I was listening to an item on the BBC “Today” programme this morning concerning the missing children of Bradford. Essentially this relates to the disappearance of mostly teenage girls who it seems have been forced into marriages with Pakistan featuring heavily in the story as the destination for these unfortunates. However at no point did the BBC see fit to point out that this problem is one that is inextricably linked with British Muslims and instead it postures that “many minorities”could be involved. Yes, they could be, but they are not. The smug Keith Vaz was then interviewed and he was quick to point out that this should not be looked upon as a Muslim problem but a broader societal one. Rubbish. Could the BBC not find anybody who was prepared to come on-air and explain that forced marriages, like “honour” killings, are all part of the rich cultural tapestry that Islam has brought into the UK? Why does it shy away from stating the obvious? It KNOWS that many of these children are sent back to Pakistan and it KNOWS that this is part of Muslim family arrangements. Why can it not just state that?

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  1. George R says:

    This is another story about Bradford, it’s a true one, not taken from the BBC’s ‘White’ season; it’s about a headmaster and ‘multiculturalism’:



  2. I’ve just read the link to Abi Morgan’s reading material. She is so ‘right-on’ that I thought she was takin’ the p*ss. Seriously, these lefties are a joke which more of us are getting, and getting wise to. Now why doesn’t she go and live in a nice, peaceful muslim country? Answer – because there aren’t any and I’ll bet that Abi Morgan knows it.


  3. Typhoo says:

    This was absolutely awful


  4. Cockney says:

    I didn’t watch the thing, so can’t comment, but I did note that even the Guardian criticised the imbalance between the ‘do no wrong’ muslim family and the utterly useless and dysfunctional white family.


  5. meggoman says:


    Elsewhere on other BBBC threads I wrote, having read the ‘press information’ from the BBC, what I believed the hidden agenda of the BBC ‘white’ season was. I hoped that I would be wrong. Alas I was not. Not only does the series of programmes protray ALL white working class people in the UK as drunken, racist, uneducated bigots incapable of parenthood it provides the despicable Yasmin Alihai Brown and her ilk with material on which to continue her venomous hatred of white people in the UK.

    George R;

    Thanks for raisng that. Ray Honeyford was an admirable and very good headmaster. When he made his comments all thos years ago he was lambasted by the lefty liberals who now run our country. Shameful.


  6. Benny says:

    Sadly, a lot of people have fallen for this propaganda:


    But then again, that tv review website has adverts for “Hippy Shopper” so what else should I expect?

    Despite such brazen examples of bias like White Girl, there are still so many people out there who don’t think that the BBC is biased and will come rushing to the BBC’s defence.


  7. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    The BBC White Season is so ill conceived that its hard to know where to begin.

    Not only is it the wrong thing altogether but it would be far too little and way too late even if it were the right thing. The Islington crowd have decided that it is time to toss a bone to those who have been at the sharp end of crass government decisions for fully 25 years and are at breaking point. It must have dawned on some NuLab sellouts that many formerly safe seats are at risk and guess what!! they will lose out to the BNP!.

    Given that the BBC is the mouthpiece of NuLab a very late effort has been made to lance the boil of resentment that has appeared on its very own arse.

    On an edition of Newsnight last week I found myself in full agreement with Bob Crow (general sec of the trade union RMT) who, amongst others on the panel had rounded on the very crass and haughty Margaret Hodge.

    I`m not sure what it all means, but Dear Beeboids, when an arch and oldschool Tory like me is loudly cheering for Bob Crow then you lot are in real serious trouble and your silly and wrongheaded White Season will not prevent the storming of the Bastille that is soon to be your fate.

    Winter of discontent II is coming, this time it will enjoy widespread support.


  8. Pete says:

    The BBC does seem full of people who need to educate us from a position of ignorance. White Girl was just another example of the junk that this attitude produces.


