It’s not obvious but earlier today, on the Today programme, the BBC ran an item which suggested that Winston Churchill may well have endorsed the call from Scottish Labour leader, the mediocre Wendy Alexander, for a referendum on whether Scotland should stay in the Union! It’s amazing the lengths the BBC will go to in order to sully the reputation of a truly Great Briton whilst seeking to elevate that of a lilliputian such as Alexander.

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  1. The BBC regularly cites Churchill as a supporter of the EU. The BBC omits to inform the listener that Churchill wanted the UK to remain outside any such continental set-up. The BBC lies about Churchill’s views and is doing so again. But Goebbels would appreciate their efforts.


  2. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Or the shorter but no less accurate version:

    The BBC lies.


  3. David Vance says:

    Not only does it lie, but it lies in wait for the unwary who who be under the impression they are getting news, rather than pernicious neo-marxist propaganda. To paraphase Morrissey, “Hang the DG!”


  4. DG says:

    erm.. steady on there Vancey


  5. thud says:

    Churchill would have despised the beeb marxist scum and all the third rate politicians they promote.


  6. David says:

    Am I correct in thinking that Churchill was actually banned from appearing on BBC radio/television for a period of time?

    Shows how much they really do suck.


  7. Peter says:

    The problem with the BBC is systemic, its founder was a bounder. Yes Lord Reith hated Churchill and admired Hitler.Nothing new here then.


  8. Andy says:

    Sorry to change the subject but anyone watch BBC Breakfast this morning? According to snot-rag the Mirror, Boris Johnson has been caught breaking the highway code! Big f***ing deal.

    I bet this is the start of many petty persecutions where BJ has only got to pick his nose and it will get splattered on national (well, BBC anyway) television.


  9. Kelvin says:

    The two greatest politicians of the 20th Century – Churchill and Thatcher. Both totally despised by the BBC. The most blatant way they showed they hated Thatcher was when they commissioned a film on her during the Falklands War; then refused to show it because it showed Mrs Thatcher in a good light!

    Yes I saw the article on Johnson going through a red light (in a back street with hardly anyone else around). The Sunday Mirror filmed it. How come the SM manages to film Cameron and then Johnson on their bikes but never a Labour MP? Maybe it is because Labour MPs despite all there ‘green’ credentials actually drive their big cars all the time! If that is all the SM can report I cant think why anyone would want to buy that paper.


  10. Anonymous says:

    “mediocre Wendy Alexander”.

    Mediocre? She’s nowhere near that good.


  11. Martin says:

    Boris Jonhnson going through a red light. Was that a story by Kevin Maguire by chance?

    Funny that given the choice between Boris and a red light or vile Ken meeting the latest bushy bearded twat that promotes death to Jews and non believers, I know who I prefer.


  12. BJ should send the Daily Mirror the link to Broon’s nose-picking episode and inform the DM that he (BJ) will use his power as mayor to ensure that Broon’s ‘green’ moment is shared with London.


  13. Churchill was marginalised by the BBC in the mid/late-30’s because he was seen as a jingoistic warmonger. Likewise, just after the end of the war. I’m not sure if his momentous speech at Fulton, Missouri, (iron curtain) was broadcast by the BBC because, as we found out by 1946, Churchill was a proven jingoistic warmonger!!


  14. GCooper says:

    [email protected] writes: “I’m not sure if his momentous speech at Fulton, Missouri, (iron curtain) was broadcast by the BBC because, as we found out by 1946, Churchill was a proven jingoistic warmonger!!”

    A view which the BBC is still delighted to give airtime to, as it did on the recent Andrew Marr R4 show, where some whining American pacifist was allowed a lengthy slot to promote his view that Britain’s opposition to Hitler was the cause of WWII and, thus, the holocaust.


  15. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    “because, as we found out by 1946, Churchill was a proven jingoistic warmonger!!”

    Ignorant drivel. 1946 proved Churchill right about the fascists in Moscow, as 1936 proved him right about the fascists in Berlin.


  16. NO, the whoosh that you just heard going over your heard was irony which you just didn’t quite get, did you!?


  17. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Err … Allan … I was commenting on the quotation in the same ironical vein in which it was posted. Sorry to learn that this was too subtle and wasted on you.


  18. mister scruff says:

    i see that the bbc are playing down frank field’s threat to bring down Gordon Brown in July

    however, ConHome has spotted it… read more here:


  19. NO, it seems that you out-ironied me:-)


  20. nrg says:

    It seems that in the land of the Beeboid, unflattering stories about Labour are not newsworthy, but rebuttals are!

