And you thought the BBC didn’t have advertising breaks.

A reader called Dina writes:

Hi, I just wondered if anyone else watched the programme on BBC2 on Friday 17th March about called “The Family that Walks on All Fours”?

I watched this expecting it to be a scientific documentary about the curious anomaly of a rural Turkish family who have several mentally handicapped children who walk on all fours, like monkeys. The programme started well. About half way through, one of the scientists interviewed the Imam at the local village Mosque who was afraid that the programme might hint at Darwinian evolution in explaining the childrens symptoms. The programme went on sympathetically to explain that the idea of evolution is generally anathema in Turkey as an Islamic country, especially in rural areas and the Imam thought that to allow a Western programme to make the connection could invoke the wrath of an Al Qaeda attack on the village. The programme then went on to emphasise that hostility to the idea of evolution is not exclusive to Islamic countries and then, in classic BBC style, the programme switched to show an American Evangelical Church discussing the bible. At this point I changed the channel. I thought I was watching a genuine scientific documentary, but I should have known that the BBC needs to insert a political (especially anti-American) angle into such a programme. I try not to watch the BBC as much as possible as I cannot stomach the boring and predictable PC, anti-American drivel that is their stapel diet. Anyway, I just wondered if anyone had seen this and agrees with me?

Just be grateful they didn’t find some reason to show a clip of Gitmo.

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304 Responses to And you thought the BBC didn’t have advertising breaks.

  1. LyndonB says:

    I watched this dross or at least part of it before turning off in disgust. In the past the BBC made some good scientific programs (Horizon et al) but this was pure unadulterated crap. What we “witnessed” was not some missing link to the past, it was merely a family of inbred retards. This is what happens when you sleep with your brothers and sisters. The BBC I suppose reflects British society and in my view that’s going down the pan so it’s no surprise that the quality of the BBC’s output continues to sink to new lows.


  2. Charlie says:

    And of course the important point was that the Imam feared an Al-Qaeda attack on his village for mentioning evolution, whereas in America they fight about it with words. But then as Al-Qaeda is simply a perfectly reasonable response to the Evil American Jewish Kleptocratic Conspiracy, I suppose the Beeboids in question couldn’t tell the difference.


  3. TAoL says:


    This is the current headline on the BBC news-page:

    Yes, a government exercise in ‘public consultation’. The BBC claims that “radical reform of the pension system is being “debated as ministers hold public meetings on the crisis across the UK”.

    Excellent: the government is ‘listening to the people’, or so the BBC says. This is News.

    “The government says it will look at the results before publishing its proposals in the next couple of months.”

    Right: so ministers are going to various public meetings and are listening, we’re told. So they will collate all the information that comes out at these “public meetings”, “look at the results” and publish its White Paper, all in the next couple of months?

    Yeah yeah. As if.

    If I were a cynic I would say this is a rehashed press release for a government publicity stunt, and the BBC is passing it off as news.


  4. mick in the uk says:

    Pretty poor documentary, as to me it seemed obvious that they had no balance and as a result were probably fed up of falling over as children…so walk on all fours; a point which was illustrated when they produced a ($)30 walking frame.

    Dina was right about the anti-American/Christian BS which was included.

    A totally pointless waste of our license money.


  5. archduke says:

    trafalgar square webcam

    will be useful to see if “thousands” turn up for that moonbat parade today.


  6. Fran says:


    Evangelical Christians will be the next target of the BBC as public enemy no 1. At the moment they are targetted mainly as yet another way of ridiculing George Bush and the USA.

    However, Rod Liddle’s distasteful Channel 4 doc a couple of weeks ago, painting Christians as a danger to UK society and values because (a) some of them teach abstinence as an effective way to avoid STIs, unwanted pregnancy and destroyed self-esteem (b) some of them wrote/demonstrated against the portrayal of Jesus in Jerry Springer the Opera (c) some of them maintain traditional Christian teaching that homosexual relationships are sinful (d) some Evangelical Christian teachers take literally the Genesis Creation Stories and teach those stories alongside Darwinian evolution in science lessons, typifies all that challenges Beeb thinking.

