There was a discussion on BBC R4 Today just after 7am concerning the failure of the “colleagues” in Brussels to “solve” the problem created by the Irish NO vote to the EU Constitution last week. I noted that the BBC interviewer stated that “Sinn Fein led the No campaign” – this is wrong, it did not lead the No campaign. Whilst I accept that Sinn Fein did play a role, the truth us that there were MANY groups involved – not least Libertas – that as a whole constituted the NO campaign. I also note that the BBC keeps making reference as to when a second referendum “could” take place in Ireland. The assault on the democratic process appears to be of no interest to the State Broadcaster, more important to get a YES vote out of the Irish, come what may.

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13 Responses to LEADING THE NO VOTE.

  1. Gaz says:

    yesterday was just as bad, in the space of ten minutes on Radio5 i listened to what was two pieces of unsubtle bias.

    First, a small report about the Irish vote.
    It was remarked that ‘the Irish voted no, by a tiny margin but across the EU 26 other countries have already voted yes’

    Second, they had Peter Hitchins on (yes i know shock), was Peter Hitchins on because of his social views? Maybe his strong conservative views on the family? or immigration? or europe? or homosexuality?

    No, non of those, we get to hear from the Hitchins, because he is against the war in Afghanistan.


  2. dave fordwych says:

    The real story here is not the result of the referendum,but the reaction of the EU to it.

    What this has shown ,beyond any reasonable doubt,is that the EU is now a profoundly anti- democratic organization,yet this is a story the BBC has no interest in exploring.


  3. Jeff Todd says:

    Have to laugh at Browns actions being declared “courageous” by the colleagues in Brussels.

    what the hell is “courageous” about denying the UK a referendum on the treaty? Declaring one and fighting for a “yes” is courageous, lose or win.

    All I can hear is Monty Python’s Holy Grail – “He bravely ran away”


  4. Martin says:

    Yes. Why don’t the BBC tell us just how many “politicians” voted for the Lisbon treaty?


  5. George R says:

    It would be instructive for BBC commentators to find out what it’s like being a MEP supporter of the Irish ‘No’ vote:-

    “Impotent fury of spurned EU-federalists” (by Daniel Hannan, MEP):



  6. johnse18 says:

    Did anyone else hear Mark Mardell on the day the referendum result was announced saying that one “solution” was to have the Irish “trotting back” for another referendum? Funny choice fo word, “trotting”, which I haven’t heard before in connection with a democratic vote.

    And another BBC piece opening with the phrase “How do you solve a problem like the Irish?”


  7. Barnetpete says:

    In one way it is courageous for Gordon Brown to ignore the views of the British people because he must know there will be a day of reckoning
    at the next general election.


  8. I thought that the BBC liked Sinn Fein: what went wrong?


  9. David Vance says:

    They stopped shooting people and shot the EU messenger.


  10. DOS says:

    [email protected]:
    I thought that the BBC liked Sinn Fein: what went wrong?

    They stopped opposing the British (always a good thing for the BBC) and started opposing the EU (always a bad thing for the BBC).

    It’s as simple as that.


  11. Greencoat says:

    If there’s one lesson in the history books it’s:

    ‘Don’t try and bully the Irish’.


  12. David Preiser (USA) says:

    They’ve been doing much the same thing on the World Service the last couple of days. The narrative is consistent: all these other countries voted to ratify the Lisbon Treaty, and only the Irish voted against it. The Dutch and French voted against a similar measure a couple of years back, but all the other countries have voted in favor.

    However, never, ever, have I heard a Beeboid or any guest talking head remark on the curious fact that all those “No” votes were actually done by the citizens themselves, as opposed to all those other countries in which the leaders made that decision for them.


  13. George R says:

    While the BBC has:

    “Hold on treaty until court rules”


    – I suggest looking at Stuart Wheeler’s site directly. He is having some success in his campaign for a UK referendum by stopping/delaying Brown’s bulldozer Labour government attempting to ratify the Lisbon Treaty.

    See his site for today’s significant update: