With the situation in Kosovo so tense it seems strange.
    The massed BBC reporters never seem to ask questions.
    Serbia is armed to the teeth by the Russians who back them all the way.
    Serbian resentment of Nato and the EU is not exactly a secret.
    Somthing is going on but I doubt the BBC will discover what until it happens.


  25. Cheeta says:


    Is it just me or is there something a little unbalanced in this BBC report?

    For Labour :

    “boasted it had visited 20,000 homes over the last weekend of the campaign…”; “Balqes Malik said she would give Labour one more chance”;
    “Georgina Close said she had yet to decide between Labour and the SNP.”
    “Mr Law said he would vote Labour, because that was the party his family had always supported.”
    “Scotland Office Minister David Cairns made no bones about the challenge they faced. ‘I have always predicted this would be hard and this would be tough,’ he said earlier in the campaign. ”

    For the SNP:
    “SNP councillor Billy McAllister, just one foot soldier among the warring armies of activists, reckons his party has had more than 100 campaigners piling into the constituency every day of the campaign.” “…could make a practical difference to people’s lives.” “…has been trying to help residents whose homes were demolished as part of a regeneration programme.”

    For the Liberals : “Liberal Democrat campaigner Katy Gordon has been trying to persuade people to sign a petition to save a local fire station.”

    And where to the Conservatives feature? It starts, toward the end:

    “Manpower has been an issue for the Conservatives..”


  26. PaulS says:

    Some facts I didn’t know and which all beeboid presenters (especially the Bush-haters and anti-US sneerers) should be made to learn by heart:

    Between 1997 and 2004, carbon dioxide emissions rose as follows:

    Emissions worldwide increased 18.0%;

    Emissions from countries that ratified the {Kyoto} protocol increased 21.1%;

    Emissions from non-ratifiers of the protocol increased 10.0%;

    Emissions from the US (a non-ratifier) increased 6.6%



  27. George R says:

    “Abu Hamza loses extradition fight”

    And the (estimated) cost of one Muslim immigrant to the UK:

    “£2.75m, the cost of paying for Hamza’s hatred”

    BUT WAIT:-

    “MPs call for halt to extradition of ‘terrorist’ cleric Abu Hamza to US…”


  28. Jack Bauer says:

    “…has been trying to help residents whose homes were demolished as part of a regeneration programme.”

    If their homes have been “demolished” presumably they are no longer “residents.”

    Is this Nu-Lab new voting rules for the new millennium? Non-residents get the vote too!


  29. Martin says:

    Ni Labour MPs arse licking the Moozlum population YET again.


  30. Martin says:


    I wouldn’t bother. The jocks would vote for a pile of vomit if it was SNP or Labour.

    But fear not. Once the Tories are in, the SNP will go for their vote to go their own way and hopefully the jockw ill finally grow the balls to do it.

    That will finish Nu Labour once and for all. Then the Tories can set about the BBC.


  31. mailman says:

    David S, Al Beeb has speculated on why the Serbs gave up their former “love child”, so they could get entry to the EU.



  32. Martin says:


    David Aaronovitch ( a well known leftie) wrote quite a good piece about Obama and why the left will end up hating him.

    On the subject of climate change here is an interesting quote from the article.

    “..George W.Bush, of course, represents a particular kind of offence to European sensibilities. He blew out Kyoto, instead of pretending to care about it and then not implementing it, which is what our hypocrisies require..”

    The USA has done more to cut pollution, especially that right wing evil Arnie Governor of California, whilst the camp left wing losers in the eU have done nothing but sit around and talk about it, generating more CO2 in the process.


  33. Martin says:

    mailman: What ‘old europe’ doesn’t yet get is that just like Eurovision, once all the eastern european countries become members, they’ll all start voting on things that work for them rather than everyone else.

    This won’t worry the French or Germans as they will simply ignore it. But you just know the shrubs at Westminster will do exactly as told


  34. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This isn’t about bias specifically, but it is related to the many discussions had here about the BBC’s commercial operations, and pretenses that they don’t act like commercial broadcasters and are worthy of the license fee:

    BBC classical music sponsorship outlawed

    The BBC Trust has ruled that the BBC is out of order with their constant plugging of their New Generation Artists scheme, which is fully funded by corporate sponsorship.

    Now, corporate sponsorship of classical music is quite common. But the BBC isn’t supposed to dabble in commercial broadcasting. All their schemes like this are blatant encroachments on the world of independent broadcasters, and the BBC is literally competing with them for corporate sponsorship cash and advertising revenue. This is in violation of the Charter (surprise), and good for the Trust for finally noticing.


  35. Neil Craig says:

    Following the Karadzic arrest we have seen an endless parade of “spokesmen” on saying how awful he was. I must admit my belief – I very much doubt if he was nearly as bad as the people we helped & suspect that, as with Milosevic, it will prove impossible to find any actual evidence against him.

    However personal opinions apart – firstly, as Ofcom decided in the Warming Swindle programme, there is a duty to report all views which the BBC has certainly failed to do.

    Worse – in any real court case the media go to considerable lengths not to say the defenant is guilty till the jury do – even with West or Shipman where the evidence was clear. If this is intended to be portrayed as a real trial they should stick to the real trial rules.


  36. NotaSheep says:

    Dara O’Briain on 5 Live Simon Mayo show singing the praises of Frankie Boyle – no mention of his Margaret Thatcher “joke” as far as I could tell. I wonder if Simon Mayo would appreciate it being re-told on his show?