    Naturally such resistance to the BBC thought police as represented by Liddle, David Attenborough, commissioning editors for BBC2 etc is to be put down at all costs.

    Little inserts into unrelated programmes, such as the one Natalie observed, will soon be increased and we shall see documentaries, news items and, probably, drama programmes which identify the new Enemy Within. (Oh, I forgot. Spooks has already filmed an episode in which armed fundamentalist Christians murder an Al Qaeda suspect. It wasn’t aired was it. Something about offending people’s religious sensibilities – I forget whose …..)

    [Just to avoid any confusion: it was Dina who watched the “All Fours” documentary and then emailed me about it. – NS]

    Edited By Siteowner


  7. archduke says:

    “Evangelical Christians will be the next target of the BBC as public enemy no 1.”

    because the evangelicals are becoming increasingly vocal in their opposition to Islam?


  8. henry, UK says:

    I don’t think those are just BBC biases. Creationism is just wrong, and has no place in any education system. Church yes, school no. Nor does homophobia. There are any number of studies (mostly from Scandanavian countries) that show teaching abstinence doesn’t really do anything. Jerry Springer The Opera was a free speech issue. See the Prophet Mohammed Cartoons for a useful parallel. I thought this blog was all about how the BBC ignores the fascistic aspects of political Islam. Surely the issue with Liddle’s comments is that he did not make the same criticisms of Islam as he did of fundamentalist christianity.


  9. Sarge uncensored says:

    I also formed the opinion that the programme was heavily biased. I know from reading other sources that ..
    A German team of geneticists took samples from the family, and found a region on chromosome 17 that appears to be associated with the ataxia (they term hypoplasia). The condition appears consistent with a recessive Mendelian inheritance;
    This was NOT mentioned in the pseudo documentary, it was this aspect I wanted to see explored, but apart from a short general sequence no more was said about the German research.
    This programme made my stomach turn over, not because of the subject, but the manner in which it was produced. It had all the elements of liberal BBC type thinking. From the start it emphasised “nurture” over “nature”. I guessed the way it was going after the first five minutes because of the repetitive propaganda from the English scientist. They appeared afraid of nature, in the BBC mindset “genes” equals “eugenics”. To cut this short, there were other examples, they finished with a pathetic do good syndrome of parallel bars presumably donated to the family.
    Goodness, giving, nurture, all combined. Nature ignored.


  10. Socialism is Necrotizing says:

    BBC News 24 now recruiting on behalf of the anti-war march in Trafalgar square for which nobody has shown up.

    Even advertising the “celebrity” speakers expected to attend (for normal people this would be enough to make you stay home Galloway, Benn etc).

    So folks! if you have a Moonbat cause that you`d like BBC News 24 to promote…………………..


  11. Sarge uncensored says:

    We show, by a genome-wide linkage scan, that quadrupedal locomotion is a recessive trait linked to chromosome 17p.

    We shall have to look to other sources than the BBC on this one, they just cannot be trusted not to meddle in science.


  12. dumbcisco says:

    I bet the BBC does not give a puff piece to the March for Free Expression in the days before 25 March.


  13. pounce says:

    Unfortunately this week I’ve had to endue BBC2 at work. So I was a little surprised to learn that at lunchtime they have a call in debate on certain topics.
    This week we have had Nukes, arranged marriages and horse racing.
    I must admit on those three subjects the BBC appeared to find spokesmen (so unPC of me) who took objection to the subject into another artform.
    The nutter who proclaimed that if we got nuked, we would be morally wrong to retaliate as it would kill people.
    Arranged marrages;
    How the vast majority of people who ran in supported it.
    Horse racing;
    Having a animal liberation idiot as the main advocate against horse racing.
    The message I got from listening in to BBC2 at lunchtime this week was that debate is only fine if we attack the British way of life as so yesterday. That must be why they tried to sell the image that living in Butan is better than living in the UK. If only the tofu eating fools would take their own advice and go.


