In typical BBC bash-the-Tories style

In typical BBC bash-the-Tories style, David Cameron’s suggestion that:

“…political parties, even though they may have serious disagreements over many aspects of policy, should work together in areas where they agree. I hope that in 2008 the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party will join us in putting pressure on the government to decentralise power, and that together we can create a new progressive alliance to decentralise British politics”

…was reported on the front page of BBC Views Online as Kennedy rejects Tory pact offer, which is all very well, except that Kennedy is very much not the leader of the LibDems, so surely is of secondary import to what Cameron said and to what the (then) prospective leaders of the LibDems might think.

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4 Responses to In typical BBC bash-the-Tories style

  1. Geezer says:

    Typical piece of negative framing, that the BBC do to almost all formal announcements by the Conservative Party.

    The TV news usually lead with:
    “The Government has condemned Conservative proposals…” and they usually don’t even incluide representation by a Conservative spokesman.

    The BBC news department, as Labour tribalists, will of course, present things like this!


  2. Heron says:

    Charles Kennedy must be due on Question Time again soon. It’s been at least 2 weeks since his last appearance. Is there a free bar backstage or something?


  3. Umbongo says:

    “Charles Kennedy must be due on Question Time again soon”

    Possibly, but we can certainly look forward to the swift return of George Galloway and/or Salma Yakoob (apparently on Any Questions within the last couple of weeks) of the minuscule and sinister “Respect” party who are grossly over-represented on BBC panel discussions. Yes yes I know “Respect” won the parliamentary seat in Bethnal Green and Bow but, believe it or not, the BNP has local council seats in the same part of the world: I can’t remember the last time Nick Griffin was on QT or Any Questions (although he starred in the BBC investigation which led to his trial . . . and acquittal)


  4. dave t says:

    Maybe Tommy Sheridan will pop up too, he needs the fee for his legal expenses!