  9. Dr R says:

    If I were a “white girl” (you know, an illiterate, violent, drunk, amoral etc etc etc white English woman) I would find this Abi Morgan and shove a baseball bat up her lefty arse. This was so insulting as to beggar belief. And crap drama to boot (for comparison, has anyone been watching the brilliantly nuanced Mad Men from the USA?).


  10. meggoman says:

    For ‘locals’ read ‘white working class’. It all fits the current BBC agenda to kill off the white man.



  11. meggoman says:

    From the report link above.

    ‘It’s monotonous, physical work with 60-hour weeks, but no-one’s complaining – or taking a tea break.’

    But isn’t this against EU law and working time regulations etc.etc.


  12. backwoodsman says:

    Oh dear, looks like a fairly spectacular beeboid ‘own goal’. The grunts are not amused at being patronised and the talking heads wheeled out to defuse the row, are coming over like complete c**nts !


  13. bob says:

    If we were to accept JR’s, Joel’s, ben’s etc claims that leftwing, right-on, guardianista, pro-islam bias is all a figment of our imagination, how on earth would we explain the BBC turning out yet another leftwing, right-on, guardianista, pro-islam piece of shite? Ah yes, must be a coincidence (or is it the result of another of their buzzwords, ie “incompetence”?)


  14. Atheist says:

    From Times’ “White Girl; The Fixer; The Prime Minister and the Press Barons” by Andrew Billen:
    The writer Abi Morgan says that White Girl was not about Islam, but about faith. Islam just happens to be the fastest growing religion at the moment. “Leah could just as easily have been drawn to Judaism,” she tells Broadcast. An interesting thought. But what about someone making a film about a girl from an intolerant fundamentalist Muslim family converting to the joys of enlightened atheism? Somehow I can’t see it being made, can you?

    This is what I find the most disturbing. Why is the BBC actively promoting Islam? It cannot piss over all other religions while actively promoting Islam, making it seem as if it were the solution to all our problems.

    Isn’t cognitive dissonance bad for your health? Does this denial of self-contradiction have infinite depth? How far is it going to go before they stop and ask: “Wait a minute, does this make any sense?”

    On the other hand more and more people, like Andrew Billen see it clearly for what it is.

    Does anyone have any anecdotal evidence to see how widespread this effect is? How many people are starting to see it for what it is? Are most people still swallowing this blatant propaganda without thinking?


  15. John Reith spins in his grave says:

    Perhaps you’re all jumping in too early chaps.

    There may yet be a sequel where the girl gets drugged, carted off to Pakistan by her new friends and sold off to an elderly local – only to be rescued in the end by her old dad who’s served his time, turned over a new leaf and been recruited by the government as a social services emergency international outreach worker.

    Well – we can dream.


  16. Oscar says:

    The BBC is now teaching 7-11 yr olds Arabic – in expensively produced schools programmes. They just broadcast a show (on BBC2) shot in Cairo which was as much about indoctrinating British kids into the wonders of an Islamic country as about learning the language. Given all the problems with basic literacy, the idea that Arabic for 7 yr olds is a priority is extraordinary. Looks like that old Jesuit policy – give me a child at 7 etc. etc. – is being enthusiastically taken up down at al beeb.

    BTW thanks for the article on Ray Honeyford – a true morality tale for our times.


  17. bodo says:

    ‘Around the world in 80 gardens’ – cheesy, derivative, but good Sunday evening viewing nonetheless. Except for this Sunday when we had Monty Don enthusing about ‘Islamic Gardens’ in N Africa, which were, frankly, a tip.

    Exquisite Italian gardens were just that – no mention of Christianity.

    The Beeb promotion of Islam gets more explicit – and sometimes laughably desperate.


  18. Peregrine says:

    I can only presume you didn’t catch the programme in Cuba, where Monty described what looked like an ordinary, and admittedly well kept, vegetable garden as a socialist triumph.


  19. I’ve noticed that there don’t seem to be any Beeboids defending this latest steaming pile of taqqiya to be produced by the BBC. Sometimes, the indefensible is simply that: indefensible.