  14. Sarge uncensored says:

    Changing one gene swaps fly sex roles, scientists report

    My last word on the subject, flies roles are changed by genes, not “nurture” or “upbringing” of “family circumstances”


  15. archduke says:

    hyde park corner webcam:

    the moonbats are assembling in parliament square before going via hyde park corner to trafalgar sq.


  16. Sarge uncensored says:

    Sorry, more on the same subject, looking at the world-science website I saw this;
    Scientists to probe ethics complaint over “hand-walkers” research

    March 15, 2006
    By Jack Lucentini
    World Science

    Turkey’s chief organization of scientists has announced plans to investigate an ethical complaint against three U.K. researchers over a study of people who walk on all fours in Turkey.

    The British scientists today broke a long silence on the issue to answer the complaints, saying they had done nothing wrong.

    The comments came a day after a top U.K. expert in scientific ethics suggested a university where they work should investigate their research.

    The complaints originated with a Turkish scientist who said that after he invited the U.K. researchers to study the phenomenon with him, they arranged a deal that forced him to stop his own study of it. They deny it.

    The case has some Turkish scientists bristling with offended national pride.


  17. henry, UK says:

    Why are there never any marches in support of Iraqi Democracy or in support of our troops? Why do the kind of idiots protesting today get the monopoly on media coverage?


  18. pounce says:

    Anybody following the Commonwealth games on the Beeb website.
    Well don’t bother with the medal table as it alone of all the sites doesn’t get updated as often as it should.
    (India are in second place with 4 medals at the moment)
    Go to the offical site;
    At least they don’t hate to admit that England is in second place.


  19. dumbcisco says:

    The moonbats marching today will get police protection to vent their anti-Western and anti-British spleen. All part of our core tradition of freedom of expression – which most of them now want to curtail in their favour.

    Kinda ironic. But I doubt if the BBC would ever pick up on the irony, even though it makes for a good storyline. Because the BBC is not interested in much except its own storyline, its own agenda.


  20. newkidontheblock says:

    Sarge uncensored
    ‘recessive Mendelian inheritance’
    Forgive my ignorance, is this inbreeding? If so, I’ve seen numerous examples of this in out-of-the-way villages up north when I did my seven month stint on the miners strike in the eighties.


  21. archduke says:

    Margaret Hodge puff piece alert!

    of course, she’s now in charge of pensions.

    what the hell is this about?

    “More than 1,000 people at events in six cities will vote on ideas including raising the retirement age.”

    who are these people?
    who elected them?
    and why are they bypassing parliament?
    our representatives are our MPs – not these “1000 people”

    “The government says it will look at the results before publishing its proposals in the next couple of months.”

    huh? why is this “news” ?


  22. archduke says:

    “The audiences at the meetings have been selected by a market research firm called Opinion Leader Research, to provide the ministers with an audience that is a cross section of UK society.

    Then they will vote on different issues such as should the state retirement age be raised or should the state pension be more generous.

    The Department for Work and Pensions said the information gleaned from the meetings would be analysed and taken into account while formulating the new laws.

    so there you have it – in black and white. as clear as day.

    UK parliamentary democracy is dead – or at least, in the process of dying.


  23. Sarge uncensored says:

    What makes me laugh about this Butan paradise story is that it is the Nazi Idyll they are praising. Himmler believed that decadence and degeneration could be cured by tilling the soil and returning to an agrarian existence. This is the “Noble Peasant” theory and liberals of all people are promoting it. Goes to show they don’t know their history. National Socialism to them is all violence torture and death camps.

    The “Artamans”, a ‘Volkish’ youth group who were committed to returning to the land. The idea that the Nordic race should be tied to the soil in what came to be known as “Blut und Boden”. Amongst those who heard and were impressed by these arguments was Heinrich Himmler, himself one of the Artamans. He went on to become an active Nazi and in the Summer of 1930 he set up an agrarian political apparatus to recruit farmers into the NSDAP.


  24. Sarge uncensored says:

    Anti War march in London, tens of thousands at a funeral in Belgrade for a War Leader.


