Am I the only person surprised at the fact that when top secret files concerning Al Queda and Iraq are accidentally left on the London tube they are found by an ordinary member of the public and then handed over…to the BBC? Given the BBC’s opposition to the war in Iraq and its inability to understand that Al Queda is a terrorist group, I find it odd that such an organisation is handed such sensitive files. Would the London police not have been the obvious destination? I note that BBC’s security correspondent, Frank Gardner, immediately starts leaking the content, as we would expect. There is only one thing in the world worse than losing top secret security file and that is the BBC finding them!


I’ve heard of the vicar of Dibly, but today I wish I hadn’t heard of Vicar Tilby! She was providing the “Thought for the Day” contribution on the BBC Today this morning and what a pro-Islamic troll she was! At one point she had the temerity to refer to a press release from Muslim clerics last year as being akin to hearing “the voice of God.” Allah be praised. Naturally she had a go at President Bush before concluding her segment with the wise words that we need to listen to Islam a lot more than we do. She has a point in one way – if we listen carefully then we might all realise it is more a pathology and less of a religion – though I doubt this is what the vicar was getting at. My point here is that this “Thought for the Day” section is most frequently given over left-wing pseudo-clerics who then use it as just one more front to propagandise for the leftist chic so beloved of Al Beeb. Religion is culture war by other means when it comes to the BBC.

8 out of 10 cats

. Did you read the BBC’s report into itself? Sorry, I meant to say the totally independent report commissioned by the BBC Trust (Oxymoron) into the BBC’s coverage of the UK’s regions in its main news bulletins and factual programmes? I laughed at the statistic that 61% of the UK population agreed with the idea that the BBC provided better coverage from other parts of the UK than anyone else. I don’t think so. Do you? I suppose it depends on what is meant by “better”! Furthermore I am not that bothered about the fact that the National news does not provide greater detail on the devolved structures in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. When I see the grovelling BBC coverage of the NI devolved Assembly, I would not wish it on anyone else in the UK! I also note that the Scots dissatisfaction with the coverage afforded to their burlesque is given great prominence – do we really need to ensure Alex Salmond and his goon squad are foisted upon our screens even more than they already are? My issue is not with whether or not the BBC coverage is sufficiently broad based across the UK, it is the fact that BBC coverage is inherently anti-British. Can we have a report into the self-loathing that permeates all BBC coverage of things British please?


Isn’t it peculiar the way in which the BBC insists in attaching the label “conservative” to those tyrants in some of the worlds’ most repressive regimes? Take the report on BBC Radio 4 “Today” this morning, just after 7am, telling us about the Saudi Arabian plan to create a new city in the desert. It appears that this visionary act is opposed by some “conservative” critics who fear that it may lead to calls for more freedom. Surely the correct term to use here is Wahhabi fascists, or would that be too close to the bone for the BBC when discussing our dear friends in “The Kingdom”?

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Wonder what you make of the news that families of those killed in the 7/7 suicide bombings in London have launched a bitter attack on the BBC yesterday for paying expenses to a disgraced academic who believes the atrocities may have been an intelligence agency conspiracy? At one point, Nicholas Kollerstrom telephoned the father of one victim to discuss whether his daughter’s body had been planted at the site of the Tavistock Square bus bombing. What a monster. Kollerstrom, who denies the Holocaust, was carrying out research for his role in the BBC’s Conpiracy Files, a documentary about the theories surrounding the 2005 bombings on the London transport system that killed 52 innocent victims. His theory is that the Al Qaeda inspired bombers were in fact “non-violent by nature” – “innocent patsies”, who had been set up by elements within the Israeli, British and US security agencies. Isn’t it great to know how wisely the BBC uses the tax it takes from us?


. Do you recall us discussing the BBC sneering at ITV’s X-Factor panelist Sharon Osbourne’s decision to leave that programme because her extortionate financial requests were not being granted a few days ago? So, can you guess where Sharon is going? That’s right – the BBC. It’s reported that Osbourne is being lined up to be a contestant on BBC’s “Strictly Come Dancing”.


It’s been a long day – having spent it in a sunny Dublin. Bumped into Andrew Neil who was over with his team covering the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty aka EU Constitution. On the way home, I tuned in to the PM programme on the BBC to catch their very special coverage of the Irish referendum. (Around 5.25pm) It’s pretty clear to just about everybody that the result is going to be close, with some polls suggesting a NO victory. The Irish political establishment, big business and trade unions all support a YES vote, and it was nice to see the BBC doing their best to help them. The vox pop that PM conducted in Dublin was unable to find anyone intending to vote No. What rotten luck. The BBC has no influence over how Irish voters will behave but it is so obvious that the BBC is overwhelmingly biased in favour of the implementation of this EU Constitution and it will be gobsmacked if Ireland says NO. It should also act as a warning to us all that should our UK political masters ever find the guts to grant us a vote on the EU constitution – the BBC will be to the fore to secure a Yes vote. It appears NO is not just in their vocabulary when Brussels beckons.


I listened to an item on BBC Radio 4 “Today” this morning just before 7am concerning how government is allegedly failing those MILLIONS of British children are living “in poverty” All the cliches were trotted out and for good effect the couple that the BBC interviewed – Elvis and Alex – even had one partner working but alas Elvis was on minimum wage. At no point did the BBC explain that what is measured these days is “relative poverty” – a leftist invention in recent years to allow them to beg for even more lavish public funds to alleviate a non-existent problem. A figure of an extra 2.7bn was bandied about as if it were nothing during this item. You can understand why the Poverty Industry is attracted to the BBC to pump out its propaganda – undiscerning transmission of faux statistics is the name of the poverty game and Auntie plays along.

100, NOT OUT?

And so the sad landmark of 100 British soldiers killed in Afghanistan is reached and it provides the BBC with yet another opportunity to undermine the morale of our Armed Forces. Soldiers from 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment, were on foot patrol in Helmand Province when a scumbag Jihadist detonated himself. The blast killed three of our boys. Instead of examining what sort of deranged mindset encourages these homicide-bombers (Islam) the BBC’s defence correspondent Paul Adams instead questions the veracity of the progress our military is making and complains at the corruption of the Afghan government. I’m sure the next of kin will find this most reassuring – the subtext of course being that their men died in vain. Shame on Adams and the rest of the defeatist anti-military BBC.