  20. Zevilyn says:

    Were Dennis Potter starting out as a writer now, not one of his plays would have been greenlighted by this BBC. As the BBC only allows writing which fits its own agenda, the BBC is now a censorious, pro-Government broadcaster.

    The thing that really makes me angry about the White Season is the failure to address issues such as education. Its all focused on immigration,so as to make the white working class look evil.

    Whites are bashed repeatedly in these documentaries and dramas, yet NuLabour gets off scot free.


  21. Terry Hamblin says:

    I looked at the programme notes on White Girl and then thought, “No, what’s the point of dying of a stroke when my blood pressure goes through the roof.” Good hammering of Lady Hodge on Newsnight, though. Clever of the Conservatives to field a black guy; the Beeb daren’t lay a finger on one.


  22. meggoman says:

    Good hammering of Lady Hodge on Newsnight, though. Clever of the Conservatives to field a black guy; the Beeb daren’t lay a finger on one.
    Terry Hamblin | 11.03.08 – 6:52 pm | #

    Terry. The worrying thing is that Hodge is a ‘culture minister’ – surely that should be multiculutre minister’. I have to say that she was quite simply pathetic. Her systematic destruction by Gaunt and Crow was not to be missed. She personifies everthing I ever believed a Labour government would be and worse. Proud to say I’ve never voted for that shower of shit and never will.


  23. meggoman says:

    Just seen the trailer for the Poles are coming programme. Ended with a sneer to the camera from the reporter with comment ‘Makes you proud to be British dunnit’. More demeaning of the white working classes by the BBC. Totally designed to make us look like sheer utter lazy bastards


  24. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Zevilyn | 11.03.08 – 6:18 pm |

    Were Dennis Potter starting out as a writer now, not one of his plays would have been greenlighted by this BBC. As the BBC only allows writing which fits its own agenda, the BBC is now a censorious, pro-Government broadcaster.

    No kidding. If Potter were allowed to have the imagination to do “The Singing Detective” today, it would have a non-smoking Detective Marlow chant verses from the Koran, rather than Peg o’ My Heart, and Marlow’s fever dreams about childhood traumas would be scenes from this White series.

    The thing that really makes me angry about the White Season is the failure to address issues such as education. Its all focused on immigration,so as to make the white working class look evil.

    You raise a very interesting point here. In fact, don’t they always seem to have someone on talking about improving education for the masses, and about how more education reduces bad behavior? Not to mention how that education must include all that warm fuzzy multi-culti stuff? In fact, one could say that this really is an indictment of the British educational system under New Labour rather than a show about how bad white people are.


  25. george whyte says:

    The main character in the film, an 11-year old WHITE girl, was portrayed as the hero of the family, the one who brought the family together, the one with the most common sense. ”

    She only becomes the “hero” after she becomes a Muslim, before this she was a loud mouth chav.

    The moral of the story appeared to be that it doesn’t matter if you are born white you can still become a better person by becoming a Muslim.

    Now if you don’t find that offensive imagine the reverse:

    A young girl from a Muslim family of terrorism supporters (the white family were portrayed as real lowlifes after all) suddenly finds true enlightenment and contentment after converting to Christianity.

    I think most people Muslim or non-Muslim would find THAT offensive.


  26. Jeff says:

    After watching that toe-curlingly bad White Girl last night, I can’t say i’m surprised. I know for a fact that there’s an endemic institutional soil of bigotry within the BBC that would encourage a nurture such creative displays of bigotry towards working-class white people. I freelanced as a graphic designer with them for a year after graduating from art college in ’97. And in the end, I had to cut my contract short – not the sole reason mind, but it was partly due to the palpable prejudice and sneering attitudes they had towards WWCs. To be honest, it may not have been so bad as I remember, and none of the comments I experienced were directly aimed at me, but being a working-class lad from Romford, I just wasn’t expecting to hear a daily barrage of Essex boy/girl jokes (which had been around a number of years, but for them was the new hilarious thing) put-on Waynetta slob accents, and derogatory comments about people who live on council estates. Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest. Great blog btw.


