This letter was recently sent to the BBC by my friend Andrew McCann and I thought it might be worth sharing with you. He has not had a reply.


Has the American presidential election already reached its conclusion? I have to ask since the evaporation of coverage on the BBC news since the confirmation of Barack Obama as Democrat nominee has been noted by many. The British Broadcasting Corporation was quite happy to flood news bulletins with ‘Presidential’ campaign happenings during the ‘beauty’ contest between Clinton and Obama. However, now that the BBC might just have to turn its attention to a more balanced coverage of the campaign by including Republican candidate, John McCain (remember him?), it suddenly has lost all interest.

Oh, what a beauty contest the Democrat race proved to be: both candidates filled every ‘tick-box’ on the social profiling sheet of the average Guardianista. One was a woman; the other was black. ‘Whoopee’ cried the anti-Israeli, anti-American, tree hugging news teams at the BBC. What did it matter that a potential leader of the free world should have more suitably meritocratic attributes such as intelligence, political nous, first-hand experience of America’s military engagements, an appreciation of realpolitik, and integrity? The sum total of the BBC’s analysis was preoccupied with the gender of one and the ethnicity of the other. As for the Grand Old Party, they might as well have shuffled off stage-left. The BBC, like the other Left-leaning, liberal ‘luvvies’ which dominate the European media scene, want a Democrat in the White House. Why don’t you just be honest and admit it?

I am a BBC licence payer (for my sins). I want to see a Republican returned to power in the United States. I certainly do not want to see someone whose paternal ancestry shares the same religion as the evil-doers who killed 3,000 people in New York City seven years ago: a man who is prepared to ‘combat’ the rise of evil terrorist Islamism by sitting down and having cosy little chats with some of its principal protagonists. When are my preferences going to be incorporated in the so-called impartial coverage your organisation is (dubiously) renowned for?

If and, as I expect, when John McCain is voted the 44th President of the United States will we be offered the sort of ethno-centric spite-laden coverage I expect? The sort which will feebly attempt to portray the American electorate as bunch of subliminal Alabamaesque red-necks who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for poor old Barack because he was black? I am prepared to bet money on it. For in the final analysis it is those of the Left who lionise on the basis of sociological labels, and it is those of us on the Right who prefer to view people on their genuine merits.

Yours truly



I think it can be safely said that the BBC views the United Nations as “the world’s highest moral authority” insofar as it’s coverage of this institutionalised vast bloated corruption is always glowing. So when the UN Security Council condemns the violence and intimidation against Zimbabwe’s opposition party, the BBC runs with this and no tough questions are posed as to what these words amount to. It also throws in a few specious lines about the brave attempts by South African President Mbeke to find a solution to the Zimbabwean nightmare . This is pathetic stuff. The UN, and Mbeke, have done NOTHING to seriously pressurise the thug Mugabe. In fact Mbeke has given years of tacit support to his Marxist pal Mugabe. What is happening in Zimbabwe demonstrates two truths which sit uneasily with Beebview. It shows the utter impotence of the UN to do anything of substance and demonstrates the callous disregard that South Africa’s President has for the suffering of those poor people under the jackboot of Mugabe.


In my view, the BBC has played a central role in propagandising the fantasy that Northern Ireland has found true peace and lasting happiness ever since we all closed our eyes and embraced institutionalisng terrorists in government. (Apart from malcontents like me, naturally) So what to do when reality casts a dark shadow over the fiction that has been assiduously created? Well, you could try blaming it all on the pizza.

I was reading this BBC report concerning the shooting to death of a man in Londonderry last night. The BBC almost casually slips in the detail that the man had been pursued by a group some of whom wore masks. Oh – you mean a bit like masked IRA men? Now we all know that terrorism has ceased and the IRA murderers are now angels of peace so the BBC does not enquire as to the precise background of these masked killers. Where did they come from, exactly? How could it be that they were armed? Where they organised? Bizarrely, the story then spins around the revelation that the man is alleged to have been delivering a pizza and the local community is most concerned about the time it took the police to respond. Evidently no one is that bothered that masked terrorists can take a human life in the middle of this built up area.


I always enjoy the BBC’s idea of balance on key issues, don’t you? For example this morning on the BBC1 TV news programme there was an item on a matter of great concern for the nation – namely the price paid by convicts to make a phone call from prison. Yes, I know that you, like me, will be very worried at the way in which big business is ripping off our gallant prisoners by making them pay a higher rate for making calls from jail than the rate we all pay when making calls from our homes. In the studio to “debate” the issue was a bleeding heart from the Prison Reform Trust who was very upset that prisoners were having to pay higher call rates. To balance this the BBC had invited – yes, you’ve guessed it – a former convict who was equally concerned at the call rate prisoners had to pay. Two versions of the same liberal whinge – and all indulged by the BBC. Fair and balanced?


