The Protocols of Washington

Even when Americans engage in humanitarian aid, they are bad:

“The BBC’s Zaffar Abbas in Islamabad says Mr Rumsfeld’s visit is aimed at ensuring continued US support in the relief and rehabilitation work in areas devastated by the recent earthquake.

Mr Rumsfeld said the US was pleased to be working side-by-side with President Musharraf and the Pakistani military to do whatever could be done to reduce the suffering of many Pakistanis.

Our correspondent says the US financial support and material support for the relief work has been one of the largest by any Western state.

Many believe that Washington has used the exercise to win support in an area where anti-American feelings run high.” (emphasis added)

Perhaps it is just me, but imagine if when the BBC reported on recovery from the WTC attack, the last paragraphs read:

‘Israel is a major ally of the US and has provided assistance to rescue crews in the form of rescue dogs and trauma medical teams.

Many believe that Mossad was involved in the attack [or should that be “militant protest”?] and that Jewish workers were warned to stay away the day before.’ or

‘Many believe that Israel has used the exercise to persuade the US to veto a proposed Security Council resolution condemning its practice of assassinating militant leaders in Gaza and the West Bank.”

Granted there may be a difference in degree (although not in character), can Americans ever do anything that is simply good for the world? Does this sort of tripe really belong in what is supposed to be the UK’s broadcaster of record?

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One Response to The Protocols of Washington

  1. Hazel says:

    Well said Toby, I noticed that nasty snide last paragraph and thought (sigh) here we go again, USA bad even when they’re doing good – according to the Beeb.

    I am so sick of being forced to pay these Beeboids’ salaries.