  37. Billy says:

    Actually Neil, the evidence is pretty overwhelming. Much of what happened at Srebrenica was captured on film. I expect the trial will be fair, if long drawn out, but I think we all know with some degree of certainty what the verdict will be.

    Oh well, they were only ‘Moslems’ after all, right?


  38. Martin says:

    Billy: Explain why the Moozlums around the world sat around doing nothing whilst the ‘slaughter’ of their brothers went on?

    Perhaps I missed it. But I don’t remember George Gallowy heading a mass march of Moozlums through the streets of London demanding we take action. Do you?


  39. Anonymous says:

    NotaSheep | 23.07.08 – 3:04 pm

    If you go back to the other thread you’ll find there was no Frankie Boyle Thatcher joke on Dara’s Mock the Week show.

    David Vance got his wires crossed. It was another show on Channel 4 he’d been watching. DV has apoologised for the gaffe.


  40. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Martin | 23.07.08 – 3:29 pm |

    Actually, some Mohammedans did go to the Balkans to help their co-religionists. The BBC even did an idiotic report not too long ago complaining about the fact that they were being asked to leave since they were not actually legal residents. The BBC decided that they deserved squatters’ rights for citizenship.

    In any case, that was a war involving a Democrat President, so no fuss necessary. That’s why I always refer to the whiners of the “anti-war” crowd as not actually being against war per se, but as merely “anti-this war”.


  41. mailman says:

    Sigh, article itself was semi-ok UNTIL the last paragraph!



  42. Cassandra says:


    More than the scumbag BBC ever does, am I right?
    DV puts his hands up to mistakes and the BBC just forgets about theirs.


  43. NotaSheep says:

    I saw the Frankie Boyle Margaret Thatcher “joke”. The trouble is that he is on so many TV programmes that it is hard to track on which particular one he has made his latest hilarious “joke”. If it was on a Channel 4 programme then so be it, doesn’t mean that I approve of his “humour”.


  44. Sue says:

    mailman | 23.07.08 – 4:07 pm
    Yes, but why do they need to add ‘scare quotes’ to the word ‘terrorist’ in reported speech? “Israeli police said they were treating it as a “terrorist” attack.”
    It’s going to ludicrous extremes to avoid being caught applying the ‘T’ word to a “”””Palestinian”””


  45. TPO says:

    Anonymous | 23.07.08 – 3:57 pm |

    The bottom line is what on earth is the publicly funded BBC doing giving verminous filth like Boyle (an appropriate name don’t you think) a platform.
    For me it matters not where he came out with such a remark. The issue is that he did and the BBC allow him on air.
    If they can dispose of Kilroy-Silk then they can dispose of Boyle.


  46. TPO says:

    AndrewSouthLondon | 22.07.08 – 11:18 pm |

    Totally agree. Africa is an African problem not mine.
    Remember when the BBC got all huffed up about the UK ‘poaching nurses’ from Africa.

    Then, for the BBC, the story died a death. Why? Because the majority of the 800 ‘nurses’ who came to the UK (with their families of course) were HIV or AIDS sufferers.
    Instead of augmenting resources they became a drain on resources.
    Now that’s when Africans become my problem.


  47. Martin says:

    David Preiser (USA): I think you’ll find Galloway opposed the west intervening in the Balkans. When he’s on Talksport spouting his bile it often comes up.

    And I certainly don’t remember huge protests about the slaugter in the Balkans.

    In fact when it came ot Kosovo Clinton was very unhappy about getting involved.

    The American media used to rib Blair about wanting to fight to he last American. Oh and the famous Apache helicopters that sat on the ground unused.

    You are right in that ‘some’ Muslims went and fought, but what did the Muslim Governments do? Nothing.

    I think the view was, they’re not ‘proper’ Muslims and of course it helps to re-inforce the view to other Muslims that they are a persecuted lot.

    Oh and the BBC keep failing to point out that the slaughter took place under the noses of the UN, just like it did in Rwanda.

    So how DARE the BBC say it’s a good day for the UN.


  48. Neil Craig says:

    Actually Billy there is no truth to your claim that the “official” Srebrenica massacre was filmed.

    Paradoxically the real one was. Nasir Oric, our genocidal Moslem Nazi ally not only video taped himself beheading wome & children he showed it to journalists. Those from the Toronto Star & Washington Post even reported it.

    However I think you are right that we all know what the “verdict” will be & doubtless we can depend on the BBC never to allow any reporting of anything other than the official lies.

    After all the Serbs are only Untermensch as you neglected to say.


  49. Neil Craig says:

    Actually Galloway did call for intervention to help the Bosnian Moslems. This allowed George robertson to score a point by quoting it in the Parliamentary debate on Kosovo when Galloway opposed that war.


  50. DB says:

    NotaSheep | 23.07.08 – 3:04 pm
    If you go back to the other thread you’ll find there was no Frankie Boyle Thatcher joke on Dara’s Mock the Week show.
    David Vance got his wires crossed. It was another show on Channel 4 he’d been watching. DV has apoologised for the gaffe.
    Anonymous | 23.07.08 – 3:57 pm

    There were Frankie Boyle jokes about Thatcher’s death on Mock The Week (about firing the 21 gun salute at the coffin and digging her grave deep enough to hand her over to Satan). On R5L today Colin “In Terms Of” Murray (standing in for Simon Mayo) said that the Boyle jokes about Thatcher were his favourite bit and encouraged listeners to seek them out on iPlayer.