BBC Essex has one story about Christmas on the front pageChristmas without a loved one.

On the faith page, we actually get some stories about Christianity – a story about about a Christmas concert that actually mentions Jesus.

There is Out of the Box – “Promoting and sharing awareness of our culturally enriched community the ‘Out of the Box Festival’ is a month long celebration of Cultural Diversity through Art, Music, Dance and visits to places of Worship.”

Note also Christians helping to stop binge drinking, and a piece on the Salvation Army

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6 Responses to Essex

  1. Socialism is Necrotizing says:

    Blogging piece on Today (no mention of BBBC!)

    0855 Do bloggers have any power?


  2. Rob Read says:

    Crumbs that Today site looks like it was designed by Stalins favourite artist!


  3. Rob Read says:

    Do Bloggers have power? No.

    Do bloggers direct power? Yes, just ask the former editor of the Grauniad.


  4. disillusioned_german says:

    Well, at least the IBC have managed to get a “Do you have a Christmas whine?” DHYS in … (

    I’m expecting a “Do you have a ramadan whine?” DHYS next year (not!)


  5. Ollie says:

    Hang on a minute. I’ve been on a work placement at my local BBC station all week and I’ve done nothing but cover Christmas stories, most fairly prominently inserted into the breakfast programme, and a couple ending up prominently placed on the county’s BBC website. The whole feel of the station has been tailored to celebrate Christmas all week, as is only to be expected and encouraged. I can’t help but feel someone is being very selective with their evidence as regards how Christmas is dealt with by the various outlets of the BBC. Have you checked every county’s coverage?


  6. Bryan says:

    Ollie, I can’t speak for anything other than the World Service. They broadcast the Christmas message and had a short story on Christmas, but didn’t seem to go to any lengths to indicate that it was, in fact, Christmas day.

    I will eat my proverbial hat if the BBC pays the same respectful attention to Christmas than it did recently to Ramadan.