I wonder if any B-BBC readers happened to catch an amazing hatchet-job on the Conservative Party carried out by Nick Robinson on the 10 0’Clock News? The background to Robinson’s “analysis” was tomorrows excellent poll showing for Cameron’s party and Robinson instantly brought up references to “Tory Sleaze” with Spelman once more being used to undermine Cameron. Robinson intoned that Conservative poll ratings would most likely fall (wishful thinking Nick?) and threw in some images of the 1970’s as Thatcher fought to bring the Unions under control. I thought this was an amazing instance of bias and wonder if anyone else has comment on it? It seems that the BBC are determined to try and undermine Cameron and give whatever aid they can to the busted flush Brown.

[UPDATE BY NATALIE SOLENT: Actually it seems Brown is ahead in the polls. Brown is at 46%, Cameron at 28%. This may surprise some of you, so here is a picture from BBC News to prove it. Hat tip: Moonbat Nibbler.]

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  1. John Reith spins in his grave says:


    Did you spot the captions just before Robinson’s item?

    (Reposted from the general thread)

    John Reith spins in his grave:
    Anybody see the BBC ten o’clock news just now.

    Surprisingly they covered tomorrow’s Telegraph poll giving a 18% conservative lead over labour.

    The backdrop however was two huge pix of Cameron and Brown – boldly captioned with the figures 46% on Brown pic and 28% on Cameron.

    Freudian slip or subliminal message?

    Anyone else notice or am I finally going mad?
    John Reith spins in his grave | Homepage | 26.06.08 – 10:30 pm | #

    I know I’m not going mad now – ‘cos two other posters spotted it as well.


  2. archroy says:

    I switched on in the middle of the piece and could not believe I was watching a news report.


  3. John says:

    It’s pretty disgusting. Is anyone planning on filing a compliant?


  4. Martin says:

    Perhaps I’m imagining this, but haven’t the BBC done this before with a Broon Poll?

    I’m sure someone posted on here a while back that the BBC did a similar thing.


  5. moonbat nibbler says:

    Available for another 21 hours on iplayer 🙂


  6. Emil says:

    This was an incredible “newsitem” supposedly justified by Brown’s first anniversary. (and yes the figures were transposed, deliberately so I suspect)

    Reminded me of the sort of trailers/ads marketing put together to raise FUD (fear,uncertainty,doubt) about major competitors and their, usually, much more superior offering.

    Several of the correspondents were clearly sneering as they presented their predictions(*) of what the nasty Toreez will do in power. (*they can’t be policies as the Beeboids always say that Cameron doesn’t have any)

    If anyone is still in denial about political bias in the BBC then they should watch this nasty little piece and draw their own conclusions.


  7. David Vance says:


    Thanks for that link – good old Gordon, he’s a winner!


  8. Lemar says:

    Not a mention about the Labour by election rout on BBC online headlines, even the BBC news 8.00am did not give the voting because it was so humiliating for Labour


  9. knacker says:

    Hard to believe anything about this was an accident, even harder that those involved still draw paychecks at the MinTruth.

    And so it’s business as usual in Britain. What does it take to animate you guys?


  10. Redders says:

    This is on BBC have your say tis morning , a blatant party political broadcast for Nu Labour.

    What would Cameron’s conservative Britain be like?

    As the Conservatives continue to ride high in the polls, BBC News has commissioned an in-depth study of the policies the party hope will win them the next general election. Are the Conservatives ready for power?

    Friday marks the first anniversary of Gordon Brown’s tenure as Prime Minister.

    The latest opinion polls put the Labour government 18 points behind the Conservatives.

    With this strong lead and a further boost from the local elections in May, BBC editors and specialist correspondents have been analysing whether the Conservatives are ready for power.

    Does the Conservative Party have the policies to govern? What would you like David Cameron to do if he becomes Prime Minister? Who do you think should win the next general election?

    Im sure most would rather have thier liscense fee spent on TV programmes rather than commisioning an in depth poll into the tory partys abillity to govern.


  11. NotaSheep says:

    The BBC stopped reporting on UK political opinion polls around the time that Labour stopped being ahead or at least within touching distance of the Conservatives. However today they have found a poll that is not totally unremitting bad news and so at the end of their article on the Henley by-election they have this:

    “Meanwhile, a YouGov opinion poll for the Daily Telegraph suggests Labour has closed the gap on the Tories over the past month.

    Labour was up five points on the month at 28% – still 18 points behind the Conservatives who dropped one point to 46%. The Liberal Democrats were down three on 15%….”

    The phrase “clutching at straws” comes to mind!


  12. Cassandrina says:

    Why do people not complain more to the BBC and expect a PUBLIC apology?
    I threw my TV out years ago so did not see this so could not complain.
    And your excuses?


