. Well, I appeared on BBC NI “Nolan Show” yesterday to discuss the US Presidential visit. I was there as a lone voice supporting the war on terror (Islam) and offering a warm welcome to the elected leader of the United States. I was up against the leader of the “anti-war” protesters – a wacko who considers President Bush a war criminal and referred to US military as “occupying forces” Now I expect deranged comment from the hard-left “Student Grant” types such as the guy I debated with on-air but the thing that really got me was the chuckling of the host – Steven Nolan – at the spectacularly ignorant comments of those who phoned in. Their considered opinions went along the lines of Bush was stupid/ a terrorist / a fraud / etc. This is witty, apparently. The BBC that was shilling faux outrage yesterday at the security costs for the Bush visit was the SAME BBC that delighted in the Clinton visits here with nary a word about the costs. Then again, Bubba Bill was their kinda guy and Bush is the anti-Christ. All in all it was a frustrating experience, my desire to talk on the matters of substance irrelevant when the key message was that Bush is not wanted by the political left who control the BBC and infest its programmes.

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  1. Roland Deschain says:

    So did you tell the host what you thought of him? Or would that stop any future invitations?


  2. Greencoat says:

    You were there. You spoke for truth and justice.



  3. Michael Taylor says:

    What on earth were you doing accepting an invititation from the BBC? They should be shunned.


  4. Mailman says:

    Did you actually get the chance to talk about the actual topics supposed to be talked about?

    The thing is, everyone knows the kind of person who tunes in to these kinds of shows shown by these kinds of tv channels that they are hardly the bastions of informed opinion.

    I just hope you managed to get a couple left hooks in before you were drowned out by the morons in the crowd and on the panel with you.

    BTW, is this interview online anywhere?



  5. David Vance says:


    Yes, if you google Nolan Show on the BBC, go to Radio and listen again, I’m on after about 24 mins into the programme for yesterday.


    I challeneged his assumptions as best I could.


    I would go to hell to fight the devil.


  6. Peregrine says:

    Yesterday there was a shocking case of bias on the Jeremy Vine show. They allowed three obvious nutters (including Tim from ConHome) to say positive things about Bush.

    Fortunately later in the programme they introduced some reality by reading out some e-mails from sensible members of the public, which clearly laid the blame for the end of the world (either from global warming, islamic terrorism or alien invasion) at Bush’s ranch door.


  7. Martin says:

    Nolan is a big fat wanker. If twats like him can get a job at the BBC then all I can say is god (or Allah) help the BBC.


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Having listened to some of the Nolan Show now, they should have just left it with the first old man’s comments, which were basically quite reasonable. He wasn’t ranting about Bush, just the fact that he didn’t see any point in making everybody’s lives more difficult for half the day just so a lame-duck leader could swing through for a photo op. He was also right that such a quickie won’t do anything for Northern Ireland, and isn’t going to be of any real benefit, so what’s the point of wasting everybody’s time.

    I’d feel the same way, regardless of who it was.

    But then Nolan starts talking too much. Maybe the NI parliament is “too poxy” for Bush to visit? Nolan’s right that it’s only an hour visit, but why put slander in Bush’s mouth?

    I love the cognitive dissonance of Paddy Protester when he slags off Bush for “bailing out banks” for millions of dollars, when Gordon actually did that one in spades, and some imaginary Bush actions against workers all over the world.

    Good job speaking a little sense at him, David Vance. Well done not falling for it when Nolan tried the usual all-or-nothing Leftoid nonsense tactic of asking if the war in Iraq has been a complete success.

    Too bad you’re probably going to be banned from the BBC for mentioning that 9/11 is connected to our military presence in Afghanistan.


  9. p and a tale of one chip says:

    “I would go to hell to fight the devil.”

    Could you actually get any more pompous and self-righteous?


  10. RR says:

    I think it has a certain ring to it. Better than multiculti mush-speak. Fighting the Devil would be righteous of itself, wouldn’t it, rather than self-righteous?


  11. neil gardner says:

    good for you going on that show. nolan is a fake working class idiot. his every opinion ends in the best liberal bbc style.

    i think he the role well, a bit like nicky cambell, who acts ordinary,but is rellya left wing troll.


  12. Martin says:

    BBC radio 5 does seem to attract the prats. All left wing Labour lovers.

    Campbell, Nolan, Bacon Dotton whats his name, Anita Anand, Mayo, Victoria Derbyshire, that dozy cow off come dancing and so on.


  13. gus says:

    Could you actually get any more pompous and self-righteous?
    p and a tale of one chip | 17.06.08 – 4:58 pm | #

    Yes, he could be a liberal douche bag like you.


  14. gus says:

    The BBC is filled with liberals who couldn’t make it in a Capitalist situation. They’ve never met a soul that isn’t completely dependant on the Capitalists who pay taxes for their very existance. They don’t know a soldier. They harrumpf and nod and drink their chardonnay with like minded government dependant liberal lightweights. They live in a cocoon of sanctimony with zero life experience to back up their opinions.
    Bush is both an evil genius and the village idiot. Because they say so.
    In all the years I’ve visited Britain, it has become clearer and clearer what garbage the BBC is.
    Britain is becoming socialist. It’s clear. Socialism doesn’t work.
    Good Luck U.K. it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
    Once Socialism/Marxism takes solid root, and it becomes obvious that it isn’t a viable way to govern, you’ll be told to shut up, or you will be shut up.
    Those who rooted, hooted and hollered for Socialism/Marxism will be silenced too. For their own good.