  27. Darius says:

    It was truly awful. Like a Leni Riefenstahl sop to Islam.


  28. K. says:

    For those interested,here is the video of the Family on which Morgans “White girl” was based.

    This video is several years old and has been used for Islamic propaganda, the original web site is within the video.

    There are several big differences to watch out for.



  29. WoAD says:

    How about a program about welfare? We’ll call it “The Welfare State we’re in.”

    It will open with the lines: “Welfare is wrong because it creates dependance which cuts across the striving for independance which is liberty.”

    Nah, the Welfare state is a holy cow for Beeboids, they much prefer to reduce council sink estates to a problem regarding race.

    Explanation: They begin by heading the inquiry as “white.” White refers to the lowest common denominator, the purely physical reference to the indigenous people of this country: White skin. They then say: these are the behavioural attributes of people with white skin.

    Make no mistake. The BBC has gone Nazi. Gary Powell is 100 times right, the BBC are a National Socialist organisation.


  30. jimbob says:

    somewhere on the beeb website they are saying that WWC will not pick butternut squashes at £7 p.h.

    they then go on to say that WWC are refusing wages of £25,000 pa.

    Now given that the butternut squash pickig season is probably, i don’t know … 1 month long i don’t their maths adds up.

    anyway thanks to gordon’s tax credit welfare stalinist system we know best system it doesn’t make any sense to come off benefots for one month only to fill out another 50 page form 1 month later


  31. George R says:

    And the BBC’s latest effort in its dreadful ‘White’ season ‘The Poles are Coming!’ (BBC 2 tv tonight) was superficial, and again adopted a trade-mark BBC multicultural ideological stance, not identifying with the viewpoint of most indigenous people in Peterborough, but spending much time in Poland, in Gdansk, and to give lightweight presenter Tim Samuels a buzz, interviewing Lech Walesa.

    The impact of the mass immigration, brought about by this Labour Government on Peterborough, which has seen a sudden influx of about (because there are only estimates of numbers available) 15,000 Muslims, 2,000 plus Poles, 1000 plus Lithuanians, 600 plus Slovaks was of no particular concern to Samuels. The subtlety and concern of the programme was illustrated by the crass use of music like ‘there’s a summer place’ played across masses of dumped rubbish in public areas.


  32. Jeff says:

    I find it ironic that this BBC White season was supposed to be about the WWC, it even posed the question “are the white working-class in Britain ignored?” They then proceeded to make a series of programmes that did exactly that – ignore them.


  33. archduke says:

    ” George R | 11.03.08 – 1:18 pm”

    thank you. that article is an incredible read.


  34. archduke says:

    al qaeda would have been proud of the islamic propaganda of “white girl”.

    jeff makes a valid point – they advertised this series about the wwc being ignored. and sure enough they ignore them.

    there seems to be an almost sadistic pleasure in the BBC , on rubbing the WWCs noses in it.


  35. Bryan says:

    George R | 11.03.08 – 1:18 pm,

    Great article. It’s such a pleasure to read a well-written piece that cuts like a scythe through the propaganda of institutions that share the idiocy of the dumbed-down PC BBC.

    The BBC doesn’t employ anyone who can write anywhere near as well as this.

    It’s also profoundly saddening, of course, to see what the radical left, encouraged by the despicable BBC, has done to Britain.


  36. Richy says:

    Reading of this rather dreadful sounding programme, I’m reminded somewhat of Mr Marr’s immortal truth:

    “The BBC is not impartial or neutral. It’s a publicly funded, urban organisation with an abnormally large number of young people, ethnic minorities and gay people. It has a liberal bias not so much a party-political bias. It is better expressed as a cultural liberal bias”,


  37. Angry Young Alex says:

    And there was me expecting it not to be a colossal crock of shite.