It would appear that BBC stands for Brown Broadcasting Corporation these days such is the amount of glowing coverage being extended the way of our dismal Prime Minister. Yesterday Mr Broon was over in Jeddah sorting out Johnny Foreigner by instructing him how to manage his oil and energy resources; today the Great Leader is once more amongst us – his people – this time extolling his vision of increasing fairness and social mobility This vision reduces down to throwing our cash at target groups of parents to encourage them to bring up their children in a manner of which the government approves. The BBC faithfully reports the Downing Street spin, helpfully emphasising that – yes, you’ve guessed it – Thatcher is to blame for these feckless parents. Also note how the BBC finishes the report by once again disingenuously referring to “child poverty” in the UK when this does not exist. It strikes me that the BBC’s attempts to prop up Brown and his rabble are getting increasingly desperate as Brown himself gets more and more desperate. As we approach the end of days for the NuLabour project to destroy everything that is great about Britain, I fear the BBC must be getting very nervous as to what changes lie in store for it. It’s current role as a 24/7 PR front for the Government undermines any claim that is is an objective reporter of news and emphasises that it is in fact an active and very biased player.

Nothing to see here- routine BBC race policing…

If anyone wonders why Boris Johnson allowed the resignation of his advisor James McGrath over alleged racist comments one ought to consider the blatant misrepresenation which the BBC made in their initial report of the affair. In the poisonous media environment we live in, most often cheer-led by the BBC, potentially racist comments will be misrepresented maliciously- indeed they will be fabricated where it is possible.

The BBC reported, in quotes, that McGrath said “Black people who didn’t like it here should go back”. Ignore personal feelings for a moment- consider that this doesn’t even sound like a quote but was reported as one in the sensitive conditions we live in.

In fact they changed their article, without admitting their “error”, and said that (as was closer to the fact) ‘“Responding to a claim that some black people might leave the UK if Mr Johnson became mayor, James McGrath said: “Let them go if they don’t like it here.”‘. This “error” would probably not have come to light were it not for the observation and screen save of Tony Sharp.

Though not as bad, the latest BBC version is disingenuous- article here. The question posed by the journalist Mark Wadsworth was referring to a previous comment from Darkus Howe about whether older Carribean migrants might leave if Boris Johnson won the Mayoralty. Now this a detailed scenario in fact, and the BBC had (and still have really) wilfully simplified it.

Of course the fact was that this was a journalistic “sting” operation by a moronic sub-public interest leftist. The BBC fully approves.

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I was reviewing the BBC’s coverage of Richard Falk, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on human rights in “the Palestinian territories”. Now I guess Richard is the kinda guy that the BBC just loves. He has already proven his credentials by comparing Israel to Nazi Germany and thus seems uniquely qualified to occupy this key role as UN human rights rapporteur. No hint of bias there at all, right? The thing is that Richard has also stated that he would like to investigate whether “some sort of controlled explosion from within” destroyed the Twin Towers on 9/11. Now I know he said this on Fox News in the States but I would have thought that the very fact that such a senior UN figure was a 9/11 Truther might have warranted some coverage by the BBC – but apparently not. The State Broadcaster remains mute on the bizarre ramblings of scum like Falk because he is an advocate of pro-Palestinian anti-Americanism – two sacred cows for the BBC.


. Did you hear Alistair Darling on the Andrew Marr show this morning calling for those in the private sector to exercise pay restraint in these tricky economic climes? Naturally the public sector may also consider taking a somewhat more restrained approach. Big deal. Why did Marr not ask Darling why his predecessor as Chancellor kept ramming through inflation-busting wage increases for teachersndoctorsnnures and other courtier groups? Why did Marr not even express mild surprise that the public sector now enjoys an average hourly wage 20% higher than that in the private sector? Since those of us in the wealth creating private sector are already being hammered by taxation to fund the gilt-edged pension schemes of many in the public sector, could Marr have not enquired as to whether it is t time that the State sector took a cut in wages? And what business is it of Government to tell private enterprise how it should reward its employees? Marr could have done much better with Darling but the tone was deferential.


. So it’s a pleasant Sunday morning and I write this watching the trees in my garden gently sway in a light breeze. There is a little sunshine and it is a mild June day. Nothing very unusual about that. But I was expecting a visit by at least one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse having read THIS weather report which the BBC has been flagging up for the past 24 hours. We’re warned that there will be “Rare” gales which will be vicious. BBC forecaster Tomasz Schafernaker said the weather “was abnormal” for June. (Hint of global warming anyone?) Don’t know what it’s like for you but the only thing I see that is abnormal is the consistent pattern of the BBC getting the weather forecasts wrong. The BBC NI portal runs this as the second lead story this morning – must be a slow news day.