Smells like communism.

The BBC have been extremely pleased to report the end of the monarchy in Nepal. I almost posted on this general theme before, but today’s article struck me as too nauseating to pass up.

Quite a lot rests on the link leading to the article- it is advertised as one of those “funny stories” the BBC uses to drum up traffic. However I was disturbed by the link line “Smelly Nepalese cavalry faces relocation”.

It is in fact the King’s Household Cavalry that’s been given its marching orders and it could be pretty serious thing, while the BBC seems to be toeing the communist line that “waste matter from the horses gives off such a bad smell that people working near the stables have to close their windows or flee to other offices.”

This is not strictly the government’s argument, but the line of a blatant proxy for it pursuing his “private” action through the “supreme” court with remarkable speed.

Laughably, the BBC do explore the reasons behind the move, but in this analysis accept the primary received version that “It has been ordered to relocate for environmental reasons.”

Well, horseshit.

Equally malodorous is the frankly squirm-inducing whiff coming from the BBC’s unexamined report of the plaintiff’s point that “it was especially off-putting for judges currently undergoing a gender equality workshop”.

That’s the kind of thing the BBC so want to believe that it will not merit questioning until anti-communist demonstrators are dying in the streets two years hence.

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19 Responses to Smells like communism.

  1. Martin says:


    1. China now see’s the BBC as “onside” in its war against democracy.

    2. The huge numbers of Beeboids (like Joel) going on Club class 5 star hotel jollies to China for the Olympics.

    Remember. A beeboid would screw his own mother for champers, a club class flight and 5 star accomodation.


  2. Joel says:

    ‘The BBC have been extremely pleased to report the end of the monarchy in Nepal.’ A statement totally unsupported by any evidence. Communism? Barking.


  3. Martin says:

    I notice you didn’t deny the freebie Joel?


  4. Ed says:

    Joel, you are an ignorant child. The Nepalese gvt is composed of maoist former rebels.

    Did you take a look at the photo in the article linked to- a joyous communist demonstrator, just like the other pictures the BBC have used for their coverage. The same celebratory images.

    That’s not all. The article I highlight reports the story flippantly as a bit of lighthearted news. It’s potentially a pretty big deal for Nepal but the BBC sees it as harmless fun- as the mockery of the Tsars was viewed by leftists all those years ago heedless of the gulags that were to follow.


  5. Atlas shrugged says:

    That may or maybe not the case with regards the real attitude of the BBC.


    Please note the following.

    I am old enough to remember the seventies and eighties. When the BBC run regular debates on the future if any of the British Crown. It does not do this anymore with anywhere near as much seemingly genuine vigor.

    It is now concentrating its highly tuned propaganda efforts and simply vast experience and resources on promoting The EU and AGW to the point of a collective, conspiratorial, psychosis.


    This is not because the opinions of those employed at The British Broadcasting Corporation have changed that much since.

    It is because the effective name of The BBC has been changed to The British Bilderberger’s Corporation. Of which leading members of the British establishment are regular attendees.

    Prince Charles for example is one of the leading propagandists for The EU, as are almost all of the British aristocracy especially the future Lord Rothschild. When one would have been forgiven for thinking he and they should be The EUs most powerful and therefore most effective of enemies.


  6. Peter says:

    Nonsense Atlas,the BBC is the Butt Buddies Collective,always has been always will be.


  7. Joel says:

    Sorry ED, I thought this was another of David Vance’s fantasies.

    I looked at the article, saw the picture and was immediately brainwashed into being anti-Nepalese monarchy. I’ve booked by flight already, to join my fellow commi protestors.

    That’s not all. ‘It’s potentially a pretty big deal for Nepal but the BBC sees it as harmless fun’ – the abolition of the monarchy is not the funny bit, its the story about horse shit that’s funny.



  8. Ed says:

    Yes but in your ignorance you just don’t understand do you? The ROYAL Cavalry was symbolic of royal power and in addition probably a practical part of it. Re-housing such a thing may be tantamount to abolishing it- horses can’t be upped and rehoused just like that. This is not emerging from Nepal by accident, but clearly to receive the priority treatment by a fresh govt it’s an integral move. It’s important, not a joke- but the BBC love its populism and see the communists as colourful reassurance that their own values hold.

    But I know, argument is wasted on you.


  9. Gordon says:

    Would the BBC have been so light hearted if Nepal was in the hands of people labelled Nazi or Hitlerist?
    Chairman Mao was the greatest mass murderer in human history and those who take on his mantel have committed his crimes in their hearts.


  10. Susan Franklin says:

    I lived in Nepal for seven years. Its a country I know well, and love. I recently posted about the glee shown by news 24 when talking aboutthe king given 14 days to move out of the palace. The BBC often show their ignorance, and in this case inappropriate mirth. Anyone who has been to Kathmandu will know that the whole place smells like horse shit so any talk about environmental concerns is obviously bogus.

    The Nepalis genuinely worshipped the monarchy, although not so keen on this brother of the king who was murdered, and particularly dislike the son. It will definitely be a big step to most Nepalis to abolish the monarchy, one of the many things they have been forced to do by the terrorists. Their previous governments haven’t been perfect, but I await with interest to see what the communists do.


  11. Martin says:

    I wobder what the reaction of the BBC would be if Nepal was occupied by the USA?


  12. gus says:

    Martin, THE BBC loves communism/socialism, because those whoj INFEST/INFECT the BBC have never earned a dime/shilling, without it being TAXED by the GOVERNMENT.
    Leftist of all stripes MAKE THEIR VERY LIVING by the GOVERNMENT paying them.


    Liberals are WAY to STUPID to answer.


  13. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Gus, will you please stop shouting every second word in uppercase? It’s extremely poor manners, and also makes you look like an idiot.


  14. Roland Thompson-Gunner says:

    Round here, that takes some doing.

    They appear to have had a reasonably democratic election. Axeing the monarchy was always going to be the no. 1 item on the agenda of the new parliament, and the people voted for it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided a few years down the line they’d have them back as a ceremonial thing, just not if it means Prince Paras ever becoming king.


  15. Roland Thompson-Gunner says:

    Incidentally, as far as communism is concerned, the main communist party placed either second or third in the election, with the royalists nowhere.


  16. Ed says:

    RT-G, certainly you are mistaken in both your points, but here you go:

    “The results of the general election in Nepal on 10 April 2008, won overwhelmingly by the Maoists – officially the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) – have come as a complete shock”

    and so on:


  17. Roland Thompson-Gunner says:

    They are indeed formerly known as the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).

    Now look up Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist Leninist).


  18. Roland Thompson-Gunner says:


    This lot have actually had a share of government until very recently – in fact, strictly speaking they might still have for a short while yet – and one thing that made the election result a shock was that the Maoists, who had been widely predicted to trail in third, came out ahead of both the Nepali Congress and the main Communist party.


  19. Jack Bauer says:

    Incidentally, as far as communism is concerned, the main communist party placed either second or third in the election, with the royalists nowhere.

    Is Mao Tse Dung still in charge?