  13. Redders says:


    I do complain , however the BBC complaints procedure is notorious for its own bias , what the BBC needs is a stray rocket from palestine !!


  14. Robin says:

    Compare and contrast:

    Gordon Brown suffered a scathing first anniversary verdict on his premiership early this morning when Labour not only lost its deposit in the Henley byelection, winning less than 5% of the vote, but was pushed into fifth place behind the Greens and the British National party.

    The Conservatives have won the Henley by-election, pushing Labour into fifth place on the day Prime Minister Gordon Brown marks his first year in office.

    The first, accompanied by a pic of a suitably jubilant-looking Conservative winner surrounded by party baloons and electoral posters, was witten by the Labour-loving Guardian political editor.

    The second, with a pic of the Conservative candidate deliberately bracketed by two clowns (from the Monster Raving Loony party, and another man with a ridiculous giant rosette), was penned by the ‘neutral’ BBC website.

    It actually takes a further four pars before the BBC piece mentions that Labour was behind both BNP and the Greeens. And nowhere does it say that the Labour share was 3% compared with 57% for the Conservatives.

    This follows on neatly from Nick Robinson’s hatchet job last night: do everything possible to play down or make the the Tories look ridiculous seems to be the strategy.


  15. Anon says:

    “Labour fifth as Tories win Henley”

    Funny how this piece about the conservatives winning starts with Labour’s position. Well it’s all about Labour isn’t it?


  16. Cockney says:

    “Funny how this piece about the conservatives winning starts with Labour’s position. Well it’s all about Labour isn’t it?”

    I think that’s the story though. “Conservatives win Henley” is hardly major news – they could put up Bob Mugabe in a blue rosette there and he’d still romp it. Labour finishing behind two nutjob parties (or 2.5 if you include the lib dems) is definitely big.


  17. Jack Bauer says:

    Did even the Monster Raving Loonies beat the Monster Raving Labour candidate?


  18. adam says:

    BBC is a complete joke.


  19. Biodegradable says:

    what the BBC needs is a stray rocket from palestine !!
    Redders | Homepage | 27.06.08 – 9:28 am


    I don’t even know what street “palestine” is on!


  20. Lemar says:

    1.00 BBC news spoke of the election result but Chaka ended her report with a reference to Cameron and Speelman sleaze. How does Speelman command so many BBC reports, was her sleaze any worse than speaker Martin or 100’s of other Mp’s of all parties. I am sure it wasn’t. Once again BBC does not show just bias but is trying to pervert the course of justice i.e. lying to get Labour re-elected.


  21. Cassandrina says:

    I complained to the BBC about the 11 year old Spellman issue, stating it being not only out of date (Parliament max given as 7 years) but it was over the top considering Nu Labor problems with expenses and Gorbals Mick etc.
    Got the normal PC ratty BBC statement they did not agree with me and the usual no bias comment.
    Nuff Sed??????


  22. Albert the Cat says:

    Watching al-Beeb’s lunchtime news prog saw the use of the Spelman ‘story’ yet again. They decided to cover the Henley victory – but finished off with mentioning Spelman as a ‘problem’ for the Conservatives.
    Yeah – a ‘problem’ they are determined to create.


  23. Martin says:

    To be fair I have no problem with the BBC investigating Caroline Spelman.

    The issue I have is the disproportionate (in my opinion) publicity (it was the headline story on Newsnight yet again) when we’ve had endless Labour sleaze that has gone almost unreported.

    The BBC seem to think that “balance” is talking about Spelman for 20 minutes, then sort of mentioning Ed Balls and Cooper for 30 seconds.

    As others have mentioned what about Wendy Alexander? She got no mention at all (not forgetting that the BBC has been criticised for not including enough stories about Scotland in national broadcasting) and the Balls/Cooper, Peter Hain, Michael Cashman, Gorbels Mick gets almost none.

    Unless the BBC can offer some reasonable defence, we can only see it as bias against the Tories.


  24. Anonymous says:

    ‘I complained to the BBC about the 11 year old Spellman issue…’

    So did I no reply yet and not expecting anything substantial but I would encourage as many people as possible to put a complaint in so they know what we think of them.


  25. dodgyreception says:

    I don’t remember the beeb showing pictures of rubbish piling up in the streets when New Lab was getting elected in 97. If it smells like a hatchet job and it looks like a hatchet job…


  26. Ethan says:

    I was thinking exactly the same thing about this ‘report’. It seemed to be trying to answer the question, ‘Is Britain ready for a Cameron government?’… and the beeb gave a resounding ‘NO’…

    I would compain to them, but I have no doubt they would probably not even read it.