  38. Sue says:

    Bryan | 12.03.08 – 9:07 am
    George R | 11.03.08 – 1:18 pm

    Terrific article. It should be required reading by all M.P.s


  39. Sarah Jane says:

    From the Daily Telegraph article:

    “A BBC spokesman defended the series, saying Miss Mukherjee was responding to an article, not the programming.

    “It’s clear from what she has written that she has not actually seen any of the programmes in the series,” he said.”

    What the spokesman fails to realise is that if you don’t have to watch it, for it “to leave a nasty taste in the mouth” among your own staff, then what is the effect on the audience likely to be?

    I really struggle to imagine the editorial meetings in which this story (which looks so politically one-sided I could not bring myself to watch it) was imagined to achieve what the intention of this series of programmes was, apparently, intended as being.

    If it looks like shite and smells like shite I am not going to eat it to be certain that it is shite.


  40. George R says:

    Koop 10:28 am

    Sarah Jane 11:32 am.

    Yes, a BBC spokesman (for its ‘White’ season) said “it’s clear from what she (Sarah Mukherjee) has written that she has not actually seen any of the programmes in the series.”

    So that Beeboids associated with the ‘White’ series cannot miss seeing the ‘Daily Telegraph’ report, here is an extract:

    “Sarah Mukherjee, the environment correspondent, who grew up on a predominantly white council estate in Essex, said that BBC2’s White season risked reinforcing the stereotype of the white working class as violent and racist alcoholics who live on benefits.

    “The reporter, who is Asian, made the comments after Richard Klein, the BBC’s commissioning editor for documentaries, said that the corporation had been ‘brave’ to make a series of programmes about the ‘prejudices, alienation, fears and confusion’ of the white working class.

    “He said in an interview with the BBC’s in-house magazine Ariel that the season should be watched by anyone ‘who thinks the BBC no longer takes risks’.

    “Miss Mukherjee said: ‘I think you’ll find that firefighters, ambulance workers and soldiers are brave, rather than filmmakers. And am I the only one for whom this season leaves a nasty taste in the mouth?'”



  41. bodo says:

    Further to the link from George R;

    Rod Liddle on Honeyford etc;



  42. Richard Klein, the BBC’s commissioning editor for documentaries, said that the corporation had been ‘brave’ to make a series of programmes about the ‘prejudices, alienation, fears and confusion’ of the white working class.

    Brave? How about the BBC commissioning The Life of Mo? No takers, BBC?

    Seriously, I consider the BBC to present an existential threat to me and my British way of life. They and their supporters (including the Quislings on this site) really are liars, traitors, and scum in general. This looks like an ad hominem because it is intended to be so.


  43. As I Please says:

    somewhere on the beeb website they are saying that WWC will not pick butternut squashes at £7 p.h.

    they then go on to say that WWC are refusing wages of £25,000 pa.

    Now given that the butternut squash pickig season is probably, i don’t know … 1 month long i don’t their maths adds up.

    jimbob | 11.03.08 – 10:36 pm | #

    You mean food has seasons? How quaint. I doubt the average beeboid notices this when feasting on their produce flown in from around the world.

    I suspect their knowledge of farming is on a par with its knowledge of the armed forces.

    Aren’t farms full of awful tory toffs and their forelock-tugging plebian (sorry, ‘white working class’)underlings?


  44. WoAD says:

    Muslim extremism is not a reaction to, nor exasperated by the “failure” of multiculturalism. Muslim extremism is a non-reactive ideology strongly bolstered with the authority of the Koran.

    Multiculturalism is a liberal outlook based on the freedom of the individual to practice their culture without demands (“cultural imperialism”) from the host dominant culture. Swimming lessons for Muslim girls are a case in point. To force Muslim girls to attend swimming lessons without their parents consent is authoritarian. Not at all liberal. This is why Ray Honeyford was ‘demonised’ as a ‘racist.’


  45. Al-Beeb TV says:

    When I first read this article I fully expected it to be endorsed by Al-Beeb at the bottom of the page…