The BBC’s coverage of the Glasgow East by-election is curiously mute on the reasons as to why Labour MP David Marshall suddenly decided to stand down from office. We are told it was for “health reasons”. So when we read in the press that the Labour MP used almost £500,000 of taxpayers’ money over six years to help run an office from his home which was staffed by his wife we have better insight as to why the BBC is so silent. Marshall’s office was in his semi-detached Glasgow home and he employed his wife Tina as his secretary. It is also believed he paid his daughter Christina to work from his home from the same pool of money. Now given the BBC’s delight in revealing every nuance of the allegations against Ray Lewis in London, shouldn’t it be providing these facts concerning how a Glaswegian Labour MP uses tax payers money? Or might that prove a tad awkward for Mr Broon?

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