    Brown not prickly, says Miliband
    Brown vows to fight UK break-up
    Levy ‘not bitter’ towards Blair


  21. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    So that’s it, then: there won’t be a UK within a couple of years …


  22. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Allan 😉


  23. Brown is concerned that any Scotland’s departure from the UK would render him unsuitable for PM. His dreadful record as Chancellor renders him unsuitable for employment anywhere! This is THE one good thing that Tony Blair did: he kept Gordon Brown in No.11 long enough for GB to be unable to put the blame for his own incompetence on anybody else. Alistair Darling is blameless for the mess we’re in now (although he was stupid enough to take on the role as GB’s fall-guy).
    As for Scotland, England really needs rid of Scotland for a while so that it can deal with the menaces within.


  24. Allan D says:

    The BBC also like to proclaim the post-war Labour Government of 1945-51 as “Britain’s greatest ever government” and frequently broadcast encomia to it (after all it continued rationing at even severer levels than had applied during WWII, nationalised the Bank of England and large chunks of industry, introduced a wages freeze and was riven with factionalism and back-biting) but I wonder if the “Today” programme broadcast the response by the head of that government, Clement Attlee, when he was still Churchill’s deputy, to Churchill’s request for a referendum on the continuation of the coalition government and the electoral truce after the defeat of Germany in 1945, in which he castigated the device as “a weapon for demagogues and dictators.”

    I doubt it, somehow.


  25. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    “This is THE one good thing that Tony Blair did: he kept Gordon Brown in No.11 long enough” to destroy our economy … ;(


  26. Martin says:

    [email protected]: Not so. There was an article a while back saying that several Labour MPs in safe English seats had been approached (in the event of the jocks going on their own after the SNP took over at the last election) to ‘stand down’ for the good of the party to allow several of the Scottish mafia to come down from Scotland and be appointed to Westminster. McBean was one of those that was mentioned.


  27. If that’s the case Martin, then I pity England if it would allow a destructive jerk like Gordon Brown to be parachuted in to keep his premiership, especially given his ruination of England’s economy.


  28. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    But think of the cheers all around England if he should then lose his deposit! No Labour seats are safe any longer.


  29. Peregrine says:

    Just to add some balance, last year I saw a programme on spivs in the ’50s produced by the BBC (perhaps for the OU) and I was shocked by the views of the “talking heads”.

    They were attacking the Labour Government for keeping rationing and effectively relying on spivs to supply people with anything that went beyond their centrally controlled needs. The Conservative Government that followed quickly freed up the market and put many of the spivs out of business (many of them became 2nd hand car dealers).

    I couldn’t quite believe my ears until I realised that of course what they were complaining about was the Labour Government hadn’t put in place controls that would allow them to govern forever.


  30. Joel says:

    Kelvin, you are talking about ‘The Falklands Play’, commissioned by the BBC and broadcast most recently in March 2006. It was broadcast on both Radio 4 and BBC4. Radio 4 also broadcast ‘The Falklands Play Row’ on Radio 4 which was about the controversy.

    Biased BBC, never letting the facts get in the way of a good story.


  31. haddock says:

    Joel, you say that “‘The Falklands Play’, commissioned by the BBC and broadcast most recently in March 2006.” I think the point Kelvin was making is that it was not broadcast for many years…… wikipedia gives the date of the FIRST broadcast (which is far more relevant to the debate than the last)….wikipedia says…
    The Falklands Play was eventually produced simultaneously for both radio and television with almost identical casts, broadcast by BBC Radio 4 on 6 April and the digital TV channel BBC Four on 10 April 2002.
    Biased Joel, never letting the facts bother him overmuch in denying a good story


  32. Reversepsychology says:

    Why wont Al-Beeb cover this little gem?

    Omar Bakri-Mohammad and friends – “Men of Steel”!!!!!

    This is a MUST watch!!!!!!!!


  33. Alex says:

    The BBC ran an item which suggested that Winston Churchill may well have endorsed the call from Scottish Labour leader, the mediocre Wendy Alexander

    Suggested that Winston Churchill may well have…? You’re upset because the BBC might possibly have said something with vaguely positive implications about a Labour politician.

    This sounds less to me like a case of bias and more like wildly excessive annoyance at blasphemy and taking your prophet’s name in vain. How dare they mention Churchill (pbuh) in the same sentence as a centre-left politician!