  25. Sarge uncensored says:

    17 Dec 2005 by dag
    Himmler even established experimental organic farms to grow herbs for SS medicinal purposes. And Hitler, at times, could sound like a veritable Green utopian, discussing authoritatively and in detail various renewable energy sources …


  26. dumbcisco says:

    Is Trafalgar Square big enough for all those marching today ?


  27. archduke says:

    hyde park corner webcam is now down for “operational reasons”


  28. archduke says:

    there’s more pigeons in trafalgar square right now than moonbat islamofascists…


  29. Sarge uncensored says:


    Are you sure it isn’t the beer opp north that makes them walk funny?


  30. dumbcisco says:

    The Parliament Square camera was down earlier, where the moonbats were originally gathering ?

    Is this the same sort of operational reason as happens on the DHYS topics – a close-down if the response is not to the liking of the BBC apparatchiks ?


  31. Rick says:

    Unfortunately I have withdrawn from BBC/ITV altogether as I find programmes pitched at such a low level that it becomes painful; and to realise that I know so much more than the people presenting/producing the programmes is not what I tune in for. Any hope that I could learn anything worthwhile is dashed repeatedly, and I now no longer trust the BBC to produce any drama, or any documentary that is not long-winded, pontifical, ill-constructed, and biased in the most facile manner.

    I just think the BBC is staffed by third-rate intellects who cannot rise above their own petty prejudices, and the restricted vocabulary of “industry”, “watchdog”, “quiz”, “row”, “right-wing”, “alleged”, “Tony Blair” instead of grown-up words like “Prime Minister”, “Foreign Secretary” etc…………just gets to be nauseating.

    Frankly, I think the BBC is pitched at the level of educationally-subnormal 16-year old glue-sniffers wearing headphones


  32. archduke says:

    it’s prolefeed Rick – pure prolefeed.

    Orwell was right – he just got the year wrong.


  33. paulc says:

    the crowds are normally bigger for the Tower of London.


  34. archduke says:

    “Why are there never any marches in support of Iraqi Democracy or in support of our troops?”

    Thats called the St Patricks Day parade on 5th Avenue in New York city, which was led by the “Fighting 69th” Regiment just back from Iraq.

    Something that the BBC choose not to report on.

    instead they choose to report on islamofascist apologist parades:


  35. newkidontheblock says:

    Totally O/T but worth a mention.

    Remember ‘Islam and terrorism don’t go together’ an utterance from the preposterous Brian Paddick who the Sunday Times pointed out was clearly living on another planet.
    Well here he is again.
    A supporter of anarchy
    But he was let off with a wigging
    Of course there was this incident
    And of course this let off for him
    And some of Paddick’s supporters (some of whom display unpleasant heterophobic tendencies)
    Some of you may be familiar with Coppersblog
    For those not versed in Police Regulations it is a heinous offence to meet with someone who is on Police bail without reporting it to a supervisory rank. Something that Paddick ‘appears’ to have neglected to do. (There is also neglect of duty).
    For those lower down in the Police food chain you will be barbequed, poached and fried before often being booted out. Not so Paddick, he got promoted.
    Of course along with people like George Galloway and Robert Maxwell, Paddick is quite a litigious little chappie, often a trait of those with something to hide. So you have to tiptoe round this man. Fortunately all my dosh is in the wife’s name.
    It will all end in tears for someone. The country’s foremost PC PC being threatened with a libel action from the country’s secondmost PC PC.
    Quite laughably, the other day Paddick was opining about the peerage he thought he was due.
    I wonder who was the ‘Deep Throat’ who grassed up No. 1 PC PC for phone tapping and has the jockeying for ultimate PC PC power started once the current Numero Uno PC PC gets the chop.


  36. henry, UK says:

    What you’ve got to remember is that this sort of protest is what these people DO on saturday afternoons. They’re all unionists, socialist worker losers, environmentalists, CND, anti globalisation, islamofascist and anti war. They’re just geeks who do this sort of thing all the time. None of them are regular people who just feel strongly on this one issue. They don’t really care about Iraq, the war is just a convenient excuse to take their pathetic world view to a wider audience.


