You have to wonder about the type of employee working at the BBC! What prompts this is the news story that suggests a BBC Radio 4 presenter drugged and raped a man he met at a New Year party after inviting him back to see his art collection, a court heard today. Nigel Wrench snorted cocaine with the man at the party in south London and offered him the chance to sit in on his show, the Old Bailey was told. Back at the PM presenter’s flat he poured them both a glass of champagne but when the 26-year-old man took a gulp he realised “not all was well”, a jury heard. Mr Wrench denies the allegations. Now, let’s not go into the specific details here since that is a matter for the Court to deal with. But I wonder has the PM show covered this story? It is always quick enough to publicise the alleged misdeeds of others, so I wonder if this story has been given due prominence on PM?

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  1. tom atkins says:

    I just can’t see the BBC keeping quite about this if a Tory MP was in court accused of Gay rape.

    Yet when a PM presenter is in court? nothing.

    This is the bias story of the year. Where are the BBC Trolls to defend the Radio silence on this?


  2. tom atkins says:

    John Reith?
    any comments why this 1 year old story has been kept out of the media?
    Has this man been suspended from the BBC?
    He’s off air but still being paid.

    I will repeat
    if an MP or any other public figure had been accused let alone charged and bought to trial for gay rape this story would have been given far far greater prominence.

    This is how the fouth estate runs England: find the dirt on everyone else so they live in fear.
    Leave it out if any of them are accused.

    This is the media bias story of the decade.


  3. Martin says:

    David Vance: Yes in a post elsewhere I’ve commented that the last three 5 live phone in shows have been 2 about Government “plans” (booting layabouts out of Council houses and the under 18’s drinking) and the Winterton saga.

    What I find rather annoying is the BBC seem to actually believe this shit from the Government. Victoria Derbyshire didn’t even seem to understand the current legal system herself.

    Oh and a Beeboid she interviewed made two blatant lies as statements.

    1. He said violent crime is falling under McLabour – this is a LIE

    2. He said that the number of children drinking under age had not increased. This is again a lie.

    No Tory to give a different opinion.

    No phone in on Peter Hain

    No phone in on Wendy alexander

    No phone in on Harriet Harpie

    No phone in on the European treaty going through parliament

    No phone in on other McLabour ministers who are in the paper for dodgy expenses.

    Anyone else notice a trend here?

    Oh and in relation to the US elections going on, today on the Mayo show the Republicans were continually referred to as “far right” or “the right wing”, no mention was made of the “left” in the Democrats. Typical bias by the BBC.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I am sure this may be of some interest to the troubled singers’ fan base, but….

    At the time of writing , no fewer than 115, 600 unique users have read this story.

    I ask you if this story is MORE important than the debate which is happening in the Commons concerning the ramming through of the European Constitution, sorry, Treaty – something which will effect each and every one of us?

    Not more important perhaps, but less popular certainly. The BBC is running a story on this •

    so far, 2443 people have thought it worth a look.


  5. The Fat Contractor says:

    Yesterday I made the mistake of listening to Radio 4. They were discussing cancer treatment under the NHS. The speakerenes first words were ‘last week we discovered how years on underfunding of cancer treatment in the 80’s and 90’s … ‘ (or somesuch). Like it’s a fact, rather than just an opinion, that the Tories under funded cancer treatment.


  6. The Fat Contractor says:

    Anonymous | 06.02.08 – 4:19 pm |
    It’s probably true that more people are interested in Winehouse than the EU Constitution and a sad indictment too.

    I just wish they’d leave the poor girl alone and let her get her life back together. Do they want to see her dead? Would it give them personal satisfaction? What sort of monsters are they?


  7. Arthur Dent says:

    Strange, Mr Reith and his colleagues keep trying to tell us that the reason that the BBC is funded by the license fee is because it is a public service broadcaster with a charter obligation to “inform and educate”.

    So it fulfills this duty by burying the single biggest constitutional change in the countries history to a remote web page and leaving it out of most broadcasting to the population as a whole.

    Bread and Circuses for the plebs – it’s what we do at the BBC


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Martin | 06.02.08 – 4:13 pm

    Oh and in relation to the US elections going on, today on the Mayo show the Republicans were continually referred to as “far right” or “the right wing”, no mention was made of the “left” in the Democrats. Typical bias by the BBC.

    Exactly what I’m talking about. They have one view of everyone who is not a Democrat, and that’s where their coverage begins and ends.


  9. Martin says:

    David: This applies to many other areas at the BBC as well. you will find that they will identify an organisation “as right of centre or far right” but you never hear them refer to say Libery as a “left of centre” group. NEVER.

    I guess it’s where the BBC gets its mindset from in the first place.


  10. Martin says:

    Arthur Dent: Well what the BBC does is every so often they will wheel out David Attenborough to do a programme that shows waterfalls and Lions shagging each other and the BBC will called it Planet… or Living…. or whatever.

    They then point to this as their “educating the masses” bit so that no one will complain of the utter bollocks churned out for 99% of the time.


  11. Pete says:

    Junk programmes, junk news. That is today’s BBC TV.

    Keep it all in London please. Don’t come to Salford to make any of that shoddy rubbish.


  12. Attenborough-sceptic says:

    Frankly, those Attenborough series are all the same, birth, and copulation and death, with a certain amount of hunting, gathering and eating between times. They’re all at it. None of them ever recites Shakespeare or paints a picture or does anything interesting or unexpected. That’s what made his stuff so useful at school when one was asked to write about one’s favourite TV programmes – adults loved the idea that this was what one watched. Lapped it up, they did.

    Wonder if his stuff would get made without a tellytax subsidy? Does the Beeb lose money on him?


  13. Ajax says:

    If you are seriously concerned about TV and radio news manipulating political information then WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT – just moan? This site is full of complaints but no-one offers a practical solution.

    These news people have misused their monopoly power for long enough. They will NOT change unless they are required to do so by law. They should now be controlled with a new legally binding Code of Practice requiring all staff working on these programmes (and BBC website) to comply with stated professional standards, any failure to comply resulting in professional disciplinary action – like solicitors, nurses etc.

    They should comply with OUR needs for untwisted political information – and not push their own personal political ideas which they have no right to do as they are UNELECTED.

    Political information in an Information Age is too important to leave to the uncontrolled discretion of a few people.

    Tine to stop the moaning – time for action to change the practices of these arrogant people.


  14. Alan Connor says:

    Re: Europe, this [video] is of interest, perhaps [via the reform treaty timeline]

    Just for fun…


  15. Derek W. Buxton says:

    I’m with Ajax. The EU Treaty/Constitution is the biggest leap in the dark we have ever had and the details are being kept secret. All three parties are to blame. What to do about it, that is a whole new ball game. Unfortunately the politicos have stolen the ball the bat and the stumps. They need our votes but you would not think so from the way we are treated between elections. Cameron will not even respond to specific questions any more.


  16. Benny says:

    The BBC would rather spend crazy amounts of airtime focusing on US elections that we can’t vote in and that won’t directly affect us rather than mention the EU Constitution, which will have a direct impact on us.

    There’s no way they can justify giving such massive coverage to US elections, on a daily basis for a whole year in advance, whilst practically ignoring the EU constitution. It’s the classic distraction that the BBC always do.