  15. John B says:

    A lifelong friend of mine works for the BBC and a more purblind socialist you would be hard-pressed to meet. The amazing thing is that she, in common with the rest of ’em, really does BELIEVE el Gordo was a fine chancellor and that the “measures” he took will see us right through even the worst recession. No, really. When asked to enumerate those measures, she replies, “making the BoE independent and increasing public spending”. Weep, weep, for they all think the same.


  16. gus says:

    The kgBBC gets it’s money from the government.
    It’s employees are paid by government money.
    Government money has made them able to live a comfortable life.

    Do the math friend. Government money is good. Everyone should have a pile of it.

    Ooooops. Slight problem. Where does the government get it’s money.

    AHHHH YES!! The evil capitalist/Conservative.

    How quaint. The only people providing are the bad guys.


  17. gaping maw says:

    jeez David – you actually appeared in that Vipers Den that is the BBC?

    you’re a bigger man than me, and have more balls.

    sorry for the Ali G cliche , but truely you deserve “nuff respect mon”..


  18. Hugh says:

    “Could you actually get any more pompous and self-righteous?”

    You’ve seen Simpson reporting, right?


  19. random says:

    Whenever anyone says Bush is a war criminal, ask which law he broke. They are guaranteed to flounder and bluster, as there is no law to break.

    International law is a system of treaties between sovereign governments, there is no sovereign international body able to make such laws. There is no law, or even treaty against a sovereign country attacking any other country they should wish. All talk of Bush being a war criminal is complete and utter balls. It is to a certain degree based on the Nürnberg Trials, most of whose charges had no basis in law at all.


  20. Martin says:

    random: Churchill didn’t want the Nazi leadership to be tried after the war. It was the Americans.

    Churchill wanted them simply executed.

    Shame he’s not around today to deal with the bushy bearded wankers in white robes and suicide vests.

    No electronic tag for you sunshine. A white painted wall and a last cigarette and death by excessive lead poisoning.


  21. David Preiser (USA) says:

    random | 17.06.08 – 10:18 pm |

    Well of course. In fact, technically there were various UN agreements giving him the right to get rid of Sadaam. Bush broke just as many “International Laws” doing that and invading Afghanistan as he took freedoms and rights away from US citizens.

    Don’t bother explaining that to the moonbats, though. They wouldn’t call it The Bush Crime Family if he hadn’t done anything illegal, would they? Heaven forfend.

    They hate him, so whatever he does must be wrong, somehow.


  22. korova says:

    Amazing that you ‘warmly welcomed’ a man who has helped make Iran the strongest influence in the entire region. I would have thought this would be something to be ashamed of. Clearly not in your case.


  23. Martin says:

    David Preiser: Yes Saddam had been breaking the terms of the original ceasefire and it was only because Clinton (Bill that is) was more interested in banging anything that bled every month than sorting out the problems he was elected for that let Saddam get away with it.

    Oh he chucked the odd cruise missile around (he blew up a “baby milk” factory in the Sudan you know) when things got tough about his “cigar” antics. But really much of the mess Bush inherited (including the groundwork for 9/11) was all down to Clinton.

    I just wonder what Obama will leave unfinished?


  24. David Preiser (USA) says:

    korova | 17.06.08 – 10:50 pm |

    You’re making me laugh. And which country was strongest before that? Iran was weaker than whom? Iran didn’t have much influence in the region beforehand? I forget.


  25. korova says:

    I might well be making you laugh, but eliminating Iran’s strongest enemy in the region, backing a leader in Iraq with close links to the Iranian regime not forgetting the tactical disaster that was the Israel/Lebanon war two years ago which saw Hezbollah strengthened to an alarming degree in Lebanon, is not really that funny. Unless you have wish to see Iran strengthened in the region that is. Still, keep laughing, I’m sure there’s some humour to be had somewhere in this debacle.


  26. David Preiser (USA) says:

    korova | 17.06.08 – 11:24 pm |

    I might well be making you laugh, but eliminating Iran’s strongest enemy in the region…

    Good heavens, what happened to Israel while I was at the grocery store? I assumed I would have felt the cries of millions of minds being snuffed out, like when Spock sensed the deaths of his fellow Vulcans when the USS Intrepid was destroyed by the giant space amoeba.

    Still, keep laughing, I’m sure there’s some humour to be had somewhere in this debacle.

    Watching people like you get outraged is always pretty funny.


  27. Cockney says:

    “Good heavens, what happened to Israel while I was at the grocery store?”

    Dunno about that David, Israel is the bogeyman the Iranians use for propaganda purposes and its certainly a potential impediment should they be telling porkies on the nuclear ambitions front, but from the point of view of regional and theological leadership (and 1m deaths in a war recently…) then Iraq is the biggie.

    It’s definitely a(nother) debit in the planning and strategy column, but sadly one rarely hears it in a sensible debate about the merits of the war. As with the credits its just drowned out in all the ‘war criminal’ & ‘oil’ bullsh*t.


  28. Zevilyn says:

    Saudi Arabia is more dangerous than Iran. At least with the Iranians you know what you’re dealing with. The Saudi’s have many of our politicians in their pockets. All western leaders suck up to them.