When the Government …

… desperately trying to think of ways to promote social cohesion, comes up with the (IMHO idiotic) idea of a loyalty oath, what broad cross-section of Brits do the BBC canvass for their views ?

A union leader, a republican pressure group (which I’ve never previously heard of), and a left-wing Labour peer.

(Oh, and something called “the Scottish Government” – Alex Salmond’s rebranding of the legal entity called the Scottish Executive. There is still only one government in the United Kingdom, but there’s an iron BBC law. When an organisation of which you approve rebrands itself, accept its self-redefinition uncritically, repeating and reinforcing it. I’m thinking of the “crime reduction charity” formerly known as the National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders).

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16 Responses to When the Government …

  1. Rob says:

    This article also neatly illustrates how the BBC uses others to reflect their views. When the BBC agrees with a policy or idea, the article is full of people quoted as being positive about it. Any dissent is usually relegated to one person at the very end of the article. This person is often a comedy hate figure of the Right just to ram the point home.

    When the BBC dislikes an idea, the first paragraph or two will attempt to describe it (while holding its nose in disgust) and then the rest of the article will be person after person lined up to oppose it.


  2. Jim T. says:

    Just one minor point “there is still only one legal government in the United Kingdom”. In fact there’s another, based in Brussels, and if they have their way it will be the only one. I think about 80% of all our laws now originate there. Never quite sure how the Scottish Nationalists who want independence cope with the EU, they would have to apply for membership if they get what they want, and put up with all the orders they get from Brussels – some independence!


  3. commenter says:

    Only one government.

    Ever heard of ‘local government’?


  4. Laban says:

    Yes, but my council doesn’t announce itself as ‘North Cotswold District Government’


  5. Anonymous says:

    So Labour has finally realised the damage they have done to social cohesion and Britain in general.
    And they’ll solve it with a simple pithy pledge?


  6. Derek W. Buxton says:

    It would be better if Lord Goldsmith, for it was he, remembered his own Oath of Allegiance to the Sovereign and People of this Country. This of course, applies to every politician in the Country, since only an honourable few seem capable of grasping the concept.


  7. Commenter2 says:

    WTF do you want the BBC to refer Scottish Government as? You may not agree with the idea of devolution, nor of the SNP renaming it, but the BBC has to go along with it. Do you think every time the government reshuffles departments it should call it by the old name eg MAFF instead of DEFRA??! If you do, you’re off your rocker mate.


  8. George R says:

    How many beeboids would be prepared ‘to take allegiance oath’?

    To what? ‘Multiculturalism’, of course.

    They’ve remained unswervingly loyal to it so far? Why be swayed by all the damning evidence against it?


  9. Sam Duncan says:

    WTF do you want the BBC to refer Scottish Government as?

    Its correct legal name, The Scottish Executive.

    the BBC has to go along with it

    Not when it has no standing in law. DEFRA is a new department, created from the old MAFF and DoE, with an official title. The Executive’s name has not been legally altered; the rebranding is purely a patrtisan propaganda exercise, in which the BBC should have no part.

    I wondered at the time how long it would take for it to fall into line and start using the new nickname in stories not directly related to the rebranding. Two days, as far as I could tell, but I may have missed something.


  10. Whatevs says:

    Check out the ‘balanced’ cross-section of teens who the BBC asked for their views of the pledge of allegience…



  11. diana says:

    wow interesting selection of “balance”
    it makes you wonder whose opinion does the BBC give more weight to.


  12. pounce says:

    Whatevs wrote;
    “Check out the ‘balanced’ cross-section of teens who the BBC asked for their views of the pledge of allegience…”

    Why am I not surprised at that small selection from the BBC.
    Lets see.
    8 children names as follows;
    Ahmad (Who the BBC allows to inform you he gets his guidance from His faith. two guesses what that is?)

    Now I understand why BBC2 at lunchtime today aired a program for schools on Arabic…


  13. Jack Hughes says:

    Bang ’em to rights, Pounce.


  14. Joel says:

    The first page describes it as a typical London school.

    Of the 20 classmates interviewed, just one felt it was a positive idea.

    The Blog below may help your understanding:



  15. Rob Clark says:

    ‘The first page describes it as a typical London school.’

    Joel, I think that this is part of the problem. London is not representative of the rest of the country, but the BBC seem to think it is.

    In vast swathes of the country it is perfectly possible for children to grow up seeing virtually no black or Asian faces • I’m not commenting on whether this is a good or bad thing, it’s just fact.

    Yet the BBC would have you believe that we all grow up in a muticultural, multiracical world. It just isn’t true.


  16. R CROSS says:

    When the queen and the members of the privy council,and the six hundred odd mp`s begin to respect the oaths that they have already taken,especially the traitor masquerading as the prime minister,who so far has taken an oath to the scottish parliament,the british parliament,and the latest the eu parliament,then they may feel free to lecture us upon the virtues of making irrevocable promises.the queen to whom this absurdity will be addressed is the biggest fraud of all ,having sworn her oath in westminster abbey ,before a sane archbishop of canturbury and our God.