  37. Lurker says:

    Transport for London have some relevant webcams (for the demo), not quick to update though:


  38. george says:

    I’ve noticed during previous demos that the Trafalgar Square jamcam is out of action for “operational reasons”. It seems to be a policy of some sort.


  39. pounce says:

    >>”Frankly, I think the BBC is pitched at the level of educationally-subnormal 16-year old glue-sniffers wearing headphones”


  40. pounce says:

    That must be why the otherday on the evening news. They stated that a certain drug tester was given a ‘Dummy jab’ instead of using the word ‘Placebo’ and he lived to tell the tale.


  41. Rob Read says:

    A demonstration worth covering


  42. dumbcisco says:

    How many people in the Square now ? 800 or so ?


  43. deborah says:


    Thursday – the day to bury bad news.

    The day that the BBC had to admit the Labour ‘loans’.

    Well it was also the day that Margaret Beckett sacked the head of the rural payments agency. Money paid by Europe to British farmers has become and interest free loan to Gordon. The chaos at the RPA means that they don’t know when they can pay out the money in spite of what was said in Parliament.

    Not a word about it on the BBC.


  44. dmatr says:

    OT: BBC News UK Homepage link text to Panorama article:

    “Not welcome – Three years after UK troops entered Iraq, the mood has changed”

    Article: Iraqis torn between fear and uncertainty

    “Three years ago, as British troops swept into Basra, in southern Iraq, the British were welcomed as liberators.”
    “Iraqis here told us the British were still tolerated – even welcome in some quarters… There had been some exceptions…But out on the streets of Basra on night patrol …I found no open hostility and local youths even chatted with the soldiers about British football.”

    So where does the “Not Welcome” bit come from?

    “Today, the atmosphere on the streets has changed. I sensed that the majority of people are torn – they want the British to leave after three years of occupation but they are also fearful of what might happen when they go.

    Sensed?! “Sensed” from inside armoured vehicles and helicopters, as it turns out, that’s a powerful set of senses Ms Corbin has there!

    Today, Westerners who value their own safety can only travel in armoured vehicles and helicopters.


  45. dumbcisco says:

    A balanced review of a variety of books on Iraq.

    Time was, the BBC could do this sort of thing. Not any more.,,923-2089339,00.html


  46. Her Royal Cherieness says:

    Gosh, Natalie – They left out a mention of Gitmo? Any Dick Cheyney hunting jokes?

    I just wanted to draw attention to this headline on their site:

    Reducing troops, changing views
    By Frank Gardner
    BBC News security correspondent

    Frank Gardner’s a Muslim, isn’t he? Why don’t they use his Muslim name?


  47. dumbcisco says:

    There are as many people in my local Sainsbury’s as are attending that “huge” rally in Trafalgar Square. In spite of the puff pieces by the BBC – and in spite of all the buses that the Stop Coalition will have laid on from mosques in Luton, B’ham etc.


  48. archduke says:
    “Despite the fact that Iraq’s political leaders have yet to ask Western forces to leave, there is a widespread perception in the Middle East that Britain and the US want to remain in Iraq as “neo-colonial occupiers” intent on taking its oil.”

    Mr Gardner neglects to mention the Kurdish area of Iraq, where the Kurds want to be the 51st state of America.

    Mr Gardner also neglects to mention that most, if not all of the Middle East is ruled by dictatorial regimes – and none of those regimes have a free press.


  49. Bryan says:

    For anyone who might want to try to have their say, the HYS pages are currently inaccessible, and have been for a few hours. Someone is apparently hard at work redesigning the pages.

    I suppose with all the criticism they’ve been getting on their ‘Should the BBC be more accountable?’ topic they decided to appear to be making changes.


  50. archduke says:

    if you’d rather see some coverage of folks celebrating life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, NBC in Savannah Georgia, has provided lots of video footage here.

    its a nice antedote to the fawning Al Beeb coverage of islamofascist loving moonbats.